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  • New version: 34.0
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Facebook Local

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Facebook Local is an iPhone and Android Social Networking App, made by Facebook, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Facebook, Inc., with the latest current version being 34.0 which was officially released on 2020-08-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1,061 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.32422 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Our new name is Facebook Local! We’ve updated our events app to help you discover places and things to do recommended by friends you know and trust. Keep up with what’s happening locally—wherever you are—whether you’re looking for something to do with friends this weekend or want to explore a new neighborhood. Features: * See the most recent activity, events and places your friends are interacting with and updates from event hosts and Pages you follow. * Find events and activities happening near you on an interactive map and filter by time, category, location and more. * Get recommendations based on what's popular with your friends, things you've been to in the past, Pages you like and our curated Guides. * Choose to add calendars from your phone to see all of your plans in one place. * Opt-in to get notifications about your upcoming events so you know if details change. What's New: * Simplified navigation - now it's much easier to find suggested events and places to go. * Automatically shows you the best places as you move the map around. * Faster access to your upcoming events. * Bug fixes and performance improvements. * Improved list creation and integration with the map.

Top Reviews

  • This app was my life

    By Anonymous star cc
    We all have certain feelings about Facebook, but the Events have been a shining redeeming quality to Facebooks continued existence for me since the addition of the event option was added to the sidebar of the news feed. And then this great Local app came out so I could forego the Facebook scroll and just fill my calendar with great local events. The calendar view quickly became my favorite way to easily view and schedule things. And now it has disappeared in this recent update. The preview shots on the app update page even show a button saying “See my calendar”, but for some reason in the updated Local app it’s a “See all upcoming events” that leads to an overwhelming scroll. This mimics the counterintuitive version of accessing events on the main Facebook app. There is a “See All” link already in the upper right corner of the Your Upcoming Events view and this is a duplicate way of accessing this same overwhelming view. Please bring back the practical old school calendar view so I can click on a single date and make sure I’m already booked with things to do on my day off or see all the things I’m doing just one day at a time. Please!! I’m so disappointingly frustrated that I finally updated an app only to make it useless.
  • It was better...

    By joat2b
    With the recent changes, such as a pull up tab overlapping a map, I find it far less user-friendly and harder to search. Also, on both this app and on Facebook, the search results on mobile are extremely limited. I looked for events on one date and was given five results. Four events that I knew for a fact were happening that day weren't even listed, so how many more am I not seeing? I want to love it, but it needs to be more user friendly. Please get rid of the map and replace with a map button. We don't all need everything pinned every time. Let us choose to see that. Put the app's power behind its searching and sorting functions, please! I was happy with how it was, disappointed with how it is now, and excited for how it could be.
  • Has potential to be great but also annoying as hell

    By Earl Greyer
    The organization of the events leaves something to be desired, but I can overlook that for the sheer number of events listings in my area I knew nothing about but would love to attend. However, the notification system is as frustrating as the regular Facebook app. Repetitive reminders about events are totally unnecessary, especially if I’ve only checked that I’m interested and not that I’m going. One reminder is enough. If I ignore it the first time that should negate future reminders. I may have to turn off notifications if this isn’t fixed.
  • Good app to have, still needs improving

    By BreeSquared
    80% of the reason I still have a facebook is to keep up with events (I manage and attend a lot of art/performance events) and having this app on my phone lets me track them on mobile without dealing with the rest of the noise of facebook. However, the app makes it a little hard to access/search for future events you have already RSVP’d to (they are discoverable but not the way you’d initially expect) and for some reason it doesn’t show you the number of people RSVP’d to the event! Event description and comments are all easily accessible, though, so there’s a lot to like about this app if you, like me, still rely on the platform for events.
  • No Easy Way to Use It

    By Bummed by Tap Tap
    I have grown up using computers and apps. This app is not glitchy; it’s just really poorly executed. There’s no easy way to get to a specific date (even though there appears to be), it tells me to look at my events, my locations, what my friends are doing, but doesn’t actually let me see anything when I go to expand. It adds filters you don’t want but forces you to use. Just epically disappointed. And ffs, if you are going to make it this difficult to figure out what events you are interested in or said you are going to, can you at least let us export the data to a calendar? I heavily use FB events for personal and business reasons and I’m dying for something better to come along so I can stop messing around with this garbage.
  • Meh, could be better

    By KaraLou8
    I liked the concept of this app to show local events. The problem was that my notifications for events stopped showing up under the normal Facebook App on my iPhone. I didn't get updates on FB and also couldn't view all comments posted in my friends' private events (I could see there were 6 comments in the preview, but when I clicked the string, they didn't all show all comments unless I was in the FB event app). Deleted the app since I'm not checking two apps for updates. I can see the logic behind having all your event notifications, personal and ones you subscribe to, all in the event app, but checking two apps to see if any friends posted in a private event (party, brunch, etc.) is too much work.
  • Good idea, not implemented well

    By Atx_cycling
    This app covers Facebook events, which is what I use facebook for these days. The UI was, for whatever reason, designed around a map which makes it really cumbersome and difficult to use. I’m surprised Facebook shipped an app that is so unintuitive, and I find I frequently have to go to events on the normal Facebook app to complete the basic actions I want Love the idea for this app, just wish it was designed better. The map should maybe be one section of the overall app, and there should be better controls for finding and responding to events. It’s ridiculous that you can’t see all the info about an event in this app, while you can on the normal fb app. I don’t understand why you have to press more details to view that info?
  • The map is just clutter.

    By asjfdhasdg
    The map is just clutter. The map is literally the last thing that I want to see as I’m getting in my car to drive over to the event. I don’t want to see it at the beginning of my search. It is just clutter on the screen taking a precious space on a small phone screen. It makes it hard to scroll down. I don’t want the map to be revealed when I scroll down the list of events. That I have to scroll back up and I lose my place in the events list and I have to find my place again. You need to separate my personal events grom public events. Actually I don’t even think I want my private events in a separate app. I go on this app to find new things to do. Not what my actual in real life friends that I see on a regular basis are already talking about. The old format can be accessed by scrolling to the bottom of the event and clicking more details. But then they even ruined that by putting a interested pop up at the bottom That takes up screen space. I know how to scroll back up if I wanna mark interested. Everything you’ve done in the past two years is crap, basically.
  • It’s got potential

    By shawsome.brian
    Mostly all events are facebook events these days, but the interface has always been buried on mobile. I like what it does so far, and I’m sure it will improve with time. An app like this begs for an iPad specific interface though. It’s tragic this doesn’t have one. I hope you’ll consider adding one, with support for landscape, drag n drop, and multitasking. This app would be great for creating events on a nice big screen! You could expand support for calendars by adding a month view to help with event planning, etc. I get that this is probably very useful in a pinch from the phone, but I prefer to plan ahead whenever possible, so it would be nice to do that on a more comfortable screen.
  • Prefer the older version

    By Tjl81404
    Not a fan of the new version of this app. I used to be able to just pull up the map and scroll around and it would show events from wherever. I now have to type in a specific area to look for events. I’m the type of person who likes to find events, then go to that town for the event, not find a town and then find events. Doesn’t seem user friendly at all. I try to enter a town to look for events, then try to clear that town and enter a new town but it reverts back to first town. Point is, older version was easier and more friendly to use. Won’t be using it much anymore until things improve for the better. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

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