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NYC ACCESS HRA is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Department of Information Technology And Telecomm. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Department of Information Technology And Telecomm, with the latest current version being 2.3 which was officially released on 2020-02-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 8,602 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.61334 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

ACCESS HRA mobile - your benefits on-the-go! View Case Details and EBT Balances The Cases section of the app lets you view the current status of your case, the EBT balance for each of your benefits, and any upcoming Recertification dates. View Appointments The Appointment section of the app lets you view appointments that are upcoming, missed, or completed. It also lets you add a reminder for your appointment to your phone or tablet. View Payments The Payments section of the app lets you view upcoming and past payments for your case, such as payments made to your landlord, utility company, or to your EBT card. Upload Documents The Upload section of the app lets you upload and submit documents needed for your case to the Agency. It also shows a list of documents that you already uploaded. Each document you submit stays on the list for 100 days from the date it was submitted. Note: Uploaded documents must be of good quality for the Agency to review. Submitting documents does not mean that your documents prove the eligibility factor. Please visit the My Documents section to check if the Agency accepted the documents you submitted. Only documents that are listed in the My Documents section were accepted by the Agency. View Accepted Documents The My Documents section of the app lets you view a list of documents the Agency received from you about your case. Each document that you submit and is accepted by the Agency stays on the list for 60 days from the date it was accepted. Profile Information The Profile section of the app provides you with the contact information and notification preferences you have previously provided to the Agency. You can also update this information once every 24 hours. Additional Information You can also get real-time notifications on your smartphone about your case, such as when your case ‘Recertification’ is due, confirmation of an online application submission, upcoming appointments, required documentation and E-notices. ACCESS HRA mobile is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Korean, Russian, and Traditional Chinese.

Top Reviews

  • Horrible app

    By pedrogon1990
    Basically same thing going In person it takes 72hrs to post documentation on applying and recertifying applicat ion is always under maintenance customer support for HRA over the phone on this application is useless as they don’t know whether to advise clients to bring in documentation or to upload after uploading documentation supposedly states all documents uploaded will be shown here for 100 days doesn’t even show documents I uploaded after uploading them it says we will send you a notice in the mail about receiving documentation if you have a deadline to submit documentation per day Nov 12th those documents should be able to upload and send same day it delays benefits issuance it can cause a case to be closed for simply failing to submit documentation and then verifying whether the documents have been sent is impossible as it takes 3 days to confirm if they received it this application needs to be improved with the aforementioned grievances. I rate this app a 1 it’s basically the same as going in person to apply for SNAP benefits
  • Help please

    By agave_inmytea
    I’m writing this with hope that by some slim chance that someone can help me. I am a single mother who fled a marriage due to domestic violence. I am not receiving no child support and need to re-certify for benefits on the 5th but I will not be able to attend my appointment because I am employed and scheduled to work all business days and business hours. For some reason when I select the option to recertify online it will not allow me to move forward with the process. If I take the day off or go in late I may not be able to keep my job because I’m working temp-perm and really want to be hired by the company. I need to recertify for benefits because I have been paying over 1000 dollars a month in childcare and 400 in cab fare to get to my daughter in time and have been netting 0 dollars to be at my job everyday. Please advise if there’s any how to do the recertification online!
  • Good app with great potential

    By Songbird0402
    For someone like myself who cannot almost make it to a location to hand in paperwork, this app seemed perfect. Only after downloading and trying to use the upload function did I realize that you cannot actually upload files from your device as you would a computer. Each individual document must have a snapshot taken of it by the app then uploaded. This is a little disappointing since we live in a age where files are sent through emails. So in order to use the app as it was created I would have to do an extra step of printing out the document first. This might be easy for some people but everyone does not have access to a print. If the developers are reading this, in the next update perhaps there could be a way to upload from your phone? Then the app would be a 5 star worthy app!
  • More convenient doesn’t mean that convenient

    By Jmamba7
    I teeter between a 3/4 stars. But there needs to be a clarification that you can’t actually “upload” docs in the truest sense of the word. As in, have the files on your phone, and upload them. You have to take pics of the documents then submit the pic. 2 very different things. I don’t get paper bank statements, pay stubs etc (as most people should) and so I can access docs I need to submit online and save to my computer or phone . Unfortunately you can’t have a file on your phone then submit. You have to take a pic. Which means I have to find a way to print/ potentially spend a good amount on printing. Where y’all hiring developers ? This is basic
  • HRA App

    By Isabel Hatch
    I like the ease of use in this App, especially now that you can upload docs from your phone, atleast for me it was easy, but I did notice that some of the HRA workers are having issues finding the uploaded documents, because I uploaded all the required documents asked for and yet when I called they seemed not to know where to find things and I even received a letter stating I needed to provided these documents before certain date when I already did, I even uploaded three times and everytime I called some HRA workers at info line were very knowledgeable but the ones that do the interviews over the phone can’t find anything. I wish they had more training because now I am still waiting , no response from them and still asking for the same docs! Smh
  • Very convenient and easy

    By Millz0ne
    Using this app is a plus. It doesn’t interfere with your employment, like actually going to the center. It’s convenient and doesn’t affect you everyday life. Easy to upload documents everything is a click away and self explanatory.. best thing HRA came up with. Lord knows with my ptsd I don’t don’t do well in crowded places and with my bad back, having to mentally prepare myself because I don’t know how long it’ll take or if the worker assigned to you has had a bad day. I thank you. This has been one less stress thing I have to worry about in my life every 6 months to a yr recertification, or updates for snap.
  • Please try again later message

    By Angeli1216C
    So for the past six months that app hasn't been working. I log in and almost always get a try again message. I try again the app loads but every time I try to navigate through the app ie: check appointment status, download documents, check payments I receive a try again notice; “we are currently having technical issues please try again later”.. I really do appreciate the app; there have been several appointments I would have missed had it not been for this app as a result to never receiving mail so having this “technical” problem is truly an inconvenience. Please fix then technical problems
  • Love it

    By ms abrahante
    I have to say two years ago this app was crap. I couldn’t download anything and when I thought I did no one received my documents. I know first hand how difficult it is to get to a location and sometimes it can be crazy packed when you do. I love this app. It’s actually so convenient and I love how for every item it has a phone number to call, all you have to do is hit call us. It gives you notifications on the documents you need and tells you your total snap amount. Even the interview process has changed and I love how they are so much organized. Good job !!😀
  • It’s freaking annoying

    By tabdy321🙌🏾💯
    I’ve been trying to upload my documents since yesterday & all I keep getting is either Login failed & when I finally do get in. Try submitting my documents I get a having technical difficulties or even document failed upload try again later. Like this is annoying. You guys need to do way better with this app cause ppl have things to do & as much as this app supposedly saves time at the office it isn’t doing what it is suppose to do! Who can I even contact about this cause I have a due date & I don’t like feeling helpless. My due date is april 27th & I’ve been trying to do what I gotta do to not delay the process but the app wants to keep crashing or not working. Who can I call or even fax if they allow to fax my stuff to em. Cause this is blt it
  • Needs a LOT of work

    By Vin-aka-BabyGirl
    The only good thing is that you’re able to upload documents BUT even those take days to show up as being submitted. I just recently checked my balance and it shows $0 but I do have benefits in my account. When you click on the documents tab there’s nothing there, even though I do have documents there. I also have an upcoming appointment which does now show in the appointment tab. A few weeks ago I had to submit documents and this app did not show that I did yet I checked the site in the computer and they website showed it. If the app showed the correct updated info when you click on the tabs then it would get a higher rating but until then since zero stars is not an option it will get one from me.

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