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ROSEGAL-Fashion & Clothing

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ROSEGAL-Fashion & Clothing is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by DAIMA E-COMMERCE (HONG KONG)LIMITED. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - DAIMA E-COMMERCE (HONG KONG)LIMITED, with the latest current version being 5.3.0 which was officially released on 2021-04-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 9,201 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.45831 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

With RoseGal app, you can shop any merchandise you like at anytime and anywhere. You can also interact with over 10,000,000+ fans to share your shopping experience. Keep your fingers on the pulse & gain inexpensive products. RoseGal is a one-stop shopping mall, including Women’s fashion, plus size, dresses, swimwear, bikini, tops, American flag, lingerie, leggings, bras, underwear, shoes, sandals, flats, led shoes, hair, bags, hats, beauty, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, keyring, rings, earrings, body jewelry, Men’s clothing, shorts, shirts, pants, jeans, blazers, tie dye, home decor. RoseGal provides all users with more cost-effective goods. Download our app and become our user, RoseGal will impress you!

Top Reviews

  • Absolutely love ROSEGAL

    By Bethany Whalen
    I love shopping on ROSEGAL for clothes because it’s one of the few stores that has super cute outfits that are designed for women with real curves. Can’t tell the number of clothes I have tried on or ordered and had to return because they were designed for some ridiculously thin model and just scaled up. They never fit; tight where the should be loose and loose where they should be tight. ROSEGAL is different and I have found most the styles maximize your figure. There’s lots of choices and colors available; nearly all of them have plus size available. The clothes are always good quality. The app also tells you the US size if scroll down and you see reviews/pictures from people who bought that outfit. The app makes it really easy purchase. There’s also a wishlist so you can come back later. There’s only two things I would like to see improved. One, I would like to be able to see a matching bottom fir my top; or be able to purchase them together as an outfit instead of scrolling through to find it. Two, it would be nice to have a setting preference to show items that are available in your size. Sometime they are out of a size but you can’t see that until you go to order.
  • The only place I shop for clothes!

    By Satellite13
    I’m very picky when it comes to picking out my clothes and don’t even like to shop at the mall because I can never find anything I like. I got advertised some dresses on Instagram and decided to download the app to look at the clothes. I was surprised to see how cheap everything was and how cute the clothes were so I decided to buy a few dresses and shirts seeing as you can return the clothes with your money back. I noticed that the shipping took pretty long so I was also surprised to find that expedited shipping was only $1.89 more. Then, I noticed the tracking wasn’t working so I got worried until after the 3rd day, it said delivered! The clothes were exactly as expected. I will say, you get what you pay for. The material is a little cheap and one of the dresses had a small hole in one of the pockets. BUT overall, I LOVE the clothes. The sizing for everything was perfect, the clothes were very cute, and everything was comfortable! I recommended this app to all my friends and family and have started buying all my clothes here!
  • Horrific return policy/customer service rep

    By howareallythenamestaken
    Never again will I order from this site. The return policy is so outrageous. I called to see if I can get a return / exchange order in process because the size was too big. The first rep I spoke to said I had to send an email along w the order number along with pictures of all the items I’m returning. Waste of time! And really I think it’s their way for us to not return the items and for folks to deal with it. Sorry not me. So I went and let them know this process was awful and there needs to be a better way. The rep then hung up on me thinking that was going to stop me but it didn’t, so I called back and got a nice gentleman. He said a picture was not needed just the explanation of the return and order number. Still though, this process is dumb. I been in the customer service field and never heard I had to email someone to return the item, what’s the point of having anyone on the phone line??What a disappointment. I never want to deal with these people ever again. I’ll stick with the Rainbow clothing store, at least I can return right at the store. If I could a zero to the first rep I spoke too I would because she does not deserve the 1.
  • Customer service

    By Dolphinladee
    Don’t bother bc they don’t answer your e mails I got a hold of someone on the im they said to e mail them .... they do not answer these it said with in 24 hrs .... I don’t think they know when 24 hrs is they had a Facebook coupon if you invited three friends and they excepted and download it and open the app get five dollars for each one I only got credit for one I got a hold of an instant message person who said to email the problem for which I did the coupon says it’ll be there with in 24 hours it was not me so the answer your email within 24 hours it’s been a week I was waiting on this coupon to order a dress I wanted and now the dress is gone up three dollarsSince I put it in my cart they sent me an email saying my cart was going to expire that’s why I contacted tried to contact them I don’t answer emails and customer service stinks so I gave two stars because I did order one dress fits pretty good little big but least I got it on it’s a pretty dress I got a lot of compliments so for my daughter materials a bit then though
  • Best app!

    By Yaneli Vega
    I really love this app and the people from the customer service are so awesome and patient. They have been able to contact right away and can always help me. I already ordered three dresses from them and they were beautiful. My third item didn’t in with my other two orders and I was worried so I contacted the customer service and they told me it was out of stock (it wasn’t when I ordered it) but they said I could wait, get a refund or change it for another one. I decided to wait and it was worth it because as soon as it was back on stock I got my dress. You have to be patient and understanding about the people who work for this company because they have to answer to everyone who uses this. Not everyone will be as lucky as me but I really do recommend this app. Thank you Rosegal for your amazing service. Will totally be buying more things! 💕
  • Horrible wait time for anything and everything

    By Valex95
    I can understand having to wait for an order. Not a problem. However, somewhere between me submitting my order and it being delivered, my address was messed up (I live in an apartment building). The day my order was meant to be delivered, I never received a call or anything asking about the address. I waited a day or two more and checked the status. There was a new message that popped up saying my order was being returned to sender. I contacted both the shipping company and rosegal. The shipping company told me they were actually not in charge of my order (contrary to what Rosegal had as the carrier for the order), and when I contacted Rosegal, I was simply told it would take an addition 7-10 days to find out where my order is now. I am still waiting on my order and the order was placed a month ago if not longer. 😖 responses to issues should be handled much quicker. When I finally get my order, I will not be ordering from them again.
  • Not worth it

    By Leah58530
    I was excited to try Rosegal, as it’s been promoted as a plus size clothing app. The only thing I saw about returning was on the first page, it said returns within 30 days. Didn’t mention any exclusions. The biggest size available in the swimsuit I wanted was XL, kinda strange for a plus size app. So I get the swimsuit, and now I look at it and I see where the measurements were, that’s my fault for not reading the measurements. I see when it ships it comes from China and I think here we go it’s not going to work, bc their sizing is much different. So I get it within 30 days (doesn’t fit) and I try to contact them for returns, and of course they don’t do returns on swimwear. I scoured the app and finally found where that policy was hiding, under account information. The full return policy Should be on the front page, not one stating returns within 30 days if that’s not the whole truth. I gave it two stars because it did come and bc the measurements were there I just didn’t see them.
  • Do not recommend.

    By Ariel Michele
    I was super excited to purchase from Rosegal because they have some very cute things. I ordered two pieces of Lingerie. One came in fine, a few loose strings on the lace, but otherwise fine. The other item, however was absolutely AWFUL. It was a black nightie type of thing with a thing bottom and the top had two long tears going down half the length of it and the bottoms had one leg hole that was MUCH smaller than the other and also MUCH too small to fit a leg in. I can’t even return the items even though I can’t wear them because they don’t accept lingerie returns. I tried to leave a review and 1. The comment section says you can use 3000 characters but when you go to submit it you get a pop up that tells you to use no more than 140 characters and 2. I couldn’t even submit the review because it always says ‘failed’ when you push the button. I am extremely disappointed and I highly recommend not downloading. I’ve had better luck with Wish.
  • Go literally anywhere else

    By tairen_soul
    Had the absolute worst time with this. They'll send even just one item out if you select expedited shipping just so they can tell you it was sent within the expected time frame. Never mind any of your other order; that'll take a month or so to actually receive. When you go to get help from their customer service they just literally read from a script. There's no actual help, just what they read from their script and screenshot. Spoke to two different guys, Salazar and Ishmael. Salazar literally read from a script, disappeared for about 15-20 minutes (so long that the thing asked if I was still there), and would not actually ever stray from the script. Ishmael at least strayed from it a little when I was trying to get help. He didn't disappear for a long period of time. Either way I'd honestly try to get your things from another place. You'll just wait a month (or more according to some reviews) before you actually receive anything.
  • Buyers beware!!! Don’t bother wasting your money here!!!

    By dissapointedaf!
    I really wish I had read the reviews before I placed my order! I placed an order that was supposed to be expedited shipping only to receive 1/2 of order about 3 weeks later, the other half took over 5 weeks to be delivered. The quality of the materials was awful! The items I received looked nothing like the pictures on the site!!! The size/fit ridiculous- the items were so large it was laughable! I tried to cancel the remaining order after the first delivery but they wouldn’t let me. Then comes the most ridiculous return process. I reckon it’s their way of discouraging people from returning things. I personally don’t have any more time or patience to waste on this whole experience, so I’ll consider my money wasted and this shopping experience a lesson learnt! I was excited when I found this website but after my experience I feel am being extremely generous giving you a 1 star! Never shopping here again!

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