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  • Last Updated: 2021-01-20
  • New version: 2.24.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Xfinity Mobile

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Xfinity Mobile is an iPhone and Android Utilities App, made by Comcast. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Comcast, with the latest current version being 2.24.0 which was officially released on 2021-01-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 30,314 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.79181 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Rated #1 in Overall App Quality by ACSI* Want to manage your Xfinity Mobile service on the go? With the Xfinity Mobile app, you can: · Check how much data you’ve used · Switch between Unlimited and By the Gig data options · View your bill and update payment info · Manage account settings · View order information · Contact Xfinity Mobile for support If you want to manage other services such as Xfinity X1, Xfinity Home, or Xfinity xFi, check out those apps instead. Learn more about Do Not Sell My Personal Information options at *Compared to all measured full service providers in the 2020 American Customer Satisfaction Index® (ACSI) survey of customers rating their own wireless service provider’s performance.

Top Reviews

  • Doesn’t work as stated

    The app is very glitchy and it is just getting worse. I’ve contacted them serval times but it is always an excuse that is never actually resolved. For example there a feature that is suppose to keep track with texts and calls. Only partially works. I I have 3 lines and one line shows ever text and call. While the other 2 phones only show some and not everyday. The one phone will show say 15 text messages send and received when I actually sent and received well over 50. I’m trying to keep track of stuff on all 3 lines and it is difficult when it doesn’t work as stated. Another example is it will show I owe X amount the next day I owe nothing but I’ve paid nothing the day after I owe X amount again and so forth. I’ve been with xfinity mobile since day 1. Thinking about going to a different company because of this issue and the fact that they lie about why it doesn’t work. I need a complete list of all in going and out going calls and texts for my business. Xfinity is costing me money and I might foot the the bill over to them. If they can’t get their own app to work what else are they incapable of actually providing? This whole situation makes me skeptical. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND STOP FREAKING LYING!! Just be upfront that you don’t actually know why your app doesn’t work correctly.
  • Excellent app and plan options

    By SahiSachin
    Switched from At&t to Xfinity mobile and it’s saving a me a lot. The best feature is to switch the plan on the fly just before your billing period end date. This way I m able to switch as per the usage in specific month. The app clearly shows how much data you have used so you can take a decision whether you need to switch the plan with in the Gig or just go unlimited. Additionally, as long as you switch before your billing period you are good and it will charge as per the final plan you have selected. This is great , e.g. you can keep the plan $12 for 1gb and if you use more than 1gb, just change the plan to 3gb or directly to unlimited. Next month you can switch it back to 1gb. I have kept a monthly reminder to check data usage 2 days before my billing period so that I can switch the plan and save. Other features like chat support is also good. Hope Xfinity will continue these plans and options to switch on the fly.
  • I so love my service😘

    By mrsmcclain2017
    I can honestly say that this is the best service I’ve had in a very long time!!! A major upgrade from terrible boost mobile service that I had that didn’t work anywhere... I love your service because my husband is a truck driver and he travels through areas that are considered backwoods and we some times stop in those areas and my service works excellent... I can’t even name a time where I couldn’t get on Facebook or FaceTime with your service in these small towns... Im extremely satisfied with my service and i will be a life long customer!!! Looking forward to doing more business with you guys very soon!!!
  • Very disappointed

    By AtiskitAtaskit
    I switched my cell over to Comcast Xfinity as part of a bundle. It’s supposed to be free calls, free texts, but pay per Gig for data. But my group texts no longer go through and I have to be online or have the data turned on to get a text to go through, so I’m really paying for texts. They charge for a Gig whether you use data or not and they charge the next Gig as soon as you go over a Gig by .01Gig and the unused portion doesn’t carry over to the next month. Plus, I only rarely turn the data on and still get charged for 2 or more Gigs a month. I think there may be some cheating in their calculations of how much I’m using. My calls keep dropping and people say they called me but I don’t get some of their calls. My cell phone doesn’t work inside my house sometimes and it definitely doesn’t work in “out-in-the-boonies” areas. I’m not happy with this plan and want to switch back as soon as possible. Is anybody else having these issues? Or is it just me?
  • Not a bad app but needs improvement

    By crispux3
    I have had no problems with this app since activating service with my BYOD iPhone SE in November ‘18 and downloading the app a short while later. The app makes basic billing info and functions and data tracking convenient but it is sorely missing certain functionality that is inexcusable for an financial/service app in 2019: 1.) Lack of notifications, alerts, and reminders for data usage and paying the bill, and 2.) No touch or face ID for logging in! Seriously?! For all the convenience of using an app vs a website or desktop/laptop, the app doesn’t have the most convenient thing (and secure). If I’m having to still enter a username/password, I may as well use the website directly, where at least I can check “remember me.” Other than the above two glaring omissions, this app works just fine if you only need or want basic account information and access.
  • Poor Usage Transparency

    By JennieRS
    The xfinity mobile app should provide more transparency regarding the amount of data being used by each device and when. Currently it shows gigs of data used by each device rounded to just one decimal AND it seems to round UP. (That’s units of 100MB at a time.) Whether that’s for display AND billing purposes is left to be seen. It also only shows cumulative usage for the current billing period along with a nearly useless chart showing total usage for past billing periods. They should be providing daily usage history that is current so that users can see when they’ve used data. Without that info it’s impossible to work out when your usage varies and why. Though of course I’m sure Comcast couldn’t care less about helping users moderate their usage so as not to incur additional charges. Having current billing info easily accessible in the app is nice and that’s what’s keeping me from giving 1 star.
  • Customer service and network very poor

    By juan76543
    Wish I can rate the service at 0. Customer service really is very poor and unprofessional. When I called about a new cell I was supposed to return I was told I can return it and when I called for a shipping label to ship back I was told that it was passed the time to return a device back to them. The lady I spoke with name was Amy, a very rude customer service person and was trying to talk all over me every time I wanted to explain something. Very rude. I really hope a manager brings it up to her attention because she was very rude and unprofessional. I Do NOT recommend xfinity mobile to anyone because their network is really poor and of course their customer service as well. Stay away from XFINITY unless you wanna be lied to and just get the run around with any type of problem situation you have. I was not a XFINITY mobile customer for not even a week because their network is a joke. They have nothing to do with Verizon’s network. Just FYI.
  • A JOKE

    By hfa09142016
    I have had xfinity WiFi for 2-3 years and I had an agent reach out to me to sell me xfinity mobile. I have had it for one week, spoken to 5 different people through call, chat, and going into a store, and yet my phone is STILL not working! Since I can’t get into my Apple ID, I wasn’t able to log into my MAC to make changes on my laptop and I missed my licensing exam. I have to wait two weeks to retake my test and since I missed it, that means I won’t make any money for two extra weeks! AND I have to pay another exam fee! I have had such a horrific experience, I am going into a store Saturday to cancel both services. I’ll be sure to let everyone know what a horrible customer service department you have. I am so furious, your poor employees are going to have to deal with me because of your company’s lack of professionalism. I’ll be sure to stand at the door to keep customers away. Your company has been a joke.
  • Good app, needs a “My Data” widget

    By Blinkenlighten
    I like the way the app is put together. I have a feature request for the developers that I think would be really useful. There should be support to add the “My Data” visualization from the app (which shows how much by the gig data has been used for the billing period) to a widget on the notification screen when you swipe to the left of the hone screen so you can see where you are at with out having to load the full app. Hope to see a feature like this soon but otherwise great work! Edit: You guys added the feature so I’m updating my review to 5 stars. Thanks for listening!
  • Absolutely LOVE xfinity mobile.

    By PoeticVampire
    When I’m done paying for our iPhones, my monthly bill will be $60 for 3 lines. I used to pay over $100 for 2 lines with Verizon. It would constantly go up and up with Verizon. I love how now my bill has gone down over the last 3 years as the hotspots have increased around my state. I was shocked the first time I was under 1 gig for my phone and even more shocked when it stayed that way even after I added my 14yo daughter to my plan. Why pay for unlimited when you don’t need it? I rather keep my money rather than throw it away.

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