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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-11
  • New version: 129.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage

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Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage is an iPhone and Android Finance App, made by Google LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Google LLC, with the latest current version being 129.0 which was officially released on 2021-06-11. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 24,429 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.3201 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Google Pay is a safe, simple, and helpful way to manage your money, giving you a clearer picture of your spending and savings: - Pay at your favorite stores and online - Send and receive money from friends, family or split expenses with a group - Connect with your favorite businesses and discover new ones - Save money & earn rewards for everyday purchases - Understand your spending & get a clearer view of your finances MAKE PAYMENTS FAST & EASY Send & receive money + Transfer money easily to friends & family safely + Create a group to send and receive money for things like trips, dinner, bills, rent, and more. Google Pay will even help you do the math on who owes what. + Money transfers are instant and free with your Google Pay balance. There are no fees if you use ACH to withdraw funds Your shared payments stay private + When you send a payment with Google Pay, it stays between you and your friends. Only the people involved in the transaction see it. Connect with your favorite businesses and discover new ones + See businesses where you’ve used Google Pay when you open the app. Get quick access to your transactions, loyalty cards, and activate offers. Discover nearby restaurants and order a meal + No need to switch between different delivery apps. Explore places to eat, see menus, and order a meal for pickup or delivery with just a few taps. Fuel your next adventure + Find nearby gas stations, see prices, and pay for fuel right from the app. Google Pay will help you enroll in rewards programs and automatically apply rewards at the pump so you’ll always get the best deal. Shop online + Use Google Pay to checkout quickly and securely when you shop on websites and apps. ORGANIZE AND UNDERSTAND YOUR MONEY Manage your money + See the total balance from all of your accounts in one payment app, so you’ll always know exactly what’s coming in and what’s going out. + Get reminders about upcoming bill payments. Stay on top of your spending + Get weekly summaries, track trends over time, and see what you’ve spent at every business. All your transactions, all together + With your permission, you can see activity from accounts you've linked. Import receipts from Gmail and Google Photos and then simply search for any of them. SAVE AND GROW YOUR MONEY Earn rewards you can use right away + Get cashback for things like paying and referring friends. Any money you receive will go straight to your balance so you can use it instantly. Double down on cashback + Activate offers and get cashback for redeeming them – whether you use Google Pay or your plastic card. Better yet: get twice the rewards when you redeem with a cashback credit card. Loyalty made easy + No more sign-up forms or punch cards. Easily enroll in loyalty and rewards programs from the app, then let Google Pay apply points and perks automatically. SECURITY & CONTROL Authentication for every payment + You'll need to use your fingerprint, pattern, PIN, or face to verify your identity each time you open the app or make a payment — only you can pay or send money Keeping your private information safe + Try out a more personalized experience to see the most relevant offers from stores and get recommendations for ways to save. Turn it on or off at any time. + Manage and control personalization and other privacy settings like location preferences and contact syncing from settings ___________________________ Features available in India: Make UPI transfers or do mobile recharges, bills and payments to businesses with your bank account with Google Pay. To find out more about Google Pay in India, please visit

Top Reviews

  • Beware! New App is Horrible!

    By Musical Barbie
    I will be deleting this app immediately! It’s so disappointing to have an app that you love and then go to use it one day only to discover everything you loved about it has changed. Typically, I like updates. This one, however, is horribly unnecessarily complicated. Plus, the new “update” includes being forced to pay a fee for instant deposit when using a debit card. Really Google? I HAVE to pay $15 to transfer $1000 out of my Google ACCT to my bank account if I’m using my debit card? But if I want to use my bank, it will take “up to” 5 days. No worries. I’ll wait. The absolute worst new update I discovered was when I tried to send money from one of my other accounts. I use my Google account to put money aside for my son. Essentially, a temporary saving. Anyway, I go to send money using my other account and was denied access to my own accounts. The message indicated that I HAD to use the money in my Google account before I would be allowed to send money from my other account. Wrap your mind around that. You’re being told that you cannot use your other accounts until you use all the money in your Google account. Unbelievably horrible. Not sure what Goggle was thinking, other than greed. I’ll be going back to Cash App. At least they give you an option to do instant deposit using your debit card. Extremely disappointed.
  • Confusing App and Will Not Let Me Change My Legal Name

    By HHHHHH reviews i guess
    This app is far more convoluted and confusing than I would have thought, to the point that I had to have somebody hold my hand and walk me thru the entire process of setting it up and learning how to use it. I’m 24, I was raised in the age of smart phones, this shouldn't be that difficult for me. But beyond that, when I tried to look at my personal info, it showed my legal name as something completely different from my own, and is locked, making it so I can’t change it. Which is INCREDIBLY STUPID if you ask me bc, even ignoring the fact that it just has me wrong??? People change their names!! Legally!!!! They realize their gender is wrong or they get married or divorced or something! And change their name! But you can’t do that here!! Also, while I realize that most payment apps charge you to remove your money, finding out from other reviews that they didn’t used to have that feature infuriates me even more than it did when i saw the fact they were going to charge me. All in all, its a one star from me, bc I just can’t figure it out despite growing up w technology, the movement of capitalism to where every single thing you use tries to charge you infuriates me, and the fact that they LITERALLY gave me the WRONG NAME and WILL NOT let me change it.
  • I Hate the new update

    By Muzik makes me high
    Google Pay was so much better before. You used to be able to use multiple email addresses now you can only use one. So if you have a business and a personal email you can only use this for one email. I am frustrated because when setting up the new app I accidentally used my business email, I’m not sure how but I think an email was automatically selected for me and by the time I realized which email was there it was too late. I need to use it for a personal transaction and now I can’t. I also used to use it to send money to other accounts and I used to be able to help my mother who is not so computer savvy send money to her family members by signing into her account for her and sending what she needed sent. They also store your money in a google pay account similar to CashApp and you have to wait for days before your money is in the google pay account before you can actually send the money to your intended recipient, or you must keep money in your google pay account just sitting there for when you may need to send money to someone, but with all these things getting hacked from time to time it would not be wise to have money just sitting there. I am so frustrated and disappointed with this. Why fix something that isn’t broken?! Please change it back!!!
  • Money taken out of account on the wrong day mess up bank account

    By Alzy💕
    The type a bank account I have the money comes out immediately google pay request the money out from my bank on the 22 instead of the 19 which is the day I made and cancel the transaction call google pay they tell me that It my banks fault check with your bank that that’s your banks fault no I have proof in pictures that the money was requested from Google on the 22nd and there’s nothing that they would do to fix it no courtesy to put my money back in my account nothing so I will not be using Google pay once everything is said and done these are the reasons why companies fail I have all the proof all the proof I don’t mine waiting but I’m still upset because of the wrong information and because I do have pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all my bank knows I asked for the money to be sent to google on the 22 instead of the 19 when I actually made the transaction. I still have those pictures my proof showing the money was wrongly taken out on my account after it was canceled on the same day. Zero stars is what I want to give google pay I apologize to the people I feel deserve an apology get better google I would get this app because I use to love google but the app is not the same I will not recommend this app.
  • Worst app

    By Jenniya
    Just found out about Google offers and would love to use Google pay more, but I’ve found this app to be confusing and difficult to navigate. As great as some of the Google offers are, something as simple as saving and adding the offer to your account is a process in itself. I’ve literally used this app twice and both times, I wondered to myself “did the offer go through” as there is no way to check! I’m currently waiting on customer support to check my latest transaction... added offer to my account, accessed the website through Google pay app, and made my purchase with the eligible credit card on file....after all is said and done, THERES STILL NO INDICATION OF WHETHER THE OFFER WENT THROUGH ARE NOT. How hard is it to have a notificAtion that says “sorry this offer can’t be used anymore” or a “congrats, you have successfully utilized the offer, please wait for further processing”?? Additionally, opening a chat ticket to ask for help is another hair pulling process in itself. Once this issue is resolved, this will probably be the last time I use this app, regardless of how great the offers are until all these little quality of life issues are fixed. There are too many other great apps currently available for me to have to put up with this headache.
  • Piece of garbage!

    By Dancer7882
    The fact that we now have to pay a fee to transfer out immediately is ridiculous. The old google pay was absolutely amazing since it transferred right away without a fee. I’m so upset that we can no longer use the old app and are forced to use this new app that charges a fee. It’s also very confusing to find out how to navigate the app, and is very deceiving when transferring your money because it’s very easy to not notice that it will charge a fee unless you change the settings and see the little drop down option to wait 5 business days and not be charged a fee. First time using the app, I was charged a $27 fee for a transaction since it was super easy to not notice that there are other options (such as not being charged a fee). They make it confusing so you accidentally pay the fee instead of being easily directed to ALL OF THE OPTIONS. I now hate this app. I will be going back to using venmo instead of this crappy new google pay app. I wish I could give this a -5 stars. Do not use this app, there are other apps and payment methods that don’t charge a fee and transfer money faster than google pay.

    By zera0009
    I have never had trouble with any apps or the apps team EVER! This one stole money from me, was hard enough trying to find out how to contact them. They have no phone number, so spent 4 weeks going back and forth with one of the laziest team member(s) and was asked to file a dispute. The only dispute they have is a Peer to Peer unauthorized transaction. My bank shows I made to payments out when I had only made one and got that one payment sent back and put back into my account. They do not take the time to clarify why google took another $10 out of my bank. It does not show in app history two payments out only one because that’s all I made. I sent them proof and confirmed that my bank shows two transactions of $10 and my history only shows one because that is all I made and still get no clarification from the team members and they still fight me that I made two, and again asked me to put in a peer to peer dispute even though it was not a peer to peer dispute. Worst app ever! Do not waste the time. Stick to cash app and PayPal who I’ve never had problems with and always ready to help and clarify any and every situation!

    By MoMoneyMoProblems😒
    Google pay use to be PERFECT. I would send money from one of my cards to the other without using Zelle (too complicated doing it when it’s your money to your other account), cash app (didn’t want to do because of the fees to deposit), and I definitely didn’t want to wait 3-5 business days for my money to be available in my account when I need it NOW. Well they’ve completely changed that. They won’t let you back into the old app where all of the magic was. You’re being forced to use their new app, where you HAVE to pay fees to deposit into your bank account or else you HAVE to wait the 3-5 business days. I use to conveniently switch back & forth from gmail to another since they had different cards.. well if you log out of Google pay, they completely DELETE your information & you have to re-add your card & information every time you log back in. I’m deleting this app & I suggest you do the same because for all of this, you might as well you cash app. At least with cash app, you get a card to use if you want to use your money immediately. 🚮
  • Easy Cash to Pure Trash

    By futilemind
    This new app is one of the most aggravating apps I have ever dealt with. Please believe the 1 star reviews, these people are all correct in what’s wrong with this app. From new transfer fees to the invasion of privacy to collect and sale your data for targeted marketing attacks. The most frustrating aspect is having to force your friends to download the app as well in order to even send them money. You can’t even put in a friend’s gmail account address without first forcing them to get the app. On top of that, I don’t know where they are pulling phone numbers for contacts because the number for my sister was wrong and didn’t even match my phone’s address book. The app refused to accept her new number as the correct point-of-contact so I could never send cash. I’ve never had an app change be so infuriating. I’ve been in IT for 20+ years and am fairly tech savvy and this app was so frustrating to figure out. They buried the purpose of this app for some stupid money-making gimmicks. I can’t recommend this app at all. Just awful!

    By jffybfxg
    I don’t know who’s idea it was to make a new app for google pay. This is the worst thing ever. The older version of the app was by far the easiest thing to use, for me ever better than cash app or other apps similar. This new app is way to complicated and not easy/ friendly to use. There are more fees in the new app that there wasn’t in the first one. You also have to re-enter all of your banking and card info and they don’t make that easy either. They made a new app when they should’ve just updated the old one or make it easy for their consumers and have all of their info already put in or transferred. They also try and force you off the old app. If you have the old app and send someone money, that person won’t get it because you have the old app but it will still say that it was taken out of your account and you and the other person have to get the new app to get the money with a fee being charged when there was never a fee in the old app. If I could give a no star I would!!!

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