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  • Last Updated: 2020-12-01
  • New version: 2.0.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.4 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Shirt App

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Shirt App is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Best. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Best, with the latest current version being 2.0.1 which was officially released on 2020-12-01. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 3,053 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.60301 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

From your phone to your closet, Shirt App is the easiest way to design, order and receive custom garments. Instantly add any image from your camera roll or text with popular fonts to get started. Shirt App currently offers many product colors for shirts, hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts and more with front & back customization. Find inspiration on our brand new Discover page. Choose from our library of Stickers to enhance your design, new graphics are added daily. It's never been this fast or easy to order a high quality custom t-shirt or hoodie from your phone!

Top Reviews

  • Cancelled order twice

    By M0nsterTee
    I tried to order a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie with my logo on it twice. They would send me a conformation email. I waited two weeks the first time and I emailed no one emailed me back. So I then went to the Instagram and messaged them. Someone then returned my email and said it was canceled for unforeseen circumstances. Which was disappointing because I had paid for rush shipping and I did not receive it in a timely fashion for which I paid extra for shipping on. I also had sent 4 emails before going to Instagram to express my concern. I tried to reorder the same design once again but it said I had already purchased so it did not allow me to try and repurchase. On the second attempt I order two shirts and once again the same thing happened only this time they blamed it on a “BUG” in the system. I no longer have faith in this app it wasted my time and got my hopes up of purchasing my shirts in bulk for my business with my logo already on it. Don’t waste your time if you live in the USA because it’s a waste of time better off purchasing own equipment and doing it yourself or taking to mall for them to do so.
  • Terrible print job!

    By BasketballGirl41
    If I could give this company a negative star review I would. I understand due to COVID items are being delayed, my question to SHIRT APP is WHY would you send out emails and advertise on your website that You “Guarantee items will arrive before Christmas”!? I placed my order of four items on December 6th!!! And 3 out of the 4 items didn’t arrive until TODAY December 29th!!! Oh to add on top this monstrosity of a business I’m still waiting on the 4th item to come in! Way past Christmas hu Shirt APP!? That’s not even the best part, I open the package all the shirts are barely folded and hoodies were assembled all over the place! Presentation was terrible and not uniform for a real business. Now onto the prints all of the prints and ink looks to have been smeared and not solid, the pigmentation of the prints were of low quality and not worth $30-45!!! I spent $155 ( I also payed for a rushed shipping rate) just to receive crap. One of my hoodies I designed was supposed to have a print on the back and they failed to apply that, there was brown stuff on the from of the hoodie. I need my whole refund back!!!
  • Not what I expected

    By UsielH20
    To be honest with you. I love the idea that you guys have some might like it, but I didn’t think you guys are as good as you promote yourselves. I got an order of three shirts (XL) and a sweater (XL). Two out of three shirts were right size (XL) and the other was wrong (L). Sweater was the right size. I thought the printing was going to be much better, but it just seems like it was digitally put on. Quality of the print was awful. Quality of the shirts and sweatshirt was fine. I read some of the reviews after I bought my order and hoped it would be better than they said. To be honest I’m not bashing the Shirt App, but if you’re looking for some custom shirts or sweaters go to your local screen printer. Because it was worst purchase I’ve made this year. As soon as I pulled out the first shirt and seen the printing. It was a sad day. Spent like $150. Wish I wouldn’t have made the purchase and still had my money. No hate towards Shirt App, but I would not recommend it. I’ll probably make a donation to make local goodwill. I was so hyped for my custom shirts too. Well thanks I guess..
  • AMAZING customer service...

    By B2B1127
    I have had, around, 10 t-shirts made and the quality is just wonderful. I love the layer effect that they offer to make your image POP, if that’s what you choose. They have great deals and work with you if there is a problem. I will go nowhere else to have t-shirt design made in the future, the ones I had done last year have been through multiple washings and the imagine is still as good as when I received it. If you’ve been debating on whether to download this app., think no it, you be pleased with the outcome!
  • Limited Options When Adding Words

    By Rease Wilson
    I really like the quality of both the printing and the shirts they are printed on. I’ve ordered multiple tees from you guys and love each one for many reasons. With that in mind, the app developers really should update it so that users can invert them/bend/change the shape words they add to their designs... at the moment users have to write them in a straight line with no inversion. It would also be helpful to allow frequent purchasers to get discounts seeing as they multiple purchases, kind of like a frequent shoppers discount. Finally, it would be great if users were able to to create their own logos or access a clip art gallery. This could be achieved by allowing users to create and edit designs and not just add pictures and what not to their designs. It would grant users more creative liberty. Thanks for reading this.
  • It made me rlly upset

    By Nailah Joseph
    When I first got the app I was rlly excited to be using this especially since I had a pogo and everything. When i first got the app I did a trial run to see what would be the price for a black t-shirt( we did not put anything on it just to see ) the price was 10 dollars. After transferring 4 designs and working all day I was ready to purchase my 4 shirts. When it was time to check out the price was 113 dollars. This was a shock to me. The shirts were 28 dollars each, i’m guessing this happened because I added something to it. This really upset me. Maybe this on me for not adding a random design to see if the price changes. I just don’t understand why the price is 28 dollars each. This really sucked and i’m going to have to delete the app
  • Underwhelmed 1st Impression

    By megan samurai
    My order came in!! I love most of the products and am overall satisfy with quality of you guys work. However, I wish there was some inconsistency through my order. There are some problems I want to resolve with you all. There are two hoodies missing from my order, they’re the only hoodies I had placed and payed for with this order. Also, a shirt had its design peeling off as I unfolded it. I’m not sure if it can be replaced or do I just have to deal with it? I’m hoping you all can help me with that. Following that, I had order the same shirt in 2 different sizes; a medium and a large. The “medium” is quite literally not a medium it’s larger than the other mediums in my order. Finally, there’s a design missing on the back of one of my shirts. I really hope we can work together to fix these issues. Thank you
  • Update Idea?

    By lelelysha
    This app is absolutely amazing! Easy, simple, and fast. I just got a shirt in that I made and it turned out really well! Great quality. My only suggestion is to add a layering system to the app. I’m working on a hoodie right now and trying to edit each layer is really difficult. Each time I try to select one it selects a different one and the whole picture becomes out of order. Something I wanted as a background is now coming up to the foreground. If a laying system is added then you can select which picture you want to edit or resize without others being selected. Other than that it’s a great app and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to create!
  • Garbage and a joke of a company

    By InTheCut315
    I wouldn’t even waste a star rating on this app or company. They’re customer service is trash. I ordered 3 shirts with my company logo and I chose and payed extra for the gilden heavy weight hoodies. It took months to get them and once I did the shirts were stained and none of them were correct and one even had a logo on it that wasn’t even mine but the brand of the hoodie was correct. They sent me a replacement order and the shirts were cheap thin hoodies and they were all to small and tight and when I messaged them about it they basically told me to shove it because in the fine print they say when they are short on supplier they use cheap garbage to fulfill the orders even if it’s not what you ordered or payed for. Total joke of a company. Don’t waste your time or money and take it somewhere else that will actually do it right and have good quality.
  • I just got my hoodie in!

    By Keeba Aussie
    So I made a hoodie with my business name on it. I kinda had low expectations at first because I though the printing would be that sticker kind of stuff that starts cracking over time BUT IT WASNT! :0 It’s almost like it’s dyed into the fabric! It’s super hq and the inside of the hoodie is SO SOFT! I love it! Only thing I wish you could do is put writing down the arm sleeves. I think that would be pretty cool 👌. Unless that’s already a thing in the app and I didn’t notice it :p Anyway! Awesome app 10/10 recommend! (Also the terms of service are super easy to read through!)

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