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  • New version: 3.33.2
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Chewy - Where Pet Lovers Shop

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Chewy - Where Pet Lovers Shop is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Chewy, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Chewy, Inc., with the latest current version being 3.33.2 which was officially released on 2020-11-11. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 179,195 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.92183 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

This one’s for the pets. Chewy leads the pack with 1,000+ trusted brands of food and supplies, 24/7 help from pet experts, and FREE shipping on orders over $49! Get extra savings off your first Autoship order, plus 5% off select brands on future shipments. It’s everything you love about, with a few extra tricks just for our app customers. As always, you'll find these features that set us a-pawrt from the rest: MANAGE AUTOSHIP Need that dog food sooner? Easily change your Autoship dates and frequency to fit your schedule. 1,000+ BRANDS Search or shop by category for your pet's favorite brands and discover new ones. PET PROFILES Add your pet’s info and get recommendations for food and supplies, tailored to your pet's age, breed, and more. HOME IMPROVEMENTS Keep track of your latest orders and updates right from the Home tab. PHARMACY Shop medications, prescription food, and more vet-approved items in our one-stop pharmacy. FAVORITES Save all your favorites in one place for easy shopping. SHIPMENT TRACKER Follow their favorite box from our door to yours with our in-app shipment tracker. SHARING Send fellow pet lovers items you like with a text, email, or social post while you shop.

Top Reviews

  • Absolutely love chewy

    By Hidhehbg
    Chewy is absolutely amazing and has the best customer service out there. Their shipping is so fast. I bought something at 7pm on a weekday last night and it got shipped out at 8am this morning and I’m supposed to receive it tomorrow. Also One time I wasn’t happy with something I bought and I left a review on the item and chewy messaged me and offered a refund which I didn’t take because it wasn’t their fault. It was really awesome knowing they actually take the time and make sure their customers are happy with the products. Another time, just recently, I spent a lot of money on a bunch of stuff and the delivery driver takes it to the wrong address! (Totally not even chewys fault) So I called ontrac which it was shipped through and they said they couldn’t find the package so I had to call chewys customer service since I needed the food for my animals and see what can be done and they offered to send out another order the very next day. Free of charge. Which I am SO grateful for. I will always order from chewy. The app is great also, really easy to find what you’re looking for and they have everything you could need for your pets. Definitely a 10/10. Although I’ve got to add, the only bad thing is that they use ontrac to deliver packages and ontrac is literally the worst. My packages usually never show on time or don’t even get delivered to the right place when I go through them.
  • Compassionate caring company

    By waxturtle7
    I started using Chewy because my elderly cat needed prescription food and this was the only place to get it. The process for submitting my prescription was easy. In the meantime I also found other items cheaper on this site. It was free shipping and the auto ship feature was great. I got an email reminding me if my auto shipment as it got closer so I could change it if necessary. This was very useful as it was for food so I could move the date without penalty. Sadly my cat got very sick and did not recover, after a food shipment had already been sent. I didn't have time to cancel it and it arrived the day after he was put down. I called chewy to see if I could return the food, which they said wouldn't be any trouble. When asked the reason I said we no longer had the cat, and was barely able to even get that out. He was so kind. He said that I would be refunded and to donate the food to a shelter. I was shocked. It made me so happy that I could help other cats. A couple days later I received a bouquet of roses with a condolence note from the gentleman I spoke to and the entire Chewy family. Though it made me tear up all over again it made me realize, again, that this is a great company who really cares about pets and their owners. I plan on continuing business with them and sharing my experience with other pet owners.
  • Happy helpful Employees

    By hdkskcjx
    A few years ago my oldest cat was diagnosed with diabetes. Not knowing anything about diabetes in cats; I soon found out that I had to limit her carb intake. The fact that I have six other rescues in the house, I couldn’t give her wet food exclusively because of the major cost associated. I heard there were lower carb dry foods available. I soon found out from looking at all of the brands on the shelves at major pet stores that I needed an expert. I called Petsmart and asked for help with their brand for carb content and I was quickly told they didn’t give that information out over the phone. To say that I was frustrated is putting it mildly. I have since completely quit dealing with Petsmart as they also went up on each bag of food five dollars across-the-board. ! That is where Chewy stepped in. The first customer service representative I spoke to automatically said yes I can help you with that. They proceeded to look for carb content under 10% and soon found a brand. What had started out as a struggle became a quick success because of your dedicated employees. I can’t say enough good things about you guys, I hope that you will continue to provide us with quality pet items at good prices. Thanks again Chewy.
  • I can’t possibly say enough.

    By Spcslammosam
    This online-pet-supply store is the bees knees. I have no other metaphors or ways to tell you how amazing they are. My doggo is a service animal and I’m a veteran with some reasons that dictate I’d benefit from having him. He’s my best friend and I hold him closer than any family member or friend I’ve ever had. We don’t go anywhere without one another (the creep even pokes his head inside the shower curtain once every 60 seconds...). This company Chewy has given us AMAZING prices and discounts on everything he deserves. I won’t feed him garbage... so we order Blue Wilderness dry food and soft treats (Denali and Bayou), and Nature’s Recipe Chicken in Broth (all of the above grain-free). I save SO MUCH MONEY ordering from Chewy. Not to mention not having to go and get anxiety from taking him into a PetSmart and dealing with humans that are louder than their pets. A side note: my mom and dad have had coonhounds for YEARS. When Chewy came around as a thing, my mom started using their services. When her hound Sophie died of old age... Chewy took notice after maybe a month of order changes. They asked her why the change and she informed them of Sophie’s death. They sent, the next DAY, flowers and a card. I mean COME ON. Need I say more? Rock on, Chewy. Rock on.
  • Payment

    By maodnrapa
    Just had to change my payment to update an order I am placing, but also have been putting off changing my auto shipment for the first time too. My delivery isn’t till the end of the month, and I was procrastinating since I predicted it to be the average annoyance all apps can be when trying to update a payment method. But i didn’t want to wait to place this order I just did (I can tell my dogs are craving some Rachel ray wet food!), and so while I was putting in the new payment method there was a very simple additional button to add to auto shipment and was done in all of two clicks. Also always sends me notifications on how many more days I have to change my auto shipment which I love since I can’t remember every single time, and I’m trying new foods and new sizes for my pups and cats to know when is the best time in between orders to place the auto shipments. Still a new user, not going to lie I was skeptical at first for making an account, but extremely happy I did. Also food is bigger bags than grocery store so less trips, more options, can have toys and treats and medicine and etc delivered on auto ship too! Also cheaper than grocery store. Love this app thus far!!!
  • Chewy is amazing!

    By 172622$!:
    If I could give chewy more than 5 stars for a rating I would. I have been using chewy for 3 or so months and have been loving it! I originally bought from chewy because I was having a lazy moment and didn’t want to fight with the Walmart crowd just to buy cat and dog food, after awhile I found myself shopping for more and more items. I love how you can switch your auto ship dates along with your auto ship items. The wide selection of pet foods and supplies is just wow, I also love the 1-2 day shipping they have. The customer service is amazing as well, I bought some doggy cologne and the first one came opened (lid wasn’t screwed on tightly) I notified chewy because I felt as if someone may have tampered with it & I wasn’t looking for a replacement or refund I just simply wanted their employees to maybe be told to check their liquid products to make sure everything is sealed properly, chewy then sent me a new bottle for free which was unexpected. Chewy for me feels like Christmas I get super excited when I see my package at the front door. I will be using chewy till all my pets cross over the rainbow bridge. Thank you chewy for everything you do, couldn’t ask for a better online service!
  • Great Prices & Customer Service

    By Bitmoji#1Fan
    I’ve been a chewy shopper for many years now. They have the absolute best prices for all of the items they carry. I no longer even shop at local pet store & order everything from Chewy! The only downside is that if you spend under $50 you have to pay for $5 shipping, but if you plan ahead of time to order everything at once it is definitely worth it!! However, I have had very few issues with some of their items. For example, a dog food bag was busted opened. It looked exactly like razor blade damage from the warehouse perhaps. Another time the box was so damaged an item was literally hanging out when I received my package. I suggest they invest in sturdier boxes or stronger tape for perhaps cat litter, heavier items. Another time I ordered a wood decor for my fish tank and the piece of wood I received looked nothing like the picture, it was the most odd/ugly shaped wood decor I’ve ever seen. BUT!!!!! Chewy has EXCELLENT customer service. With every issue that I’ve had, Chewy replaced or refunded the item without hesitation. They even offer for you to donate the item instead of shipping it back to them. This is primarily why I love Chewy and will always be a customer!
  • Grateful, and Amazing Customer Service!

    By Awna Orr
    I have heard about chewy a couple of times, then I decided to download the app and try it! Only had it a couple of days, ordered some things yesterday for a few pets of mine. One was my mom’s and my pup. He had a back injury a week ago. So I needed to get a few things to help him along with his recovery. Unfortunately he had passed yesterday, I called Chewy to ask to cancel part of my order. A wonderful lady named Sophie answered, she helped me through the process. She was so caring and kind! She gave me a refund, as well as sent love to my household for our loss. She also asked me to donate the items I had canceled to a shelter to help other animals! I’m so grateful I could help other pets and animals that need things! I appreciate this app so much! It’s very convenient, awesome deals and prices. And has a very widespread selection of things for different animals. As well as very supportive and helpful customer service! They are always there when you need someone! I recommend the chewy app 100%! I will continue to use their app for the things I need for my animals, as well as share my experience with others and how blessed it was!
  • Amazing

    By Sunshine Queen Gigi
    Chewy is incredible there phone operators are respectful always assisting you to there greatest abilities. Speaking about hospitality them all will make you feel right at home over the phone. Like they was in your home talking to you. These great people are very accommodating when it comes to there products. If they don’t have exactly what you wanted they will assist you to there product of what they do have for lower cost. Trust it will be worth your wild. Especially, for your family pet(s). I use CHEWY because I am not Rich with tons of money and even if I was, I would consider to still use chewy because I need affordable prices I would never want to feel ROBBED. WE NEED OUR POOCH TO....feel the love we spread & give to him when it comes to health & body, fun plus laughter, and comfy plus cozy. We found our place to do business with over two yrs going on three since we got our BABY BOY. We look to continue going all they way with CHEWY. THANK YOU! CHEWY JUST FOR STICKING AROUND ALL THESE YEARS WE APPRECIATE YOU ALL, PLUS YOUR TEAM OF WORKERS THAT DELIVERS OUR MERCHANDISE TO US ALL. MY FAMILY & I DO HOPE YOU ALL STICK AROUND FOR MANY MORE YEARS. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GREAT SUCCESSES!
  • Sad to say goodbye

    By Otakugirl1990
    TLDR Change in mail carrier has now made it impossible to get the things I’ve ordered. I have been a major chewy supporter for a long time now but this last shipment of food changed it all. They used to ship to my area via FedEx and it would arrive within a few days. Apparently there was an update and now they ship to my area with OnTrac. I’ve never gotten anything from OnTrac in less than two weeks and this is no different. I have been waiting for my order for weeks now and have received 5 different delivery dates. It was picked up from my area and shipped to a different state for whatever insane reason! I have already had to go and purchase the cat food locally since I ran out waiting so long, still having no idea if it when my package will arrive. The Chewy customer service was great and gave me a refund for one of the two cases I purchased but stated that OnTrac will be the shipper going forward. They offered to put me on the FedEx preferred list which is great but it’s not a guarantee. Sadly with this shipping update I will have to find another place to purchase my pet supplies because waiting weeks for it to arrive with no idea when or if it will show up is just not going to work. If you don’t have issues with OnTrac then Chewy is the way to go but sadly for this long time customer, I will have to part ways. Good things never last I suppose.

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