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GoodRx Pro

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GoodRx Pro is an iPhone and Android Medical App, made by GoodRx. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - GoodRx, with the latest current version being 1.6 which was officially released on 2020-04-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 14,644 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.83563 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

***This app is designed for healthcare professionals. If you’re a patient, you’ll want to download GoodRx, our top-rated app that helps you save on prescriptions.*** Millions of Americans struggle to afford their prescriptions. Help your patients save up to 80% with GoodRx for Healthcare Professionals. What's GoodRx for Healthcare Professionals? GoodRx gathers current prescription drug prices and discounts to help improve adherence and affordability. Our app provides current prices at local and mail order pharmacies, manufacturer co-pay cards, pharmacy membership programs, Medicare co-pay information and valuable savings tips. GoodRx prices are often less than insurance and Medicare co-pays - especially when patients have high deductibles, prior authorizations or other restrictions which put the cost of a prescription out of reach for many Americans. Who Should Use GoodRx For Healthcare Professionals? Today, over 130,000 doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, hospitals and clinics use GoodRx to increase medication adherence and patient satisfaction. This app was designed to be used by anyone who writes prescriptions or helps patients with adherence and affordability. Our apps have been featured by Consumer Reports, The New York Times, PBS, ABC News, Forbes, CNN, The LA Times and more. More than 50 million Americans have used GoodRx to save over $2 billion on their prescriptions. How Does GoodRx For Healthcare Professionals Work? We've taken the same prices and discounts we gather for patients and created an easy-to-use experience for doctors and other medical professionals. With GoodRx For Healthcare Professionals, you can create a list of commonly-dispensed prescriptions and quickly provide prices to patients via email or text. It's fast and easy, and it will help your patients afford the medications your prescribe. No fees or signups are required for patients to save with GoodRx. “As a doctor, I’m always interested in saving money for my patients. GoodRx helps my patients afford the drugs they need - and it’s so easy!” By downloading this app, you agree to be bound by our Terms Of Use. Read more at You can also check out our other app here:

Top Reviews

  • Magaging medications

    By Master-and-Commander
    Both versions of the tool (patients and doctor) are really good but should share some of the same function. A full description of the pill and all its side affects is a good. example. Overall good but is lacking in some of the same are. It’s clear the main purpose is price scouting, this a positive function. Adding the pill description and other attributes is also positive. I use this tool when checking off my meds I currently take, paperwork received, and this tool again so that there is no errors. The picture of the pill is a major plus. Thanks for that. Additional functions would be a custom profile record that would track meds being taken, dose, time, when (once or twice a day, once a week, ext). Perhaps a pill count and estimated time of renewal. Basically anything req by the person taking the meds. Also, this is a biggie, simply functions for copy or duplicate existing records and a way to track current meds taken and a record for when dose changed. Last month it was 15mg now it’s 20mg only to see it Chang again to 15 mg.
  • Keeping up!

    By 35madscientist
    I’ve found that information that physicians need to know is not getting to them for some reason, and some continue to write prescriptions for medications that are no longer available. Pharmacies are able to know this when some physicians are unaware. In the field of psychology, I think this can be dangerous to patients/clients, but of course, it can be to many people! As a patient, not being able to get one of two meds for migraines and finding out that it is no longer available was confusing, especially because I had been using the GoodRx coupon for the other medication, and had the coupon for the one I was trying to get. Nothing has really stopped them, but I have some relief for a brief time. I can enter the information and it will give me the same pharmacies! I think it’s great for patients and I wish more physicians would use it. But staying up to date with the medications (which I thought was happening as I read different articles or information from this developer) is extremely important. Please make sure that you do this! Thanks!
  • Great job!

    By el Snarfo
    This app is fantastic if only the pharmacists at Walgreens and other big name Pharma’s knew how to use it rather than playing dumb or saying it doesn’t work, out of laziness or just wanting to continue gouging the customer. (but don’t let them off the hook because the price didn’t come out of nowhere) Have had prescriptions that Walgreens wanted over $700 for, and got them elsewhere for about $.10 on the dollar, so beware and price check. Great app!!
  • Beware!! Price changed the same day!

    By baitandswitchcustomer
    I ordered a refill of my prescription. Went to pick up my prescription only a few hours later, and as I am standing waiting for it I have the price pulled up on my cell phone, but the store clerk said the medicine was $6.00 higher than what the GoodRX app said. I seen the lower price and so did the store clerk on the app, but they still wanted to charge the $6 higher price. They said the prices on GoodRX app are only an estimate and aren’t guaranteed since it is a third partty provider. What the heck!!! I’m unemployed with no health insurance. I can’t rely on this app to have accurate prices!!! It’s a bait and switch tactic if you ask me. Maybe I should report this incident to the FTC or attorney general.
  • Peter McCue

    By peter mccue
    This app has changed the way I deal w my Pharmacy, my finances and life as I have had 2 organ transplants which the drugs are not being covered by Medicare or there provider Thank you... if you’re looking to have someone push your offering I would love to work w you and happy to send you a resume Peter
  • Confusing!!

    By QDoc
    The differences in This app vs the regular Good Rx App are very unclear. The plain Good Rx App works great and is honored by most largerer pharmacy chains. The smaller private ones or “mom & pop” like stores are a little pickier if they will honor the discount or not. You have to take into consideration their wholesale cost is often higher than the bigger chain stores. So it is harder for them because in some cases they are actually loosing money if they honor the coupon!! This apps’ very confusing as to what it actually does that is different from the original app!! Hence the reason for the low rating! Plus it is much more confusing to use!!
  • Indispensable for my patients within insurance

    By jamericanna
    It’s amazing the savings that are available. The same script can be found for better prices. Sometimes better than prices under insurance benefits.
  • Could be a little better

    By AdamHetz
    One modification I would make, is to be able to send the actual coupon and not a link that the patient the needs to click to get to a screen to then click again to see the coupon
  • Administration

    By "Krazy Kena"
    This is a new way for Doctors to see and compare prices for all medications. It also provides a way to send the information, prices and store locations with just a few clicks on the phone.
  • Extremely helpful

    By Toothpick52
    In these days of high pharmaceutical costs and intrusive technology, it's nice to have something that assists you in helping patients. The cost of drugs is outrageous and this app helps in providing needed information to patients for cost savings.

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