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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-07
  • New version: 2.6.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.4 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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T-Mobile DIGITS is an iPhone and Android Productivity App, made by T-Mobile. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - T-Mobile, with the latest current version being 2.6.1 which was officially released on 2021-04-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 138 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 2.05797 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Use all your numbers on one device! Need different numbers for different parts of your life? T-Mobile customers can use the DIGITS app to access multiple mobile numbers. Ideal for … • Small business - keep work and personal separate • Home phone replacement - contact the family wherever they are • Privacy shield - use for online shopping or social apps • Sports Teams & Clubs - your coaches/leaders more easily contactable With the DIGITS app you can: • Make or receive voice and video calls • See missed calls and check voicemail • Send or receive text messages • Make your team/family more responsive by granting additional people permissions to use the app Supported by iOS version 11.0 and above

Top Reviews

  • Needs major upgrade!!!

    By Organy
    Update on last review::::::: Still has too many issues. They changed it so at least now u know who is calling which line (for those of us with multiple lines) but there’s times I do not want my phone to ring from the app. I just want to go to the app and see a missed call. Why isn’t there a option to “turn off ringer”. So obsolete . The last few days my phone has rung normally and I answered to find all these calls weren’t even to my line they were to the digits line but come up as a call to my actual number smh. They need to replace their developers...... They need to put the do not disturb option back and if someone from my phone plan that I have in digits app, if I call them, it should NOT call me back on the other line Can’t hear calls more then half the time when I answer in the app or dial from the app it’s a hit & miss Since the new update, every time I call my children (whose numbers are on my acct) I getan “anonymous” call back EVERY TIME it rings two sec and it doesn’t let u answers
  • Useful, with room for improvement

    By erniefarias
    This app has been great to have on my work phone so that I didn’t have to give up or transfer my personal number. Haven’t had any issues making calls or sending texts, even MMS. As others have pointed, there are certain things missing that would make this even better. Personally, I would love it if this app could show up on the share menu for other apps so that we could quickly share photos and links. Also, links don’t seem to work, so I end up having to copy/paste the message and removing any other text from the message. For the usual calls, messages, and voicemails, this app will do just fine.
  • WORST!!! APP!!! EVER!!!

    By J the Busy Dude
    Shame on me for letting the Digits team continually try to fix this for me. I tried using this app for a second line to balance running a small business vs using my phone for my primary job. This app is ladened with nothing but problem after problem after problem after problem after problem after problem....infinitus repeat! I am CONSTANTLY uninstalling and reinstalling, changing security settings, running through WiFi vs LTE......short of practicing some kind of sacrificial ritual to an esoteric demigod, I’ve done everything I can to keep this app going. It is NOT reliable in any manner. So, now I’ll be shelling out yet even more money for a new phone and paying for a new line on my account because this app just can’t cut it. The only good thing about this app: it’s free. Everything else? Total sham!
  • Terrible.

    By Ladykamel
    I first got this app in 2017 and it wasn’t perfect but it definitely isn’t the trash box it is now. Every time the app works a little bit, the developers send out an update that makes it worse than before. Last year for MONTHS I received anonymous phone calls because there was a glitch in THEIR system. I would get calls at random ALL day and night. The best advice they gave me, log out. 🙄I use this as a business line( that I need to be able to see the distinction). Finally when the calls stopped and it started working they sent out another update and the only way it works is by using cellular data but it defeats the purpose of the app because it no longer uses the lines as their own. Please please please save yourself the trouble, stress and headache; Get another phone line and not digits..
  • Choppy Interference Poor Sound

    By Ala Mode76
    I’ve been using this Digits line for the past 3 months. It has been “meh”. My biggest struggle has been the choppy interference I get when speaking with someone. Do not anticipate clear quality communication. I’ve reached out to T-Mobile if there is something that I can do to improve the reception. Also, the contacts is yucky. I strongly dislike when these platforms automatically import your main phone’s contacts. I did not want my friends and family imported to my digits line.
  • Calls not forwarding to voicemail

    By Idontreviewunlessihave2
    I joined T-Mobile first week of January, already having issues. As a business owner it is vital that I receive voicemails and missed calls at a timely manner, It seemed like Digits was a good way to go and at first it worked fine. However lately I’ve notice my calls are not being forwarded to voicemail which means I’m losing business!! I reached out to the customer service digits specialist” and there answer is to login and out of the app every once in a while. I had this Same problem about 4 years ago with this app so I switched over to Verizon Wireless. Looks like history will repeat itself inlet I can get this solved ASAP. I thought all the bugs would be fixed my no, Please Help!!!!
  • Needs some work but hopeful

    By candycanepanda
    Please keep up the work here digits. The only thing keeping me from deleting my Google account is google voice. (Don’t agree with Google meyoung in the election). Hope to see the app continue to improve so that I will have a real alternative to google voice. Please consider adding unlimited voicemail storage to the app, dark mode, and allow texts from all numbers.
  • missing important texts

    By pint legend
    I need this app to work. I depend on it to avoid buying an extra phone or dropping TMobile for my entire family. I do not receive important text messages from Banks, DNS providers, and now SoCal Edison fire safety enrollment. The UI leaves room for improvement but who cares about that when texting does not work. Also there is a big lag during phone calls, even with great WiFi and internet speed.
  • So not good.

    By Juwhitney
    This app is the most disappointing app I’ve encountered. When I first got it, it basically worked though it was t smooth service. Now it constantly glitches, login almost never works and the system always seems to have something “oops!” Going wrong. I have to get rid of the second number because it’s useless because this app is useless. I had it for my business’s number for a while until I realized it was at the point where no one new could reach the business since the Digits app was so unreliable.
  • App needs major bug issues

    By Jaime Robles
    I have had digits for about two years now, its been through an iphone X , iphone 12 and still expirence the same issues. It logs me off at random times and unable to receive calls or texts. Also the quits on its own and doesn’t for for several hours. VERY FRUSTRATING. I would have changed provider by now or got a second phone but my number on my digits line is all over my business cards, papers flyers , etc. I trusted tmobile but this app has been horrible you can rely on this app.

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