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  • Last Updated: 2019-12-19
  • New version: 3.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Storm - Weather radar & maps

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Storm - Weather radar & maps is an iPhone and Android Weather App, made by The Weather Channel Interactive. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - The Weather Channel Interactive, with the latest current version being 3.2 which was officially released on 2019-12-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 19,673 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.60077 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Now you can track the most severe - and potentially damaging - weather in real time with Storm. This powerful, high-definition NOAA radar and tornado tracker is designed to help you stay safe, stay up-to-date and weather the storm. So if you need to know about the weather for your job, for your home safety, even for your hobby, Storm helps you understand the weather like never before with our clear, advanced HD mapping technology (the same technology the Weather Channel depends on). Plus, you can view live weather patterns around the world as they happen with our incredible predictive radar. You’ll always be prepared for any weather with Storm on your iOS device! STORM: TOP 3 FEATURES 1. Get a detailed, color-coded view of the changing weather patterns in your area, including how much wind and rain is coming your way. 2. Know exactly when and where the storm will hit with 6 hours of global future radar across land and sea. 3. Stay safe with live local storm alerts and severe weather warnings. Track every extreme condition from cyclones to hurricanes to tornadoes. • View comprehensive data on all impending storms: find out wind speed, storm tracks and much more. • Customize your radar map with detailed data overlays such as seismic activity and temperature. Get real-time weather notifications. • Get notified of incoming rain with real-time precipitation updates for your area. • Be aware of hazardous lightning strikes: get live lightning alerts for your GPS location. Chase the perfect storm, or get home before the rain starts. Storm Radar helps you to stay safe and informed in any weather. *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. ---------- WANT YOUR STORM APP AD FREE? Simply subscribe to Storm Radar’s Ad-Free version! For just $0.99 per month you get all the standard features PLUS you can quickly track storms heading your way and enjoy high-resolution radar. If you choose to purchase the Ad-Free version of Storm Radar, payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. The subscription may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. The current subscription for Ad-Free starts at $0.99 USD per month and the subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. If you decide to not purchase Ad-Free, you are welcome to continue using the free version of Storm Radar. THE WEATHER CHANNEL: WEB & SOCIAL MEDIA Forgot your phone? Access many of the top app features on the web, wherever you go. Find us on the Web: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @weatherchannel. PERMISSIONS In order to provide personalized local weather data, alerts, and forecasts, The Weather Channel app needs permission to access your location. PRIVACY Our Privacy Policy can be accessed here: Our Terms of Use can be accessed here: FEEDBACK Your feedback is important to us! If you love our weather app, please rate and review us in the App Store. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at

Top Reviews

  • A Strong Storm Arising

    By Closet Meteorologist
    Like many of you, at first glance I thought what a letdown and a waste the new Storm App is compared to the older version. Why would anyone put out a newer version that is inferior to their previous product? The new Storm Radar is an excellent app once you learn to navigate the new system. Just pulling down on the temperature banner provides you with much more in-depth weather data, probably more than the average person cares to see. Wondering about the weather in another place? Just tap on the map and the weather banner for that location appears, no need to search the city name. Need more detail, just slide downward on the banner and get your information. Monitoring storm systems? Add Storm Tracker in the Radar layers section at the bottom of the page. This will provide you Storm tracking data and by tapping on the storm marker, you will be provided all of the storm detail utilized by the meteorologists! The radar layers at the bottom of the page allows you to customize the data and alerts that you wish to receive. My daily job is heavily impacted by the weather and storms in general. Also, in my duties as a volunteer firefighter I monitor and depend upon accurate data for fire conditions and tracking storms. The Storm Radar tool is one of the top apps on my phone today. Load it and play with it to discover the many options available to monitor the weather the way you choose.
  • Sub par at best.

    By SamThrash94
    I had storm for a very long time before this. Paid the $10 for it years ago. Loved it enough to move to the subscription service when they dropped that. I gave this a chance but I refuse to even pay $.99 for the ad free version of this. A few of the issues I have with this app: the touch location feature is horrible I find myself accidentally clicking a location while moving around the radar. The radar centric version with the expandable bottom banner was wonderful over this. Also, why are advisories different colors from the standard! This is probably the biggest complaint, I see a red box around my country and worry it’s a tornado warning... it isn’t. I miss the markups on the radar you could do on storm, you could measure the distance and use this to predict when the front would arrive. Used to love the storm tracks but now they just don’t mesh well, and guess what when I try and tap the storm track to get more information I end up changing the floater box location because it’s easy to accidentally tap a location on the map rather than the track. Lastly, the ability to use local radars was great! I loved being able to look at the velocity track and find the hook when there was a nearby tornado. All in all what was an extremely user friendly and advanced weather app has become another “simplistic” “pretty” ui for the masses, next they will push out an update to include a news feed like the weather channel.
  • New Storm not as good as old Storm

    By Pmotz
    Well the Weather Channel has now ruined a perfectly good app. Since they “remodeled” the Storm app into the new “Storm Radar” app it’s just not very good anymore. The layout is odd and not very intuitive, plus they changed one of the best things on Storm, the wind speed graphics. It was real easy to see the wind movement with many wind speed arrows, but now it is the occasional arrow and no movement, just a direction. No where near as useful. The radar is ok, but when you zoom in sometimes the rain/snow that was there disappears! Something is wrong there. The current weather info seems to be lacking a measure of precipitation in the last 24 hours, something that is pretty basic for weather information. After using this for several months (I would switch to another app, but they are all bad!), I’ve found it pretty flakey. Quite often the app just quits for no reason. Other times I try to move the map area and it takes 10-15 seconds for it to respond. I also do not like the radar to go into animation mode when I open the app and have configured it to not do that ... but it still does occasionally. This is all pretty sad given all the time they have had to work on this. Update, now they are pushing the “Pro” version and have some icons on the left side of the screen that are only active in the “Pro” version. Problem is they block the view on the iPhone, but you can’t get rid of them. Another annoying money grab ....
  • No ability to save custom map settings?

    By fit_fiddler
    I've tried many weather apps trying to find one that is simple, clean, and provides high quality weather data. My favorites have been this one and the Weather Underground app. Weather Underground was my staple app until I found this one, and this is my new go-to weather app for radar, daily, and hourly weather information. My favorite feature is the ability to set custom map overlays for viewing radar, temperature, weather alerts, etc, including the ability to re-order the overlays. However, when I close and re-open the app, the activated overlays and the order of those overlays is not maintained. It would be an even better app if the custom map overlays and the order of those overlays was maintained after closing and reopening the app.
  • Am I missing something? (Updated again)

    By Inter-Space Freight
    It got better by only a little. Storm Radar is still an inferior app to what it replaced. Several updates to fix bugs and still hasn’t fixed most. App opens up showing Africa and the Eastern Atlantic. Must close the app and then reopen it to connect back with my location and current radar. I use it, but still wish for something better. Exploring other apps. All the comments below still apply. _________________________ The Storm Radar app is supposedly the replacement for the Storm app, which gave a notice of being discontinued May 24. I eventually found a very difficult to read graph of hourly temps and daily forecast. OK maybe for a LARGE display, but too tough to read on typical smartphone screens. I can save favorites of destinations I go for work but then constantly get unwanted weather notices for all of them. Haven’t found out how to turn that off while keeping my home location on. This is still NOT an improvement over the former app. It is a major step backwards. It is not intuitive. It is not easy to use or to read. I have to search for information where the former app gave great info all on one screen. Disappointed in the extreme. I’ve started using local news weather reports rather than turn this thing on. Hanging in there to SEE / HOPE it improves. Giving it the Summer months. If no better, it’s deleted.
  • Took a good app and ruined it

    By dgjuytfv
    This app is so disappointing, there’s probably too many things to list. First of all, it was way better when it was just Weather Underground. Once they forced you to move over from “Storm“, everything went downhill from there. First, I had paid for an ad free experience on Weather Underground (WU), and when they forced you to move over to Storm, they didn’t credit you for the ad free experience you had paid for on the original app. I have contacted them repeatedly, and have gotten no response whatsoever. Apparently they just don’t care about taking your money and then not providing the service you had paid for. Secondly, the underlying map in Storm isn’t nearly as good as the one they used to use when it was WU. Currently, you are unable to edit saved locations or recents. The delete button does not function. The satellite layer on the map doesn’t work. I’d say that their customer service sucked, but you would actually have to have made contact with someone to make that assessment. They can’t even be bothered to reach out to you when you have a problem and request some help. The list goes on and on. How do you take a product that was really good (WU), and then make it significantly worse, while effectively stealing people’s money for a service they had prepaid for. Truly mystifying. Don’t waste your time with this app.
  • What happened?

    By Cmeiman2019
    When I first got this app it was easily one of the best one the App Store. Great radar, easy to use tools, alerts that were on the mark. I’m in landscaping and snow removal so it was perfect, but that was 5 years ago. Since then through several updates and “improvements” the developers have gotten sloppy and greedy. On my iPhone 10 with the most updated free version the app constantly shuts down, won’t open several “free” and important features like special weather statements. A few years ago they changed the app so you could click on any part of the map and get the weather, but it’s very seldom I need the weather anywhere but where I’m at, and if I do need the weather in Canada I could easily search it. The only thing this map does it make me mad when I accidentally click it instead of the small carrot to minimize the forecast screen and get thrown into Toronto! Then there is the greedy part, only a few short months ago you could do anything on this app. There were some features to upgrade but they were very specialized or to go without adds. Now I can’t even make the app full screen without a subscription, what are the adds for? Don’t get me started on the IPad version.. bug city! I plead with the developers and owners, take a look at the old version of this app and remember what it was like when you were #1, Thank You!
  • Disappointed

    By djdidjdbd chejisixj
    I’ve used this app for years and loved it. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know. BUT something changed a few months ago after an update and now every single time I open the app it takes me to Africa. I live in Georgia. There is never a time now that it takes me to my location on the first time of opening the app. So I have to close it out and then open it back up again. My husband also has the app and his opens up to Africa as well and when you hit the location icon it takes you to our location but you can’t pull up any forecast information or see the radar or anything. It’s just blank. So no matter what you do you have to close it out and open it back up again. We’ve both tried deleting and reinstalling it. I even went on and paid for the pro version just to get it to stop doing what it was doing and if anything it got worse when I upgraded. I’ve sent messages to the developer (or whoever the feedback goes to) 3 different times and have yet to get any type of response. I’m so disappointed because I have loved this app for so many years and relied on it to keep me informed of any severe weather at home and also where our kids in college are and now I’m trying to find another app that even compares to the way this one used to work.
  • Wow a lot of fake 5 star reviews

    By NikolaiGranakov
    Hi, my name is John Fujita-Beaufort Weathervane and I was an Air Force hurricane hunter pilot before I became a tornado chaser for a big name weather company and I’ve got 45 years of experience with forecasting, even though I’m only 38 - Oh, I didn’t mention, I was orbiting the moon on a secret weather mission to see if there was moon weather, and I was going so fast that time actually slowed down, so that’s why my earth age is 38 but I have those seven extra years of experience. Relativity is a crazy thing! Anyway, this app has brought me so much joy that it brings tears to my eyes every time I open it on my phone. Most of the time it crashes, like that one time my C-130 crashed while hunting a hurricane, and the app has reduced functionality like, well, that one time when my C-130 lost an engine Come on people this is a terrible app, please review to balance out all of these fake five star ratings. Storm by WU was the best weather app ever, and I gave this app a chance for a long, long time, waiting for it to mature and it has just gotten worse. I’ve never been more sad about a piece of software in my life. 1 star because it works about 20% of the time, because of the baffling amount of patently fake five star reviews, and because I can’t assign a lower score.
  • IBM Downgraded Weather App

    By Concerned 343
    Don’t waist your time with this ‘upgrade’ —IBM’s ‘new’ Storm Radar app is sadly disappointing and wholly inferior to the original Weather Underground Storm App. It’s a shame to see that IBM purchased the Weather Channel and Weather Underground with the long term intent of implementing dated technology, removing superior competition, and providing decreased value. The original Storm app had easy access to everything one needs in a weather app, with the ‘new’ Storm Radar Weather app by IBM one would have to use multiple weather apps to even get anywhere near the performance of the original and still they would be lacking. The original WU Storm App helped my family weather Hurricane Harvey and saved us once from running directly in to the path of a tornado. Sad to think that IBM would purposely take away the public’s choice and access to an app that helped so many during Hurricane Harvey and could help countless others in the future. It’s also sad to see that someone is trying to raise the ratings on this app with all fake 5 Star one line reviews rather than fix the app’s issues or bring back the original Storm app features — in one month the rating has gone from 2.9 to 4.4 yet nothing has changed with the app.

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