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  • Last Updated: 2021-02-05
  • New version: 3.9.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Lovense Remote

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Lovense Remote is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by HYTTO PTE. LTD.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - HYTTO PTE. LTD., with the latest current version being 3.9.2 which was officially released on 2021-02-05. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 714 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.21429 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

This app is the remote control for all Lovense wearable toys. Designed for: 1. Solo Play 2. Discreet Public Play 3. Long Distance Play Use one smartphone for close range control, syncing vibrations to music, and sound activated vibrations (uses your phone's microphone). Range for close range control is up to 30 feet when you have a direct line of sight. 360° range is between 5-10 feet, based on your surroundings. Use two smartphones to drastically increase your partner's control range. This is perfect for those wanting discreet public play within larger spaces. Simply connect with your partner's phone within the app and give up control! The person with a toy should have their smartphone within 3-5 feet of them at all times. The app can run in the background, so it can be in your purse or pocket while your partner has complete control via their smartphone. This feature is also great for long distance couples. You also have the ability to create your own vibration patterns. Our fun tap and slide control interface makes it easy to make unique patterns. Our powerful vibration motor allows a large range of possibilities. After creating a pattern, you can share it (anonymously) with the world. Take a look at the vibration patterns already uploaded and download the ones you like! Other Settings (must select for each partner): - Give full control to some (don't need to continually allow them to gain control) - Vibration notifications during text messages - Notifications when you partner logs into the app - Auto-play a pattern when it’s sent to you Not seeing a feature you would like? Contact us at! Our full time development team would love to incorporate your suggestions into our app.

Top Reviews

  • Connectivity issues..

    By Jdmtoby
    So I want to start by saying that LOVE all our lovense products! However we have some connectivity issues from time to time. My girlfriend and I are both adult broadcasters and we also were long distance for 8 months before we lived together. We encounter some disconnection issues from time to time but I want anyone who reads this to understand that this system...Bluetooth toys that sync to eachother or to the cam site or the lovense app itself, is extremely reliable at the end of the day. We just today had our second toy (first Nora, now Domi) malfunction. When Nora broke we emailed lovense and they shipped a new one out right away and we just had to ship the malfunctioning item back. Super convenient! Now Domi is almost brand new, as was Nora when she broke.. and Domi’s battery doesn’t want to hold a charge. So make sure you all understand that not every single product that lovense mails out is going to be perfect, BUT Lovense is AMAZING at customer service!! So please do NOT let any minor issues you may have dissuade you from buying your first, or several of their products! YOU WANT THESE TOYS!!! TRUST ME!! So I will be shipping Domi back and getting a new one because Lovense is just good like that! I TRULY HOPE THIS HELPS some of you to decide to buy Lovense products;)! -GRIM WOLF ALPHA
  • A company that does the right thing!

    By wepunguy
    Not unlike a lot of other people, I have read more bad and good things about this app and the Lush in particular. I can 100% say that I bought not one but 3 of their products at once after looking at the competition and their reviews, omg we they sketchy at best. I received them and had 0 problems until the next day, the Lush just was acting wonky. I went to the website and to my horror, they had just released the pre-sale of the Lush 2.0! I thought I was screwed, after 2 emails and less than 3 hrs I received an email stating the new 2.0 was shipped! 2 days later it was at my door, it took 5 days for the original order! I asked about the apps and they are about to release updates and a new one altogether, I would not be surprised if it soon followed the Apple announcement next week (new iOS). Just a guess, but I had to take second and let everyone know what they did for me after reading so many negative comments...
  • Fun Toys, but App Needs More Work!

    By RubberBop
    The concept, as well as the toys, are great, but the app could really use some serious updates/corrections. Two items that would seem easy to fix: 1) Where is dark mode? Why does my iPhone or iPad have to be lit up with a white background creating a searchlight effect in low-light situations? After Apple having introduced dark mode several years ago, this app still does not utilise this capability and I have to go search down Apple's (now rather old) Smart Invert function. Yeah, it works, but it is a clunky, clunky, clunky approach and would be so easy to update. 2) And this one is even sillier, when using any prerecorded patterns in the Favorites screen, the control button is incorrect. The button is listed as "Play" which, once started, turns into the international symbol for "Pause", two vertical lines. That is what I would expect it to do and for it to retain its place in the pattern, but rather it stops and resets to the beginning of the pattern. Ideally, once a pattern starts, there should be both Pause and Stop buttons, but to have only one and to have it incorrectly labeled is just sloppy programming.
  • Customer service?

    By irishluck22
    I’m baffled reading these reviews. Wonder if many of these are just plain fake. They seem like it since they all sound the same. And rave about the wonderful customer service. Which is what I have a problem with. I was told a week ago my product shipped. Check UPS tracking and it says it’s not even in their possession because it HASNT BEEN SHIPPED YET! It should be here by now if it was shipped when they said it was. But it hasn’t even gone anywhere yet. Tried to reach customer service only to find out they’re one of those companies who will NOT provide a phone number to contact them. That’s just shady and bad business. So I had to email them. Unlike the reviews here who say they for a response from them within hours I wonder if I’ll ever hear from them at all. About to just call my bank and reverse the charge since I’m out $200 and nothing to show for it. This company is sketchy. I wouldn’t risk buying anything from this place.
  • Disconnect Pairing Issues/Update 2018

    By AppleDW
    Works great once it connects and stays connected. Will loose Bluetooth connectivity frequently. Long distance controls hard to use, problems again with connection and or allowed persons to use controls. Other brands such as Ohmibod may be a better choice at this point. Do your research before buying. Since contacting and receiving a new updated Lush, it has been an amazing toy. Customer service was amazing and sent a new Lush that was a new design. This new design of the Lush is a big improvement from the first model. No issues with connectivity and or internal motor. I highly recommend this product if you want to try new and exciting things in the bedroom.
  • Life changing

    By Sammy paige
    I only knock this 1 star because of how loud the motor is when the head rotates. However The vibration mode is quiet. I wish it was a little stronger but all of this can be over looked especially knowing that im feeling my partners movements in real time... that seriously makes up for it all and makes the sessions so so hot! The app is easy to use and a lot of fun. Cant explain how much of a game changer this can be for your long distance relationship. Shipping took a week, but you can keep track of your order and transit on their site. The toy is very high quality feeling. You do need to charge before use but still as mentioned before.. the fact that you can feel your partner at the same time trumps it all.. so so hot!!
  • Love but so many problems

    By Jrreynolds
    My girlfriend and I absolutely love the features of this app but it seems like it has such flaws with the Bluetooth connectivity. No matter the feature it seems to disconnect to the preferred feature. Close range, long distance, sound, music; it does not matter. It just disconnects so easily, no matter the distance between us. We have looked up the possibilities of the issue but none seem to fix it. Would love to hear from someone from the company in order to sort this issue out. A huge fan of the product, but we have genuinely not been able to fix this problem.
  • Useless

    By Krazie Lady
    If I could give this negative stars I would. Had to make a email change on my app so I reached out to customer service to see what steps I had to take to do so. Numerous attempts were made to do so before I finally got a response from someone who told me that the only way to update the email was to delete my account & this had to be done through their end I could not delete my account or update it. Once I agreed to delete my account I would have to create a new account & it had to be done on line not through the app. I created my new account and now I can’t log onto the app! I have made several attempts to contact customer service to fix the problem with no response . This app & the toy are a complete waste of money ! Don’t buy their accessories
  • Won’t connect or constantly disconnects

    By Duece83
    I have to agree with a few other reviews here. The app has no problem finding the product lush via Bluetooth but it constantly disconnects and will not reconnect until the product goes through reparing. Very frustrating when the object is inserted and have to remove every time to do this. When I contact support they wanted a laundry list of specs and screenshots from my mobile device that I don’t understand. Too much hassle. Also beware the hush. It broke completely in 2. Too half disconnected from bottom half. Same issues with it as well until that happed. Also with that product little help from support. No product replacement. I paid WAY TOO much for what I got.
  • Amazing Toy and Concept...But

    By Navy Rover
    My GF and I are long distance, and this sounded like a great idea for when we are apart and something new when we were together. We have the Nora, Lush, and Max. My only, and truly this is the only one, is when we are together, the Bluetooth on the Lush just doesn’t have any range at all. If she crosses her legs, doesn’t work. If her back is to me, doesn’t work. I have all the updated apps, tried resets, etc. I would really have thought a useful range of 15ft would be normal. I really want to give this 5-stars, just wish the range was better.

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