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  • New version: 6.1
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Infinite Painter

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Infinite Painter is an iPhone and Android Productivity App, made by Sean Brakefield. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Sean Brakefield, with the latest current version being 6.1 which was officially released on 2019-11-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 4,909 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.09859 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

We are not Sketchbook. We are not Photoshop. We are not Procreate. We are Infinite Painter. Superior brushes - Nearly 200 beautifully crafted brushes for every type of artist - Brushes interact realistically with paper textures - Watercolors bleed out, and paintbrushes mix with the underlying paint on the canvas - Create your own custom brushes or edit over 60 brush settings - Designed for the Apple Pencil with pressure and tilt support Unparalleled toolset - Four types of symmetry with up to 32 planes - Draw with precision using guides or editable shapes - Create shapes with ease using our intelligent shape detection system by holding at the end of a stroke - Design 3D cityscapes with five different perspective guides or use a standard 2D grid - Seamless pattern projects - Selection tools: Lasso, Rect, Circle, Poly, Path, Wand, Brush, and Color - Transform tool: move, scale, rotate, flip, distort, warp, and stamp - Transform multiple layers simultaneously - Gradient and Pattern fills - Specify the target layer when filling to preserve line work - Drag with the Fill tool or Magic Wand to define the amount to fill in real-time Pixel-perfect editing - Full layer support with 25 blend modes - Clipping masks - Color correction - Color curves: master, red, green, blue, and alpha channels - 40 photographic, artistic, and motion filters - Focus and tilt-shift masking - Liquify: move, bloat, pinch, swirl and ripple - Crop and Resize tool - Pattern tools Streamlined interface - It’s simple. It’s organized. It’s out of the way - Quick access to the eyedropper - Assign finger functions separate from the Apple Pencil - Expand and collapse layers with ease - Dock the brushes and brush settings for quick, easy editing - Drag favorite tools, options, or even the color wheel to the main interface for quick access - Rotate and flip the canvas Import and export - Create speed paintings or record your workflow with our Record option and share as a video - Pin reference images - Import from Photos, Camera, Clipboard, or Image Search - Search over 1 million free for commercial-use images - Export images as JPG, PNG, layered PSD files, or Painter projects - Share artwork to Infinite Painter's ever growing community and see what others are creating Artwork provided by: Shaun Swanson Fabián Gálvez Adam Ford Piotr Kann Andrew Theonphilpoulos @dwight_theartist

Top Reviews

  • Great App, But I Have a Few Opinions

    By Awesome Dawson 3342
    First and Foremost, this is a great app! It’s a super alternative to Procreate for artists with an iPad, or another tablet. I have used this for years and fell in love with all the customization you can do! But, I recently got a new account, and realized the limitations of the app, without the unlimited subscription. I get it, you can’t have a COMPLETELY free app, that wouldn’t make sense from a developer standpoint. But you can even add different layers, which I would like to think is why some people choose to draw online. Also, you can’t manipulate things in your drawing, which is another reason so many people choose to draw online. Ending this extremely log review, I think you should make some changes, and take out some of the “minor” customizations, and add some of the “major” customizations like layers and manipulation, and it could make it the perfect alternative for people!
  • Great app, robust customization

    By axel_nelson
    Their brushes are somehow so lush and sensual, and I’m familiar with customizing the most detailed of parameters on every popular app, but can’t put my finger on what is so lovely about these tools. It might have to do with the very friendly curve controls that can be applied and tweaked to myriad inputs to create tools that are adjusted perfectly to one’s needs or intuitions. Being experienced in audio synthesis, I notice a similarity in the approach to the touch interface in the manner that they have implemented a type of envelope curve language to take advantage of all the nuances of user input, making the brushwork remarkably “musical” to my eye. There’s really no other software that accomplishes this so well, and I wish I could afford to continue my trial version. If they had a watercolor engine that could really “bleed” colors the way that adobe’s does, I’d go in all the way, and after playing with their brushes, I fully expected that miracle. Their watercolor simulations are as good as almost any other, and I sympathize with the difficulty that must be entailed in making finished brushstrokes continue to move. I can’t even imagine how that’s done, computationally. And maybe I’ll cave in as I have on so many other apps. I’m sure to miss these glistening, gorgeous strokes. Beautiful job, whoever is responsible!
  • Great on the Surface But With Risks

    By escspace
    The interface, brushes, and gesture controls are so comfortable and unobtrusive. The app really feels made for a touch based device while still offering a few extra features such as a selection of perspective grids, panel creation, and luminosity lock among other things. The ever-present layer preview on the side, the ability to favorite brushes independently of what group the brush is in, and the three finger swipe to change brush size are features I find myself missing on other apps. I’d love to make Infinite Painter my main art app on the iPad; however, issues with saving and loading projects make me hesitant to do so. Sometimes, attempting to save a project will result in nothing happening. When I save and then reopen the app, the changes are gone, as if I had never saved at all. Choosing the option to start a new blank canvas while still within a work in progress canvas brings up the save option, but then when attempting to save, nothing happens. The document does not save and no new document opens. The situation is similar when attempting to open another document after working on a project. These events happen inconsistently, but they happen often enough to frustrate me to no end and makes me anxious to start a project in Infinite Painter when it cannot guarantee that my work will not suddenly get lost.
  • Amazing app allows the imagination to be free

    By wilaug
    The ease of use, range of brushes and colors is superb for the price. It is powerful and allow the imagination to create at a whim. The layers work great and I like the color palettes the best. Especially that is chosen a color palate base on your current art. I’m still exploring the masking which to me is a little confusing. I’ve experienced issues with the smear tool, and have some times lost layers when changing the brush size. The back button works great most of the time and can bring back my layer. I just know two things save often and always have a back up layer. The back up button sometimes does get lost. I’ve lost changes a few time but as I said back up often. I noticed that when you close out it leaves your most recent file open, I don’t like that I feel it makes it susceptible to corruption, so I have a blank that I switch to prior to closing the app. The image file when printing is not actually that big. That’s good if you’re just creating for digital but if you want to print not so good. Again, fabulous for the price, easy to use, only a few glitches and scalability. Give it a try best 10 bucks you’ll spend to expand your creative canvas.
  • Great app with a few quirks

    By eno - z
    This app has a great mix of tools and features from successful art software and it manages to not make the user experience a mess considering the amount of tools included. However, one thing that currently prevents me from using it more often is the way brush stepping is implemented and makes brushes like the airbrush not usable as the stepping is VERY noticeable and it also creates a sharp outline which should instead look as a smooth gradient. I use the airbrush a lot in my work and haven’t been able to find a setting to alleviate this issue. Other quirks are related more to a “power” user scenario. Things like layer grouping, multi layer selection are not here. Other things like persistent color picker and tools bar (shown in the first app store screenshot) don’t seem to be present or there isn’t any documentation on how to enable it. Regardless of these setbacks, this app comes filled with very useful features for precise work and manages to make the user experience a breeze for the most part. Also I think the three finger swipe to change brush size/opacity is probably the best thing since the two finger tap to undo was invented. Great work on the app and hope to see it improve!
  • 5star To 3star

    By song ratet
    I loved this at first. Why I changed my mind: Well this app is okay.....but after seven days, a lot of stuff locked up on me, like the layers and other tools- but not the brushes though. My point is that it’s a little extreme to lock up the layers. Layers are very useful for artists. It’s kind of a shame that the developers did this. At first, I LOVED this! And this review was a 5 star! I’ve kind of got a little tired of not being able to use layers for free. That’s why I got another art app in this one’s place and I love that one. Back to the point: I do understand that the developers need money- so do a lot of people- but maybe not the layers?? Or other tools?? You gotta make some money somehow. And I got a suggestion! I got this from another art app-specifically “ibis paint x”- that they lock some brushes and some other things, but you can watch one ad and then all the brushes that were locked before are now unlocked for a limited time. So they can make money and also have a good deal with the downloaders. And some people can fully purchase too. I really think this is a clever idea. So anyways, to wrap this up, this app is okay, you can get it...but I personally would recommend some other app.
  • Could be great

    By Stefan Johnsson
    There’s a lot to like about Painter. It has many feature missing in other apps and if you like to customize your buttons on the interface you can do that. It has the tap to undo gesture that every drawing app must have. My problem with Painter is that you have just s few gestures and they are not very customizable. The 3 finger to change brush size feels awkward. The main issue is with the workflow, because you have to tap a check mark to get out and accept any changes in all features. This is extremely slow and annoying. The layer menu is slow to use and is in the way but at the same time too small. I don’t like the slide out to see the other layer functions. It feel like it’s always in the wrong view. If there was a way to get out of a feature menu by just selecting a brush with a gesture or even a button that is always in the same spot that would help. Ideally you should never have to move the pencil from where you are drawing. Features should appear under the pencil and you should be able to get out of them there as well. I don’t want to have check marks I have to tap all over the interface. It’s bad design.
  • Very good

    By thuy3erica
    This app is very good it’s just like procreate but a bit different. Whenever I draw on this app it’s very easy and you can add layers or adjust also I want to say the cons of the app is after a while yawing the app it will make you to get the effects like the layers and filters. Another cons is sometimes it like to kick you out of the app I don’t know if it kick everyone out of the app or not but it does to me. One more cons is the effects as I said after a while it will make you pay to use the effect which are layers,adjustment,filters, and a lot of effect which is the only thing that help you draw on the app. Back to the pros which are the app help you adjust drawing a line to a perfect line instead of a zig zag line or it will help you with the circles, and other shapes. The app also give filters like a grid for example. In conclusion the app is very good but if you don’t have money to pay for the app after a while then I suggest not to get the app but if you really like drawing and don’t care then get the app and draw your out. :)
  • Re review

    By Spacedevil13
    The manual says on import clipboard option...and when i try to paste something just like the manual says...its not even available...over all the app has promise but as a die hard user of csp i use other apps on my ipad as supplement support when i cant gimicky brushes in csp...ill move layers to an app that has no paste from clipboard into a layer?...this just makes it more tedious to move layers around...if you manual says its there why is it not in the app... Update...ok was contacted by only shows when something is actually on the clip board...turned out it was an issue with the other app i was using...would be nice if the button was still there whether or not something was in the clip board...the brush engine is really good...however i get a lot of jaggedness from the liquify tool it needs to be buttery smooth to really take advantage such feature especially if you using it towards the completion of a project...
  • Loving the app so far

    By IG@Paulpauni
    This review is coming from an iPad 6th gen user, nothing fancy. I’ve only ever used procreate, but decided to give a few other apps a shot and this is by far my favorite app other then procreate. I like that the interface is very user friendly, and I think most procreate users will adjust quickly. I’ve only had the app for the the trial period and decided I would purchase and support the developers because by far my favorite feature are the brushes that I’ve used on this app. When I initially invested in an iPad mainly for drawing/painting etc. I was fully aware of the differences with the pro variants but felt those added features didn’t justify hundreds of more dollars. When sketching on this app It feels more premium somehow, and familiar to me even though I’ve been using procreate heavily for a few years now. Definitely would recommend to any artist out there looking for a premium app.

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