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  • Last Updated: 2020-06-12
  • New version: 2.2.2
  • File size: 71.33 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Official Trump 2020 App

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Official Trump 2020 App is an iPhone and Android News App, made by DonaldJTrump For President. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - DonaldJTrump For President, with the latest current version being 2.2.2 which was officially released on 2020-06-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 172,128 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 1.20256 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

This is the OFFICIAL 2020 mobile app for President Donald J. Trump! Text TRUMP to 88022! Register for rallies, check-in to events, contribute, receive campaign news and earn rewards. Help us win in 2020 and Keep America Great – download the app today! Features include: - Always get the latest news from the campaign. - Register for President Trump's rallies - Be the first to know when President Trump is coming to your area! RSVP, get directions, and check-in at official events and rallies. - Register to vote, sign up to volunteer, and make a difference for 2020! - Contribute - Invite your friends to join you on the app! - Earn Rewards for merchandise and upgraded experiences - AND MUCH MORE! Download Today! Questions? Email: Visit the OFFICIAL Donald J Trump Website at Visit the OFFICIAL Donald J Trump Website at

Top Reviews


    By it brittany sis
    This app is SCARY!! When i opened it i saw this oopma loompa lookin cheeto on the front. I fell off the Eiffel tower and on top of a SUV that looked like a soggy chicken wing. The car was also playing the peppa pig theme song on replay. It then drove into an elaphant. I was then flung all the way to J U P T E R. Where i then found a talking blobfish. I showed it the app and it picked me up and threw me back to earth. I landed in my back yard and hopped on the penguin and flew to the hospital i was then greeted my a female cactus. I showed her the ugly cheeto i had on my phone and she stabbed me with her apple 87 times. I jupmed to new england to see if i could find my elphant lolipop. I didnt find it so i bought a new one and teleported to Jones barbecue foot massage. It was old and run down. There i found a lotion bottle putting barbecue sauce on his toes. I screamed and it came running at me with a swing in his mouth. I attacked with a flower and used my magical glitter bee powers to posion the lotion bottle but it got to me and ate my toes, fingers, then my ears. It pulled a squid from le turles pants and used it to ~pop~ my head off. A last i am now writing this review from the heaven off llamas. I am only here because of this ~horrible~ app. I can say it was the death of me. Anyways, my best friend is a taco. K bye.
  • ✨this is bad✨

    By 🥰tiktok😌
    i was extremely excited to get the app to support our great and wonderful ✨orange✨ but when it finished downloading AFTER A WEEK of waiting i was just starting to get annoyed. after awhile of using the app i noticed something weird was happening to the things in my room. like writing on the wall started to appear and EVERYTHING soon had things to do with “trump 2020” yk? i thought it was very weird so i then kept scrolling in the app so i could get more 🍊educated🍊 and my vision started going blurry so i got up and took a sip of my water. but then out of no where, weird voices started popping up in my head, almost like brainwashing yk yk 🥰 and it kept telling me to do these racist and sexist things. and at first i was confused and put off because i am a brown WOMAN but soon my brain was just mush. so with the little bit of consciousness i had i PULLED myself to the phone and before i could do anything the screen was turning orange and our ✨presidents✨ nudes were displayed on the screen. i was appalled. i quickly deleted the app and things went back to normal but i think i’m going to need EXTENSIVE therapy, but it’s good i found a therapist that charges $100 a session and i expect that trump will reimburse me for the pain i went threw by paying for my therapy and the renovation of my home that i just couldn’t focus on any more due to my traumatizing experience that almost made me blind✨😖 don’t recommend this app unless you want similar experiences 😭😖😌
  • TERRIBLE 😖😤.

    By josie ❤️😍
    The app took several days to download. After the app finally downloaded it hacked all of my data and wiped my phone. I then got a call stating that I’m order for me to continue living as a free women of color I had to vote for trump this coming election. Even though I am a democratic. 😤. To top it all off they ended the call saying that I would be “sent back to the low life pits of the negro people” I would assume they were talking about Africa, but I’m not even African. After the call I went home to find that my parents had been taken away and I received a note saying “you get them back when you vote trump 2020” it was signed “Congress 💗” I didn’t know what to do so I walked to my friends house to find that she was going through something similar and they had taken her parents as well. We did what had to be done and set out on a mission to get our parents back. Our parents were being held in a warehouse chained to pipes. They had facial bruises and blood surrounding them. As we tried to free them guards came in and tried to take us captive. They succeeded and separated me and my friend. But they forgot that we are spiritually connected 😌. We ended up fighting them off freeing our parents and escaping the warehouse. If you decide to download the app I warn you that you might endear some of the things my friend and I did. If you are a person of color. This is a very bad app 0/10 would not recommend. Thank you for your time 💗.
  • This app promised me things that I never got

    By big booty judy 👁👄👁
    Hello, I downloaded this app because I read a review on here saying that once you download the app spencer Reid will arrive at your poolside. As an avid criminal minds watcher and fan, obviously I would download the app and fill out my personal information to get spencer at my poolside. So I filled out my info getting very exited to meet spencer. I went outside and sat in one of my chairs for the next 13 hours awaiting Spencer’s arrival. 13 hours go by, still sitting in my beach chair, and spencer has still not made his arrival. I was staring to grow impatient because I wanted my daughter to finally meet her father. I finally went inside, extremely disappointed because spencer did not show up. I sat down on my couch and right when I did I heard a crash from outside. I pulled up the blinds and looked out the window to see spencer murdering my daughter. I obviously did nothing about it because I knew he had a motive. I just assumed spencer and I would have a civilized convo about life but instead he murdered her. Her name is Hannah btw. Spencer then spotted me peeking through my window and approached me saying these words, “I climbed out of my head and watched myself implode a thought without a body ought to be the shot to take a load off my Brain,” and then spencer killed me. That right folks. I am dead. So now I am dead and my daughter is dead. Do not download this app or else this will happen to you as well.
  • Not good.

    By salamandersandwich
    Okay, so I got this app with high hopes of it being good at conveying information to me about trump2020!! I launched the app and was completely dissatisfied and disappointed seconds into opening the app. It was so completely cluttered, hard to navigate, and overall the organization of the app was really bad. Looks like a child made it. Poor design. THE FONTS ARE ALL WAY TOO LARGE!! barely anything can fit on the screen. You have to constantly pinch the screen so you can see a complete sentence. I am so disappointed in this. I had high hopes, and they were completely crushed right away. My dreams, demolished. Not good at all. And also, my phone is kinda old, it’s an iPhone 6s, and I’ve had it for a while, but I got the battery replaced a couple months ago. It’s in great working condition! I love my phone. I downloading this app, and right away I noticed something was off. I mean, I’ve downloading sketchy apps before, and my phone glitched a little bit, so I just deleted the app. Nothing crazy. But with this app!!! Gee, let me tell you. My phone was like someone else was using it! Things kept getting deleted, my keyboard was so off I could barely even type a four letter word. It was never connecting to the internet, the batter kept crashing, and overall my phone was just so much S L O W E R!!! My phone is old, but this was out of hand. I had to delete the app within just a few minutes of looking at it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP!

    By qwweeeeeeeeeeeee
    I just wanna go see the app and now I’m gonna the app won’t work for the first time and it has to have more hours and I wanna do the list for a little while but I don’t want it on my iPhone 📱 is a new app and I have to no more than to do anything to get the money 💰 is a great way to waste my life and time I want to hang out with my parents I want them and I don’t have to get it I want it and I don’t just want it and then I wanna do we all love ya 💕 is my birthday 🎁 was the best day for me and my friends I have a great Christmas Day I was like I don’t want you guys wanna is was that a little bit more more to you but you have no way of that love me and you have to come home 🏠 was the way best I can I love see ya in a littler app I mean I wanna was a great 👍 I wanna is is the time for you guys wanna is a way to go out to eat and eat dinner 🥘 is is a good night 😘 was a good time for ya birthday and then we can hang together and I wanna was a very good night 🌙 😴 was the day we had dinner 🍽 is the season to go to hang with you in a iWorks app is the most important part in life and it was just like the other one ☝️ is the day we were going out there and I just don’t think 🤔 was the day I was just going home 🏡 was the last night we had dinner 🍴 was that a little thing gonna is a good app for ya but it it was a good idea 💡 is a good way of doing what I gotta about to be sure I wanna was a good time for you I love ❤️ I am a very happy and happy 😃
  • This app is sooo bad

    This app is the worst app I’ve EVER downloaded first off I open the app and I saw something so disgusting. This is not okay. I can’t believe this app has made it too my phone or App Store this app gave me nightmares and also my child was crying because they saw this horrid app. When I opened the app and tried it out, it just was so bad it was laggy everything was being so mean it threatened to kill me I cant believe and app would do such a thing. This app needs to be removed INSTANTLY BECAUSE THIS CHEETO ON THE APP IS A DISGRACE TO HUMANITY .i have the is app it’s so nasty and horrid and just scratched my eyes out. I hate this I need to go to the hospital from this. This app took my robux now I have no more because it took it away what happened? I have to use my concrete sidewalk to post this review because it broke my phone my computer and my house I am now poor BECUASE of this 😭 please help this app is disgusting it is just just a disgrace to my childhood my eyes are burning help I need the hospital because his app is so uglie and nasty DELETE THIS APP PLEASE I can’t bare everyday thinking this app is still on the App Store so if you do me a favor and delete the app o would be soo happy and it would be so mich better and everything will be better in my life because this app was deleted as you can this app has really low rating because my people believe this app is the worst app ever so if you could please delete the app I would be amazed ✨🥺 thanks! 😁
  • idk

    By Carey_21
    Omg i hate this app it is sooo bad it took 2 weeks to download and it won’t even let me open it. I don’t understand why people like this app. I can’t believe people actually rate this 5 stars. This is the worst app i’ve ever seen. I will never recommend it to anyone. Also Donald u need to take a break from all this “great” stuff ur doing. Like stop, u don’t have to change the world for ur freaking benefit. No one likes u and if they do they don’t have a brain. I hope u lose the election and we also need u to stop treating barron like he’s nothing he is ur son for goodness sake. Why don’t u just treat everyone equal not just white people. And yes i am a white and i do think that LGBTQ+ people and people of other color and races need to be treated with the same respect that we get. Also why the heck do u think it is ok for u to treat women like toys. We r not toys we have feelings and u should know that. I don’t know why u treat women so badly like what have they done to u. Honestly i am very disappointed in our government right now. And this is all bc of u. If u didn’t use russian hackers to beat hillary we would be in a better place then we r now. And i swear to god if u don’t start acting like our president and not a douche then idk what to say but that’s bad like really bad. Ok now that has happened i also want to say u really don’t deserve to be president. U r a rude and don’t care about anything except urself and money. So yeah start acting like our president.
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! 💀💀

    By 😚✌️🧚✨
    i downloaded this app to see what i could do in order to support my non racist, homophobic, non misogynistic president. needless to say i had high expectations for the app. howeVER, i was immediately asked to give my phone number to him which i find completely inappropriate because he’s already in a married relationship!!!!! i wouldn’t imagine for our beloved president to be a cheater, but i figured i would put my number in anyways to see how far things could go between us. almost instantly my screen was filled with SPAM messages from him which i don’t appreciate and find completely unacceptable. i mean i had found it weird that he wanted to see someone else in the first place, but at this point he seemed desperate. i had no choice but to block the messages and delete the app. about 20 mins after it was deleted, i heard a knock in my door which was strange since no one comes too see me anymore because i supported the big cheeto 😔🧚✨. i opened the door to see TWELVE oompa loompas at my doorstep practically begGING me to re download the app and give it five stars. he sent freaking MINIONS to get me back. at this point i was fed up with his childish behavior so i slammed the door on them and am now leaving the opposite of what he wished for me to do, which is leave a ONE star review on his yucky app. sorry things didn’t work out between us donald xx. i’ll be voting for you this year, but to be sent to prison 💕✨😌💅
  • Ruined my life

    By haisisnd
    If I could give zero stars I would! This app is nothing like I expected, the app took 76 weeks to download and when it finally did download everything went downhill. When I first opened the app there was a death threat for me and a ransom note because the president kidnapped my Bill Nye the science guy t-shirt and in order to get it back I have to give him my house. The app hacked my whole phone and replaced all of my camera photos with pictures of Walter which was fine until I realized that every time you click on a photo it calls a rundown Wendy’s that is run my small cult of rodents wearing sombreros. The rodents got my address from the call and came to my house to attack me with plastic umbrellas that you get in tropical drinks. They took everything from me and replaced it all with Donald trump spray tan. This app has caused me and my family so many problems and I cannot uninstall it but the worst part is the app has controlled all of my other apps so now when I open Snapchat a car pulls up to my house and inside the car is a life size Martha the talking dog plush that’s sprays rat poison on you if you get to close. I do not recommend this app because of all the harm it has caused me. I repeat don’t buy this app or you will be forced into a Facebook group that is a bunch of moms in the PTA that you can never leave!! This has happened to me and I don’t want anyone to go through what I have stay safe!!!💕✨🧚‍♀️

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