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  • New version: 4.9.6
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PetSmart, Inc.

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PetSmart, Inc. is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by PetSmart, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - PetSmart, Inc., with the latest current version being 4.9.6 which was officially released on 2020-11-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 21,551 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5003 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

At PetSmart, we know being a pet parent is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. It also raises many questions! So, we’ve built our app to be a valued resource for every step of your journey as a pet parent. You’ll find helpful articles, products, services bookings and can shop for all your pet needs in one place. • With in-app shopping, you can get all your pet essentials in one place. In a rush? Get your order in 1 hour with buy online pick up in store. • Sign up for our Treats loyalty program. You’ll earn points every time your shop & you can manage your account through the app. • Get your pet looking fresh with in-app salon booking, appointment management & easy rebooking • Check Doggie Day Camp availability • Make & manage PetsHotel reservations • Play Treat Trail – connect treats, earn points & get coupons • Tailor the app experience to your entire pet family with personalized offers & content With a store locator, helpful resources, in-app shopping, services bookings, informative articles & videos, the PetSmart App is a great resource for a great life with your best friend!

Top Reviews

  • One of the worst apps on the market!

    By Penneywell
    I have tried more than six times to place an order through this app for pick up at the store. The order shows up in my cart but that's as far as it goes. The order just keeps recycling back through check out review order check out review order and so it goes. No one at the store knows what is wrong. I have deleted the app three times and reinstalled it, but that does not help. There are times with a sick pet at home when driving to the store is a major inconvenience. Well I certainly won't try this app anymore. UPDATE. I received a notice from Apple support that this developer had sent me a response. The response, which was the same response the developer had used numerous times to other complaints, said they would like to hear what my problem was and they will try to work it through with me. There were two links to click, one to update my review, and the other to contact the developer. So far so good right? So when I clicked the link to contact the developer it basically took me to the Petsmart app where there was no link to the developer. SoI am updating my review so you will know there is no way to contact the developer, and when the developer says they really want to work with you to resolve your problem, they don't really mean that. Because there is no place to contact the developer, only a link that connects you to the Petsmart app, which , of course is what they want you to do.
  • Your app stinks. Doesn’t process payments anymore

    By jeffhas
    I’ve used this app for about a year, and for the most part it kinda works... you don’t allow all the services offering for grooming for instance, so if make sure difficult to set up an appointment, you always end up having to change it when you smog to e store and check-in... it’s easier to call and make an appointment and specify the services you request. But by far the most t egregious problem is your payment processing. It use to work, I could pay from the app for services and walk in and collect my pet. However, for the past 3 MONTHS!!!! - your payment processing claims there is an error, but still authorized the charge! - so I as a user think “hmm, an error, I should try again”( since it tells you there’s an error and stars try again later... so I end up with 4 or 5 charges that I have to wait to fall off to make sure you don’t actually charge me. Even if I switch cards, delete the cards, re-add the cards or add new cards, it still has the same error and same multiple authorizations... AND THEN I still have to pay when I get to the store manually anyways! Just DON’T HAVE AN APP, that way I don’t spend my time on the app and I can just call or go in like we’re troglodytes and not a modern functioning society - outside of PetSmart. So frustrating.
  • Needs work

    By Dnice842
    The app is just okay- I only ever use it to book appointments and even that is a bit frustrating. I have two dogs and it boggles my mind that I can’t book them at the same time. I have to book one, and once I’m done booking him, I have to book the other one and hope that the same groomer has another spot at the same time- which they usually don’t but I can’t know that because- for whatever reason, all of the groomers’ appointment slots aren’t shown. SO MANY TIMES I’ve had to go back and cancel my first pets appointment and try all over again, or I’ll have to schedule one at one time, and the other 30 minutes later. Also, I feel like the treat trail game for coupons is kind of ridiculous- especially for busy people. I don’t have time to (literally) play games and try and get a higher score to get a better coupon. Why aren’t the coupons just available to you like any other business? I mean, it’s a cute game, I just don’t have the time. I also feel like having coupons/discounts in one place would be the most helpful- like having them on the front page where the points are at, instead of having the points page, discounts at the bottom of the “shop” page, and then the “treat trail” page. Too complicated.
  • Buyer Beware when checking out

    By fix the issues!!!!!!!
    I placed an order for 2 items to pick up curbside. When I arrived at the store, it recognized that I was there. I clicked, “I’m here” and it took me to my order. It asked me which order I was picking up. Both location names were the exact same so I didn’t understand why it would only let me pick one item at a time. Nonetheless, I picked one item and waited thinking I’ll just clear it up with whoever walks my order out. I waited and waited, no one came out and there was no way to go back to the “I’m here” part of the app. I finally had to Google the phone number to call and see what was going on. As I was on hold, I clicked on my order history and noticed my 2 orders were placed at different stores. The location name was still exactly the same but the addresses were different. The app allowed me to place my one order (with only 2 items) at 2 different stores! I had to spend an hour of my day driving around town picking my 2 items up. Super frustrating! There should be measures in place to not allow that to happen. On the other hand both associates who walked my orders out were both super friendly. Just fix the app!
  • Love PetSmart, Loathe the App

    By dreamAngel6669
    I have been a loyal PetSmart customer for 17+ years, through 4 moves and 2 states. I was so excited when they finally brought out an app, but that was short lived. For the last 2 years I haven't actually been able to log in to the app, though I could log into my Treats account on the web, but there's no Treat Trail game on the web version and with 5 dogs and 2 cats the coupons I could earn through the game were great (for the 6 months or so that I could log into the app). So today I get excited again because I see the message that says they're no longer using social media to log in (my log in had been through Facebook, I didn't want it to be but was told there was no way to change it to email) and I had to create a new account using email. Did that right away, verified my email, the web browser pulled up my account information right away with my treats and all previous orders, then I tried the app to see if I can play Treat Trail and... Ruh Roh. We don't recognize that email and or password... I'm about to switch my 7 pets to Petco, which is a shame, but tech support hasn't fixed the issue so I don't know what else to do honestly.
  • Search and filter has serious issues

    By Vinocitingalamode
    No suggestions pop up when typing in the search bar. I use extremely simple search terms and do not get anything close to what I’m looking for. I searched dander spray and got Danner Aquarium products only. No sprays. No products with “dander” anywhere in the description. I search cat dander and the first results are litter, cat food, cat tree, etc. I search for a cat grooming product and get cat food or spot cleaner for generic pet stains. It seems like it just takes one keyword from the search which is not helpful. Whatever search engine or algorithm is being used is terrible and needs replacing. The filter function is almost worse. I will select one filter and get zero results when I know Pet Smart 100% carries the item (I tested it). For some of the filter fields, there are no options—they just say “View Results”. There is no favorite or wishlist feature that I’m aware of so you can save a product you might want to buy. I have to add things to my cart in case I want to check on it again later. It’s a pretty basic feature that every shopping app should have.
  • Decent App

    By SunAZGrrl
    I’ve been using app for more than a year. I have never had an issue logging in. When I add items to my cart and unexpectedly get pulled away or distracted and need to close the app, the items always remain in cart so I can continue adding on or checking out when I reopen app. I’ve added my pets to app so making appointments and searching for specific items is a breeze. Disappointingly I am able to play the treat trail game to earn coupons but have NEVER been able to apply them at checkout when I’m placing order through the app. And I find it disappointing that I can’t add dog/cat clothing items to my order in the app, it always says for in-store purchase only. This is also the case for items that go on sale or clearance. I am not able to go into store do shopping like normal because of my mobility AND now because of the covid virus pandemic. I do like the curbside pickup and hope they keep that even afterwards. But I really wish I was able to purchase those dog and cat outfits and feel that I’m missing out.
  • Makes Booking Services soooo easy

    By Meraduff
    Love that i can view appointment availability and book with a specific groomer directly thru the app! Sort of addicted to the Treat Trail game as well. Also very appreciative of the work that PetSmart does to promote pet adoption and help provide services and resources for homeless animals. Only issue I have with the app is that I have updated my pet’s profile photo NUMEROUS times but somehow a very old picture continues to show up as his profile thumbnail image on the page where you “select a pet.” I have even tried to upload different file types and sizes to see if that would rectify but to no avail. I emailed tech support about this and did quickly receive a reply however the only instruction provided was generic info about how to add a photo and did not help rectify the issue. Obviously, this is not a huge issue about app functionality or ease-of-use but thought it might be helpful as i am sure I am not the only one who has experienced this.
  • Pretty awesome

    By tea1967
    I really like this app it’s easy to use and convenient. I do have issues though, too many products are in store purchase only and also are too often out of stock on quite a few items. Not great on having a lot of different products to choose from either. But like I said though I like the app because of ease of use and convenience. On pricing, like anywhere, they vary. Most items in the app are pretty well priced but other products are pretty high in price just like any place you shop but I do trust PetSmart so that’s why I’ll stick with them unless I think a price is just too high for the item I’m wanting then I’ll do a little research and see who has the most inexpensive price but so far doing so I’ve always came back to the PetSmart app or store because like I said I trust them. Hope this is helpful for people searching for the right app to use for your precious fur babies. It is the best one I’ve found yet
  • Confusing and frustrating

    By KJLuLo
    I do enjoy the convenience of having an app, however it feels like it is missing important features. Instead of an Order History, it has “points history” which is on its own page instead of with your account information. Maybe it’s just me, but on pretty much every other app I use, it’s on the page where you can look at your account. You also can’t click on something you’ve purchased previously and have it open up so you can order again. And my biggest issue is I’ve never once received an online receipt or confirmation for my order so I usually wait a few hours and then call the store to confirm they received my order and it’s complete. My email address is correct so either the app is very messed up and does not offer this at all, or there is an issue with my account specifically. To me it’s kind of important to have record of my order as well as to possibly have notification when it has been completed and is ready for pickup like every other company has.

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