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  • New version: 3.1.3
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Warby Parker

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Warby Parker is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Warby Parker. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Warby Parker, with the latest current version being 3.1.3 which was officially released on 2020-11-25. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 153,533 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.87377 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Our app is the easiest way to shop for Warby Parker eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contacts. Our eyeglasses start at $95 (prescription included!), and free shipping and returns are included with every order. With the app you can… • Shop frames starting at $95, including prescription lenses • For iPhone X and above: Virtually try on frames with lifelike accuracy (it's wild! And so cool.) • Try or shop Scout, our very own brand of daily contact lenses • Shop daily, bi-weekly, and monthly contacts with no hidden fees • Strengthen your sunglasses game by an exponential factor • Order 5 frames to try for free with our Home Try-On program • Handle all of your eyewear prescriptions with ease Warby Parker has your eyes covered. Whether you’re looking for designer eyewear at a revolutionary price or your next supply of contacts, you can handle it all in one place. With free shipping and returns, it’s easy to shop with no risk (None! Zero! Zilch!). Plus: Apps are fun. As always, for every pair purchased, a pair of glasses is distributed to someone in need. Let’s find you an amazing pair.

Top Reviews

  • Great customer service!

    By HannahhtimS
    I love the idea of the home try-on, which led me to Warby Parker in the first place, because I find that most glasses I’ve had prior didn’t look that great on me and would get scratched easily. I chose a pair that I adored and ordered them a few weeks after. It was a pretty hefty price for me personally, especially with the special lenses I needed that were an extra $25, but worth every single penny. They came fairly quick and I adjusted to my prescription immediately. They send the glasses in a very nice and sturdy case packed in an equally nice box, and an effective cleansing cloth. My lenses became scratched about a month after having them (100% my fault btw!) and WP has a one year no scratch guarantee where they will replace your lenses for FREE. This saved me a ton of trouble (and $$$) and they were very polite in running me through the process. I sent them in, they took about 8 business days to replace the lenses, and shipping back to me took only 2 days! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of Warby Parker until just this year, I wish I would have known about them during my preteen/teenage years when I was super embarrassed about the fact that I needed glasses lol. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my frames and I’ve recommended them to multiple friends and family members. Would 100% buy from again!
  • Great Service, Great Product

    By Cara_Celeste
    My journey with WP started at my local eye doctor where I found a pair of designer frames that I desperately wanted. However, I was not willing to fork out the $500+ to purchase said frames. I recalled Warby Parker from tv commercials (I’m in marketing, so I take note of these things), and decided to check it out. Within a few minutes, I had found an almost identical pair of frames to the designer ones and decided to go for it. Customer service was top-notch and very responsive. I had an issue getting my eye doctor to send over my prescription (I’m sure they knew they were losing out on a $500 sale), but the WP team stayed on top of it and made it happen. Once WP had my prescription and PD, the glasses shipped within a few hours and I had them in just a couple of days. The frames (Finch) are perfect - exactly what I was looking for if not better. I’ll be stopping by my local store to get them adjusted a bit as they are slightly loose, but overall I couldn’t be happier with the experience or product. It’s great to have a place to go to find a variety of frames at reasonable prices. I used to buy my frames maybe once every 8-10 years due to price. I now plan to have an array of frames to change up my look throughout the year. Thanks, WP!
  • Loved my first experience, onto round two!

    By LaurenIsSilly
    I initially heard about Warby Parker through social media. I was interested, but I don’t like ordering clothing or accessories online especially at such a discounted rate. I had my yearly optometrist appointment at a local glasses store and was told that just to get my lenses replaced in my old glasses it would be $160 WHICH is not in my budget. I turned to Warby Parker and found out I could order a box of frames to try on for free, so I did! I received the package about a week and a half later which I don’t consider too bad; especially for an individually tailored box. I tried on all the frames and decided on a pair that I loved. If I had one complaint about anything it would be that the try on frames seemed cheaply made, but the glasses that I ended up purchasing seemed to be fairly high quality for the price. Shipping the box of try on frames took longer than I expected, but that probably has more to do with our postal service. I took a picture of my prescription and ordered my glasses very easily, they got to me in about a week and I was super happy with them! UNFORTUNATELY I being a young naive 21 year old lost them in a bar, never to be seen again.. I already ordered my second try on box and am excited to find a new pair I love!
  • Disappointed and dissatisfied

    By Penny Lane NY
    The product has been fine and I’ve ordered glasses from them before. My review is based on my experience with their customer service. I ordered two pairs of glasses and was supposed to get the multiple pair discount. Someone canceled my original order when I agreed to updated to the higher index lenses. I emailed them in regards to the discount and I was told I cancelled the order and they were re-done separately. However, I could still get the discount. I re- priced the two on the app and sent the screen shot of what it comes out to on the app for both pairs with the updated lenses. I have gone back and forth with them multiple times both on text and email because they kept refunding me random amounts that were not the correct amount of the discount. Multiple emails regarding the correct amount and each time they gave me a little bit more but not the correct amount. I was then told that the amount reflected on the website was incorrect and they would not honor it and they were sorry for the multiple mistakes on their end. I checked today and the second pair I ordered was completely cancelled and nowhere to be found in my history. I’m extremely disappointed and dissatisfied as this was a simple mistake that could’ve been handled right from the start and not have to escalate. The glasses themselves have always been fine and I’ve never had an issue with them before.
  • I had high hopes...

    By Cctsourakis
    This transaction was doomed from the beginning. I got a new progressive prescription because I hate putting on and taking off my glasses all day long. I selected a beautiful pair of glasses and they arrived just as the pandemic hit. They were painful and gave me a horrible headache. I called customer service and they said I would need an in-store adjustment. No stores would be open for quite a while. No problem, they said. After storing them for nearly two months, I called customer service to ask which location would be available for the adjustment. Tampa. A 45 minute drive in the pouring rain. I had asked if I needed an appointment. Not a problem! Walk right in, they said. We get there within 10 minutes of opening and we were told it was a 40 minute wait. I was told that I could exchange my glasses for another pair if I wanted. No, ma’am. We aren’t accepting exchanges, they said. I paid $345 for these glasses and I just wanted to be done with them. The associates were all kind but woefully out of sync with one another. Finally, the senior of the staff at the Tampa location took the glasses and issued a credit back to my card. I wanted to love Warby Parker. Really, I did. I tried on about 30 pairs virtually during quarantine so I would be prepared for the day I could get glasses that both fit and worked. This experience left a terrible taste in my mouth. We will be going back to my optometrist’s office for my progressives.
  • Amazing Service and Quality Glasses!

    By DevChrisWhite
    My experience with Warby Parker has been nothing short of amazing. I ordered the try at home lenses and found my perfect pair the first day I tried all 5 frames. I ordered a pair of glasses that day and sent back the try on lenses. I received an email, stating they were missing my PD results so I called customer service and the rep was absolutely amazing and so helpful. I had actually uploaded the PD results along with my prescription and she updated the system and had me off the phone in less than 10 minutes. My prescription pair shipped and delivered in less than a week, even with COVID shipping delays. When I received my glasses, I was blown away by the packaging and the quality of the frame and lenses. Warby Parker has a customer for life. I haven’t visited one of their retail stores, due to COVID 19, but I am excited to go in and order my next pair to get in person service. I’m sure it will be even better then ordering online! Side note, I had to order new glasses because I had ordered some glasses from a small brand on Instagram 2 months ago and they broke within a week. I have no doubt my Warby Parker glasses will last me a long time. This experience has been amazing from beginning to finish. Well done Warby Parker! Well done!
  • Poor quality and customer service

    By crc832
    I’ve purchased a pair of glasses and sunglasses from this company in hopes I found an alternative to the other companies. The coating on my glasses lenses are wearing off and it happened a little after the one year cutoff so now I’m stuck with glasses that are hard to see out of. Went to a store to ask about getting them fixed or replaced and they said I could pay to get them fixed but I would have to send them in and be without them for 2 weeks. Can’t really go without them. Bought a pair of sunglasses as well and I had to take them back in every week or so to get reshaped because they would never hold shape and didn’t fit my head because of it. I tried to fix them once myself because I was tired of going in and they broke. I probably got to wear them a handful of times because they never kept the shape. Contacted the company and they said I was out of warranty and next time bring them in to get shaped. But at least they gave me a $10 credit towards my next order. Really let down by this company. It’s unfortunate. *Update to previous review left... Customer service got in touch with me and helped me solve all my issues. Top notch customer says a lot about a company.
  • Favorite Glasses of All Time

    By meltedgirl
    Hi. I’ve worn glasses/contacts all of my life so I’ve owned dozens and dozens of pairs of glasses in my 62 years of being a visually challenged human. The old routine of finding a pair of glasses after an eye exam at ones doctor’s office in a short period of time with a staff member hovering and helping you try different frames has always yielded so-so results. They were functional. Maybe a little cute. But still just another a pair of glasses I didn’t like wearing. With Warby Parker, I scoured the site with all the frames and shapes and colors and went through 2 boxes of try-ons. I favorited a few but then when I found the Percey frame in the ice blue color, I had found a pair that I loved. The process was easy. The online staff were helpful. The prescription with the progressives were perfect. I also got the lenses that darken so I could use them as sunglasses too. I normally don’t wear my glasses except for when I take my contacts out. Since I love these glasses so much, I haven’t worn my contacts for several days now. With the pandemic happening this made getting new glasses so safe and easy. I highly recommend Warby Parker and also love that they help people by giving a pair of glasses for each pair sold. Great company. Happy customer.
  • Holy Crap! Amazing!

    By Cameo'sVaio
    I have been hearing about WP’s forever, especially from my pretend BFF Gayle King who I watch every morning on CBS This Morning. Actually, I had read about them and their philanthropic promise, just like Bombas socks, back when they started. Ok, now on to the Warby’s. I was extremely skeptical (like I am with everything) but decided to give them a shot after I had already used my insurance on an rx pair of spendy designer glasses that I ended up not liking. I had to pay out of pocket for a second pair but didn’t want to pay a ton. I decided to turn to WP. I was amazed at their home try on option. I picked out a pair from the 5 I had checked out and received them a bit later (it took longer due to an issue of my rx). I purchased the extra, foldable case, which I didn’t need but has come in handy for other things. I finally received my glasses. Not only did I love them, I’m trying to decide which pair I want next! For the first time I will have rx sunglasses for the same price as regular sunglasses! I just used their virtual try on option and have found three new pairs I MUST HAVE!!! I can’t recommend these enough! Oh, and the case your glasses come with is amazing! Very nice, solid and more than adequate! Thank you Warby Parker!
  • Confidence= Through the roof!

    By Brooklyn Haley
    After being an avid contact wearer for almost 10 years, I was diagnosed with chronic dry eye and my eyes were no longer able to handle wearing contacts. Transitioning to wearing glasses full time was very difficult for me to do, as I didn’t feel like “myself” with this new look. I tried 2 different pairs of frames that I received through my office, however, both pairs gave me difficulties. One pair was way too tight, causing me to have migraines within an hour of use, while the other pair was so loose (even after being tightened about 8 different times) to the point of slipping completely off my face from simply bending down. I decided to give Warby Parker a try after seeing many ads about it. I was hesitant to order a pair without trying them on and seeing how they feel and look first, so I utilized the 5 free try on trial prior to ordering. I fell in love with the narrow Percy pair, and ordered a prescription blue light pair within a week of returning the free trial. I have not had a single headache, for they fit me like they were made for me. I plan to order another pair in a different color very soon! Thank you so much Warby Parker, for not only the confidence, but the comfort as well!

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