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ShopRite is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Wakefern Food Corp. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Wakefern Food Corp, with the latest current version being 4.13.1 which was officially released on 2020-11-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 85,036 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5726 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Grocery shopping made easy! Imagine everything you need for savings, recipes, and coupons for both in-store and online shopping, in one single app. Search, scan, save lists and notes, get deals, and order pick up or delivery - just like that. Our redesigned app makes it easier to plan and shop while saving you time with these benefits: * Easily purchase off of one unified shopping cart - order for pickup or home delivery or use as an in-store checklist * Create & save your shopping lists for future use * Scan products to quickly add to your list / cart * Add notes to your list that can be shopped for later * Load digital coupons to your Price Plus club Card * See and manage all of your digital coupons * Browse and shop from our weekly circular* * View recipes & add ingredients to your list/cart * View personalized offers and recommended items on sale each week * Directly access your Price Plus Card * Search for products, recipes and coupons * Order Cold Cuts and more from our Deli (where available) * Manage your prescriptions linked to our Pharmacy App Learn more about the features of the new ShopRite app - Shop Easy. Just Like That.

Top Reviews

  • Terrible at selecting groceries for online orders

    By Op041
    I’ve been doing ShopRite from home pick up orders for some time now and it is just okay. Recently I have been unable to go out to the grocery store so I had 2 orders delivered. Both of which had fresh fruits and vegetables in the order. Both times the produce that was picked was terrible. I received a moldy pack of strawberries and a bad bag of apples. The worst part is that other than where I am leaving this review there is no way to write directly to the store to complain or to receive any money back. They make it nearly impossible to give feedback unless you actually call the store. In addition any time they are out of something the options they provide as substitutes make no sense. Example: there is no ShopRite roasted red pepper hummus for 1.99 so would you like sabra pine nut for 4.99. What... either pick something in the same price range or something of the same flavor. There have also been times where they leave things in my order out completely and then I go inside the store to check and it is fully stocked. I don’t like to he this person but I do ShopRite from home because I am very busy, not because I am lazy. Also, I’ve been doing delivery orders because I have been sick and want to prevent others from getting sick. Please make improvements when selecting groceries for people who are unable to physically go into the store.
  • Terrible experience!!!

    By meli1177
    Worst customer service ever! I’m a single mom of 2, ages 4 and 6 and it makes it very hard to get groceries!!! Even doing pickup, slots are scarce. So for starters, Jessica from ShopRite at home was very rude and unprofessional!!! I could not believe how she behaved. I went to pick up my groceries and after getting there and jumping through hoops to get there cause of this pandemic, they tell me my payment wasn’t completed. I was confused because when I made the order, the payment posted to my account immediately! Now I wasn’t thinking to bring my card since I already paid online. Now I go outside and call my card and sure enough it says the money was taken out! I call the card back to check the transactions and then there was a refund only after they canceled my order. I call to complain and Jessica says it’s my fault that I left without my groceries and there’s nothing she can do to help but tell me to place it again for another day! No empathy and no help. Then says my payment declined when it showed it processed on my online statement that I was willing to show! She stated it didn’t matter and they wouldn’t waive any delivery fee or help me in any way for the inconvenience of any glitches of their system!!!! Glad they showed me not all of us are helping each other and sticking together during these times! Hope these glitches get fixed!!!
  • Worst customer experience

    By Darren Passarello
    I have never been more disappointed in a service than this one. I used the app to order food today for pick up as it is my only day off to do so. I scheduled a time slot for pick up as to save time. When I arrived at my scheduled time i was told that my order had not been shopped and they were two hours behind and they apologized for not calling me to let me know. As you can imagine i was upset that I now lost out on a whole day of food shopping that had I known this service was ineffective I would have just gone food shopping. They assured me that i could pick up my order later in the day and it would be ready for my at 9pm. While upset at this I agreed and said not a problem. I received at call at 8:55pm informing me they were now 4 hours behind and wanted to push my order till tomorrow and could not accommodate today. I now lost out on food shopping for the entire week as today was my only day off. Had they just told me when i placed my order they were behind to begin with I would have never used this service and would have went. I now have no groceries for the week and no free days to go shopping until next week due to work. This was the most horrible worst service i ever had and now I’m without groceries for the week. I reccomend never using this app or service
  • Shop from home pick up

    By MBF~
    I shopped a day in advance for curbside pickup. I selected a time slot and came to pick up at the appropriate time. After sitting in the car for 15m I was informed “you are still being shopped and did you get a phone that we are behind”. I replied no, heard nothing. The associate went back inside. Waited another 15-20m. Called customer service who transferred me to curbside. I explain I have been waiting. She said “did u get a text your order was ready”. I said no I didn’t receive any commutation. She said she was finishing up my order. I said should I stay or come back. She said she’s working on paperwork. I asked again should I stay or leave. I was told “you can wait or you can come back tomorrow honey”. I left! At 636 I received a text that said my pickup will be ready 530-6pm. I was there at that time. My order was NOT! The worst customer service and system I’ve had to deal with in awhile. Personally I had surgery 2 days ago. I needed to utilize this service because I can’t move much. Sitting in my car is difficult too. Communication and less attitude would have been fine and there would be no reason I would have to write a bad review. And for the record it was a small order. Had I felt better I could have shopped my order in 30m. I won’t be using this service again!
  • "Online service" versus "In Store"

    By Syncgen
    I decided to give the online service a try for the first time; and it was an excellent experience. The workers handling the online shop to store pick up are very professional, helpful, knowledgeable and perform their job well. I had no issues with my online order and my transaction went perfect. The five stars is pertaining to the "online service crew only". I forgot a few items and decided to go into the store and pick up a few things on my own...unfortunately my "in store experience" did not go very well. For starters, the cashier did not know how to complete my transaction... really? All cashiers should be trained to handle "all types" of transactions. The front end manager/ CSR was called over to assist the cashier; who was extremely rude and obnoxious to me as if "I" was the problem. I defused the issue because I needed to leave the supermarket for another scheduled appointment ; but will be returning there on Saturday to file a formal complaint. Horrible in "store service",... and wouldn't give even one star.
  • APP Great

    By Big adam k
    I have a Great Pharmacist at My Shop Rite so the few issues I have with the APP get taken care of. I just hate wasting Her time with something should be at My fingertips. The APP needs to keep Medications I take longer in History. Some I take once ever spring. When go to fill the Script it is gone. Also a issue does not tell You when last filled a Script wish it did. And biggest problem and do not know why it is set up this way. Why in there no warning when a script needs to be refilled. I hate auto refills at the Pharmacy. Always have medications no longer taking or I do not need yet. I wish the APP had that feature just to let Me know My refill is due soon. This way I have a chance talk to My Doctor first . Some my diabetic meds change doses month to mouth . And some only take when need. A one month supply can last 2 or more. And I hate having unneeded medication around so auto refill for as nice it is for you is a hassle for Me. A warning in app would stop excess waste of Pharmacist time. Having to look up info on medications being taken. When last filled and Auto filling unneeded scripts.
  • Been using the app since the beginning...

    By Lelu088
    out but now it's become an absolute nightmare! It takes forever to find items & specific searching is labored as well. Once you try to add items, it takes a while then will say it was unable to add the items. After trying to add an item a few times, you need to double check your cart through the old app or their website because the new app will say it was unable to add the items however your cart will now have added 6 of the item!!! It doesn't show the price of items in the cart; only at the end while checking out. It does figure in the promotions & discounts which is a great feature addition from the old app but that is its only positive right now. The app was giving me issues so I deleted it & have been trying to login back in now for a week. It has great potential but it really has a long way to go. I order through the apps/site about 3 times a month. If you need more examples or feedback, feel free to contact me.
  • Favorite App ♥️

    By Asjleone
    I truly don't know what I would do without this app! It has changed my life!!! I can now spend more time with my family, also not lose my mind inside of shop rite with 3 kids!! I was spending so much more money going inside with kids because they we're just tossing snack after snack in the cart! Now I get the ones they love and can keep on top of there stock they need. This app is convenient! Saves your past orders so all the stuff I get weekly is so easy to just add to cart instead of looking for it. Also during the week if I think of something new I need that I don't want to forget to get I just open the app and add to cart then and it saves it for me till the weekend when I place my order. Props also to the Nutley NJ shoprite women who pick me awesome produce and always call me and are so helpful if something needs to be switched out!! Thank you guys for being awesome!!! ♥️-Leone Mom
  • Clipping online coupons and problem with produce

    By dzshopper
    When you unclip a coupon by accident and try to reload it always comes up with ERROR. FOR EXAMPLE I loaded a coupon but hit the load button a second time so it unclippef the coupon and when I hit it again it comes up ERROR AND WON’T LOAD NO MAtter how many times you hit it or go out coupons section and then come back to it. The coupon is good till August 8 so it’s not expired. This dames problem has been happening for months. Why don’t you fix it????? What good is the coupon if you can’t load it ? There are always fruit flies in the produce dept. and I’ve seen the staff putting wet onions and potatoes out sometimes and ShopRite strawberries always have bad spots in the container. The checkout line is too in late afternoon 4 and 7 pm. . If you get anything frozen it’s melted before you get out of aisle 10 to a register. Why don’t you get self scanners like stop and shop. You scan it , bag it and pay at a self checkout You would save on waiting in line, checking out at the register and bagging time at least a half hour -to an hour if you have a full cart
  • Needs few improvements

    By Dafienka
    I would give more stars but lately I’m not too pleased with app. I was so happy when my local store finally offered online ordering. It saves so much time which meant more time with family. Anyhow one thing that I have noticed is so many times an item will display not available or out of stock and when I go to pick up I’ll see the item right in the store. Also I opted for the txt alerts for items that need substitutions 9 times out of 10 the substitutions are items that have nothing to do with what I selected. I always end up having to call the store. There should be an option for the customer to submit their own substitution if the one selected isn’t wanted. The whole point of txt option was so I wouldn’t have to be on the phone going over every item. Many times there isn’t a picture or full description so I have no idea what substitution is. The weekly circular should allow you to zoom in too small to see sometimes. Other than that I like the idea if bring able to order online and pick up

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