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  • Last Updated: 2020-05-19
  • New version: 5.5.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

StepsApp Pedometer

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StepsApp Pedometer is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by StepsApp GmbH. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - StepsApp GmbH, with the latest current version being 5.5.1 which was officially released on 2020-05-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 61,975 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7843 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

10+ Million users already enjoy StepsApp. StepsApp turns your iPhone into a simple and beautiful step counter. Just put your phone in your pocket and off you go. STEPSAPP INCLUDES • Automatic step counting • Stunning charts and animations • Apple Health integration • Apple Watch support • Workouts with GPS tracking • Active calories • Powerful month and year view • Trends • Six beautiful colors – also change the app icon • iMessage app • Today widget • More Daily goals & Notifications • Social media sharing • Wheelchair support • Export data • No extra hardware required YOUR ACTIVITY AT A GLANCE • Quick overview of your daily steps, distance, time, floors climbed, and active calories. • Beautiful weekly, monthly, and yearly charts. • See your progress directly in the today widget. • Display your current step count or wheelchair pushes on the app icon. • Notifications when you have reached your daily activity goal. • Weekly Report • Set and reach your goal… step by step. APPLE WATCH & APPLE HEALTH • Synchronize and import your activity data via Apple Health. • Track your activity with your iPhone and your Apple Watch. • StepsApp will merge your steps automatically. • Now with Apple Watch workouts with GPS tracking. • Securely store your actively burned calories in Apple Health. STEPSAPP FOR EVERYONE • Also enjoy StepsApp with VoiceOver. • Instead of steps, track wheelchair pushes with your Apple Watch. • StepsApp supports more than 20 languages. CUSTOMIZE & SHARE • Spice up your charts with six beautiful colors. • Also change the App Icon • Share your achievements on social media directly from StepsApp... • …or with our brand new iMessage app! Your activity tracker to form a habit of walking, running, hiking and weight loss. StepsApp Privacy Policy: * StepsApp requires iPhone 5s or newer

Top Reviews

  • Really good step counter

    By TXcowboy39
    First off... this app isn’t a subscription type app. It does work with your Apple Watch. Have mine running on a Series 4. It uses mostly the data that your watch and iPhone already collect... your steps. The only difference is how that data is used and presented. The app allows you to set your own daily goals, including calories burned goals for the day. The Activities app that Apple includes with the Apple Watch doesn’t allow you to alter your goals in any way. Not even the daily calorie goal. Which I think is kinda stupid. I work at a desk most of the day and I was finding it really difficult to meet the default 5000 daily steps the Activities app sets for you. Or the 460 daily calorie goal from activity. With this app, I can set my daily goal to whatever step count I want, and even the daily activity calorie goals, to something more realistic for me personally that I can achieve... but I do push to exceed those goals as much as I can. All the other apps I came across with similar features were all subscription based services... many costing upwards of $100/yr. I hate subscription services... especially for an app I’m buying. Just stupid. Save your money and just pay the $2.99 for a simple to use app and be done with it.
  • A Great Motivator

    By The Builder....
    I have been using the Apple Watch and iPhone for a number of years, but then, I came across the Steps App, and once installed, I was quite impressed! The makers had a unique way of creating an app that is centered on the one thing that I, along with a LOT of other people look to see when using the Activity app: Steps.... The only thing I would recommend for improvement is that when we use the app to actually record an actual walk, we should be able to see how many miles we have walked instead of yardage.... Other than that, very impressive app! The graphics, colors, and data breakdowns in days, weeks and months are all very helpful. Lastly, the “motivation” of it in helping you to achieve at least 10,000 steps daily (or whatever other steps goal you would like to achieve) through a series of notifications, along with your weekly progress on Wednesdays and Sunday’s is also very informative and helpful! All in all: If you want to have a good motivation tool for achieving new steps goals, and ultimately a more active lifestyle, I highly recommend that you have this in your app Arsenal!
  • This app is everything to me than anything other step counter

    By SamuBens
    My family mostly uses a Fitbit and I didn't have one because I don’t like wearing things around my wrist and this app doesn’t make me put something around my wrist. I downloaded the app for free half a year ago and so ever since then the app really kept me motivated because I like the sense of pride and reaching step, calories, mile, and hour goals give me that sense of pride I love. I eventually “bought” the pro version of the app and I am more addicted to the app I had ever been. I really love how efficient, simple, and easy to use. It is also visually pleasing to me and love the 6 different colors. I honestly would say this app is worth more to me than any other step count app or brand. It’s so easy and cheap. I love this app so much. Even my friend was interested in it and showed her what the app does for free and the perks of the pro version of the app. ————————————————— If you’re looking for a step counter that is easy, efficient, simple, visually pleasing, and cheap I recommend this app to you!
  • A standing ovation for one of the best step counter apps out there

    By Itenoria
    I have been an avid Fitbit user for the last 2 years. But I had a problem with the wristband and whilst having it fixed, I figured I should get a step counter on my phone, something to use in the interim. I am however proud to say I haven’t gone back to my Fitbit ever since. Steps App has done a brilliant job of keeping track of my step counts (and even better it doesn’t do that annoying thing Fitbit does when sometimes the band can’t tell whether you are walking or you are in a cab. This app only counts the actual steps you take). I love how I can set goals for my steps and the stairs I want to climb, plus the amount of activity I want to do. I even love how it also registers the calories I am burning when I walk, and how accurate it is to. Using Steps has been a wonderful experience and I totally recommend it to anyone else. Also, you get most of the nifty features with the free version. But I love the change of colour the pro gives me.
  • Amazing!!!

    By DerWil13
    This app has saved me so much times. I am in 5th grade and this app is very easy to use. Apple watches are not allowed at my school 😢 so I have to wear my old Garmin watch. It syncs with apple healh so I don't want to look at my phone every time I want to know how many steps I have taken, so I was on the hunt for an app that will sync apple healh data to my watch. I came across ActivityTracker, and that was $1.99, but still awesome. Then after about 3-4 months, the app stopped working and wouldn't sync. I re-downloaded the app and it still did not work!!! I was really angry😡😡! Then I found StepsApp! This app is easy to use, and if you have an apple watch, I recommend buying StepsApp Pro! I have been using this since my other app died and it has been a rock star! It syncs AUTOMATICALLY which is a bigger deal than you think, because it will save you so much times! Thank you StepsApp!! 😀👏🌟
  • Steps to Success

    By Sr. Anne
    Very good app. I’m 68 y/o and I’m slowing down. This app lets me know how many more steps to reach my goal of 5,000 steps per day. I’m a busy Teacher/Nurse. When I first started this, I was disappointed with how few steps I was taking when I thought I was walking a marathon...ok...a half marathon. Seriously, I was just trying to get 5,000 steps. I found that by walking the long hall instead of the short one I could get in 500 more steps. Then I would add on another longer route to where I was going and add a few more steps, etc. After 3 weeks, I finally conquered 5,300 steps today! Yessss! Now that I’m taking my classes to clinical, I won’t have to worry about reaching my goal for the remainder of the semester since I will exceed 5,000+ each day. Then I start over for the Spring Semester. Excellent helping me a lot. Maybe I’ll try for 6,000 steps. : )
  • Great App

    By Jack’s iTunes
    I use this App every day for general step count and Outdoor walking. I found it to be very accurate until recently. When I walk outdoors my steps are tracked separately from my general steps until I stop the Outdoor Walk, then it combines the total steps in the general count. Recently I have noticed a difference in the counts. As an example, today I had already walked about 3654 general steps and then turned on Outdoor Walk. When the Outdoor walk was finished, I was showing that Walk at 10,642 steps, yet my total step count is only 6,539, when I thought it would be 17,281. This is the second time I have noticed this type discrepancy in the past two weeks. Also, would much prefer a way to reach out to Steps APP support, other than doing a review. If it is in the APP, then please make it easier to find. I don’t do social media...
  • Daily Goals

    By $outhernMonkey
    I really love StepsApp. I will definitely change my star rating to 5 stars if the app would allow daily goals to be individualized. When I set a daily goal for a certain amount of steps depending on what I’m doing that day then it changes my past daily goals to the current day. There are some days that I know I’m going to be very busy at work at my desk so I set my goals according to that. The app helps me remember that I have a goal to meet. But then on a Sunday when my husband and I are going to be lazy I prefer to set my goals low and not worry about whether I meet them or not. Like I said then all of my other daily goals change to match. I was disappointed when I discovered what I consider a flaw in the app. I did choose to buy the app thinking maybe that would upgrade but it didn’t. I still love the app but I wish the daily goals were separated.
  • Great Widget Integration

    By cjenns
    This app is great. Be sure to take advantage of the widgets on the widget screen and by 3D touching (long press on any device come iOS 13) the home screen icon. Watch the app or the widget update in near real time as you walk with a cool animation thrown in for extra polish. Great app. Great system integration. Reward the great development and pay the modest price to upgrade to the paid version. I did and I’m just sitting on my couch most of the time. The walking guy icon does not animate when your sitting on the couch. You will have to actually get up and walk around to see the app in action. A demo mode so you can remain on the couch would be a nice feature. But for now you will have to actually get on your feet and move to see the step tracking features. So there’s room for improvement.
  • Mostly good, but could be better

    By Daily reader 43
    I like this app, but it’s not accurate for flights of stairs. I live on the third floor of an old building with high ceilings. That’s 21 steps up, walk 15 steps down the hall to the next flight, and then another 18 steps up. This app calls that 1 flight of stairs. I did laundry an went up those stairs 6 times, that’s 12 flights. This app counted it as 5. Also, what if I leave my phone behind as I walk down and in back to take out the trash? I know that’s at least 200 steps going down, out back and coming back up. But there’s no way to add those steps manually. Also, the app doesn’t let you decrease your goals always. I could with the steps, but not with the stairs. Other than all that, I like using this app. It makes counting my steps fun. **** Reply to developer who attempted to “help.” READ MY REVIEW: I said how long/ tall the flights are here. This is an old bldg. with 10/12 ft. ceilings. And I ALREADY sync with my Apple Health app. And the rest of that crap about turn on or turn of the sensor? It’s gobbledegook. I want an easy app to count my steps. And I want to be able to manually correct it or add flights or steps that got missed. I do not want to program that myself and I shouldn’t have to. You are the app developer. This is your app. Your job is to do the programming. So. Do. It.

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