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  • New version: 1.130.0
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Gymshark | Gym Workout Planner

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Gymshark | Gym Workout Planner is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Gymshark Ltd. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Gymshark Ltd, with the latest current version being 1.130.0 which was officially released on 2020-05-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2,192 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.80382 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Gymshark’s Conditioning App brings a new world of training to life. With Gymshark’s workout app, you can structure & plan your workouts, track your progress & unlock your potential, whether you’re training at the gym or at home. ** If you’re struggling to get to the gym - take on one of our FREE athlete curated home workouts & stay healthy & active from the comfort of your living room. ** Ross Edgley: “I love helping to motivate people to achieve their goals & often get asked about training for epic challenges. For me, the Gymshark Conditioning App is the perfect place to be able to share some of my top training tips & favourite workouts - where I know they'll help to motivate people who will put them to good use!” WHAT YOU CAN DO… - Design & plan your own daily & weekly workout plans - Be confident in the gym with guided exercise tutorials provided by experts - Choose from a bank of over 900 exercises - Train like a Gymshark Athlete with bespoke workout plans - Track your progress & log every rep & set - Share your workouts with friends - Complete HIIT & home workouts EXPLORE OUR WORKOUT PLANS Train like an Athlete by using their workout plans or create your own workout routines & train your way. Whatever stage of your fitness journey you’re at, discover the workout motivation you need to push you to the next level & conquer your workout & fitness goals. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS - UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL The Gymshark Conditioning App puts your entire workout history in one place, meaning you can track your progress effortlessly, hit your Personal Bests (PBs) & keep focused on your fitness goals. Available even on free workout plans - our progress log & workout tracking mean it’s time to set some new workout goals. TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE Take on the challenge of a Gymshark Athlete workout, from weight lifting to a HIIT workout plan. The Gymshark Athletes have put all their experience & expertise into these easy-to-follow plans & tutorials. All you need to worry about is which one to try first. Whitney Simmons: “Working out is key to a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. Empower yourself to feel happy & strong with my 5-day full body burner workout plans. I picked these ones for the Gymshark Conditioning App because they make me feel so good on the inside & out – & I think they’ll be great for you too.” It’s like your own mobile personal trainer – except your trainer is an Athlete: - Follow exclusive 5, 3 & 1-day training plans personally created by Gymshark Athletes - Receive specific exercise tips & video tutorials from Athletes to make sure you get the most from every gym or home workout - Read step-by-step exercise breakdowns, including specific Athlete tips to ensure optimal performance of every movement - Apple Health integration to track and analyse your workout duration DESIGN YOUR OWN CUSTOM WORKOUT PLANS Train Your Way | Your exercises; your sets; your reps. Put yourself in charge of your training with our free custom workout plans; suitable for every step of your fitness journey. - Create individual training plans that fit your workout goals, fitness level & lifestyle - Use Gymshark’s extensive exercise library as a workout planner to create a personalised home or gym workout routine specific to body-parts or exercise types - Adjust your plans whenever you like - Monitor your progress on your own custom plans in the ‘Workout Tracker’ GETTING STARTED IS SIMPLE Unlocking your potential starts here | If you’re up to the challenge, download the Gymshark Conditioning App now & experience a whole new way to workout. A standard account will give you access to some of our free Athlete workout plans or go Premium to access all of our Athlete workout plans. Create an account or, if you’re already part of the Gymshark Family, use your existing sign-in information to get started.

Top Reviews

  • Need More Options!

    By LilWeeZyjr.
    I love Gym Shark and don’t want to delete this app but y’all need home style based workouts! If someone had access to a decent gym this app will work great. However, I’m working out in an apartment smaller gym. I would get a membership but I already have a membership at a CrossFit gym. I want a fitness app to use for days I either can’t make CrossFit and or just want to work out an extra day or so. I was looking for 2, 3 day plans for this week and they include a lot of bar bell and rope style work outs. Things I don’t have access to without my CrossFit gym. Keep the workouts that are already on here but add more workouts that require just basic bar bells or majority no equipment! Think it’ll grow your user base too, more people will want to use this app and it won’t be for just my benefit. Don’t make me delete this app. Gym Shark! LoL
  • Best Workout App

    By mal_rentsch
    First off, I fell in love with Gymshark brand last year and even more so when Lulia on Instagram became one of their athletes (she’s amazing) so I jumped at being part of the app. I love being able to search a wide variety of exercises and a lot that can be done at home or gym ones can be modified for at home. You can follow their current athletes workouts or make your own. I think my fav part of the app though is how easy it is when you start a workout to go through it with how many sets/reps to your liking, how much weight being used etc. it’s just a breeze and makes keeping track of what I’m doing so much easier than texting it on the iPhone notepad 🙄 thank you Gymshark! But I gave it one less star because I’d like to see more athletes and over time maybe some other variations of workouts otherwise it may get dull on that part of it.
  • Great custom workout app

    By keene91
    First off I wanna start by saying I gave this a 3 star review not because it’s a bad app but instead because it’s unfinished IMO. This is the first one I’ve seen where you can easily make circuits, super sets and even giant sets HOWEVER you can’t add drop sets or even add notes or the workouts as you create them. You can add the notes during the workout and at the end but not before and to me that’s crucial because I make my workouts in advance and so if I’m thinking of something then chances of me remembering when I’m doing the workout are slim to none. The workout index is fairly decent however their are a lot things still not added to it which complicates making custom workouts. If there was a feature where you could make your own exercise and categorize it by muscle group that would be nice. Overall it’s very simple app to use and I recommend it still.
  • Could be better

    By DeePee1
    The reason I am giving this 3 stars is because there are some key flaws this app could work on. This app gives you the luxury of creating an exercise program to your strengths. What needs work in this part is that it is missing some pretty basic exercises that everyone has heard of. It is missing an edit too where you can change the reps to seconds, for example, knee to chest exercise can be done as a stretch instead of reps to relieve back problems. Another problem would be actually starting the exercise program. It tells you to start a warm up without a simple warm up program to follow or create. Then you have to simple input the reps you do in between each exercise. Then it tells you there's a cool down with no simple cool down exercises or stretches for you to follow. If they were to fix these, this app would be perfect.
  • I wish it had some other features.

    By maxvomsaal
    I love this app I’ve been using it for a few months. It’s super popular around my friend group and I’m in high school so it’s popular with teens which is good but one thing I really wish this had that would make it insanely good is a feature that orders your custom workout in the most efficient way, like maybe it would ask what your goal is. For example gaining mass or losing fat, and it would put your chosen exercises in the best order for what you want. But other than that this app is great I completely recommend getting it it’s awesome because it does have a great personal trainer option but even for free it’s useful if you know a little about working out.
  • Easier tracking?

    By F21M16
    So far I love the app! Everything is great. The only thing I was wondering that you could add is something to make tracking maybe a little more faster and easier ? What I was thinking is. If you do chest day and you track it then the following week, you did chest day again but no increase in weight or reps or sets. I would like to see a function to just click what you logged in the past and just be able to log it again if you did nothing different. If that makes sense? That way, you don’t have to sit there and put in all the reps and sets manually if it was the same workout.
  • Great and functional!

    By Cdtrvck
    It’s really great to see what some of Gymshark’s athletes are doing and it helps set a template for creating your own workouts! Plus a lot of workouts have videos so if you are just starting up and are unsure on how to do a workout you are given an example on how to do the workout correctly. The only room for review that I see as needed is that when you remove workouts from your plan during a workout they seem to reappear. Another thing that would be cool to see is a social element so that we are able to encourage, inspire and be inspired by what our peers in the industry are doing. Thanks!
  • Loving this app - a few suggestions

    By preakness901
    I’m loving everything about this app so far. To keep improving it I would love for there to be a place to keep track of body measurements to how that progresses and changes with my workouts. Also I wish when adding an exercise to the library I could add a description or explanation of the exercise and that I could also change the details of the exercise after it is created. Finally I wish there was a way to see what all muscle groups I have hit in the week based on the exercises logged to see if I missed something or just for a general overview. Loving the app and can’t wait to see what y’all do next!
  • Easily worth the price

    By Bwtowne
    Just started using this about two weeks ago and I absolutely love it. The workouts by the coaches are great and the way it tracks your progress is great as well. However, I would like it if I didn’t have to find the plan I’m on every time. Unless I’m not finding a way to do this, it does become an annoyance going through the plans to pick the one I’m currently on. Also, it would be nice if it told you what week you were on in a 6 week plan! Just tracking workouts better would make this 5 stars. Still, easily worth the price!
  • Share custom workouts

    By Austin_Choi
    Overall, this app is really cool. For people who are just learning to workout or just don’t know what certain exercises are can watch a quick video on how to do it and read a description all in the matter of a minute or two and know what they need to do. I think it would be really cool for people to share custom wormy with each other. Not sure if these features are available to premium users or not, but it would nonetheless be a game changer to share workouts with each other as applaud to having a friend copy it his/herself.

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