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Turbo: Scores-Income & Credit

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Turbo: Scores-Income & Credit is an iPhone and Android Finance App, made by Intuit Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Intuit Inc., with the latest current version being 3.55 which was officially released on 2020-08-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 94,592 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.88589 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Take charge of your financial health and credit with Turbo, FREE from the makers of TurboTax! Unlock your financial potential with the knowledge and tools you need to make your best financial decisions – powered by your tax and credit data. Turbo Key Features: ● *New* Goals: Set your goals and get actionable advice to help you save, reduce your debt, and improve your credit score. ● *New* Streaks: See your credit & financial health progress over time. Keep track of the little things that can have a big impact. ● Refund Tracker - See your TurboTax filing status and refund date estimate ● Free Credit Score: Check your credit for free with Turbo. Learn your VantageScore credit score, directly pulled from TransUnion. Quickly see changes in your score, celebrate with Turbo when it increases, and monitor credit streaks as you achieve them. Checking your credit report won’t affect your scores. ● Free Credit Report: Sign up and get a free credit check with the touch of a button; we’ll provide you with your credit report instantly. Turbo pulls together three important numbers to provide you with further insight into your financial health: verified income, credit score, and debt-to-income ratio. Examine your payment history, credit utilization, types of credit, derogatory marks, and more. ● 24/7 Credit Monitoring: Turbo can help you spot identity theft with 24/7 credit monitoring*. Access your free credit report instantly to determine what’s changed. ● View Verified Income and Debt in One Place: Turbo is more than a credit score app. Import your taxes from TurboTax to see where you stand with your verified income, debt-to-income ratio, and credit score in a single account dashboard. ● Let Smart Tools Do the Math for You: Get insights to help you reach your financial goals. You can see what you may qualify for today and what you might be able to afford in the future on different types of loans. ● Totally Free: Turbo is completely free to use. We won’t upsell you or ask for any credit card info. Check your credit score for free, with just the click of a button. ● We value your security: Turbo works hard to safeguard your information by encrypting all of your data stored in our systems. Turbo is the financial tool you’ve been waiting for. With up-to-date data and expert knowledge, your credit report may be able to provide you important insights into your financial health. Run a free credit check with Turbo and discover your financial potential. *Credit reporting provided by TransUnion. There are various types of credit scores, and lenders use a variety of scores to make lending decisions. The credit score provided by Turbo may not be the specific credit score used by your lender.

Top Reviews

  • Turbo is everything I could want.

    By Zynga game reviewer
    I have used turbo tax since I was 15 and could file my taxes. I started helping my family file their taxes easier for 3 years with turbo tax. I moved and went into the world on my own and I found this app as well. My credit hasn’t been great at times but being able to check that free and at any time in the turbo app really helps keep me on track. Intuit is easy to work with and their customer support is astounding. This app gives you tips to help you reduce your debt and helps show you what you can do to help your credit grow, all while helping you build up a savings and there is a huge community you can connect with for advice. Anything you may need assistance with financially, it seems like this app can help you.
  • Quick, Easy, Well designed

    By Nasya Lucas
    This app was designed for the everyday person who just needs a clear mapped out understating of what’s going on in their life pretty much! Lol this showed me how much I’ve paid on my car which I had no idea about because my parents helped me find a loan after I graduated so I’ve been paying and had no idea how much I paid! So now seeing these things, Having the ability to view my credit score. Helps me to maneuver better in life and with purchases and investments so I can boost my score and do business the way I’m supposed to! This changed my life thank you! If you ever need ambassadors or whatever to do paid advertisements for your company I gotchu! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 thank you turbo.
  • Simple and easy.

    By usa_Matt
    This product is easy to use, designed in a way even a soldier like myself can understand, and it has helped me to identify some errors, create strategies to fix them, and begin to take action for myself. Aside from doing my taxes with them, I haven’t purchased anything, but it has shown some different financial products to compare as a reference point. It is helpful in understanding your purchasing power, or lack there of, and tries to give resources to use to learn how to change that(hopefully for the better). It has encouraged me too learn, understand, and be hopeful about my own finances. I am giving 5 stars because it is great for a beginner like myself!
  • Very safe and simple!

    By Thrice_Cream
    I have never done my taxes before using turbo tax. It has been a very smooth and secure process with the helpful straightforward questions you are asked about the information you have to provide. I recommend turbo tax to anyone serious about getting their refund on time and if it’s your first or even 20th time filling out your taxes without paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket. I will only use turbo tax for now and the future. Thanks for the great experiences and experiences to come turbo tax team ! If you haven’t used turbo tax yet your missing out, I’ve always been the first one to file my taxes and receive my refund to my account ! Good luck and be smart with your information !
  • Amazing!

    By chulazbabiiez
    I’ve been to basically all the top tax preparation places. My experiences were neutral, some good, some bad and some completely horrible. But during this time, I needed confidence with my money now more than ever. My boyfriend had just recently used TurboTax so I decided to give it a go. From start to finish it was the EASIEST preparation I’ve ever done for myself, better than the big names to I must say. Customer service at anytime if I got stuck, affordable plans for added protection and now this tool. A great way to start my financial growth. This tool is amazing and I’m definitely using this for many tax seasons to come. I’m excited to see how I’m going to turn out with my credit score!
  • Turbo Debt Relief

    By Sandydesert1
    The framework about budgeting is very helpful. Sometimes we get in a rush and not thinking clearly we seem to over spend such as shopping and getting a bite to eat. I window shop now because I don’t need anything at this age in life. I am downsizing everything and my mind will be clearer and health due to cooking home made meals and getting only the groceries I need for the day. This also gets me outside and in the real world daily. This wake up call I’d definitely appreciated. The money envelope helped me as well and I only need to do it for a couple of months. ( quick learner) lol. Thank you for caring and sending this important message. I will be forever in your debt BUT NOT IN DEBT!
  • Best financial planner I’ve ever used!

    By Windswept Rose
    I’ve always been a little overwhelmed by Credit scores and keeping track of my finances. Turbo lays out all the information in an easy to view and understand way, and even explains how each thing affects your credit score, like the age of your accounts and even the exact amount you have on each and how credit companies view them. I’ve been using Turbo and its advice to pay down my credit cards in a smart way and manage both my finances and my credit score. I actually check it almost every day and eagerly await the updated score each month. Thank you so much for helping me finally understand! :)
  • Helps Turn Good Credit Practices Into Habit

    By BabyUdaBest
    The app legitimately helped me learn what I needed to do to increase my credit score by nearly 200 points over a 3-4 month period. At one point, I amassed a ton of debt after being laid off for 6 months and I couldn’t get a decent consolidation loan almost solely because of my DTI ratio. The Turbo app recommended a number of debt consolidation options. FWIW, I went with Lending Club and it was a fantastic choice. Once I was able to complete the debt consolidation, my credit score shot up and I was able to find better terms on a new loan. My credit scores are officially back in the high 700’s and still seems to be climbing each mont
  • Raised my credit score 70 points in a year

    By Seattle Storm
    Honestly I’ve never rated an app before but Turbo is genuinely worth my time. As somebody who has developed software and handled the financials for my company in the past I didn’t feel it was necessary to use a monitoring app like Turbo but I was wrong. The interface is super intuitive, the monitoring reports are only for important changes and the suggestions are HELPFUL, not just trying to sell you their partners credit line. If you struggle to keep money in the bank and grow your score, you need Turbo. If you’re decent with your money and have a solid credit score, you still need to use Turbo.
  • More than just taxes

    By Bethj67
    We’ve been using Turbo Tax for approximately 10 years. We love the extra benefits and the security that you get from Turbo Tax. It’s been easy for us to keep track of and improve our credit score through the customized advice given to us that works best for our situation. It’s personalized advice, not across the board advice. Before Turbo Tax, we not only struggled with getting the mist out of our income tax return, we also struggled with not knowing how to increase our credit score. Turbo Tax makes all of this easy to use. Thank you Turbo Tax. We are a forever customer!

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