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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-09
  • New version: 1.6
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Fingerhut Mobile

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Fingerhut Mobile is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Bluestem Brands. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Bluestem Brands, with the latest current version being 1.6 which was officially released on 2020-11-09. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 537 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.09683 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Manage your Fingerhut account anytime, from anywhere! View your account information, pay your bill and more. Sign in with your existing username and password, or use Touch ID or 4-Digit Pin if you prefer. Once you’re in, start managing your Fingerhut account with some of these exciting features: • Pay your bill • View your current available credit • View your current balance • View past orders and payments • View scheduled payments • Stay up to date on special deals and promotions • With push notifications, receive payment reminders and more • Simple sign in using Touch ID or a 4-Digit Pin We hope you enjoy the Fingerhut app!

Top Reviews

  • Not was I was expecting..

    By Angryfckncustomer
    I applied for the Freshstart program and bought my first product. It took my $30 down payment several weeks to process and after it was processed my order was cancelled and I had to call customer service. The guy I spoke to with customer service was disrespectful and he didn’t seem certain about his responses and he continued to try to speak over me. When I was finalizing my order he asked if I wanted to buy any other items and when I said no he asked me if I was sure.. yes, I’m sure... Later I found out that the freshstart program was just a trial and I could only purchase 1 item on this program and my purchase/payment history would be reviewed and they could choose to accept/deny any further transactions by me. Also, the products are not priced fairly, kind of expensive for what you’re buying. I just do not feel comfortable with paying $50+ for shoes for my 2 y/o on top of a $30 down payment with the chances of my credit line being declined. If I do not get accepted then that would result in me paying $80 for a pair of shoes then may only be worth $20-$30. I hope it turns out to be what I hoped it would be, a line of credit that I can open and be treated fairly for making payment on time and for the right amount so that it can be beneficial to my credit score. I just cannot be sure that my line of credit will be accepted at the moment and it is an unsettling feeling, Like even if I may accurate payments on time, I will still get declined.
  • Worst company ever!!

    By Dbla26
    I have been banking with Fingerhut for almost 2 years and I have been trying to work on the fresh start card for people who have bad credit and need help establishing good credit supposedly. I had tried three times in my process to complete the fresh start credit card, the first two attempts I had made the mistake and did not pay my payment on time bad news for me. But I went in for a third time but this time I was going to be smart about it and set up auto pay. Apparently their auto pay only works for one month make sure you double check that they are going to make payments every month on time because they have not done that for me. I was having a great day until I received a phone call from one of their offices stating that I had missed a payment. I had then immediately hang up the phone looked at my profile and lo and behold the auto pay had not gone through. I then called customer service immediately asked for a manager spoke with a woman named Denise she was very apologetic but did not want to help me with removing the past due statement. I did not have a good feeling going into this company and I do not have a good feeling going out of this company. I’m paying off the rest of my balance and I will never return to this company. I hope that you come to your senses and illuminate the scam artists the momentYou have the chance.

    By njflchick
    I have been with FINGERHUT for years I absolutely love this company when I need something and I’m tight on funds they are always there I do not have auto payment but have used it before and never had any issues....let’s face it when you buy something on credit you know you have a monthly payment it is up to you and only you to make sure you make that payment you’re an adult not a child !!!! I think it’s time for you to grow up and take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming everyone else.... This is the most amazing place to shop with excellent customer service and amazing products not to mention the prices and extremely reasonable payments ....I stand behind them 100% not one time on any product or purchase have I had any issues or problems !!!!! I have excellent credit but still shop here and always will....Grow up and make your payments just like all of your other bills or do you blame them as well if you miss a payment ???? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO SHOP HERE !!!! YOU WILL BE EXTREMELY HAPPY YOU DID !!!!! ONE OF THE TOP BUSINESSES ONLINE HANDS DOWN !!!! DO NOT LET ONE BUYERS OWN ISSUES STOP YOU FROM SHOPPING THIS APP.
  • Can’t view statements

    By brittanyhutsell
    Products I received were ok. Not really the quality for the prices but still we’re decent. However, the App does not have a link for statements (that I can find). I called in today to find out why my balance was so high and not going down despite me paying more than the minimum payment each month. Found out I’ve been getting charged each month for a late fee for paying ONE DAY LATE. I was charged a late fee for 9 out of the 12 months I have had the account (over $250). My bill is due the 2nd of the month but I don’t get paid until on the 3rd of the month when I get my social security so I pay all my bills on the 3rd. I didn’t think one day would matter since I have never been charged on any of my other bills for being a day or 2 late. I get no statements and it doesn’t show up on my account summary on the app or the emails and texts I receive. I had no idea until I spoke to customer service. I couldn’t even find the link for statements from the browser site! The customer service representative had to tell me where to look. I had to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, past the ads to find a teeny, tiny link to get to the statements page!
  • Worst customer service

    By caitlynmwatts
    First of all they don’t let you edit any of your information online. Online it says to contact them to change your address. Okay no big deal. I said I needed to change my address from this to that. Well they responded my shipping and billing address needed to be the same.. okay that wasn’t the subject I just need the address changed I mean it’s fine to change them both that’s what I meant. Then they said that I needed to contact support by phone (which was BEYOND disrespectful). I copied and pasted what their website said that if you have a change in address then you need to mail it in to change it. Okay no big deal. I emailed again and asked if I needed to just write a letter and say “hey this is my new address” or if I needed to include proof of residence since there’s no information on online... they said I needed to call. It was a simple yes or no question. The people on the phone are so rude and disrespectful and he kept talking over me so I just hung up on him. They send you the same canned response emails without answering your questions. I’m definitely going to try to cancel this card because I can’t even change my address on it and support is literally the worst. Honestly at this point they can just shove it.
  • Where is my product????

    By Consumer, Stay Away
    Fingerhut is a scam. I am currently looking into getting myself an attorney through my prepaid legal service. I filed a police report to research the delivery of my product and it has taken two months and I still have not heard from anyone. Anyone that is viewing this, DO NOT PURCHASE. I am still making payment to a product that I don’t have because I don’t want to ruin my credit. UPS stated they delivered to my door, my apartment manager checked cameras and helped file the police report that no one dropped a package to my door and no one signed for it either. Fingerhut stayed they would send me my product after their investigation me but it’s been two months and no word. Fingerhut, it is not right what you are doing to your consumers. Everyone in customer service are the nicest, sweetest kind of liars! And good luck speaking with a manager. I’m currently reaching out to the BBB. If anyone has had the same experience please, voice your opinion so we can bring awareness to this companies scam. This is the only way this company can improve and become honest.
  • Great for a fresh start!

    By DatLean
    I first started with Fingerhut as a fresh start account with only $130 limit. I bought my fiancé a g-shock watch with it. I made my down payment and was able to pay it off within a couple of months. They graduated me to a regular account raised my limit to $200 within the first six months. I bought a few more things and paid that off with in six months. Now 1 year later after making every payment on time, and not just the minimum, I have a $400 limit. There are a lot of items that you will find are sold at retail price so if course it seems more expensive. Not gonna lie the timberland boots I bought were the same price as it was on the timberland website, just like the G-Shock I bought my husband was the same price as the department store.
  • Disgraceful Customer Service.

    By Badauss
    Unless this is your absolutely only option for credit, I wouldn’t go anywhere near them. They already charge way above average, which is understandable for the low credit risk they are taking. However, I ordered some boots early for my wife for Christmas. They took forever to arrive, and when they did, I wrapped them up and didn’t think twice about it. Come Christmas morning she opens them up, and they are about 5 sizes bigger than what I ordered. However, I was now outside their “60 day return window.” Completely understandable if I had mistakenly ordered the wrong size, or changed my mind about wanting the product. They refused to budge and I was left paying for THEIR mistake and stuck with a pair of boots that I already overpaid for, so had absolutely no chance of recouping the money. The customer service here is absolutely horrible, the app is clunky, and outdated, and you will overpay for everything they sell. I would not recommend this company to anyone.
  • App is glitching

    By Anonymously1975
    I loved using the app until about 2 weeks ago. I noticed every time I would shop it constantly kept opening another search or some other page. It did it back to back that I couldn’t see what it said I could only “X” out of it. I gave it some time and wanted to try it again and got the same results. I guess I’ll just pay off my balance and leave the account. The other thing that bothers me are the temporary increases. I’m working towards bettering my credit score and these temporary increases hurt it when I choose not to use it and you take it back. I have other credit cards that help with raising and repairing my score.
  • Attitudes of Customer Service Adgents

    By CC Tinky
    First, when you call it’s not easy to get directly to a representative. Secondly, when I just called it must have been routed to a foreign country. Don’t get me wrong, that, in and of itself, wasn’t the issue. The issue was the poor man was waiting to read whatever prompted on his screen, and it was no different than talking to a computer. I only ever got someone who was competent the first time I called. Today, though, they both sounded like they hated their jobs!! I don’t expect someone to be hyper, but a normal intro for a rep would be more like, “Hi, my name is ——-. How may I assist you today?” What I got was near silence, and I had to say everything!! C’mon people!! As much as you mail your magazines (wasting trees!!!) and send your emails, you could at least be happy on the phone with your customers!! I think I’ll pay off the little $50 I owe and be done with them!

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