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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-17
  • New version: 8.2.9
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

boohoo – Clothing & Fashion

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boohoo – Clothing & Fashion is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by UK Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - UK Limited, with the latest current version being 8.2.9 which was officially released on 2020-11-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 36,661 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.69425 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

We are boohoo, the brand behind the clothes helping you to #DOYOURTHING. We are 24/7 fashion at its best. With our brand new app you’ve got the hottest styles and latest trends at your fingertips. The boohoo app hot list: • Visual Search – seen something you like? Snap it and we’ll do the rest. • Fast and secure checkout - shop your latest obsessions with speed and ease. • Apple Pay – making your shopping experience even smoother. • Track your order – track it to your door. • Wishlist – when you’re in a rush and want to bag that hot new outfit later. • Notifications – hear about exclusive offers and the latest collaborations before anyone else.

Top Reviews


    By Dex Jack
    It was some bull from the time I submitted the order. First off, the tracking number was provided and had the package getting there the next day, which is impossible coming from another country. So here’s when it gets crazy, so due to the Covid 19 I had the mindset that it wouldn’t arrive on time. So after 2 weeks of my package sitting at its first US location (Memphis, TN) I decided to contact the shipper (FedEx) and Booboo. So upon speaking with FedEx they followed up the tracking and configured that the reason that the package stopped was because it arrived in Memphis EMPTY! So they have to start an investigation in order to change the status of the package which is understandable so they won’t be held accountable. (The customer service rep relayed to me that they have a lot of issue from this company!) Ok so I reached back out to Boohoo via Whatzapp convo I was told by Booboo customer service to get the shipper to update the tracking status in order to process a refund. So now I’m in the middle of a whole investigation just to change the status in order to get back to BooBOO. I just feel like I’m not gonna get my bread back, so I’ve already accepted the loss. Nothing about this gives me customer first vibes! So unless you got it to throw way. Spend your hard on dollars with more efficient companies ppl! Because this is some unnecessary BS! *** I wish I could’ve rated this app with 0 Stars!!!!
  • Not satisfied

    By golfballs13
    What bothers me the most is that I can’t find an email or number to talk to somebody about what is going on. I’m giving two stars because I’m hoping that maybe my package will come through within the next day or two. I paid for EXPRESS shipping and I’ve never had this issue before with boohoo but I figured it’s due to covid 19. I ordered on the 27th, was told that it’d be here on or before the 29th and I knew that it would not get here in one day (USA) from the UK. So I at least wanted to track the shipping to see if my order was sent out or being processed at the least. Mind you it’s been three days. When I go on the app it says it’s dispatched, meaning my order was sent to fedex and should be processed for shipment. When I check fedex, nothing has been put out. All fed ex has is a shipping label and the date of delivery has changed. I’m giving this review because it’s about the principle of telling a customer one thing and it turning complete left. It’s disappointing. If I were told that it would get here by May 1-4 then okay, I’d understand. If I were told something reasonable then, I’d understand. But to allow the company to let people think that everything is fine during these times, when it’s not is annoying. Especially if your expecting it for a gift. Pro tip: people ACTUALLY want to hear the truth.

    By Pony88
    I bought clothes from this company because I saw the everything half off promo sale. The clothes arrived with no problems but I returned several items ($130+) because the clothes didn’t fit me well. They sent me an email stating they received it & my refund was on its way. Well, 2 months later & several emails between myself & their customer service rep(s) & STILL NO REFUND from them. They don’t have a contact number so everything is via email & it takes days to get a response from them. I’ve contacted my bank & they requested a tracking number from Boohoo for the refund that was supposedly deposited back to me. I’ve been requesting them via email for the tracking number and no one seems to know what the tracking number is, nor will the give it to me. The last email I received from a “Diane” stated that the refund was supposedly deposited already & she can’t help me any further, not to mention she still won’t give me the tracking number so I can give to my bank to confirm/find the deposit was ever made. I don’t suggest buying clothes from this company. The customer service is beyond terrible. I’ve never been so frustrated, angry, and disappointed!!! They won’t return my emails & i still haven’t received a refund. STAY AWAY from this clothing company!!! They’re a SCAM!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Horrible Customer Service Experience

    By Kimberly Robledo
    This weekend I will be the first in my family to graduate from college. It’s a huge milestone for us. Due to the current situation I started looking for e-commerce stores and came across boohoo. Although they had bad reviews I decided to give the company a chance. My first two orders came in great and proceeded to order the dress I would be wearing this weekend. However, after making the order and tracking the information I noticed that it was sent to the home where I lived 3 years ago and have since moved twice. I don’t know how that happened as I don’t even use that address for my debit card and hadn’t changed the address at the time of check out. I contacted customer service telling them about the issue at hand they were very unhelpful. The address is all the way in Berkeley and I live in Pomona. They decided to not give any solutions and rather told me to “collect the dress from the address”. I said I really think it was a glitch in the app as I haven’t used the address in years and got a new phone that doesn’t have the address automatically saved. It’s a huge disappointment they provided no tangible solutions given the special occasion even if it would have required an additional cost. I recommend people to look at other online stores.
  • Dark Mode Added.

    By Kandi shark
    I always judge a companies awareness by if they include a dark mode to their app. Boohoo added this recently and it always makes shopping more pleasurable since its a lot easier on the eyes. I do most of my shopping at night during my down time before I go to sleep, so a dark mode is a huge quality of life improvement for me. Now the important part: The clothing is super affordable. The quality sometimes depends on the item, but that’s true for every major retailer in this day and age where leggings from Victoria Secret are just glorified panty hose. The key difference being spending $60 on them at VS or like $10 at boohoo. P.S: Give the genius who added a dark mode a raise for saving me from having recurrent migraines from staring at a stark white screen before bed. 👏👏👏👏👏
  • Worst service!

    By dahlia.naseem
    I bought $550+ worth of clothes, after three days of confirmed receipt they cancelled the whole order saying there was unavailable items and the second mail says that there has been an over weight issue !!! Seriously! They could have shipped it in two different packages instead of cancelling the whole order and now I have to wait for my refund. Anyhow I couldn’t wait any longer so I tried to purchase in small quantity. First order went through perfectly but the second order when I clicked through payment process button I got a pop up message saying there has been a transaction issue try again. So I was about to try it again but then I received the text message from bank saying the transaction has gone through, I checked my account online and it shows the transaction payment so to make sure I called the bank and they confirmed it too. I don’t know how many emails I have sent them. There was no reply... Iam still waiting !!!! I would say this site would have been the best online retail store if there wasn’t issues like this. Cancelling the whole order. Cmon we can only add 20 pieces per cart! I can’t trust this site boohooo
  • One of the worst costumer services

    By Queengul
    Great clothing for great prices, bad app system with bad costumer service! Company need to change their policy when it comes to their communication with their costumers! I recently purchased $330 worth of products and my parcel was split into two packages. I only received one tracking number and one package. Due to address issue the other package went back to the UK. I wouldve been able to claim it at the post office if i have known it EXISTED! I freaked out upon opening my package thinking boohoo employees forgot 9 of my items and i was worried they would think i was lying when i disputed the order! I mean who forgets to ship NINE ITEMS right? So until i opened i dispute with them, they informed me they sent two packages because the order was large! If they have given me two tracking numbers none of this wouldve happened! Mind you now, i have to wait 28 days for my refund, because they policy "refuses to simply reship the package once it returns". Now i have to reorder my items after i receive my refund within a month! And yes it does take a month, because this is not the first time they messed up my order!
  • App Makes Me Boohoo! 😔

    By Ambound2
    It's a problem when you're pleased with the clothing from a company but their app is so buggy and difficult to use that it makes you not want to shop there, bargain or not. It doesn't feel secure and thus far it's gotten worse instead of better with each update. I really cannot stand spending my valuable time filling a shopping cart, then putting my phone down for a moment, and returning to find an empty cart. That combined with a favorites list that shows an error message each time I try to use it, as well as random error messages while just flicking through the app. The item descriptions don't tell anything about the item you're looking at and at least knowing the fabric type and percentages would've kept me from purchasing 3 dresses made of metallic sink "scrubbie" material! True story! Boohoo, I do love most of your clothing but I'm sooooo frustrated with your app! In fact, I'm only writing this review tonight because your app either won't open or closes every few moments I go to use it. The bottom line, I could've been spending money with your company but your app is a problem. Fix it.
  • I am loving it 🧡

    By Maricar Coccaro
    I was looking for a knee high boots size 5. I usually shop in Forever 21 & H&M, but they only have 5.5. But then I came across to this app on instagram. I googled Boohoo US. Clicked the link and it led me to this app @ Apple store. Downloaded it, and boom! They have size 5. I was thrilled. So I ordered two things, when I get the confirmation that it’s on my way. I realized that it’s shipped from London. It was a surprised 😱 as I don’t shop stores outside of United States. But I waited anyway, and no worries cuz they have tracking #. So I received my package more than a week, and I was pleased with the products. They look great! And I love my knee high boots. 😍😱 And just last night I re-ordered again, and this morning I received an email that my stuff is on the way. 😊✈️ I am excited to receive my new shoesssss!!!!👢💕 This review is based on my experience, with the company.😊💕
  • No problem from start to finish

    By Cndelovely
    Despite all the bad reviews, I decided to give it a shot and I ordered 3 items from this website that I truly liked and for a great deal. I didn't have high expectations on quality and material, etc. From the time I placed My order I received prompt confirmation and regular updates on the tracking of my package via 3rd party app. My purchased items were delivered in good condition and within the specify time frame of 7-11 business days, (got mine in 10 days). The clothes I purchased are as described, quality of material is good and the fitting was perfect. I’m satisfied with my purchase and the delivery of goods. I will buy from them again in the future.

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