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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-18
  • New version: 5.1.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

ROMWE -Online Fashion Store

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ROMWE -Online Fashion Store is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by ROADGET BUSINESS PTE. LTD.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - ROADGET BUSINESS PTE. LTD., with the latest current version being 5.1.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-18. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 571,467 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7018 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

ROMWE is your online source for the latest trending pieces and outfit inspo. One of the most popular style sites worldwide, ROMWE is happy to offer the lowest prices and highest quality in categories such as girls' and guys' apparel, swimwear, loungewear, accessories, school supplies, home decor, pet products, and more. What you'll score when you download our app: 1. Exclusive Deals -Extra 15% off your first in-app purchase! CODE: RAPP15 -Lightning deals under $1 -Access to our hottest discounts, inlcuding 90% off trending styles -A chance to win big at Lucky Draw -Free shipping for every order $9.9+ 2. Discover the pieces you never knew you needed -#ROMWEcreators: our collab collections with your fav illustrators -#ROMWEfun: our character collabs add a little joy to any kind of day. Check out ROMWE X Rugrats, ROMWE X Garfield, ROMWE X SpongeBob, and more! -Peep our on-trend Unisex and Couples categories 3. Zero Risk! -Multiple secure payment methods, such as PayPal and several credit card carriers -Free returns + updated order tracking system (no more digging for order status!) -24/7 customer service with Live Chat widget Contact Us: URL:

Top Reviews


    By may i use this?
    I will admit just like any others app you shop online with you have to be careful with size and quality but this app is very trustworthy compared to most and I highly recommend using. Not only that he the customer service is amazing and really makes you feel good about your questions and encourages you to ask them:)) plus it has a lot of cool things you can use such as it give sin option where you can see where your purchase items are and how far along they are on the shipping process, which can be very helpful to those who are restless about waiting for there goodies to arrive!!! The close are also highly fashionable and stylish. They make everything so accessible and easy to find. Romwe also has extremely cheap prices for items that are beautiful put together and beautiful. They even have fun little things like the lucky draw. Where each day there’s a wheel sort of thing that you use. And you press a hottie and is randomly chosen one of the gift for you! One of them included points. These points alongside points from giving review and the daily check in can take money of your entire purchase (not including shipping). But I’m the long run this app is extremely useful and recommended !!
  • definitely recommend

    By review IT!!
    To be honest I was very skeptical of romwe at first... how could clothes these cute be so cheap? But I took a shot and now it’s my favorite store. Not only do they have great prices but there clothes are really cute and trendy and it’s the only store that has a selection that I like. Romwe is trustable, I have done refunds after canceling an order and had no problems, and there live customer service is great also. This store may seem sketchy but it’s not. For the quality issue, what you pay for is what you get! If your buying a necklace that’s a dollar don’t expect it to function and look like a $30 dollar necklace! Also read the reviews and look at pictures it will help you determine if the item is how you would like it to be. The reviews on romwe are way better than ones i’ve seen from big commercial stores like forever 21 and h and m. And if you are ordering during the WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC don’t expect your package to come in a week!! 1. they are getting soo many sales, items are selling out fast and 2. EVERYTHING IS BACKED UP!! I keep seeing so many complaints about postal service but you have to keep in mind what’s going on around the world. To conclude you should definitely try Romwe out!
  • Honestly saving money

    By Charnettex
    I’ve been using the app for 2 years now. (Took me a while to get to this review lol) I’ve completed 11-15 orders collections of 100 different things. In all that time I’ve ordered I’ve only been disappointed twice with item quality and I’ve only had to return something once because the sizing was not accurate. I check in daily for points. The points system is why I come back I get “free money” each day and it’s not like 1 cent a day. It adds up quick and after a bout month I have 12-15 dollars off. I also review everything I purchase with a picture and get points for that. I use it so frequently that now my coworkers check it out and my sister and friends use it. At this point I feel like a brand ambassador because I wear like a least one of the items every day. I have purchased shoes belts pjs dresses tops hair accessories home goods organization stuff I underwear and bras. Everything lasts and it pretty good quality. The only thing I haven’t purchased are bathing suits so that’s next lol. Too: Just make sure to check reviews for items you are interested in. Sales daily so check them out for like 3-5 minutes in the morning after checking in on the app.
  • Easy, simple, cheap, good quality.

    By Read this for the truth...
    Romwe often takes about two weeks to ship your items and sometimes there will be a weird little twist, such as an extremely shrunken swimsuit, lol but i have ordered MANY.. MAAANY times, half of the clothes i have are from ROMWE and there was only two inconveniences, the shrunken swimsuit top and my package was stolen, which wasn’t their fault at all, honestly, i couldn’t blame the people who stole it, they were awesome clothes lol. The cheapness at first seems very sketchy, but when they come its the complete opposite, clothes with brand name can be 50-75 bucks for a hoodie, these clothes have designs on them for very cheap, the colors don’t bleed and the printing can last YEARS unless you try to iron when wet, they do come wrinkled and often smell like the package but it takes ONE wash, ONE ironing session and it never happens again. So if your reading this review about a really sketchy sight like ROMWE.. ROMWE is the ONE place for online shopping that has beautiful quality and adorable cheap clothes.. ROMWE, if you see this, don’t worry about the stolen package the stuff was only $30 bucks for it all, it was not your fault and this is settled between me and my thought to reach out and tell you.
  • Amazing App

    By AkSilverMoon12
    I cannot express how amazing this company is. I’ve purchased many things and loved everything that arrived. The quality is great and my stuff always comes a few weeks early. They provide all sizes and styles with a very large variety of clothes all at very affordable prices. They also include room decor, jewelry and other small things all high quality and low price. I would 100% recommend this to my friends and family! Their packaging is very useful as well. In the app itself they provide many chances to win things. They have small games and contests you can participate in like guessing the price of an item. You can also win points but submitting reviews and pictures which can get you even more free things. Even with the low prices, they still provide customers many coupons and daily/weekly discounts. Even for holidays they have new arrivals with super cute clothes. I’ve never had to worry about the price on this website. There are many things I’ve gotten under $5 which would usually be above $10 at other stores. If you are looking for a good app and a chance to win prizes and get cheap, high quality clothes, this is the app for you!
  • Hands down amazing!

    By clever_girl23
    Just like others have mentioned, I was skeptical about this site. I use to use wish app but then stopped because shipping took forever plus most things you buy you took a risk of it being worth it or you get what you pay for which is very cheap quality majority of the time. I found out about ROMWE from a Facebook ad and decided to check it out! I was blown away by everything they had for a great price, plus free shipping when you spend a certain amount and that said amount doesn’t even have to be mi h either to qualify! They have amazing coupons to use plus when you check in daily you get cents that quickly turn into dollar amounts taken off your purchases! I ordered all my family and friends birthday and Christmas gifts from this site and EVERYTHING was cheap for such amazing quality. I tell everyone it’s like wish but a way better version, I call it wish 2.0 😂 if you’re skeptical and came to read reviews to see if it’s worth it, then trust me when I say IT. IS. WORTH. IT! And shipping comes on time but in my experience it’s come way sooner than expected and it doesn’t take long as wish took a year lol
  • Love this so much!!!!

    By stebe and bonky
    This app gives you coupons and discounts not like the website it is not a scam at first I thought it was edit has surprisingly good clips has a variety of styles in clothes and even men’s clothes it has not only clothes it has electronics stickers etc. this app has kind of a long shipping process but for me it usually only takes 13 days. Sometimes the shirts are see-through but I got A pair of jeans and they were amazing I wear them practically every day I’m so bummed that I run out of money from shopping on here it is amazing so many different styles and just a variety of things there’s another app sheen it’s also another website did the same exact thing so sheen in Rome we are the same exact thing. Sometimes when I order things from wrong way I will get sheen items so sheen in Rome we are the exact same thing the clothes are the exact same but you can find different stuff on either websites. Totally recommend five star and I love this place I spent so much money on here and they never fail and I’m so happy that I figured out that this was a scam five star recommend totally should get this!
  • PLEASE FIX reviews

    By Liselim
    ROMWE I have been using your app for a little over a year now. I like to write reviews in order to help others in making decisions with their purchases. However, there’s always an issue when I want to write a review for my purchased items. I can NEVER upload photos that are from my camera roll onto a review because a message pops up saying “the size of the loaded image is too small”. This message pops up EVERY TIME I try to upload any photo I have already taken from my camera roll. Now if I choose the option to “take photo” for my review, only then do my photos attach to my review. There is also the issue of when I sometimes attach a photo to the review and when I go back to check the reviews for that item, I see my review and name BUT I don’t see the photo i posted along with my review! I don’t know if this is an issue with the system or if it’s your company not trying to allow others to see how certain items really look when they are received. I love the ROMWE app trust me I have purchased A LOT of things from here, but reviews for me (and I’m sure lots of others) is how I decide in buying items, so please make sure photos go up with the reviews that are left by your users.
  • cheap, good quality, my new fave app

    By Yettibateddy
    I donated all my old clothes that I adored at the time and I had no good clothes anymore but I kinda had no choice bc the clothes were like a year old or sum and I came across some websites but they were very expensive so I literally quit looking for clothes. Then the next day I found out on an app called tiktok about a clothing site called romwe. The video said that romwe is an inexpensive website / app that sells adorable clothes that are way better than my old ones and I bought clothes and spent exactly $126 for a bunch of clothes, I’d say that’s amazing for the amount of clothing that I bought! It took a while to arrive (probably like 3 weeks or 2). But, when it arrived I was so excited but nervous at the same time because I didn’t know what I just spent $126 on. I opened the box and everything looked exactly like how I thought it would, the quality was so good! the jeans were so comfy and didn’t make my waist hurt, the shirts were so cute and they were oversized (even better), the belts were so cute, and the sweaters were so nice! I recommend shopping from romwe they have amazing quality, designs, and more! <3

    By _L_I_N_D_Z_
    I love love love romwe! They are one of the best apps to get cheap clothes accessories and more! It has a wide variety of styles and sizes! You can get coupons and points to help take some cost off your purchases, and there is always some sort of deal going on! There is even a “flash sale” section that has really cheap stuff! The problem I face is with the shipping of your orders. When holidays are near, (I ordered my most recent order on June 30th and it was delayed because of 4th of July) the package gets delayed. This is not only annoying, but the estimated delivery time does not have the delay, so it made me worry when I still hadn’t received my order the day after it says it would come. I still haven’t received my order, it’s been almost two weeks, and the customer service is awful. There really is no way of getting ahold of anyone who can help you with your package, the only way you have a clue is by tracking, which is really slow and not very helpful. I spent $50 on a package of 19 items, and I don’t want it to be a scam. Overall I rate this app 7.5/10 because they have some things to sort out, but Romwe remains one of my go to shopping sites.

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