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This page is a stub. You can help Wiki by expanding it. is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by rewardStyle, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - rewardStyle, Inc., with the latest current version being 2.77.0 which was officially released on 2020-10-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 242,402 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.90953 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Shop looks and videos created by thousands of global influencers, stylists and tastemakers. Everything in is 100% shoppable, so you can instantly purchase products from over 5,000 retailers across fashion, home, beauty and more. HOW IT WORKS Download the app and create your profile to access shoppable content from global influencers. Search millions of products from over 5,000 retailers to easily discover new must-have items and the latest trends - all styled by the community. Find and follow your favorite influencers to curate your perfect, shoppable feed and never miss a post! New Feature! LTK Shopping Video Instantly shop videos from influencers, stylists and tastemakers! SHOP Looks and videos created by thousands of global influencers. SEARCH Millions of products from 5,000+ retailers. FAVORITE Products to save or shop later. FOLLOW Influencers to curate your perfect, shoppable feed. DISCOVER Suggested influencers to find and follow! SHARE What you’re loving in the app with friends via social media, text, or email.

Top Reviews

  • Recent updates less than functional

    By ldelissa
    I really love this app, I use it more than most others on my phone. So much better and more accurate than something like Pinterest, because it’s specific to linking items and influencers. With the recent updates, tho, the UX of the app has gone down significantly in my opinion. The swipe functionality is no longer convenient, it’s actually just frustrating. Clicking out of items you want to view without visiting the actual link to each one shouldn’t be so difficult. One of the best things about the app in the first place was the ability to view really simple information quickly (like price, for ex) and not having to reroute to the affiliate links - which I keep accidentally doing Bc I can’t swipe out of an item pop up at my own free will it seems. I also used to be able to view an individual post and then swipe left to go back to the grid screen to keep browsing and now it most often goes to another individual post that I wouldn’t have otherwise clicked on. These are super minor things that make viewing items (the purpose of the app) kind of annoying now. Hopefully there are improvements soon Bc this is such a helpful app for avid shoppers.
  • What happened? New update?

    By Kmancough
    Why are the prices gone? This is really frustrating. I’ll have to go unfollow multiple influencers because I know the majority of the products they tag are $$$ and now it will take a ridiculous amount of time to click through all the products just to find out how expensive they all are and to be let down. Loading all the websites really takes a toll on my phone’s battery as well so 👎🏼 Also, every time you click on a product it doesn’t show the one you click on, so you have to scroll through the entire list just to go all the way back to see the item. This is also frustrating. I just got over it and never wrote a review untilllll you took the prices away. Now there are just too many things that make using this app unpleasant. And that makes me really sad because I loved this app...
  • Easiest Shopping Tool

    By KerilynD
    I scroll through Instagram a few times a day, usually following influencers and travel blogs. And let’s be honest, everyone has come across a style or something that they’re dying to know more about. You want the details. Where can I get it? How much does it cost? When can it be mine? Well, this app has all the details. Take a simple screenshot of your influencers photo, link, or profile on your Instagram, and it shows up in your LikeToKnowIt App! It saves all your screenshots, allows you to favorite photos or simply items you love. And there, you’re given all the details and just a few clicks away from making it yours. I love this app. I can not recommend it enough for anyone who wants to keep up with styles and needs an easy, quick way to shop for the best, highly recommended fashion pieces!
  • LOVE this app!!

    By Hacachla
    I’m one that NEVER reviews apps. I either like it or don’t and use it or won’t. But I really enjoy using this app. I’m not an Instagram user so there’s no connection with influencers there. This app has completely replaced my Pinterest use. A couple things that I would love to see from this app: an way to connect with the influencers...sometimes I have questions related to the photos. It would also be sooo helpful to categorize “liked” photos to separate collections instead of just the individual favorite products. Scrolling through hundreds of liked photos, everything is so random. When you’re deciding on different styles, furniture, or decor, having similar photos together in a folder would make it so much easier to compare completed looks instead of just individual products.
  • Almost perfect

    By NikOBow
    I really like this app... but I think it could be even better if the exact items that are shown in the pictures were the only options. I get that it’s nice to have other options in case items sell out, but could the exact items shown on the models be identified or starred or flagged in the photos below somehow? And when there are sale alerts, there’s no way to know what exact item in the photo is for sale. It’s annoying to have to select each item’s picture (shoes? Watch? Sweater? Jeans?) and get directed to each retail site until you can figure out which item is actually on sale. I’m a new user, so that’s just my first impression. Maybe these things already exist and I just haven’t figured it out yet.
  • Almost perfect BUT...

    By AvrilJo
    It would be better if I could tap on the item and have it tell me the store and price instead of taking me to the website. I would choose to go to the website later, but I’m usually first just wanting to know where to get it. And the navigating between websites just takes too long on my phone. The other thing that I wish they would change is that they should say if it is the actual item or a similar item. It’s frustrating when I think I am finding the item and it is a totally different item that they think is similar enough. It is usually not very similar at all. And when they show similar items in addition to the actual item, they should let the viewer know which is the actual item (because there are times when they do look similar). Otherwise, I am really enjoying this app so much!!!
  • Effiejane’s personal shopper

    By Effie Jane Everyday
    I cannot tell you enough, how much I have enjoyed the LIKEtoKNOWit app! When you don’t always know what you should wear for certain occasions, or better yet, what not to wear, here is a spot that you can come to and easily get help! It is better than having a personal shopper or even having your sister or friends go shopping with you! You get to see what something looks like ..... not just a perfectly sized model, but real people. All types of figures, all different tastes! You are easily connected to sites where you can buy cute, appropriate clothing while having the ability to buy the pieces at the price you feel good about! You will absolutely love this app!
  • It was amazing, and then....

    By Wolf3351
    So when I first used the app, or was amazing. I'm probably a different user than average, since I don't typically follow influencers. I found this app to revamp my fashion by finding outfits that look amazing and shop from them. First use of the app I was shopping from the individual images, and if I selected a piece of clothing, the app would have a small pop up window in the bottom that displayed the price and store. Amazing! But then it all the sudden stopped working and would open a safari page. Annoying! I found a workaround that if I liked a piece of clothing and went to my favorites it would allow me to have that quick display of price and store. I'm a budget shopper, so being able to see the price quickly of an item is very important to me!! I binged on this app for hours. Closed out, got some dinner, cake back and, POOF, the pop up window stopped working again and only prompted the opening of a safari page. I'm seriously so annoyed! You can't just tease me with that perfect pop up window and then have it stop working all the sudden. I'm so annoyed I stopped using the app all together. Get it together LKT! EDIT:: credit where credit is due, I LOVE that you have a 'curvy' category! Thank you for that!
  • Love the app, but Recent update disappointing

    By Kyenco
    I love this app. I use it to follow fashion bloggers and influencers. I typically view a lot in instagram and then Use the LTK profile to scroll my feed and their outfits. The best was the home feed and the ability to view multiples postings at once unlike the instagram one picture feed although you had the option to view this way. It was great you could choose. The recent update took this away... Why did you keep this ability on “my likes” and “discover” but remove from the home option. Major Bummer. I’ll probably unfollow a lot of accounts for this so I can only see my favorite people. It was nice to get a sprinkle of some of those accounts but now Its taking time much time to see the posts I want.
  • Missing something

    By aahercules
    I really like this app but it’s hard to remember specific influencers I follow and there needs be a menu feature that allows me to see who I’m following so I can go directly to their page. There also needs to be a feature to search for influencers that may have pages dedicated to other interests. For example if I want to search for home decorating influencers there should be categories set up to search for those people. Or if I change my mind and want to look up influencers who share food ideas I should be able to search for those categories easily. I hope we can see some easier navigation in the near future.

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