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  • New version: 5.1.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Five Below

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Five Below is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Five Below. Inc. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Five Below. Inc, with the latest current version being 5.1.0 which was officially released on 2021-02-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 489 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.89571 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

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Top Reviews

  • Love Hollar, but the app has an issue

    By Sarahzeena
    Let me start off by saying I LOVE Hollar and I’ve purchased several things since discovering the app. I’ve never had an issue with searching or ordering and I’ve had the app for a few months now. The only issue I have now is that when I’m in the app my iPhone 7 gets really hot. It never did that when I used it on my iPhone 6 so I don’t know if that’s an app issue or a phone issue. The Hollar app is also the only app I have that makes my phone get hot. I will continue to purchase stuff from Hollar but I will probably move away from the app till something changes. I don’t want to damage my phone shopping.
  • Great app... for about 5 minutes.

    By Guuuuuuuyÿ
    I love this store so the five below app was something that I was excited to find. I love looking at all of the awesome stuff on here the only issue is I can’t always see it. I will get into the app and go through one of the collections such as ‘create’ and go into ... oh idk... ‘pens and pencils’ and the app takes me too a blank white screen. I understand that maybe it will take a second or two to load the screen but Ik that it shouldn’t just sit in a white screen for minutes on end. I have tried seeing if I needed to update the app (and it already had the most recent update done to it) and I have tried restarting my phone to see if that was the problem (that’s didn’t work either). I even deleted the app and re-downloaded it to see if that would help and nothing changed.
  • Purchased many times, love it

    By Irrawaddy dolphin
    This app is pretty cool. There are lots of unique items, and the prices are okay. They used to be better, but now I mostly only buy the "price drop" items. However, shipping is pretty quick and items are well packaged. Also, with the new "Hollar member" thing, for only $2 a month you get free shipping! Also, please make an option to like or save items to look at later!! I'm kind of surprised this app doesn't have that.
  • Excited then Disappointed

    By KiMbErLyNn2021
    I have enjoyed shopping at the brick and mortar location so I was very excited to discover an app for the store. I have tried to log on to use the app several times and unfortunately each time I receive an error of some type. It either cannot find the server or it will not load at all. I have encountered other errors which I did not write down so I can’t share them. I am hopeful that whatever issues I am having I can resolve myself because it’s very possible I’m not doing something correctly. If others are also having problems using the app I hope the issues will be resolved soon because this is a great place to shop and I would enjoy using the app to shop until we no longer have to wear masks while shopping.
  • Shame, I used to love this app

    By Steviedickerson
    Never had issues before with this app but my most recent (and largest to date) order from them, I got a mysterious apologetic (kind of) email a few days later saying (oh don’t worry rest assured we definitely have your order)... and it’s like, um you better? I paid you money? Which is never a good sign like obviously send a confirmation email but a please don’t worry we got a bunch of orders and we are totes on top of it type emails never make it seem like you’re on top of things, rather that you planned quite poorly and have no qualms about keeping my money hostage with empty promises and lies. Weeks later and no order, when I sign in a large red font banner echoes empty promises that I refuse to buy. Never again.
  • Love it

    By TheOrangeFox
    I’ve been using Hollar for at least a year now. They have definitely improved their app and continue to make sure it runs smoothly. I’ve only had one problem (was sent the wrong colored item) which was quickly taken care of and was sent the correct one without complications or having to repurchase. Some items are cheap but so is the price. I love browsing what they have and make purchases a few times a year.
  • Just one thing

    By HorrorFandom
    I love the app, and all of the things about, but I just wish there was someway to organize things better. It would be great if there was “favorite” option, or “save for later,” or even a way to make lists. That would be a wonderful thing to add. Also, I hope that everything will be back in stock by the time Christmas shopping comes around. There’s drink-ware, children toys/books, and travel supplies I’m wishing to get for Christmas.
  • Junk!

    By ajean07@
    I was so excited for this app and even more excited it only took 3 days to get our stuff! Spent over $100 and then I opened the box 😤🤯 everything was thrown in like it was junk being tossed away to the trash 😡 this is NOT okay!! Yeah, there was bubble packaging but only on top of the merchandise! Every antler on our glitter reindeer is broken, glitter is EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING (you couldn’t have atleast wrapped it in separate wrapping?? We ordered bleach and we’re lucky it didn’t bust!! It’s just sitting there with the rest of the stuff not wrapped separately either!! I will definitely be deleting the app and not purchasing again!
  • Love the app, but..

    By just here for the games
    I wish there was a way to save things I like to go back later to if I don’t feel like purchasing right at that moment or with the couple things I may already have in my cart. If you could make that possible I’d give this app a 12/10 instead of the 9/10 I’m at right now! Thank you for just taking it to consideration.
  • Too Hard to Order

    By Tmarie91
    App is clunky and inefficient. I put a bunch of stuff in my cart which I then planned to weed thru when I was ready to buy. Ridiculously slow and times out and then seems to "forget" what it was processing. Dollar Tree is much better. Too bad you lost my business before my first order... I have seen so many complaints about shipping times - that it almost seems suspicious. Like they are slowing down the process because they can't keep up with orders. Oh, and developers? Don't bother sending me some "canned" message about contacting you directly. Really. I won't be back. App deleted.

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