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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-24
  • New version: 3.21.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals

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Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Pampers by P&G - Nappies, Baby Products, & Rewards. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Pampers by P&G - Nappies, Baby Products, & Rewards, with the latest current version being 3.21.0 which was officially released on 2020-11-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 125,215 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.61789 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Join millions of experienced & new parents to get cashback and amazing rewards! Plus, get $5 cashback after your first 3 scans*! Make your baby wishlist a reality by receiving coupons, gift cards, and more when buying baby essentials & baby gear. Turn your Pampers baby products into shopping rewards by downloading the Pampers Club app and scanning the codes on the inside of your diaper or wipes packs. Download now to start redeeming your favorite rewards such as Pampers coupons, gift cards or cashback offers. *Offer valid for new Pampers Club members only Parenting tips Access a wealth of trusted pregnancy & baby tips for new moms and dads! Explore subjects like: hospital bag checklists, childbirth education, baby development and toddler growth charts, baby proofing, baby feeding, sleep training, and more. Check out Pampers’ parenting tools, such as the name generator, due date calendar, or baby growth chart to help track baby development. Trouble getting your newborn to fall asleep, or curious about advice on baby health & child safety? Pampers Club has tons of parenting tips for new moms or soon-to-be parents, from planning the best baby shower to guiding your child through milestones like teething or sleep training. Baby products & rewards! Get rewards for the cash you spend on Pampers diapers, wipes and baby essentials! Collect shopping rewards with every baby care product purchase and get pampered! There are tons of exciting shopping rewards waiting for you: - Cash back to turn your baby diapers and baby essentials into savings - Browse Pampers’ rewards catalog to redeem Pampers products, coupons & gift cards - Receive coupons & offers for free diapers Getting started: • Download the Pampers Club app and create your Rewards Program account. Already registered with the Pampers Rewards Program? Great! Then all you’ll need to do is sign in. Racking up rewards is quick and easy! • Every time you buy Pampers diapers or baby wipes, add the product code with the app and get cashback, coupons, or rewards. Plus, win $5 for your first 3 scans* *offer valid for new Pampers Club Members only • Choose rewards or get cash back! Discover a wide selection of shopping rewards including, gift cards, diaper coupons, club discounts on baby products, home and living items, and much more! Terms and conditions: Website:

Top Reviews

  • Great app, could use better rewards

    By Jmarie2680
    The app is great and easy to use. As someone who only uses Pampers products for my little ones, it’s great to have a loyalty rewards program. It’s easy to enter the codes and I like that it is codes versus uploading receipts or using a store loyalty card. Another diaper brand has a loyalty program that requires receipt uploads which, not only do I always forget to do, but it is time consuming and my receipts are often very long and full of non-diaper items that make it harder to find the diaper line items. Entering the codes on the packages is much preferred in my book. The only complaint I have is that it would be nice to have some different reward options. Coupons are nice but I already get them in my newspaper and can print them. I would love to see some gift card choices or a more diverse choice of actual items instead of coupons and discounts. Even the diapers themselves don’t seem worth the point values since I shop sales and use coupons. All in all, if you’re a parent with kids in diapers still, this is the app to have and the brand of choice for our family.
  • 2 1/2 years wasted

    By Simply Skeptic
    Well, I have officially decided the reward systems is not worth it. I am very sad to say that after almost 3 years and thousands of dollars spent on your product, I been saving my points towards a specific “gift” Pampers has yet again, changed their program! I had enough saved to purchase TWO matching rewards for my girls and then, BOOM, Pampers has just changed the program and reward values so 1) my products no longer exist and 2) so now and again at the bottom of my “savings” because the rewards values have increased exuberantly!!! It will now take me another 2 years at this rate to earn enough points for one of the lowest valued products! Shame on you, Pampers! NOTE: If you are a customer interested in adding the Pampers app and think you’ll have great benefits from participating in the rewards program, I encourage you, HIGHLY encourage you to read ALL of the reviews first and then decide if the time, money and effort is truly worth it! Every concern that a parent shared with the program, and the technical issues with the app itself were pretty much my EXACT concerns! I am disappointed, to say the least. I am giving 1star only because my 8 y/o enjoyed the challenges (and it was often many technical challenges) of scanning in the codes!
  • The App Works Well

    By tmahurin
    The app itself works fine. Honestly, I would have given them 5 stars had they not changed their rewards system. I have had my daughter in Pampers her entire life (16 months) and I had been saving my rewards to put towards more diapers. They have removed the option to receive diapers as a reward, which is extremely frustrating as the rewards are given for buying that product. To remove the ability to redeem my rewards for more of their product (which is what I would have thought they would want) makes very little sense to me. I can now be rewarded with a nice USB instead, or some LEGO’s that my daughter won’t be able to play with until she’s 3+. If I could switch I would; however, I can’t because my daughter is very sensitive and their pure line is the only thing that doesn’t irritate her. I do believe revamping the rewards system has merit, but I think taking away the diapers reward option was a bad call. It’s disappointing because I do believe the quality of the product is wonderful, but this feels like a rip off to loyal customers who have spent a lot of money.
  • baited and switched

    By nicknamewwwwwww
    I have been dutifully entering codes for nearly 7 months so I could redeem them for diapers. Those things are expensive! I finally reached the point balance needed for a free box of diapers, and now the rewards catalog is revamped, such that no diapers are available and my 2k+ points aren’t really enough for anything worth having. The calibration is off. By the time one has enough points for, say, a baby spoon, that person will already have baby spoons because the baby will have been eating solids for several months. I guaranty you that you will have already purchased a baby thermometer by the time that you earn enough points for one. I took advantage of every special points offer and entered all of my points for nearly 7 months. I’m gullible, I guess. I used only pampers products (even bought swim diapers, which are pretty useless), so I could earn points and get a box of free diapers, which would save me about $40. But now the diaper prize is gone, every prize requires a disproportionate number of points, and honestly I don’t even want any of the things offered as prizes. I guess I’ll redeem my points for a single baby sock, switch to less expensive diapers, and move on with life.
  • Love the idea

    By Inkrotam
    Love the idea of earning rewards for all of the pampers diapers and wipes I buy, however, the apps ease of use could be better. Pampers needs to make the wipes scannable- it’s a pain to type in each individual pack of wipes on the app. Also, “instant rewards”- I click on them, but where they take me in the app and what I’m receiving from it, is hard to follow/unclear. As a first time mom, I don’t have time to keep clicking in hopes of getting a reward. Feels like click bait, which is not a good feeling when again, you’re a mom trying to keep afloat and also save your family some money. Overall, I scan my diapers, but actually getting anything from the points I earn, could use to be improved/easier/more straight forward. Not to mention, the shear number of points to actually earn anything is exorbitant and the prizes not very helpful. Example- I get coupons for diapers in the mail or the store is having a sale, and you can’t use the sale and a coupon, so the coupons from the pampers app points are a bust. Better prizes at realistic point values. Diapers and wipes are not cheap, reward your loyal customers accordingly.
  • Great product and app is easy to use

    By WooMcKi123
    Title is the basic, particularly considering you don’t have to keep up with receipts like some other brands... also I did have an issue once with points rewards where I got an email link to complete a survey and also a request through the app. I followed through email and not in the app and the points were not automatically added to my account as expected... but contacting customer service through the app was easy and the rep was very helpful, saw where I hadn’t done it through the app but the associated email and automatically adjusted my points balance by adding them. The customer service just for this feature is excellent.
  • Could be better

    By Oicorr
    I wish they would change the amount of points rewards cost or increase the number of points you earn. Just like many other low rated reviews state I’ve bought my now 2 year old son nothing but pampers products and have always redeemed my points and with the points I have collected as of now all I can get is a $10 gift card, a $10 toy or a $7 cup/bowl. Typically reward programs are made to show appreciation for loyal customers. This program offers you $5-$10 rewards after you spend $100s of dollars. You get anywhere from 10-27 point on wipes and 36-40 for diapers. Prizes are for the most part 2,400-6,800 points. Gift cards are exchanged from point to cash 1,000 = $5 and 2,000 = $10. You can enter sweepstakes that are 50 points per entry but chances of you winning anything aren’t high and 50 per entry is pretty high. When you barely get that much after buying a $30-$40 box of diapers. It would just be nice to make prizes more possible to actually be able to redeem. Good prizes only seem realistically redeemable if you have multiple children in diapers in your house.
  • Love this program

    By Madebydesign
    I used pampers rewards through both of my daughters diaper days and it is an amazing way to get rewarded for buying pampers brand. I exclusively use pampers with my first daughter so I racked up points like crazy and redeemed them for potty seats I still use to this day almost 4 years later! I am doing the same with my two month old and I’m excited to see what I get this time. The only cons are you have to type in the wipe codes instead of being able to snap a picture of them which is a pain because I go through so many wipes I may not get to them right away and codes get harder to read, and typing them is time consuming. Also the rewards aren’t the best ever, so it could use better trinkets for lower point rewards, it takes almost three years just to get something you can just buy in store or a coupon you get in the Sunday’s paper every month. Besides that I’m just happy all that money I spend on diapers and wipes doesn’t go unnoticed.
  • Terrible customer service + Cash back offers

    By 481292
    They do not care about your rewards or how hard you work to redeem them. They just want your money. They treated me so badly and blamed their incompetence on app glitches. They didn’t want to pay me the $5 I had earned by adding codes, kept blaming it on the app and apologizing but not actually giving me my $5. They would just send me to a new rep, I spoke with about 7 and they all stuck to the same story. Telling me I’d already received it. Even though I provided records, dates, etc. I still haven’t received it and they won’t be giving it to me. They treat you like you’re an idiot but when I referenced their own Terms and Conditions, they reverted back to blaming it on an app glitch and telling me I already got paid, even though the two payments I received were for different codes, backed with details. It’s bull, all these bad reviews are very telling. After weeks of emails, they locked me out of the app forcing me to upload (which never happened before) and now all my offers are gone. They’re full of it. I’m thinking of switching to honest. I don’t want to support a company that’s so shady.
  • Pampers

    By AndreaB2018
    This app is ok but could be a lot better, like you could just take pictures of all the codes and not have to type them in! But since you have to type in the wet ones (witch you use more of) they could make it write in capital letters so you don’t have to keep hitting the caps button on every letter. Also I feel like it takes forever to get anything on this app and the stuff they do give you for a few hundred points is stuff you can get anyways, smh! If you just go to that web page your self. I feel like this app is just a waist of time really for what you go through to get anything on it. Also I don’t know about others but I’ve some how lost a bunch of points a few times now and when I write the support about it they did nothing to fix it witch pisses me off because it takes so long to get all them points. My daughter is 7 mo. And I put in all her stuff and the only thing I’ve gotten is $3 off pampers and a free magnet off shudder fly witch when I tried to use it it didn’t work! So in my opinion can say this app is a waist of time and a joke.

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