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  • New version: 3.7.2
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Cronometer · Nutrition Tracker

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Cronometer · Nutrition Tracker is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Cronometer Software Inc. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Cronometer Software Inc, with the latest current version being 3.7.2 which was officially released on 2021-04-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 20,667 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.75976 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

THE BIG BENEFITS: • Whether you're doing keto, vegan, paleo, or a restrictive diet set by your doctor, Cronometer can support you! • The only nutrition tracker that provides accurate data • All food submitted by users to our database is checked for accuracy by our staff • Track up to 82 micronutrients • Used and preferred by healthcare professionals • The *free* Basic version provides more nutritional info than any other app • Total data privacy and protection – we don’t sell your info to 3rd parties • Sync our mobile app with our web version • Dark mode theme TRACK YOUR FOOD & EXERCISE EASILY: • Log your food & exercises with our accurate database • Keep track of your water intake • Scan food labels with our barcode scanner • Add custom foods & recipes • Track your calories, protein, carbs, cholesterol, and more • Track your nutrient intake • Log your supplements • Easily log the foods you eat at popular restaurants • Integrates with these activity trackers: Fitbit, Garmin, Withings, Polar, Strava, Qardio, Oura • Syncs with the Keto-Mojo ketone & glucose meter and Biosense ketone breath monitor • Sync nutrition data and activity levels with the Apple Health App • Sync with your Apple Watch by pulling data from the Apple Health App DIET SUPPORT: • Get intermittent fasting support with our fasting timer • Log your Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), activity level, and body fat % • Create your own weight goal • Create nutrient & macronutrient targets • Keto Calculator • Supports diets like Keto, Vegan, Paleo and more! SEE YOUR NUTRITION OVER TIME: • View nutrition trends and reports • See how nutrients and biometrics correlate over time • Print your reports for your healthcare professional • Gain valuable insight into your diet ACCESS THE CRONOMETER COMMUNITY: • Connect with others who are on the same path to take control of their health in our Facebook Group and Community Forums! UNPARALLELED CUSTOMER SERVICE: Cronometer’s headquarters are based in the health-centric, small mountain town of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada. Our staff is an eclectic mix of web developers, IT specialists, nutrition scientists, business majors and personal trainers brought together by a love of nutrition and the great outdoors. Our kind, friendly team is here to help you reach your nutrition goals and provide you with excellent customer service! CRONOMETER FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS: Our Professional version of Cronometer is a must-have for healthcare professionals to track their clients’ nutrition. Many dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, hospitals and universities use Cronometer. Visit our website for more details. CRONOMETER GOLD: • Ad free! • Create custom diary groups like breakfast, lunch and dinner • Timestamps on diary entries • Fasting timer • Create custom charts and biometrics • Get more nutrition insights • Gain valuable insight with food suggestions • Discover top contributors of nutrients with our Nutrient Oracle • Share custom recipes with friends and family • Priority customer service support • Affordable plans! SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS: You will have the option to upgrade to our Gold version at any time for: • $6.99 USD / month • $39.99 USD / annually Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. You can pick your subscription term – monthly, bi-annual or annual. Your subscription will AUTO-RENEW based on your chosen term and price above. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can change or cancel your subscription under your iTunes Account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when a subscription is purchased. By subscribing, you acknowledge to agree to the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy:

Top Reviews

  • Perfect for my needs

    By MichelleCardinal19
    This is the best macro tracking app that I’ve ever used and I’ve tried many of them. I love the Energy and Macronutrient target bars, as they are very easy to read (nice color coding and I like that they are bars and not circular graphs). I was also able to manually enter my own Calorie/Macro targets which is great. Also, having the Micronutrient breakdown is a huge bonus. The last app that I used did not have this feature and it is so helpful to be able to visualize my vitamin and mineral consumption. The search feature is amazing! The database is extremely large and I’ve had zero issues finding the foods that I’m looking for. I absolutely love the barcode scan feature. The diary is great; Having it right below the targets is really convenient and easy to read. It allows you to scroll through past days or to drag/drop foods if you need to organize your entries. Honestly, I could go on and on about all of the reasons why I love this app but what I love most is that it is simply a place where I can track my foods and it’s not full of a million unnecessary bells and whistles. This is an especially great app for those who are familiar with tracking macros and want something simple; but it is just as easy to use for someone who is just starting out. Thank you for this wonderful app, I am so glad to have found it!
  • Perfect for me!

    By PerfectPregnancy
    I’ve always had a low BMI and after getting pregnant consulted with a nutritionist. I needed more protein in my diet so I started eating meat after being a pescatarian for a year. Unfortunately, the app they had me using was clunky and not very intuitive. At 18 weeks pregnant I was not gaining enough weight still so I searched for my own app and found this one. It’s absolutely perfect! It takes into account that I’m pregnant and let’s me adjust how much weight I want to gain per week if I want. It tracks the important stuff that I need to make sure my little man is getting everything he needs! And it’s soooo simple! I’ve created recipes with my daily shakes and was able to scan in all my vitamins. The copy and paste feature is perfect and the barcode feature is fantastic. I’ve been using for two weeks and have only had one item that the barcode didn’t recognize. I’ve never written a review on an app before but as of yesterday (after using the app for only two weeks) I am on track with my weight where I should be at 20 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t be happier that I found this app! Thank you for making something so easy to help people track their diet for whatever purpose they choose!!
  • App is getting buggier with every release

    By chokokhan
    Pretty explanatory. Also, I feel this is one of those concepts that was amazing in the beginning and went downhill in time. I’ve used Cronometer from its early browser days- excellent since then at what it does. Since they expanded and grew, the made poor choices along the way. Firstly, the team is downright incompetent. Customer service/ support team is probably founder’s extended family/ friends or just unqualified for the job. Absolute garbage at handling questions, feature requests. Take a look on the support forums if you don’t believe me. Downright embarrassing. Secondly, whoever is in charge of the app probably learned coding in 2 months from online tutorials- which is not bad, just not good enough to charge money for. After years of requests from basic functionality like time stamps, they finally introduced the feature a couple of years back and immediate made it paid. I walked them through 2 errors they had made, but eventually just gave up when I realized they’ll never figure out how to properly integrate their app with apple health. All in all it’s my preferred app since I loathed the big fitness tracker apps, but it’s basic database search functionality for micronutrients- the thing everyone used Cronometer for, has been there since day one. Everything else is just trash. Hopefully the founder decides to hire the right people soon, preferably talented professionals this time.
  • A great in-depth free tracker

    By F P N
    My partner and I love this app, we use it to track our daily intake and plot it against recommended values, in particular vitamins and nutrients that other apps don’t check. I recommend this app as the best app for micronutrient tracking. There are a couple draw backs in the free version for us. One is the lack of an apple watch app/complication. I’d pay for the gold service to get information on my watch since no apps track the vitamins and micronutrients as well. I like that information in an easy format on my apple watch. The other drawback is that you have to subscribe to share recipes. Cronometer doesn’t support subscription sharing which is something I would purchase just for sending my saved foods to my partner. We don’t have a need for the other features offered in the gold plan, so the price is a bit too high for us to consider two subscriptions just to send a recipe to save one of us the time of typing in the ingredients. Their customer support has been great when I reported incorrect nutrition information in their database. Within a few hours, they corrected some products that had incorrect vitamin data and I was able to update my diary and see the changes before the day was over, which is important to me because I want to make sure I’m getting the recommended daily value of micronutrients in addition to the macros.
  • Finally a nutrition tracking app that does what I need

    By Gretchen57
    After Under Armor took over My Fitness Pal, it’s provided less and cost more. (Why do corporations have to gouge for everything?) This app has tons of nutrient tracking, macro customization, etc etc. It’s not perfectly streamlined yet - I wish it would remember my quantity choices - but I find the wealth of options ( and the $5.99 subscription price) worth an extra click or two for some things. The learning curve for detailed tracking is a bit more involved, but it yields better data than I’ve ever had. I think I can streamline it more by taking advantage of custom foods. That said, I can see my macros for the day the second I open the app - along with tons of other information - much easier than any other app I’ve used. Also the “oracle” feature is really fantastic, to help me identify the foods that will be best for me to eat. There is also good information and support on how to track YOUR nutrients, and how to get the best nutritional data, including how your fitness tracker will affect your results. Looking forward to thoughtful improvements. I feel like I have complete control over my food choices with fewer mysteries, and I trust the data. Thank you!!
  • Excellent Tool to Keep Check on Your Nutrition

    By sunshine 8-10
    I am 75 yrs. old and have about 10 lbs to lose as the Coronavirus epidemic has been tough. We have been basically locked down since early March since I was fighting it off in early March. I have an excellent immune system & could tell I was fighting something it’d never fought before. It took a good month & a half before I knew I had won my battle, but was shocked that it took more than 3 mos. to get my strength back. Needless to say, with less activity & a bit of depression that I couldn’t be as active as normal—I started eating more “feel good foods”! Here came the lbs marching in. I had used Cronometer in the past to lose weight, but thought my old iPad couldn’t handle so much memory. It was slowing down, so deleted all I could on it. Wrong! I have it back on now and am slowly losing the damage done. It is very easy to use, really helps you know how much nutritious foods you are eating, and it’s free unless you want more. I’m very pleased with it & if you need support, it’s there. Excellent tool for weight loss or maintenance. I’d give it 10 stars if I could.
  • In Love!!

    By Olivia T1d
    The features on this app are way better than any I have tried in the past, and they are FREE! Unless you want a diet plan, which in my opinion is fairly priced, you don’t spare a cent! You get to calculate your exercise, and it automatically subtracts from your goals. the calories aren’t overwhelmingly in your face for those with a history of emotions around food. It’s so simplified and accessible! One of my favorite features is the recipe input-it makes it easy to calculate baked goods correctly for those of us who are bakers, and I was so happy to discover such a feature. I am a type one diabetic trying to calculate and track carbs to get a better understanding and control of my blood sugar. I am also somebody who has struggled with weight for a lot of my life as well as body image issues, but I am using this app for my benefit, not to impress others. Finally, there are many more foods listed, vitamin and mineral details, and a data tracker so you can look back and easily find the tools to progress. What a clean design! I feel so lucky to have come across it!
  • Biologist

    By Dr. Ruch
    My nutritionist told me to use Cronometer because I lost so much weight and they want me to put weight back on. My use of Cronometer has impressed my visiting nurse and my visiting dietitian because of how flexible it is and how much information you can control with Cronometer. Two young gentleman that work at a supplement and powder protein store and are also personal trainers were very impressed because you can also track your alcohol consumption and water intake with Cronometer, that’s just in the basic free software. I am a biologist by trade, I know to gain weight you have to eat more calories than you’re burning. To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you’re eating cronometer is a very easy way to track your calorie intake. You can enter the name of foods or if it’s a packaged product you can scan its barcode and most of the products you buy are already in the program. I am going to purchase Cronometer Gold which gives you more than the free program.
  • Useful for keto and nutrition

    By Pogo27
    I use both the app and desktop page and have found it took almost all the guess work out of the keto diet. I have found it's default guidelines to be comfortable for me, and my favorite thing is getting a close look at what I'm missing nutritionally. I suspect a few deficiencies in my diet and after tracking my habits I was sure what to supplement and what to eat more of. It's a good overall look at daily habits and trends and very very helpful for keto. I trust Dr. Mercola on many health topics so this almost feels like he's personally coaching me, because I trust that he had his developers use a well thought approach to the calculations involved with this. I have no complaints about finding product or inputting info. I don't expect perfection, it's a constantly changing market. I have been pleasantly surprised that many name brands I use are there. I find this app much more helpful and informative than my fitness pal. It's more personalized.
  • Perfect for what I was looking for.

    By Merrrriah
    I just wanted a simple app that would allow me to see all my nutrition information about what I eat. I especially wanted to know what kind of micronutrients I was lacking in my daily eating routine and this app has helped me make those changes that ensure that I’m getting all the nutrients my body needs. Allows you to set goals! So for me I try to stay under 26g of sugar a day and this really helps me see what foods I’m eating contain sugar even if I didn’t think they did. Also, you can see exactly what nutrients you are getting from the piece of food that gave it to you and how much it gave you! Ex) eggs gave me 10% of my daily need for folate I guess the one negative I have is that it doesn’t allow you to group your meals together but honestly that doesn’t really bother me (: This is just some of what you get with the app for free! I haven’t paid for a subscription yet, but I might so I can link my Fitbit

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