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Stitch Fix - Personal Stylist

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Stitch Fix - Personal Stylist is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Stitch Fix. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Stitch Fix, with the latest current version being 6.39.0 which was officially released on 2021-04-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 20,091 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.49336 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Get your own Personal Stylist - on your phone! Receive hand-selected clothes to suit your style. Available for women, men & kids. No subscription required - schedule only when you want. How does it work? 1. Share your style, size and price preferences with your Stylist. 2. Receive clothing & accessories to try on at home. 3. Keep what you like, send back what you don’t. Enjoy free shipping and returns, plus get 25% off everything if you keep all items in your order! NEW: TRENDING FOR YOU Shop trending looks curated for you based on your personal style. COMPLETE YOUR LOOKS Instantly buy new pieces styled to complement Stitch Fix items already in your wardrobe. BUY IT AGAIN Buy new colors, prints and sizes of your favorite pieces, instantly. MY ITEMS See your purchases & access your Fix Style Cards for ideas on styling every piece. WOMEN, MEN & KIDS We currently offer women's sizes 0-24W (XS-3X), Petite & Maternity. For men's, we carry 28-48W (XS-3X). Kids clothing from 2T-14 now also available! Tell us about their personality and style, we’ll take care of the rest. PERSONALIZED FASHION Your Personal Stylist finds clothing & accessories that make you look good and feel great. We have styles to suit every size and taste, from Petite to Maternity to premium brands. STYLING ADVICE Get helpful advice on how to style pieces or put together an outfit. You can easily access your Style Card for each Fix via the app. SUBSCRIPTION-FREE Opt-in to receive packages regularly or schedule whenever you want - it's completely up to you! BUDGET-FRIENDLY Select your spending preferences, and your Personal Stylist will choose clothes based on your budget. Whether you're building your dream wardrobe or just looking for a new way of shopping, download Stitch Fix now. It’s great style made easy. Who’s talking about us: • O, The Oprah Magazine: “The latest obsession of sartorially challenged O editors.” • Health Magazine: “It’s like hiring a personal stylist for a fraction of the cost.” • TODAY Show: “Geek meets chic at a high-fashion, high-tech shopping service.” Thank you for the 5-star reviews! Your feedback helps make the app even better. If you have feedback or questions, email us at YOUR RIGHTS CA Notice at Collection:

Top Reviews

  • In love with Stitch Fix

    By DaniTPierce
    I started out using stitch fix because my mom sent me a link and I figured, why not? We could both get $25 off of the next fix. I was not expecting to like it as much as I do now. The first two boxes I received were not quite my style so I changed my stylist and ever since then, I have received nothing but items that I’m completely in love with! I have bought the entire box for the last 4 boxes I think, maybe 5?? Seriously, everything that has been sent to me is amazing. Great style, great colors, the items are high quality and fit really nicely, they’re super comfortable and how could you go wrong with a 25% discount on name brand items?! A couple things that I would love to see added to the app: A “favorite” button, meaning rather than just like or dislike, I wish there was a button that told my stylist “I want THIS in my next fix.” I only say that because there have been some items that I have “liked” but I liked them much more than some of the other pieces and possibly never see them again. The other thing that I wish there was the ability to do is having the option to buy the style pieces with the next stitch fix rather than buying them separately. Overall I absolutely love stitch fix and the items that have been sent to me! It’s always an exciting surprise to see what I will get to add to my closet, whether the items are already my style or something to take my style to the next level!
  • LOVE the Surprises!

    Would I buy these items for myself normally? No. That’s why I LOVE the many different varieties that are sent to me. And with the budget I have for that time I get to choose what I like, what looks good on me, keep what I want and just send the rest back with absolutely free shipping. How hard is that!! If your budget only allows you to purchase one item, then that’s all you get. After a few months of having 1 or 2 items you will build up your wardrobe and then put different pieces together that match. And after your with StitchFix for a little while you just might receive a surprise inside one of your boxes from your personal stylist. My surprise? A 3 pack of very soft socks. I love em! You also can leave your personal stylist a message via email telling her or him, if you have any special occasions coming up. That was she will know what to send to you next. Regarding the cost of the items. You do have an area where you can put in how much you are willing to spend. There are times an item on the “cheaper the better” still might be a little costly for you but you just decide whether it looks good on you and would it save you time and gas to find something yourself if you had to go shopping yourself. Finally, I have to say not only do I LOVE getting new clothes their clothes I normally wouldn’t buy so it definitely gives me that chance to explore different avenues. Thanks StitchFix-& Kristen. Jennifer C.
  • Stitch Fix is great; ten points to Gryffindor!

    By Fuzzelbea
    I just need to get this out there: The people at Stitch Fix are magical. I love clothes— but by the time I get home from work, I’m dealing with decision fatigue and a serious lack of time. Going to a store to shop during my minimal free time to try and find something flattering for my odd pear shape? Yeah, no thank you. So I tried Trunk Club eleven times, buying that obligatory one item per Trunk before a coworker got me curious about Stitch Fix. Seven fixes in, I’m sold. Not even my best girl friends have gotten me to leave behind my leggings and T-shirts the way the folks at Stitch Fix have. I asked for clothes my 27yr old self can wear studying at coffee shops and taking my dog to breweries and they’ve consistently imagined that wardrobe for me better (and in more colors and patterns) than I ever could have on my own. I’ve always been comfortable with my looks, but now I feel confident— and less tired because I didn’t spend hours perusing racks to find that one shirt that “kinda” works for me. The only two changes I want from Stitch Fix is the ability to view previous fixes— or at least what we’ve purchased— and larger pictures on the app. I use an app to organize my closet called Stylebook and the pictures from my fixes are almost too tiny to transfer over. The picture sizes also make it hard to see what I’m swiping during that style game some of the time.
  • Love my fixes

    By kamel1234567
    I don’t have time to go shopping and when I do, I usually don’t like anything in stores. I have received 3 fixes now and 2 of them were amazing and I bought everything (if you buy everything, they give you an 25% discount!). My last box altogether cost about $200 after discounts for 5 items which included a super nice jacket, two blouses, a cardigan, and a pair of pants. Your stylist is more than willing to work with your budget and any requests you have. You can also use the app to check out which is nice and easy. The only reason I’m giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because I wish that for the “style shuffle” there was a way to say what you liked or didn’t like about the item and a rating system rather than a yes/no answer. Kind of like how it is when you’re rating the items you received in your box. Tips for getting what you want: link a Pinterest style board that has items that you’d love to see in your fix (that’s how I got exactly the jacket I wanted). Give LOTS of feedback- don’t give up if your first fix isn’t the most amazing thing in the world because they’re just getting to know you. After all, they want to send you pieces you’ll want because they make money when you buy items from your fix. (If you stick with it, they will invite you to their Style Pass where instead of paying $20 per fix, you pay $49 up front for 12 month of unlimited fixes)
  • Much needed style help!

    By sunkistbro
    I started stitch fix because I didn’t have clothes that I enjoyed wearing. I knew they didn’t flatter my body type and I also hated shopping for myself because it was hard to find clothing that looked good and made me feel confident in wearing them. The first box I received was to courageous for me, but I sent my feedback to the stylists and they hooked me up with clothing better suited to my more conservative taste. I love most things they send me now, I feel confident wearing the clothes and I feel better in my own skin as a result. The app is easy to use when returning or exchanging clothes. I like that you are able to buy clothes again in different patterns or colors. I like that they suggest other pieces that would go with what you have bought from them. My one complaint is that you are not able to save any of the daily suggestions, you have to be ready to buy if you see it on the screen. You might never see that suggested item again. I would like to see an option where you could save items you’re interested in, without having to purchase them right away. I am a careful shopper and I like to think about what I’m buying for a day or so and it would be nice to be able to save potential purchases in a “liked” or “save for later” section. Impulse buying is not my style, and it seems that the current format really encourages impulse purchases.
  • Wonderful Experience!

    By CharlieTorrent
    I am absolutely in love with Stitch Fix! I am a person who typically is really bad at style and matching outfits. I have never been good at making myself look good. However, Stitch Fix takes the information I give them on how I want to look and sends amazing recommendations. I am a short guy and have never owned clothes that actually fit me well and make me look good. As soon as I tried on some of the clothes they sent me, I couldn’t stop smiling, I immediately felt confident and good about the way I looked. I also love the personalization that goes into the fixes. They stylists really read everything you tell them and find things that will suit you for your specific lifestyle, and even take your budget into account. Shoutout to Melanie, my stylist the past couple of months! Not only was the style on point, but the quality of the items that were sent were better than most items I’ve seen in stores. I’ve always been scared to shop for clothes online, but Stitch Fix makes is so much easier and eliminates the need for a tailor. I had originally decided to try it out and get a fix every month, but after the way its helped me in my confidence of appearance, I just had to increase to the most frequent option. I have no complaints at all and would highly recommend to ANYONE who is looking to upgrade their wardrobe!
  • Fixin’ for a Fix

    By lhv617
    The days fly by when you’re busy working hard; don’t you deserve a treat?! Well treat yourself to something lovely with the help of your very own stylist! I absolutely love getting a somewhat unexpected surprise once a month! The frequency is at your fingertips. Customer service is amazing online or with the help of this app you, so you always have everything StitchFix at your fingers. Starting with a quiz, you can personalize your style and needs, then stylist is chosen just for you! Changes to preferences, sizes, and frequency can always be made to your account. If you need to skip a fix, change the date of delivery, or even put your account on hold for travel, all can be accomplished seamlessly with the app. If a problem should arise or you simply have a question or remark (notes to your stylist you couldn’t fit in before your Fix is prepared) an email to StitchFix is all it takes; response time is 24hrs but it never takes that long. The app has been especially helpful for me; both checking in and checking out. With my busy schedule I could not think of an easier way to make updates to my closet. Honestly, I’m recommending this to every single person I meet or know, and those who already participate feel exactly the same. No one remembers life before their Fix lol...why would you? It’s fabulous!

    By kaz reviews
    I have absolutely no fashion sense. Clothing has always been stressful for me, ever since I was a kid ($$$). The time spent searching for the right items, the money wasted on items that will “have to do”, even though they don’t fit quite right and aren’t cute.... I always leave stores feeling even less confident than when I first walked in. Then came Stitch Fix. My biggest concern with Stitch fix was the price of the clothing. I’ve always been a thrift store shopper, spending no more than $16 on an article of clothing (or even better, free hand me downs). But when that first box arrived, I suddenly had cute comfy and versatile clothing items for work! My jaw dropped. No time wasted shopping around, and I have 5 quality clothing items at my front door that actually FIT. YES! I love that you can order extras like socks and bralettes; I love that you can reorder certain items in new colors and patterns; and I love the new tool they’re trying out: “Shop Your Looks”. What it is is they’ll suggest ways to pair items you’ve kept with other articles of clothing (always my struggle!!!). They give you the price upfront and you can order it outside of your regularly scheduled fix. God, I feel so middle class. 😂 So if you have the cash (I budget about $250 per month, but that’s only if I keep all 5 pieces) I would recommend this service in a heartbeat.
  • Love, but needs availability for more feedback

    By Drartmoor
    Love the clothes they send me. Love that the stylist really listens to the requests. Wish that in the likes/dislikes that there were more options. Example: never/dislike/maybe/like/want; even if it was never/maybe/want would be better. It is sometimes hard to see the item to rate, would be nice to rotate it so you could see from all sides. Like that you can pinch to zoom in. I know that they just want first reactions, but sometimes I like something from the front and it is nothing I would wear from the back. Also hard to tell what type of material it might be. Would be nice for first reaction to say what you like about it, like pattern or cut. Same for dislikes. The inspiration boards don’t give much room for giving feedback on the items you like. I am left to just using emojis ♥️👍🏼👎🏼😍 for each item in the block. Other than that, I really do love my items I have received so far. I have been using a little over a year and get boxes every other month. I feel like my stylist gets me. She really has elevated my style, which is why I started doing this. Try it out, at least get two boxes before canceling or switching stylists remember you’re making a connection with someone you’ve never met. The more info/feedback you give the better.
  • Looks as great on App as in person

    By Weathermom3223
    I use this App at least a couple of times a week. StitchFix has changed everything about the way I dress. This company is fabulous. They are run by caring people, not a bunch of computers. When I asked them to send me button up shirts because of shoulder surgery, they did. They, also, sent me flowers the day I got home from the hospital. My stylist even followed up with a lovely note. There have been other situations like this over the past year of thoughtful little moments from their staff members. The best part of the company is their ability to figure out what people like to wear and to dress them with what they like and what looks great on them. Each box gets better than the box before. Their clothing quality is terrific. The styles are current but not oddball styles that will be out of style before the tags are removed. This is definitely something that people who need help with choosing clothing should give a try. It has helped me immensely. I have a new confidence that I never thought I would have. I am so glad I started using this service over a year ago. I still use StitchFix and will continue to use going forward. I love their products and the people who work there. Thank you StitchFix for helping me realize who I can be when I’m dressed for success.

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