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  • Last Updated: 2021-05-06
  • New version: 3.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Credit One Bank Mobile

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Credit One Bank Mobile is an iPhone and Android Finance App, made by Credit One Bank, N.A.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Credit One Bank, N.A., with the latest current version being 3.0 which was officially released on 2021-05-06. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 800,734 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.70732 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Conveniently manage your credit card accounts with the Credit One Bank Mobile App. Schedule payments and review account activity, balances, payment history, offers, and more! FAST AND SECURE ACCOUNT ACCESS Fast and secure sign-in with Face ID® and Touch ID® (available on capable devices) Use Quick View to see a snapshot of your account without signing in ENJOY ON-THE-GO ACCOUNT ACCESS Schedule, edit, or cancel payments Change your payment due date Check your balance and available credit, and view recent transactions or monthly statements Access your Free Online Experian Credit Score Manage your profile and account settingsEasily manage multiple accounts Enroll in paperless documents and statements to keep your account information secure and ensure important communications won't get lost in the mail OFFERS & DEALS View the latest offers and More Cash Back Rewards on purchases at participating merchants View exclusive credit card offers STAY INFORMED Easy access to Help & Support contact information Use our chat feature for instant answers to your questions View a full list of frequently asked questions and answers Choose how you get alerts, including mobile notifications, email, and text Set up notifications for important account activity, payment reminders, and special offers Get notified when rewards and exclusive credit card offers are available Receive alerts of fraudulent activity is suspected on your account

Top Reviews

  • Decent for starter card, app is basic

    By Tiny Trish
    I got this card 5 years ago to rebuild my credit after a charge off when no one else would give me credit, and for that I am forever grateful. I understand the risk involved on their side, so fees and high interest rates are necessary. But the interest rate did drop 10% over the last few years as my credit worthiness improved bringing it in line with my capital one card. I just wish that as your score improved they would change other factors such as removing the annual fee and the fee to make a payment. These are why I don’t really use the card much. And if it wouldn’t negatively impact my score I would’ve cancelled it. The app is pretty basic. It gets the job done. I love my free credit score. But I don’t like the way it lists the transactions. It should show like a bank account does: transaction -/+$xx, then resulting balance $xx. But it’s nice and easy to make a payment. That’s they whole reason I got the app. I got tired of paying $10 for every payment. I really don’t like that there is no auto pay option. This is the only bill I have not set up on auto pay and as a result have been late a few times because I don’t get any notifications and all my other bills are paid automatically. I don’t think about it until it’s too late sometimes. I seriously don’t like that because it negatively impacts my score.
  • GREAT option for credit-challenged people

    By Mikentucky
    I've read reviews about poor customer service, lack of contact, etc...I've had nothing but a great experience! I've been a Credit One customer for a couple of years now and LOVE them. They gave me my first unsecured card with a $500 limit when no one else would--everyone else wanted a secured account equal to my credit line. Since then I've increased the limit on that card to $1,000 and gotten a second "platinum" card with them. I use them both and try to pay them both off each month, building my credit a little at a time--I didn't get bad credit overnight and there's no magic way to make bad credit go away overnight. I monitor my account through the phone app, make payments there...and when I need to talk to a live rep I've never had an issue. Yes, they're overseas--but polite and always willing to work with me if I need something, including waiving fees when there's a good reason. I HIGHLY recommend Credit One...and being responsible to rebuild your credit. Use your card a little, pay it off each month, build up your score a little each month. If you can't make a payment on time or something goes wrong, communication is key.
  • Little improvement

    By BassaBoy
    Now when you log out of the app the finger print reader doesn’t auto launch itself so that when you touch the home button to close the app, you don’t accidentally log back in to the app. However the way this bank operates suggest to me that they have a vested interest in keeping you credit score down. For example if you pay off the full balance on your account hoping to see a zero balance on your credit file, you are wrong. The monthly fee for using the card which you can not pay in advance at the time you are paying off your balance is charge on the first day of the billing cycle which is the very same day that they update your credit report. So practically, it doesn’t matter how well you pay your balance in full on time, your credit file will always show a balance from Credit One. That small balance does have an impact on your credit especially when you are dealing with creditors who are looking at your credit file very critically either because of pass history or the reason for which you are applying for credit. Credit One is not the best card for rebuilding credit. If one is going to use this card because its the only thing available to them, one will have to very careful and watchful as to how the card affects their credit. The goal should be to get out as soon as possible.
  • Robyn Terry PN

    By Robynrae52
    Besides the interest rate being too high, and I have never missed a payment on any of my accounts in over two years, this is not my favorite card. Not because the interest rate really, it’s puzzling to me why a standard payment online takes one week to show up on my account. I do not understand why, unless using the express payment makes them some extra money. Which it does because I have used it twice and the charge is over 5$ but less then 10$. The card was available when I needed it so I give it some credit. And I did get money returned to me immediately when a hotel double billed me. So that’s why I give them 4 stars and not 5. I have been ill for 10 days and I just made my first late payment on any of my credit cards in over two years! I was charged 25$. I will call and try and see if they will reimburse me the $25 since I was seriously ill and unable to do anything. I am disabled and am alerted on my phone so I won’t be late. When ill, I thought I had made my payment. I was on Med and very confused. So, unfortunately it was partly my fault. If you need a card and your credit rating is not the best but at least over 450, you might get this card. Thanks

    By mizz bazan,m
    The payment are reasonable the only reason I gave 4 stars is because the yearly fee are high didn’t expect that and once you activate the card you have to pay it no matter what, so once you activate the card you sign the agreement and when I order you the card they said pick the one you want they didn’t say that they were going charge me for the pink one, maybe it was a miss understanding, or I did not read it correctly but whatever the reason, I should of paid more attention, but over with all it’s a little EMERENGCY CARD, for whatever may come up, I did buy a pair of shoes for my daughter and it seem like I’ve been paying the price double so be careful what you get Your self into read read read all the rules for this card, The app is easy to use it’s easy to understand easy to pay you bill and you can split the bill in half if your payment are 25. The. You can pay 15. And then the other 10 later on in the month but everything has to be on time because they do report to major credit bureau and cc company’s..... it help build my credit scores so thanks for that. Sincerely,. Miss Maria,B
  • Stay away from this cc company if you have options

    By Iroquois jr
    This company will make sure your credit stays where you need them they have cause every problem I’ve ever had on my credit report due to there negligence and tactics... every time your credit rating is rising to where other cc companies are sending you offers this company always has some issue that brings you right back down to high 600 credit score. Anyone else experiencing these same issues with them? 3 times I’ve had losses on my credit score I have 4 cards and this one has always been the issue. Credit one canceled autopay (without notification) and caused me the one and only late charge in my credit report even though they waved it on there end because it was my first late ever. There account is reported as closed on my credit report and that they say has to be fixed between me and the credit bureau. I’ve reported it to credit bureau and they say there isn’t anything further they can do. Now I get a check from them that says it extends my credit line $250 I deposit this check and all of a sudden there is a $250 cash charge on my card plus the $20 they charged for the check. This company doesn’t seem to care that they are destroying your credit there goal is to keep your credit screwed up enough so that you need there card long term and you don’t move on to better companies with better apr and services.
  • This is not Capitol One.... read carefully-

    By vtscottyb
    I tried to submit this review with 1 star but it won’t accept it... Huh 5 stars and tadah?? This card an company is a poster for PREDATORY FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS!!! CREDIT ONE encompasses everything wrong with unethical financial institutions in America. Their business plan and structure clearly is set up to exploit vulnerable Americans. Whether having poor credit, or no credit. Each and every part of this multi-million dollar institution is specifically blueprinted by intelligent and educated executives who worship money and power over all other moral codes. God, country, karma is of no consequence to these people. Money, bonuses and their bottom line is above all else. As just average Joe writing this harsh and critical review I’ll list several reasons why I know Credit One is meticulously set-up and designed and to make millions of dollars off lower income Americans. -just google capital one vs credit one and you will see the scathing reviews from infringement of the logo to a Bloomberg financial article written by Jennifer Surane. This article is an in depth look at Credit One in 2017. Buyers BeWare
  • Small deposit verification

    By jaxon86
    I use the credit one app on my phone to take care of payments, looking at statements etc... recently credit one send out a bank verification confirmation that wanted me to input the small deposits that were deposited into my personal bank account, which is another security point, that’s fine, here’s the issue. I have 2 cards with C-one, so there were 4 deposits made to my account. When I “guessed” on the deposits made and entered the amount it said the amounts were incorrect and I had to try back in 24 hours- because I had 4 deposits to choose from I was never able to enter the correct amount, a payment was due and again I was unable to make my payment because of the small deposit verification was never completed. Nonetheless I had to call in and make my payment, I was on hold for 10 minutes before a rep being able to finally post a payment- I was still charged a late fee and a $5 over the phone payment fee, the rep said he would not refund the $25 late fee because I didn’t make the payment in time, well I couldn’t make the payment in time because the app was not allowing me too because of the added security issue of verifying the small deposits. I think that that added security is absolutely unnecessary especially if you have multiple cards- change the system in the app please!
  • Shady service

    By kaylinnn1234
    I accidently opened the account thinking it was my capital one just wanting to send me a new one 🙄 the reviews that are positive are no way real.. I’ve never heard anyone compliment credit one especially majority of users. I ended up keeping it cause figured people were exaggerating but they lower your score and make everything harder than it is, I don’t know if children are in charge or if people who weren’t born with morals and common sense did. 1)Everything pends for so long and when you just wanna pay it off you can’t you have to guess when it will pop up in the account.2)my score was high af till I got this card.. and I use it less and pay it more than my other ones. They keep you low to keep yur rates high and so you can’t change companies. 3)they copied capital ones logo on purpose, more than half of their users have done this.4)even the app is set up super weird and could be a lot easier to see the LAST transactions but you have to scroll to the bottom and sit and count what or sit and click every one to see the dates, it should just be included in the amount and be at the top-newes goes to the top. 🙄 5)they have to randomly confirm a bank account you always use when you wanna make a payment sooo basically you can’t pay on time. I could go on but don’t get the app and don’t get the card.
  • Payment Issues on mobile app

    By Bmendoza808
    I have 2 cards on my account and I regularly login to check my balances and when my payments are due. I logged in this past week on the due date (27th of each month) that my bill was due to make a payment the same day, clicked on the correct card, made more than the minimum payment, double checked & paid it. I assumed it was going to apply correctly. Then when i checked my account the next day i seen that i was past due, a late payment fee of $25 was added to my account and was confused. I looked at my other card on the account which is due on the 14th of every month & it was applied to that card instead. I called customer service which in multiple instances they can’t ever understand what your talking about, barely speak English, and say they can’t do anything about it (how about a manager, a report or maybe even a dispute). This is very frustrating as I'm am always on time with my bills this pisses me off. That’s not it the same thing happened to my husbands account when making a payment to the correct card and then ended up showing as past due, a late payment was added & the payment was applied to the other card. Something has to be done either with the app or the company itself because i never have a problem when making payments from my online bank.

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