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  • Last Updated: 2020-10-28
  • New version: 4.12.10
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Current - Bank for Modern Life

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Current - Bank for Modern Life is an iPhone and Android Finance App, made by Finco Services, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Finco Services, Inc., with the latest current version being 4.12.10 which was officially released on 2020-10-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 46,912 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.71103 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Current is a mobile bank with a Visa debit card that gets you paid up to two days faster and gives you free overdraft up to $100 with no hidden fees. Current Members can earn up to 15x points on purchases that are redeemable for cash back and have access to over 55,000 free ATMs, instant gas hold refunds as well as 24/7 member support. At Current, we believe our members should spend their hard-earned money on the things that matter most to them, and not on unnecessary fees and requirements, because we’re committed to providing premium banking to everyone and improving financial outcomes. We’ve got your back with up to $100 in free overdrafts with Overdrive™ and we deliver your paychecks up to two days faster than traditional banks when you sign up for direct deposit because while there are plenty of things in life worth waiting for, we don’t think your money should be one of them. Signing up takes just two minutes and there is no minimum balance requirement to open or maintain an account. We’ll then ship your new card for FREE. Join the Current Community today! CURRENT BENEFITS: • GET paid up to 2 days faster with direct deposit • FREE overdraft up to $100 with Overdrive™ • NO minimum balance requirement • NO hidden fees • EARN points from purchases and get cash back • FREE cash withdrawals from 55,000 ATMs worldwide • INSTANT gas hold refunds at the pump • MOBILE banking w/ instant spending notifications • SAVINGS PODS to help you automatically save money • DEPOSIT checks easily using your phone's camera or cash at 60,000 stores • INSTANT free, money transfers using Current Pay • APPLE PAY supported • TEEN bank accounts for those under 18 • BLOCK transactions from specific merchants • SECURITY of an EMV chip on each debit card and the latest technology • PRIVACY controls of Touch ID and Face ID • SUPPORT 24/7 (even on holidays!) We offer transparent pricing: A Basic checking account is free and a Premium checking account is $4.99 per month. A Teen account is $36 per year. It’s free to sign up for Current and all accounts start with a 30-day free trial. For Teen accounts, parents link their Current app with their teen’s app and set the card’s spending limits, have full visibility into purchases and balances with real-time alerts and can instantly transfer money onto the card.

Top Reviews

  • Hacked and customer service no help

    By agauth79
    Update** Three days later and the hackers are still attempting to use my daughters account, despite our reporting to Current the issue, and changing passwords several times. I had to have my parent side of the account removed completely to stop the scammers from trying to deposit money from my end. The scammer also tried to scam my younger daughters card as well. Lucky for us she had ignored the calls/texts before anything happened. Original review: The card we have for our kids got compromised. The hackers/scammers were very smooth. Had all of us fooled. The company isn’t being very helpful at this moment about returning the money, either. And even after contacting them about the fraud, somehow these scammers are still trying to use my account to steal money through my kids’ compromised account. I can’t remove the linked checking. Can’t pause it from making Deposits. It should only be allowing access via my Face ID, yet they still got in again. Looks like this is a new frequent issue for current users with these scammers yet no warning was sent out about this new scams. I do NOT recommend anyone use Current cards for your kids. They need to do better about security and be better about returning fraudulently stolen money and about earning customers when new scams are on the rise. We’ve been working with them for over two hours and there’s still no real resolution
  • Good idea, needs work

    By ampfrances
    I started free trials for two competing debit card companies, and this one came in second. It takes a full day to transfer funds from my bank account into my parent wallet in the app! That was way too long. I need the money there instantly. I debated this card in the first place because I wanted the chores to be checked off and payment to the kids to be made only if chores were done, but it is not a simple integration. Once you create the chores, you can’t edit them, so even if there is a typo, you are stuck with it! You can’t change the order that the chores appear for each day, and there isn’t a check box to check them off when they’re done. I started by creating a separate chore for EACH action I wanted done, but it takes up most of my screen to show one chore, and with three kids and at least 15 chores each, it wasn’t worth it. I decided to go with another card that does not have the chore option, but transfers to my parent wallet immediately, does not require such an elaborate password to get into the app (how about a PIN or fingerprint?), and I can turn each card on or off any time with only two clicks instead of three. If I think it’s lost? Off. If I can’t find it? Off. Kids have it safe in their wallet? On. Current does not have that option without reporting it stolen.
  • Awful!! Protect your money. Don’t use this.

    By MommyLeahK
    I have tried nearly every allowance app and current allowed me to schedule regular deposits on a particular date. However, when I went to set up regular allowance for the kids, it only gave me the option to transfer directly from my bank. It is not even an option to transfer from the parent account. That is the entire appeal of the app is to manage allowance funds in one central location. We get paid monthly so a monthly transfer to the parent account makes sense. However we want to pay the kids weekly from the funds in the parent account. As of yet I have not been able to set this up. I contacted support last week but beyond an automated response that said they received my message, I am still waiting to hear anything back. The concept is a good one, but perhaps not effectively executed. **UPDATE: I had to drop to one star because not only have I not had a response to my email, but I have been trying to get through on the phone and after about 20 minutes of holding a recording came on and said we are currently receiving a large volume of calls. Please email (tried that) or try our online support. Click. It hung up on me! After all that waiting, it doesn’t give you the option to continue holding your place in line. It just drops you so you either start over or give up. I am not giving up until I get a full refund.
  • Very helpful for my teen

    By candismalli
    This is helping my teen learn the value of money and budgeting. It is also wonderful to know when he is on school trips away from me that I can quickly transfer $ to his card within minutes if something unexpected comes up and not have to give him a bunch of what if cash- he goes on a lot of out of town contests! He used to ask me for certain things not realizing costs and now he compares prices and it is helping him to be a better spender and saver! I am able to set his weekly allowance and if needed I can transfer $ into his account immediately. One thing to note is that you need to have $ transferred from your bank into your parent current account ahead of time because it does take several days for it to clear. Once the $ is in your parent account though you can transfer to your child’s account as needed within minutes. Also if your child “owes” you $ for something it can be transferred from their account back to yours! I love that my son can have his card and not have to carry cash especially on those trips he takes with school.
  • Terrible

    By swanklyfe
    I’ve had the current card for a while for my teenage son. I’ve been having no success at signing into the account through the website or the app. I’ve contacted the company and all I got was a succession of robo emails. There’s no one to talk to when you make a complaint just emails. I have no problem signing in but every time I do it automatically routes me to a verification page with no other options. It asks for all my info which I give and it tells me there’s already an account with that information. Duh!!! It’s me!!! No matter how many times or different ways I try to access the account it always routes me this way. My sister can log into my sons account with no issue. I’ve left email after email with nothing but automated responses. I’m about to cancel his card and my nieces card as I have no way to properly access the cards nor does anyone from the company seem interested in assisting me. This has been an ongoing nightmare. Be careful before you put money into this. It seems as if there’s a robot running the company instead of actual people. Has technology gone so far that people in a company don’t take the time to deal with customers anymore? When it comes to money, technology is great, but when there’s an abounding issue with my money, I want to speak to a real person. If I could give it less than one star I would.
  • Do NOT bank with these crooks!

    By jdubhair31
    I had my card information used on a transaction and, at the time they were my financial institution. I locked my card and instantly contacted Current. To be told that I’d have to file a dispute which turned into a 6 month long battle. I have since switched banks to a regular big name. For $21 a month I was charged for them to take my money elsewhere. I canceled my account 81 days into the dispute. They had no idea when a “dispute representative” would call me. Even after they said by end of day each day I contacted them. The phones route you to the app support which if they don’t want to answer a question they just end the chat and refuse to answer again. The best description for this bank is: if you like stressing out over why your funds are being taken, this bank is the bank for you. I have since found a stress free banking team at Citi Bank. Back to the 81 days into the dispute. At 101 days they email me saying the dispute was complete that they refunded the money. Now, after all that they won’t respond to my support emails asking to reactive to transfer my funds out. Go figure right? They have had to do this to others. They have got the science to screwing people down. Day three of waiting for a response on them letting me get my funds out, still no answer. They do not even deserve 1 Star!
  • Useful but a Hastle

    By Spessman
    This app has been great for managing my own funds with my parents but it tends to break down, on my old phone and iPad it completely locked me out. My dad has been able to send funds from his account but I tried to get a dollar drink expecting my dad to have put funds in (I can’t read my funds because it locked me out) it was denied and I was like ok fair enough I’ll text my dad and he can’t send the funds because it says “Insufficient Funds” or “Transaction cannot be completed due to low funds” or something like that (that’s the point of me getting money????) we cant send the funds and now I can’t get paid my allowance. Even worse is the fact that we haven’t gotten responded too because the customer support has (so far) been non-existaint, the FAQ has so little awnsers that whatever you search either gives you nothing or the entire list. And since it’s named current, googling “Can’t send funds via current card app” just shows random BS for other banks and cards. It’s been so useful yet at the same time I want to punt my device through a window! Why can’t the updates actually fix these problems? We’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it doesn’t work so this just LOCKS PHONES!,!!
  • Never again

    I signed up for this account at 7am this morning. It would not allow me to use my apartment address for some reason so I just used my parents. It let me get all the way thru, telling me a card would be sent. I went in to change the address and it wouldn’t let me. Told me to submit a ticket!?? I did it THREE times? No one ever tried to contact me to help, so I sent an email twice..still nothing. Got on with chat who told me I have to send documentation just to change my address. I have NEVER had to do that with any other major bank. Called in, 20 min wait just for the rep to tell me she’s not going to stay on the phone with me until I get the email. (Which only takes a min) what a b****. Then I got back on chat with mike, he was helpful but still couldn’t change my address bc the date wasn’t visible on the renters insurance letter I got in the mail today. I ended up just requesting to cancel everything. If I have to go through a FULL days worth of back and forth for absolutely nothing, it’s not worth it. I’ll just keep the bank account I have currently. Also called back to speak to a manger at 5:40, I kid you not at 6:05 the automated system told me they were closed. This company is very ghetto and unprofessional. I regret taking so much time out to get this account up and running..I should have read the reviews first
  • Dope. Also love the color scheme.

    By Juiicy La'Noire
    I love current so far. At first I was skeptical when I first signed up only because I didn’t know if my money from my direct deposit was going to be loaded on my card on time or not since I was switching from another bank. Customer service is only available on weekdays from 9am-6pm which would be inconvenient if you stumbled across an issue on the weekend. Anyway I kept calling and they kept saying they don’t know anything until payday but eventually my money was loaded two days earlier on my regular white card. My premium black card didn’t even arrive yet but was still able to use all the benefits! Also I love the color scheme lol. I love pink I think it’s dope to have a colorful bank card instead of the boring originals out there. I would actually prefer to use the regular white card white then colorful outer rings over the premium black one. But that’s just me. If you want to chose a direct deposit card and don’t want a real bank for personal reasons. I suggest current! They’re dope.
  • Acct is locked with my money in it and I can’t speak to anyone...really?

    By VeroMal
    I researched 4 or 5 different card options similar to this one and I chose Current because I liked that I could assign tasks for payment to the kids and that they could request money. What I didn’t like was that it took 2 days to transfer funds. But after a couple transactions I was “approved” for immediate availability of funds. That was great but then there was an issue when current send a notification that the approval had been revoked because the funds weren’t paid. There was money in the account so I was confused. Instead of being able to call them and resolve it like every other service Current only gives you the option to email customer support. FRUSTRATING!!! The responses are slow and it’s absolutely ridiculous that in a business where you deal with OTHERS MONEY that you would have NO OPTION TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE. So now my acct is “suspended for review” AND I CAN’T REACH ANYONE TO DISCUSS IT AND RESOLVE IT so my money sits in a Current acct that I can’t even sign into while they are “reviewing”. And for something that has no website access the app isn’t detailed enough.

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