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ZAFUL - My Fashion Story

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ZAFUL - My Fashion Story is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by ZAFUL. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - ZAFUL, with the latest current version being 6.1.0 which was officially released on 2020-05-27. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 31,056 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.37915 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

ZAFUL, not only a clothing app,but also your fashion story, gives you unlimited access to inspiration anytime, anywhere. It has become one of the most popular fashion brands in the world, with more and more young customers choosing ZAFUL as their go-to choice for sharing their thoughts on fashion. What you can find on the ZAFUL App: 1. BIG BONUSES and EPIC DEALS: a. Extra 15% off for new members. b. Flash sales with prices as low as $0.99 every Thursday. c. Big chances to win in our $1000 giveaways in 'Community'. d. Special offers for students. e.A great of selection of new arrivals for you every Monday. f.Vip day on 18th-20th per month. g. 30-day complete satisfaction guarantee with full refunds*. 2. Adorable high-quality swimwear, sweaters, sweatshirts, bikinis, one-pieces, tees, blouses, hoodies, jackets, two-piece outfits, rompers, jumpsuits, bodysuits, casual dresses, print dresses, skirts, jeans, men’s hoodies, sports attire, plus size clothing, beautiful accessories, sexy lingerie and more. 3. BE INSPIRED by our practical fashion methodology: a. Direct the current trends with street snap and try-on hauls from our fashion icons. b. Personalize and create your outfit under guidance. c. Search for a personal stylist from 'Recommendations'. d. Add your favorite items to "My Favorites" or "Wishlist". e. More than 1000+ products updated daily. There must be at least one style that suits you. We wish that you have a perfect fashion shopping experience.

Top Reviews

  • Great Fashion App

    By SkySky2018
    ZAFUL has a huge selection in products with great styles and prices! I’ve ordered jeans, dresses, shoes and accessories from them, and I have been 100% satisfied with the overall shipping, quality, the clothes aren’t a rip off or scam. You get what you pay for and beyond! They always have codes so you can get more for great discounts. I punched in my offer codes and was able to save money by buying more! So worth it! But now this time, in order to get my free shipping I just have to wait a little longer for my items to arrive but totally worth it! Plus, the app is super simple and an easy way to get all of my fashion needs! When you type something in the search, all of trendy items pop up first. This saves much time. It also show you reviews shared by customers so you can get a good idea of the dress or outfit that you choose. I keep all my information saved so when I’m ready to check out it’s a quick process. I highly recommend this app to friends and family. I also appreciate ZAFUL and trust this company enough that I will gladly continue to spend my money for on their fabulous wear.
  • This store will surprise you!

    By cpjelly
    I know you’re looking at this app and thinking “yeah this seems like one of those trashy companies that use stock photos of cute clothes to sell garbage-quality knockoffs” because I thought the exact same thing. In the world of too-cute-to-be-true, I’ve had way more burns than successes. But I ordered a few pieces from this site (against my better judgment, tbh) and I was pleasantly surprised with the clothes I received. They do look like the picture! I won’t say the quality will blow you away- some things are more sheer than expected and have that texture of something definitely not off the Nordstrom rack- but otherwise the clothes are exactly what I wanted. They fit in the right places and looked GOOD. I can’t vouch for every one of their items; I only bought a few. But when I opened my first order and saw what arrived I instinctively reached for my phone to open the app again because I’m hooked now. Just take good care of the clothes (some small issues include thin material and potentially weak straps) and they should be well worth the inexpensive price you paid.
  • This app is terrible

    By Mallllllorwhy
    I ordered one coat on March 1st, 2019, with standard shipping. 8 days passed and i was starting to get concerned as the standard shipping says 3-9 days so i triple checked my email for a shipping confirmation and nothing was there. Meanwhile i was constantly getting emails with coupons (extremely annoying). So i decided to contact customer service. I pasted in my order number and immediately was told my item was out of stock. I ordered the jacket in white small, and it did not say out of stock before i added it to my cart, while i was putting in my payment info, or after i placed and confirmed my order. The agent on the other end was extremely unclear with why it was out of stock and what my options were, saying it would never go back on sale and then saying I could get it in 3 weeks and then saying I could only refund it. Customer service responds quick but is seriously unclear. I sent a screenshot of my order confirmation because the agent was claiming I did not pay for my order when I did, and as soon as I sent that screenshot they claimed i was using “abusive language” and ended the chat. I am extremely unhappy with my experience and will not be ordering from this site again. I would strongly suggest that you do not order from Zaful, terrible experience.
  • Terrible Customer Service

    By taytayistaytay
    I have been given a different answer regarding my issue every time I call customer service. I always give it more than 24 hours for the email to reach me regarding my issue and I’m back to square one with an automated message asking me to explain my issue. I’m tired of explaining that I want a refund for items that were not delivered to me. The USPS delivered my package to the wrong address and although I do not blame ZAFUL for this mistake, they are not doing anything to try and figure out where my package went. I have contacted USPS and I was told the package was confirmed as delivered, but it was clearly not delivered to my home. Each time I call customer service I either get “we will follow up with USPS and start a claim so wait 5-7 days” waited and nothing. “We will process a refund for you please wait 24 hours for an email” waited and nothing. Or the last one, “we can not give you a refund you have to call USPS but I will follow this up with support”.....DIDNT I JUST CALL SUPPORT? I’m so confused. Why can’t my issue be solved over one simple phone call? I really like ZAFUL’s prices and clothing and I want to experience it for myself, but I’m not going to want to order again if I receive this kind of treatment. I just want some sort of solution.
  • My stuff is not coming

    By Melojello14
    I went on ZAFUL for the first time and I loved it at first. It was pretty easy and everything was going great. I had 2 things in my cart to buy and and I proceeded to check out. I put in my information and all that but when it got to the credit card information the most annoying thing kept happening. I put in the numbers and all that and when I pressed continue it kept saying that the card I was using wasn’t valid or it just wasn’t working for some reason. I tried about 4 different cards a bunch of times. A visa gift card, credit card, debit cards and nothing was working. So after about 30 mins I just gave up. I accepted that I wasn’t going to get the things I wanted. Later that night I went to check my emails. I had gotten like 10 different emails saying “thanks for your purchase” from zaful. I was so confused. I went back to check and all of my order just said failed right next to them. It’s been about 3 weeks now and I haven’t received anything from zaful so I’m still not sure if I did something wrong or zaful just charged me for something I didn’t even get or what’s going on.

    By charlotte vabg
    Okay I have several issues so my first issue is I have refunded an item and I know Dham well it should be no problem because I placed the order that day they send me the email that night that they have refunded the order and TO MY SURPRISE I check my bank and IT IS NOT THERE I have not received my money for a refund so I go back to contact then and it is extremely difficult. I am very upset and disappointed I had very high hopes for this app but it is garbage and it highly disappoints me. I will be telling anyone who mentions this app that it is not reliable or responsive. My second issue is the shipping time. I had purchased a swimsuit for a trip I’m going on two weeks prior to going on the trip and I pay standard shipping. Standard shipping is usually 5-7 days. Hun it’s been almost two weeks and my swimsuit possible might not get here in time. It was my mistake for expecting it in standard time!?!? If you pay for standard shipping you should get it in standard time so shipping price is not at all fair or reasonable for the time in which it comes. You are not special if other companies do it you should do it to it’s just business. Another thing is I’ve called the support line and I was hung up on. Which is extremely rude.
  • Needs improved UX/UI

    By jdani7
    I am not writing this review based on the products or pricing in this app, I am writing this review based on my feedback from user experience and the layout and design. Credibility: I work for a software company whose app has been the top ten paid apps for months now, along with that I am an adamant online shopper and use many different apps on the daily. This app needs a lot of work. It is not intuitive at all and you can easily get lost. You click into one spot and can’t get back, there’s SO much stuff everywhere trying to find something is a task in itself. The search only works in certain instances. I checked in fine the first three days I had it and now I can’t find the check in spot. So instead I go to read about zpoints, click the check in and it wants me to sign in again? I am already signed into the app, why should a user have to sign in again? And no option to sign in w/ facebook on that page like I have been doing. I can go on and on. Nothing makes sense in this app. Maybe just reconsider the functionality and design because it makes me so scatter brained every time I open it. Very counter intuitive. Might have good products, but I don’t even want to go on to search because it’s a mess.
  • ZAFUL is a total mess

    By 3jazz2
    I ordered a package two weeks ago and the dispatch time continued to change from the date it originally was. If it says your dispatch day is the 19th, it’ll switch to the 27th that day and so forth. When you call customer service about it, their answer is that it tells you the estimated time in which it will be dispatched which will then give you a tracking number. It’s so inaccurate because they say the estimated time when ordering is 3-9 days for dispatch when really it can take up to 18+ just to be processed. I was told multiple things on what’s happening with my product. “It got lost”...”It’s out of stock”...”you didn’t pay for it” & I’ve heard each of these answers on the same day with three different helpers. I’m really starting to think they’re just scamming people with fake reviews. None of my friends have received any of their orders and calling to cancel it will put you in an endless argument of them trying to force you into keeping it. They’re either desperate for customers or all together scamming people for their money. Either way I’m NOT happy and would 100% recommend ordering off of the SHEIN app where they deliver in a timely manner and have great customer service.
  • Terrible service

    By mnusa09
    This company doesn’t even deserve 1 star. I’ve been an online clothing costumer for years and in all those years I’ve never had such a shady an untrustworthy experience. So I purchased two bathing suits and a week had passed and yet had not received a tracking number. So, I contact ZAFUL to make sure everything is all right with my order all to find out they had charged me for items that weren’t even available. I immediately let them know how wrong is this and they never assumed responsibility for this but worse, justify that it could be my fault for the time I add something to the cart and the time I purchase it , the item might not be available. I told them that’s a foul excuse , if something is unavailable, the company should inform you and not steel your money. Then ZAFUL told me if I wanted to replace the purchased item for another, to just pick another one and if there’s a money difference that they’ll send me a bill. NOOOO they should just owned up to their action, apologize, not give excuses and give an immediate full refund. Anyhow, I’m never purchasing from ZAFUL again . If I’d known about this, I would never even had trusted them in the first place. Always leave a review , positive or negative.
  • Worst company

    By habeicvensuev
    (Keep in mind this company pays people to write good reviews. Every good review on this is a paid person. Read the bad reviews and DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY) This company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I have never in my life written a bad review for a company but I had to with this one because it was so bad. I ordered something more than 2 weeks ago. 10 days ago I was notified that a shipping label had been created. It’s been 10 days and the shipping company still has not received the package. I have contacted zaful customer service 5 times now trying to figure out why fed ex has not received a package that a label was created for 10 days ago and they keep giving me the runaround, will not answer my questions and repeat the same incompetent response each time. They keep saying the package has been shipped and telling me to be patient but I contact fed ex (the shipping company they use) and they assured me that they have not received the package yet. Zaful is by far the worst company I have ever ordered from and urge everyone to not waste their money because it will be stolen, they will not ship your package and they will not help you or answer any questions you have.

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