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  • New version: 44.0.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.2 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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PrettyLittleThing is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by 21 Three Clothing Company Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - 21 Three Clothing Company Limited, with the latest current version being 44.0.0 which was officially released on 2021-04-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 31,760 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.80475 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Need your fashion fix on the move? We’ve got you, girl. Shop on the PrettyLittleThing app for the latest in affordable women’s fashion looks that are sure to have you racking up all the likes on the ‘Gram. When it comes to women’s clothing, we’ve got you covered with the freshest new season dresses, tops, loungewear and swimwear your wardrobe needs, as well as the latest on-trend styles hitting the site daily. Inclusivity is our thing which is why our ranges PLT Plus, Shape, Tall and Petite have your back to cater to #EveryBodyInPLT. ‘Cos we know style has no limits. Simply download and start shopping for your 'drobe of dreams with affordable women’s fashion at your fingertips. Wish List - Don’t have time to shop right now? Use our Wish List feature to add save those pieces you’ve been going heart-eyed over for later. Exclusive offers – Be the first to hear about exclusive offers by being an app member. Fast and secure checkout – Need an outfit for the weekend? Get your look in time with express delivery. Track your order – Global delivery tracked straight from checkout to your door. Easy returns – Shopping made easy with fuss-free returns, no questions asked. PLT Royalty – Get the royal treatment and sign up for PLT Royalty to get unlimited UK next day delivery for just £9.99 for the whole year! New styles added daily – In need of some new for the weekend? We have hundreds of new women’s fashion landing on site daily. Need those finishing touches? We’re not just about women’s clothing. Shop your fave beauty essentials from brands such as Maybelline, Bondi Sands, The Gypsy Shrine, Barry M and much more. Stay in the know – Get notifications on our latest collections and general going ons before anyone else with the app. Whatever your shopping needs, we’ve got you covered 24/7 with the affordable women’s fashion you need.

Top Reviews

  • Wishlist/shopping cart

    By baby tay🖤
    My biggest complaint is stuff disappearing in the wish list and/or shopping cart. I like the wish list to favorite things for when I buy later, and at first I thought maybe it disappears if you don’t add it to your cart in time or buy it. But then I noticed while using the app it would disappear as well as the shopping cart. Had almost $200 worth of clothing in the shopping cart and was ready to check out, I go to click shopping cart and everything was gone. I was so upset because I literally spent TWO hours picking stuff out. I got so frustrated that it did that I ended up not even ordering. 😕 Other than that delivery was actually pretty quick for previous orders, most of the clothes were fairly good quality except one of the small body suits was extremely too small and I’m petite. (Wasn’t a petite size body suit) and one of the crop tips fit but if you look the wrong way your nipple will be looking dead in the eye at someone because it’s so wide😂
  • Wish List/Shopping bag

    By Kaazmo
    I love PLT, Y'all really look out for petite people and for that I will always love y'all. That being said, you have got to do something about items disappearing from the shopping bag and wish list. It is incredibly discouraging and frustrating to spend hours looking for the right items and then when you are finally ready to buy everything, they have mysteriously disappeared. I end up not getting anything at all because that part of the app is so aggravating. Also can you please increase the number of items you can add to the wishlist, 100 is not enough. Plus I can see that the items are still added to my wishlist but if I go to view my actual wishlist the items are not there. I use the wishlist to save things I want to buy later, but if I have to keep going back to search for these things it completelycompletely defeats the purpose. Please 🙏🏽
  • Nice cloths but horrible customer service

    By justbrol
    There is NO phone number to contact them when there’s an issue with your order. They use WhatsApp but not everyone has WhatsApp and when you try to have an IM conversation with them, a different person responds each time. They don’t assign one agent to each conversation so this brings confusion. They start solving problems I didn’t ask for and they don’t solve the problem I originally asked them to resolve. This website blocks a lot a credit cards so u have pending charges but order never goes through. Also, once u use a card that doesn’t block this website the tracking never sends u updates. I checked tracking and it said there’s an issue with this shipment and shipping has been closed. Contacted customer service and they said don’t worry. I will worry bcz your website tracking said there’s an issue. Update: Returns are a nightmare! There’s a million things you have to download and tape on the package and you have to pay for the return! The return label usually gets sent to junk mail.
  • Pretty good but has their moments...

    By Jebbeh Marie
    I love the styles I find on this site and the prices are not bad but sometimes they miss the mark with the quality. Their sizing is weird and takes very careful attention to details and time to figure out which makes it harder to shop with them sometimes. However, I’ve gotten it down pat for the most so I don’t usually have issues with fit. Now the quality of one of my last orders was surprisingly low and I hope that is not a continuous pattern for them. Returns with them have really been my biggest issue with this site. I gave 4 stars because I ultimately do love the items that I get from them when the quality, fit and price are right but when they are not it can be really annoying, which made me almost leave 3 stars but since I continue to order I’ll leave it as 4.
  • Horrible quality of fabric

    By beccaw223
    I ordered a couple things from here. I ordered a shirt and it came and it looked nothing like the picture at all and the fabric looked SOOO cheap. I also ordered a pair of Jeans. I do not recommend buying any sort of denim from them because it it’s the cheapest looking denim you will ever see in your life. On top of all that they sent me the wrong size jeans. I ordered a size 00 and they sent me a size 4 AND THEN ON TOP OF THAT there return policy is horrible. I’m trying to return my things right now and it will cost me 4 dollars to do the returns. I have to print off a returns label of my own. Package the things back up. Then I’ll have to go drop it off. I have to do all these thing to get a refund and they don’t even refund the shipping cost which is 8 dollars btw. So in the end I’m short 12 dollars and none of my stuff was even right. Also my package came 2 days later then it said it would on the app.
  • Horrible🙄

    By npkay
    Pretty little thing is very overrated. I understand that there are procedures every company has now due to covid-19 so shipping would take a little longer than usual. First off they gave me an invalid tracking number then gave me the correct one days later. Secondly my package got lost so it took even longer. Thirdly their customer service is just the worst. I emailed them and it took a while for me to get an response. I finally received the package may 28th and the package was just dirty and just in a bad shape overall. I ordered a couple of things and when I took them out the packs I was disappointed😕some of them were just to big and I ordered them in a medium and I ordered one dress and it was poorly stitched🤦🏽‍♀️the only good thing about the clothes the good quality fabric. But I will never ever order from here again. I really expected them to be a lot better but they left me very disappointed
  • Don’t. Just don’t

    By kels00000000
    I ordered 100 worth of clothes(8 items) over a month and a half ago. I never received anything. After finally getting ahold of customer service through text, they told me there was an issue with the box being sent back to them. I told them they should work harder to make things right when shipping issues occur. do you know what they told me ? “Well you can just reorder” ugh! So after hours of trying to find everything I had on my first order, I could only find three of the things I initially wanted. It came out to 30 so I debated if I wanted to risk it.... I decided to give them a second chance and even paid for the faster shipping and guess what...... my package is now late and no shipping info. Just don’t. These “sales” aren’t worth wasting your time for things you will never receive and the customer service is horrible

    By DH518
    I wrote a review a week or so ago about how awful this company and customer service is. Never did I think it could get worse but it has. I ordered items on 11/30 which never showed up on the scheduled date of 12/14. I was then told I had to wait until 1/4/21 to receive a refund and that they would be crediting my $7.41 shipping on my $250 order. That credit was never received. On 1/4 I asked for my refund for the full order and they told me I had to wait until 1/12. I asked if I could just have the order replaced with a more secure prioritized shipping and they said I would have to place a new order and choose that shipping but that I would not be able to get the same pricing I had on my original order lol. What a joke of a company. At 35 yrs old, this is the worst company and merchant experience I have ever dealt with in my life
  • Prices

    By gsscghurdvhukk
    I legit downloaded the app when there was a really good sale going on and I had about 35 item in my cart all under $15. Jeans, tops, shoes, dresses, accessories. My total came up to about $330 which was really good. I got super excited cause I was about to get paid soon and I was gonna use that paycheck to get me a new I look at my cart and $330 worth of items turned to $570 😭😭😭 the cute dresses and simple tops went from $4 to $22 and now I want to cry. Not leaving a bad review but I am really disappointed. Why is a plain crop top with 300 thread count $22?? I downloaded this app because I noticed the prices were a lot more reasonable for the quality than others but idk 😭😭😭 I just want to cry.
  • Needs work

    By K.kayyla
    The app is always logging me out and when I try to log back in it says oops something went wrong, I can’t access my account therefore I can’t purchase something or add things to my wish list. Things in my wish list or shopping basket just disappear, these glitches are annoying and honestly make me use other apps. The SHAPE clothing runs sooo weird bought items in my size 6 and i could not fit the skirt over my thighs let alone my behind. The top was so small a 5 year old could probably fit into it and I wear a DD in bras. Returning is pathetic, they make you pay for shipping to make a return like really ??? So your better off just selling it cause by the time you handle the return and wait for a refund you don’t even want to shop there again.

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