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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-20
  • New version: 5.081
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Curtsy — Thrifting, Delivered

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Curtsy — Thrifting, Delivered is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Curtsy, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Curtsy, Inc., with the latest current version being 5.081 which was officially released on 2021-03-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 26,196 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.82897 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Turn your clothes into cash ~ Curtsy makes it easy to sell your cute stuff • Post in 30 seconds • Instant Payouts to get your money fast • Low seller fees • Buyers don't need the app to shop Love to shop? ~ Introducing Nordstrom quality at used prices. • FREE SHIPPING on thousands of items • 1-3 day shipping on all items • Shop from women in your size As featured on TechCrunch, JEZEBEL, The Clarion Ledger, The Oxford Eagle, Daily Mississippian and more! Most popular brands: NBD • Lulu’s • Tobi • Free People • BCBG • Misguided • Alice + Olivia • Planet Blue • Lovers + Friends • Revolve • Altar’d State • Mara Hoffman • Hello Molly • Show Me Your Mumu • Urban Outfitters • Parker • For Love & Lemons • ASOS • Vera Wang • Nike • Windsor • Forever 21 • Finders Keepers • Alice & Trixie • Gap • Madewell • Showpo • White Fox Boutique • Alice & Trixie • Nasty Gal • Boohoo • Ralph Lauren • Sabo Skirt • ZARA • Banana Republic • Solace London • American Threads • Blue Life • Peppermayo • Topshop • Amanda Uprichard • Keepsake • Naven • Honey Punch • Bebe • Gianni Bini • Xenia • L’ATISTE • Pretty Little Thing • Jay Godfrey • Princess Polly • Motel • Saylor • Vestique • Silence + Noise • Charlotte Russe • Blush • Likely • Mura • Tiger Mist • DO+BE • La Femme • Sherri Hill • MINKPINK • Misa • Indah • Adrianna Papell • The Jetset Diaries • Elliatt • Luxxel • Dolce Vita • MLV Collection • Bec & Bridge • Jarlo London • Endless Rose • AQ/AQ • H&M • Elizabeth and James • fab’rik • Jovani • Betsy and Adam • Jill Stuart • Ark & Co. Ivy & Leo • French Connection • Anthropologie • C/MEO COLLECTIVE • J.O.A • Lush Clothing • Bardot • Tularosa • XScape • BB Dakota

Top Reviews

  • Best Buy/Sell App!

    By Sydney3799
    Love this app! I’ve sold a couple of clothes as well as bough many items. The seller side is super easy, easy to post, easy to get the shipping label, and easy to ship it off! Buying items is easy as well. I enjoy that the app is tailored to females teens to young adult. The app ensures no low balling for sellers, and gives reasonable recommendations for what to offer for each item when you are buying. I’ve used FB marketplace, FB pages, mercari, let go, poshmark, thread up, and a few others and this BY FAR is my favorite. The only critique is that there is a noticeable smaller amount of people in the app so sales are slower then other apps. I prefer the quality of quantity. The curtsy cut is average/slightly above but you get sales every week on different items and the sale doesn’t effect the seller, the $$ comes out of the app developers fund(through the cut fund). You can earn coupons to use on clothes based on how much you buy/sell. Finally, the app is super friendly over all. Customers/sellers are amazing, and the app team is on standby to help with any confusion. I had a shipping issue and it was resolve and refunded in about 2hrs from my initial text to HQ through the app. I like how modern the app is, I’ve recommended it to SO many people.
  • It’s okay

    By judgemebg
    Let me start by saying I sell on Poshmark and never have any issues. I’ve bought things before that weren’t as described and Poshmark happily sent me a return label to ship back to the seller for a full refund. My first order on curtsy went excellent, so I had high hopes for ordering again through the app. I ordered two T-shirts recently that I received smelling disgusting. Think about how greasy dirty hair would smell. They were also wet and were smaller than what I already had that was that brand. The description said they were in great condition and were only worn one. For one, the item was an old design and I learned that since the tags are different than the one I already had, so this seller had the item for years. I could tell the items were worn MANY MANY times. One of them felt especially rough like a worn out shirt feels. I could tell it had some pealing starting to take place. They were shorter than the T-shirt I already had. It’s either they were shrank from washing it so many times or the fit was just completely different. The seller said it was true to size, which it wasn’t. I contacted customer service and they weren’t of any good help. I was told I could get a partial refund, which was barely anything. I was told that I should take it to a dry cleaners and have them clean it to remove the smell. That still doesn’t fix the other issues with the tops. Very disappointed. I will just continue to use Poshmark instead. There are just too many kinks to fix.
  • Love the app, but not the instagram

    By bambiwink
    I’ve had this app for about a week so far and have really enjoyed it! I’ve put up a couple items to sell, and I’m so impressed that it only took me less than 3 mins to upload the pictures, write a description, and boom! Ready to go! The app is so easy to use and actually pretty addicting. There are so many great deals and really high quality items. My only complaint is the instagram. Usually for apps/businesses, the instagram is a place to go to find additional information and keep updated on app related news. I went to app’s instagram to find information about what’s popular to sell, tips and tricks for the app, what’s trending right now, etc. Instead what I found was no information and just dozens of pictures of random girls in cute clothes with zero context, besides links to their personal IGs so they can get more followers. I find this pretty unprofessional and disappointing. I do not know who’s in charge of the instagram page but it basically has nothing to do with the app. Hope this changes because I would love to have a place to get additional information, and right now there is none.
  • Frustrating for sellers

    By jill_bean
    As far as resell apps go, Curtsy has its ups and downs. It relatively user-friendly and easy to buy or list items for sale. Additionally, they have weekly sales and promotions where you can earn credit for listing items, buying items, receiving reviews, etc. The user demographic is mainly young women around college and high school age. However, being a seller on Curtsy is really annoying at times. First off, they take a massive cut from sales, much more than I’ve seen on most other resell services. There have been times where I sold an item and ended up not even making a net profit, because after the cut my pay was only $3, which was then spent on shipping materials. Not worth the time and effort to list an item for sale, communicate with the buyer, and ship out the package for $0. Additionally, the app moderators often change the order of my pictures, size/cropping, and other details of my listings as they please. I’ll change it back, and then the next day it’s messed up again. I find it incredibly unprofessional that they deliberately edit listings, especially without any sort of communication or clear reason why. I know the condition of my items and which pictures most accurately capture that, so the random editing of my listings actually hurts my potential for sales. So frustrating and unnecessary.
  • Beware! Complete Rip Off

    By missynellyit
    I list items on Mercari, Poshmark, eBay, vinted, and depop. Have made thousands of dollars doing so. I heard about Curtsy online and was excited to try something new. To he safe with sizing I always order a size up to factor in possible shrinkage/inconsistencies. Worst case it is too big and I relist it. In five years on all apps I have never once asked to return an item. Bought a large and am not kidding when I say it must have been a junior’s/child’s large. Mind you, I wear a size small and have multiple listings of myself on the app in tight form fitting size small items. I tell customer service that I would like to return the item but it is most certainly not “true to size” as stated in her description. Essentially, I was told all my listing photos fitting into items comfortable well under a large did not matter, the fact that I could barely get my arms/head in did not matter, she took a picture of the tag showing it is a large so that is that. Does not matter if it is possible if this knit sweater was extremely shrunken, or a child’s size, or one of those Chinese sizes and are always way off US sizes etc. Whatever the case may be. Tag says Large so it is a large. They tell me to just relist it but there is no point because I dont want some other poor soul being conned into wasting their money on something that says large but isn't a large! I want no business with this app and am deleting all of my listings on it.
  • Slowly falling out of love

    By craziest chick
    Let me start by saying I used to absolutely love curtsy. I was able to buy specific items I needed for events and sell items super easily. As a seller I haven’t had too many issues that I can’t handle or discuss with a buyer. As a buyer however, there are a lot of issues I have experienced the longer I have the app. My biggest frustration is when I buy an item and reach out to the seller asking when they can ship and they don’t respond. With all the things happening with corona recently this issue has become even worse. Many girls are listing/selling items just to turn around and say they can’t ship. Curtsy should really be reaching out to people after that happens once or twice or making a general statement saying if you can’t ship don’t post. There have been many items I’ve fallen in love with and bought just to be told it is never coming because the seller can’t ship (after I reach out to them and get no response/they never contact me to tell me why they can’t ship). I absolutely think that you should still be able to leaving a rating/review on items that were cancelled by the seller so that other girls can be warned that sellers aren’t shipping at this time. It kind of screws users who are using the app to purchase. Update your review system curtsy!!
  • Love Curtsy!

    By meredith2214
    I am someone who typically does all my shopping in the store. I am in my 50’s and I like to see the clothes and try things on. But I had heard good things about Curtsy and decided to look at the app. The first thing I noticed was how easy it is to navigate around the site which is good because if I’m buying used clothes online I like that I can easily filter for things like lines of clothing I like and then I know the sizing, etc (Free People, Lululemon, J Crew). Most of the time if I “love” something I get a message from the seller to negotiate price. Then I love how quickly the clothes come! There have been a couple times that the clothes weren’t mailed within a few days and customer service reached out to me which I was impressed with! Since starting at Curtsy, I have bought many many things! I always make sure that there are pics of the actual item and not just a store stock photo. One of my favorite features is how easy it is to re post, literally a click of a button! The only thing I would love for curtsy to do different is to add a men’s section so I could order for my husband as well!!
  • It’s ok...

    By sjaneeeeee
    I love the ease of curtsy and have been using it for a year BUT...Im really starting to loathe it. I hate that they take so much of our money! I also can’t stand when they change up your photos arrangements and cropping. Like a lot of the time I’ll provide the most aesthetic shot that I can to provide a clean look for my page. But then I *always* add in photos after the cover shot to include real-life images, details, etc, our photos should be posted the way we take them unless there is anything inappropriate that makes sense to edit. I have also experienced a lot of my items get taken down without any beforehand communication, mostly for it to be an accident by the team. I woke up today and my entire listing was removed because of yet another rule🙄🙄🙄 trying to sell all my old phone cases all together for a great price because if I were to make them all cheap I’d lose all the money because curtsy takes so much! How dare I sell a lot so that users can get them cheaper while still allowing me, the SELLER, aka the reasons their app is successful, to not be in the negatives on EVERY POST. This is just getting so so out of control. It just seems like they need to get it together a bit more for user sake. I get they’re trying to make money off of an app but so are WE! I may look into other apps soon!
  • Enjoying it!!

    By Kkdancer
    I ended up on curtsy while looking for a tennis skirt for sorority recruitment and then just fell in love. I’ve used poshmark and many other platforms to buy and haven’t had issues, I just never found one as easy to use as curtsy to sell. While I do think it’s more of a niche type market (it’s mostly clothing/accessories, not like apps that have tons of everything like mercari or poshmark) it’s a really quick and easy way to clean out your closet or grab a piece here or there for an event or something. Shipping is super easy and you can track right from the app, and there’s even an option to buy a shipping kit for sellers. Anything I’ve ever had an issue with I’ve gotten help right away. I will say that I have been having issues with the app glitching and changing my shipping addresses and additionally crashing when it’s launched, but both are recent issues and Curtsy responded to me right away and said they would look into it! I will definitely continue using curtsy and sharing with my friends!
  • I want to love this app 😭

    By bmelte
    I really want to love this app but I’ve had bad luck. The first time I made a purchase I waited about a week to receive a shipping notice but I never did. I messaged the seller with no response for a couple days. Finally, I contacted costumer service which was extremely helpful. I waited a couple more days as it was an item I really wanted but still no response. Customer service helped me cancel my item. Okay, so, my first time wasn’t so great but it wasn’t the app itself, in this case it was the seller. BUT then I noticed my money had not been refunded and I’m still waiting on that. 🙃 Next I ordered 2 pairs of shorts from the same seller. She was great and literally shipped them as fast as possible. I received them within a week. I opened them and the size I ordered was correct... EXCEPT it was a child’s size. I went back to check if this was my error, but no, it was not. The seller listed them as an adult size when they clearly were not. I again reached out to customer service to see if there is anything I can do but have yet to respond two days later. I LOVE the idea behind the app but I don’t know if I want to keep trying with this luck.

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