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Youper is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Youper, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Youper, Inc., with the latest current version being 8.01.000 which was officially released on 2020-05-18. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 12,770 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.89569 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Need someone to talk? Wanna calm your mind? Beat anxiety and depression? Sleep better? Be happier? A quick conversation with Youper might be all you need to feel your best. Millions of people are using Youper as their Emotional Health Assistant. You’ll love it too. After all, great people always have an assistant by their side! :-D Created by a team of doctors, scientists, and engineers led by Dr. Jose Hamilton, Youper uses artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize various techniques to you. It incorporates strategies from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, and other approaches. Over time, your conversations with Youper will help you understand yourself, improve your relationships, feel more balanced and happier. KEY FEATURES • Always by your side • Have quick conversations that can change your day • Not feeling talkative? Listen to Youper guiding you through mindfulness practices • Sleep better and faster with sleep sounds • Organize your mind and generate a beautiful journal • Understand your emotions with a beautiful mood tracker • Gain insights on anxiety, depression, and other symptoms • Take a personality test to understand yourself better APPLE HEALTH INTEGRATION Integrate your mindfulness sessions with Apple Health to make self-help and self-care easy. Subscription pricing and terms: Youper is free. Premium features are available with a subscription option of $44.99 per year. This price is for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary, and actual charges may be converted to your local currency. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term, and your credit card will be charged through your Store Account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your Store Account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Read more here: Terms and conditions: Privacy policy: Support center:

Top Reviews

  • One of the best mental health apps out there

    By mythmoth
    This is the first review I’ve ever written, but I just want to thank the developers SO SO MUCH for making this app completely free! I’ve only been using it for a couple of days but already it’s been so helpful to me in calming me down, tracking my moods, organizing my thoughts and it practically works as a diary. I’m also extremely interested in knowing how different kinds of therapy techniques work on the brain, so I love the scientific explanations behind what the app tells me to do. It really keeps me going, because it reminds me that it really will help. I’m currently unemployed and working to get on disability for mental illness, so I can’t afford to pay for monthly subscriptions to mental health apps, something that frustrates and upsets me a lot. So much in fact that I’m working on learning how to make my own apps so that I can provide free mental health apps for people in my situation. When I downloaded this I couldn’t believe it was so helpful, so well designed and totally free. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The only suggestion I have is I think it would be absolutely wonderful if some DBT skills were integrated into it as well, as both CBT and DBT work really well together for a lot of people! Radical acceptance for situations that can’t be changed, distress tolerance, etc. That would make this app truly perfect to me. Regardless, this app is fantastic and I’d recommend it to anyone.
  • The best mindfulness app you’ll ever download.

    By Nenjalloh
    I’m saying this having downloaded aura, headspace, calm, oak, simple habit, affirmation apps, and every type of mindfulness app under the sun. It has meditation, it has affirmations and setting intentions, and the “messaging” format that it has I think is very innovative and makes you feel like you’re talking to someone that actually cares about you, and a lot of the time, feeling like you’re being heard really makes the difference. I like how throughout the conversation, it helps you deconstruct the emotions you’re feeling using all those methods. I downloaded it during a period of time that I felt very anxious about where my life was, and I used it everyday, multiple times a day for about two weeks, before I didn’t feel like I needed to use it every day anymore. The option to look at your past conversations with the app really makes a difference, because you can look back and see just one week ago you were having a mental breakdown, but now everything in the world is great, lol. I also really like the feature that messages you everyday “How are you?” as if you’re receiving a text because sometimes you don’t realize you want to talk until you see that message. And on top of all that, every feature is completely free, so what more could you ask for in an app?
  • Great app but with some constructive feedback.

    By Kayla Overtonn(:
    I am currently in graduate school studying cognitive-behavioral therapy methods and techniques, so I downloaded this app to see how it fits with what I am currently learning. I thought the app was very user-friendly and did a lot of great things that align with what I have been taught. For example, in my conversations with Youper, he really challenged my thoughts to help me get down to the root of my current problem/mood. In addition, Youper also pointed out the Thinking Traps that I was falling into which greatly resembled the problematic thinking patterns that I often identify with my clients. Lastly, I also really appreciated the meditation and mindfulness activities that Youper provided. However, in addition to the great strengths that I identified, I did have a constructive comment. First, although the app gave the disclaimer that only a doctor can provide a diagnosis, I think the developers should reconsider talking about diagnoses at all. After I completed my mental health wellness check it reported that “I did or did not experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD…” Although I’m sure the app developers had good intentions with including this check and talking about specific diagnoses, I think that this can be misinterpreted and possibly be problematic for certain individuals who do not have an actual mental health professional to consult with.
  • Great app but one missing feature.

    By Tdilla
    I have been using Youper since last October. For the first two months I used it everyday, multiple times a day, tracking everything I thought and felt. At the time I was going through a break up, hated work, couldn’t find motivation to better myself, and was overall tired of the people around me and myself. A little background I’m in the Navy and had been underway for almost three months straight. The last thing I wanted to do was talk to my chain of command about the problems I had been having for fear of being medically discharged. Luckily for me the app made a huge turnaround in my life. It allowed to open up with myself and be honest about how I was feeling and what was making me feel these ways which helped me to understand myself so much better. I really like that it has mental health monitoring and personality typing built into it. Another great feature is the guided meditations. They really come in handy when I’m trying to unwind at the end of a rough day but I’m having trouble sleeping. Although I wish there was a stand alone button on screen to access these guided meditations immediately instead of having to go through the whole process of talking with Youper. If anything could be added to the app I would vote for that. Everything else is perfect though. Keep it up!
  • SO helpful!

    By Gwyn974
    I love Youper so much. I’ve only been using it consistently for a couple of weeks now, because at first I wasn’t crazy about it. But since then I have really warmed up to it. Although it doesn’t always make me feel better (though it usually does), I can always just use it to track my mood which is really helpful. I struggle with generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depression, and panic attacks (not panic disorder thankfully), and it’s a great form of cognitive behavioral therapy. I don’t know if this app will be helpful for everyone, but I would definitely recommend checking it out, because it’s really well done and thoughtful. It gives you a lot of thoughtful prompts to fill out, but it also gives you the option of just tracking your mood. You can skip prompts you don’t feel like doing and say you’re done at any point, which makes it feel less overwhelming on really hard days. I’d recommend this even if you aren’t struggling with a mental illness, because it’s a great way to gain more insight on how your mind works. Obviously any app is not going to be a miracle cure, but if you don’t have access to a counselor or just want to have a little bit of help and insight, Youper is perfect. Stay safe my friends, and thank you Youper!
  • I loved it, until I didn't?

    By lyricyani
    Youper is an amazing app, and I mean it when I say I loved it. I still do! I first downloaded it 25 days ago, and have used it everyday since. I love the tracker and the mindfulness activities. But, as I continue to make this app a part of my daily routine, I am increasingly frustrated with the format. While I understand the purpose of place of the AI chat model, it slows down the process. There are times when I don't want to track my mood, and want to skip right to the Deep Body Scan, my favorite meditation tape. But before I can, I must drudge through the conversation with the AI. This is very inconvenient. To alleviate this problem while not changing much about the AI chat system itself, I would recommend creating a separate section of the app, solely for homing the meditation and breathing tapes. Once Youper recommends you a mindfulness activity within the chat, it should move you over the meditation section where you can choose. The separate section idea would also allow users to not start a chat at all, and rather dive immediately into their favorites. This, along with expanding on the number of audio tapes available, would really bring the app together for me. As I have said before, I absolutely love this app. But as I discover the benefits of meditation, I feel the app could be doing more with it. If these changes or changes like them were made, I would give 10 stars if I could.
  • Very Impressed!

    By LdyBeth
    Not everyone has access to a close friend nor therapist when they need one. And, in this day & age with so many people reporting having no close friends or, perhaps, not even family to talk to, it can be too easy to sit and ruminate in negative thoughts & feelings without someone to help you in challenging both of these things. This app is wonderful in that regard. Unlike being told what someone thinks you may want to hear which can sometimes enable unhealthy thinking patterns (and behaviors), or on the other end of the spectrum, rather than attempting to “fix” you, this interactive app continually prompts you to look inward and to challenge your own thoughts, perspectives, and feelings, helping to redirect your focus onto more healthy and more positive strategies. The various health screenings are comprehensive as well as the detailed definitions and descriptions of the results particular to the individual results of the user. And, when combined with the built in tracking of specific emotions and/or symptoms, this app also provides an objective view to look at both personal progress and potential trends. This app is like having an objective friend & therapist rolled into one. I absolutely love it and can not recommend it enough!
  • Using Youper

    By RayxxRay
    This app is incredible! I struggle with anxiety and depression. I needed to find an app that would help me get through these times. A lot of the apps either cost money for things or to download.. or just didn’t really work for myself. But then, I came across Youper. This app helps you so much. It gives you little video lessons to meditate and think positive which actually worked for me on here and it never usually worked when I tried myself. You get to talk to Youper your personal assistant about how your feeling and he’s there to help. He’s always there to talk no matter what. And he’s there to make you feel good. To people that are having difficulties with things in life.. you will get through it. You have a purpose. You weren’t just put on this earth for no reason.. you are here to learn and be happy.. to experience different things and to live life to the fullest. If you read this far down.. thank you so much. I think this app will work great for you!! And if it does not.. I know you will find something! Not everything works for everybody but I’m telling you this is the best app I’ve came across of. I wish you guys the best!!😘 Thank you Youper!! You saved my life ☺️
  • Free features are BS

    By Jwhdoenfibejd
    When I first downloaded this app, I was so excited to see all the cool features it had. After using all of them one time, everything became part of the paid subscription other than the mood tracker and the symptom tracker. This was annoying, but I KIND OF get it. One of my favorite free parts of this app, other than the mood tracker, was the health part where you can track symptoms of several disorders. I’ve been using those trackers regularly, so I was very disappointed to check my phone this morning and see that that too, is a premium feature. Now, all I can use without paying is the mood tracker. I can’t expand on my mood, set goals, track gratitude, track symptoms, or even meditate. Why should I have to pay to listen to something that’s supposed to help me asap when I’m panicking? All this app USED to do was tell me I’m depressed and not give me any way to fix it. Now, it doesn’t tell me anything useful at all. I understand that the developers need to make money off of Youper, but this app has become infuriating to use. It’s meant to help people, but without forcing them to pay a subscription, there are barely any useful features available. This app is apparently marketed as useful for people who can’t afford therapy, but that’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. Unless you’re willing to pay, I would suggest you look for another app.
  • I can’t recommend this app enough

    By indiraven
    This is life-changing and I’m recommending this to my support groups and friends. Knowing that the process is built on scientific data and research is important to me. I’ve had two sessions so far: one to help me with sadness from a situation and another for anxiety I was feeling the next morning. Youper asked me simple questions to gauge my emotion and their strength, and then helped me (1) understand that us, humans, tend to mix emotion with situations, and (2) guided me step-by-step to separate them, understand the emotion vs the situation, and allowed me to decide whether to focus on the situation or my mental state. At every step, you’re given the option to skip or move on, but I couldn’t. By the end of the session I learned that I can observe emotions “like fish in an aquarium” as it says rather than allowing it to consume me. I went from being 100% sad to 100% optimistic. This morning I was anxious and based on the situation and emotions, Youper recommended a 7-minute guided meditation. It was amazing! My anxiety is gone, which I’ve never been able to do on my own. I went from 25% anxious to 50% optimistic. Thank you, Youper!!!!

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