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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-19
  • New version: 3.5.6
  • File size: 111.71 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.3 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN

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Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN is an iPhone and Android Productivity App, made by NortonLifeLock, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - NortonLifeLock, Inc., with the latest current version being 3.5.6 which was officially released on 2021-07-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 55,539 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.23611 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Norton Secure VPN is a security app from a consumer brand trusted by millions of consumers. Protection for your device against cybercriminals, browse more anonymously, change your location, and helps block advertisers from tracking your online activities! Turn any public Wi-Fi into your personal hotspot! ► HELP PROTECT YOUR DEVICE FROM CYBERCRIMINALS When you connect to public Wi-Fi, cybercriminals may spy on your online activity and steal your sensitive information, like passwords and credit cards details. Norton Secure VPN uses the same encryption technologies that leading banks use to help protect your data. ► BROWSE ANONYMOUSLY Mask your online activities and location with our no-log VPN. We don’t track or store your online activity, so even we don't know what you’re up to! ► CHANGE YOUR LOCATION Just change your virtual location so your IP address can’t be tracked! ► BLOCK AD TRACKERS ADVERTISERS’ TRACKING COOKIES We help block ad trackers by intercepting cookies and removing your identifying information. Websites will no longer be able to track you to deliver unsolicited ads at a later time. ► TURN PUBLIC WI-FI INTO PERSONAL HOTSPOT Turn any public Wi-Fi into your own secure virtual private network to help keep your personal information safe, and your online activities private. ------------------------------ The KRACK attack puts Wi-Fi connections at risk. Use Norton Secure VPN to help encrypt the information you send and receive, for protection against this new threat. With Norton Secure VPN, you can pay bills at the airport or check emails at a café without worrying about cybercriminals stealing your passwords or monitoring your online activity. Going online in public just got better. Get Norton Secure VPN and go online in public, more securely and privately. ------------------------------ ► SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS • Norton Secure VPN Subscription: Provides more secure connectivity for your mobile device. • 7-day trial requires activation of annual subscription. • Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. • Subscription will renew automatically at the end of the subscription term unless canceled. Cancel in your iTunes account before end of trial to avoid payment. • Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. • You can manage your subscriptions and automatic renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. • Annual subscription is for one device only. --------------------------------------------- For feedback and suggestions, visit the support forum: For a detailed list of features, visit: PRIVACY POLICY NortonLifeLock respects your privacy and promises to safeguard your personal data. For more information: --------------------------------------------- •Start your 7-day trial* to help protect your Wi-Fi connections now! *7-day trial requires activation of annual subscription. Cancel in your iTunes account before end of trial to avoid payment. More details below.

Top Reviews

  • Norton Lifelock 360

    By bleezaboole
    I have used Norton for a while and have found it to be a stellar experience. In the near past I have had an issue with my service when I tried to upgrade to Lifelock 360 deluxe using a special promo that apparently held no water because it didn’t go through as advertised. I recently purchased a what I thought was the plan I tried to upgrade to through the promo, and there was a a problem installing it, and was informed I would be notified when the problem was resolved. I got no notifications so I initiated a chat with a “fix it agent” <( my terminology), who was extremely helpful with the problem I was/am having. My questions were somewhat answered, and some of the problems were rectified although I still have questions that need to be addressed. Altogether and all things considered this is a great service, and I am very satisfied with the security Norton has to offer. I’m sure the remainder of my issues will be ironed out to everyones satisfaction, and I intend to continue my subscription with Norton. The agent who assisted me was extremely helpful in doing everything possible to insure my satisfaction. I recommend Norton to anyone seeking computer security. They are the number 1 choice and I will continue to have trust in Norton 360 in the future. Arun is a tech who finally got the problems I had straightened out. He is an asset to Norton.
  • Better than most

    By kidztested
    I’ve tried several VPN’s and this one like most will disguise your IP and block trackers but it also switches on independently meaning I turn it off it turns itself on, I turn it off it turns itself on - and so it goes unless you block its access. If it was auto protecting because it felt your Internet access was unsafe that would be one thing - but that isn’t the case. It can, I assume unintentionally, interfere with cellular data when wireless internet is not available and there is a large amount of pages that won’t display not because there blocked by the VPN but because there denying access due to the way the IP was masked and the “signal” as it were was routed. For example when accessing Google with the VPN on you might have to make several attempts to establish that connection and use Google. I don’t know if they have corrected this with the new update or this is simply inherent in all VPN’s only time will tell as tech improves. Oh and it is rumored that although - and I actually I like Norton - your personal history etc. is masked/hid Norton itself can ultimately track it - but that’s only if you believe some of the guys working in Military Intelligence- and no that’s not an oxymoron. So if you have to have one form or another of big brother watching I guess I don’t mind Norton. Ok got to go 5G is on the way and pervasive AI is right behind it - so to all a good night
  • Needs work

    By 2004-2013Corvette
    I was asked if I wanted to update my dissatisfaction with is product. I thought why not, sense the programmers had there chance to correct all problems. Maybe I should reevaluate this for them. So I did! I tried to turn it on, and it did turn on, it hung up after about an hour but it did get nearly a full hour of operation before it took a dump. This product needs someone to test it before they release it...still garbage! This app needs a lot of work. The only thing really consistent with it is that it consistently locks up. It not only the app, the same problem exists in the Norton WIFI program for you PC. They both stink! Somebody needs to have a chance to excel at another vocation because programming doesn't seem to be their forte and I'm sure they are getting paid an exorbitant amount of money to produce this garbage. The one nice thing is that you can turn it off...thank god for that one! This app seems to work better but still has issues when launching certain apps. I know HBO Now has a problem downloading data when the VPN is on. Also Hospital apps don't work and pandora has issues. Why these programmers can't fix it is unknown. You would think they would of had enough time even coming to work at 930 and leaving at 1pm and going on vacation every 3rd day.
  • Norton VPN, watch out!

    By Garflarsk
    Like the anonymous online, but it can cause me to not get online now and again. Sometimes nothing will load in Safari, and when I turn off VPN and everything works fine. So it needs some work. A couple of weeks later: Received an email from “Ray” at support. Had several suggestions, one of which was to delete it from my ipad and reinstall from the app store to make sure I had the most recent build. That sounded like a good place to start, so I deleted the app, but it didn't entirely go away. There is 8 kb left on my tablet that WILL NOT go away. It cannot be deleted either from Home or Settings/General/ipad storage. It goes away and comes right back, even with a cold boot. This causes the app store to see it as still there, so the app store option is “Open”, but nothing happens. It won't run or reload. Two levels of chat support gave up on it, though they did give me 15 days extra on my subscription. Whoop-de-do. Also run on my iphone and National Weather Service app loads ten times faster when I shut off the VPN. I've been with Norton a long time and have generally been happy. Not this time. Looking around for another VPN, and not looking forward to the minor Norton presence that I can't get rid of.
  • Doesn’t work, limits phone usability

    By mslinscott
    This app is a giant pain in the neck. It does not maintain a VPN connection on my iPhone 8, so I have to try to reconnect EACH time I want to use my phone, whether I’m in a WiFi zone or just using cellular data. Reconnecting can take 2, 5, 7, or endless attempts, sometimes not connecting at all. Without connecting, I can’t use my map app, my weather doesn’t refresh, and so on. This makes my phone usability total garbage. For instance, yesterday I got caught in a construction zone and needed a quick detour. I tried to open my map app and it couldn’t refresh with my location until the VPN connected. I tried to connect over and over, but it didn’t work and I couldn’t get a route. This has been happening the entire first month of my subscription, although the app worked much better during the trial period. I do not recommend this app. I really love the idea of a VPN, particularly when I’m using a public WiFi, but being required to wait a few minutes or more each time I lift my phone to use it in my own home or when I’m out on the road is a huge headache. I wish I would have cancelled before I got trapped in a full year’s subscription.
  • Best VPN ever made

    By Shopify Life!
    This VPN is the fastest and most accurate VPN ever created for the public. Phones and devices are entirely hidden and can not be located by any source known to man. My phone has twice the speed, twice the ability to find internet search criteria with zero interference from ad companies, carrier services, phone maker or any other party from any source. No other VPN can even claim to compete or offer the protection given here. Simply Amazing that a VPN has broken the barriers that all news media, social media, marketers, phone companies and manufactures said will never be accomplished in this lifetime! Well, they are all wrong!!! Do not look any farther. This is the VPN that your wanting. I was not paid and have zero “ZERO” connection to any person or persons with offers or self gain to write this review. I am not a professional review personnel and have zero affiliation with any company that is connected to any source traceable not any Avenue- Period!!!
  • Not impressed

    By officy
    I am very disappointed in the service that you provide, I am very concerned about the level of rata ( unauthorized remote administrators that are operating illegall and federally banned mirroring software. Do I need to contact Homeland Security directly or is this something that you think you can handle, it’s a big joke around here and the most common response is, “ cmon man everyone is doing it” I operate a C++ browser and it requires me to maintain a reliable VPN, I’m not saying that your not doing your job and I have always been very impressed at the speed that my vp gives when sea monkey is running however the blind ignorance that is enveloped this area, in parallel with the corona pandemic has me wondering if I am Abel to even move forward, my best guess is that utilized 6g on an illegal platform and I am requesting a look into this area as soon as you can, thank you again for maintaining a secure work platform, and good luck and exterminating the rat infestation that is plagueing the nation. Sincerely Darren Clark
  • Best Antivirus VPN Protection 4Ever!

    By LOVEWarrior777
    This is the best of the best antivirus protection for all your devices: iPhone, Mac, PC, Tablets, and much more. You can read many Webpages from several countries, all that it allows, and at the same time, your connection is protected from hackers, by this antivirus company who developed Norton, since the first years of Personal computer. Is the most ranked and reliable company, which offers you Lifelock protection for all your personal data, and all your digital privacy. I highly recommend it. I’ve been using it since 2000, while studying Information Systems, Major in Computers, and all my data has been protected and have not had any virus problem, or attacks, no data loss, no hard drive loses. Thanks God Almighty for Norton Lifelock (previously Symantec), who has been protecting my computer, hard disk, flash memory data. This is the best VPN. Have a Free trial and you’ll see!
  • VPN

    By Pbracingmom
    It was Working Great when I first got the VPN Now, overtime it has Continued to kick me off & shut down on me which in-turn drops me out of any app that I’m in or progress that I’ve obtained.. Very frustrating when your trying to take care of business things & on a timeline of production at times for processing of thing’s unfortunately it doesn’t help either when I’m paying high dollar 💵 $ for the the App & I should be receiving it free because it comes with my Internet Service Provider ( They Are/have a Collaboration) together & I’ve discussed the issue multiple times with them, though figured, Well maybe Since I’m Paying for it instead of getting it free ( which I actually Do pay $ through my internet service anyway, that’s why you pay a larger cost for this feature) but it hasn’t helped or Made a Difference!! Still Doesn’t Work 75% of the Time .. Not Happy.. Please try & Fix this ASAP or I’ll have to choose to take my business Elsewhere!! Thank You Kindly In Advance!!
  • VPN Configurations Problem

    By 69Brothers71
    Downloaded the app maybe around six months ago. Worked great and was speedy in the beginning. After sometime it began to slow down my updates. Also, it used to two two locations with Japan and Singapore. Now it only gives the Singapore location. Suddenly, within the last month, the app won’t turn on and wants me to allow VPN Configurations. I allow it but it does nothing but gives me an error and won’t turn back on. I contacted tech support who really tried to help but couldn’t. Seems like their only solution (one I did before I contacted them) was to delete the app, restart my iPhone, then reinstall the app. Doesn’t work no how many times you do it. So now I have a VPN app that I paid for and doesn’t work. I want to give this app 5 stars from the beginning but with the slowing down of updates, only one location, and now inoperable, I give it three stars in the hope that somehow they’ll fix the issue. I reside in South Korea.

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