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IPSY - Beauty, Makeup & Tips

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IPSY - Beauty, Makeup & Tips is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Ipsy. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Ipsy, with the latest current version being 3.9.0 which was officially released on 2020-10-06. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 154,388 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.83312 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

We’re reinventing the way you discover beauty, making it 100% about YOU. As the leading source of beauty discovery and inspiration, IPSY combines personalized products, content, and shopping (with over 20,000 products!) to create the ultimate beauty experience. From well-known and well-loved brands like TARTE, BENEFIT COSMETICS, NYX MAKEUP, IT COSMETICS and SMASHBOX to new emerging brands from around the world, IPSY brings you the very best in makeup, skincare, body, fragrance, hair, nails, and beauty tools. Our mobile app is the best and most convenient way to experience IPSY: • View your personalized products before they arrive in the mail. • Choose one of your products and add more to your IPSY Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, or Glam Bag Ultimate every month. • Discover more about your picks and share reviews so your subscription only gets better and better. • Shop over 20,000+ favorites from top brands at up to 70% off. No coupons, codes, or magic words needed. • Learn more from thousands of makeup tutorials, face charts, and step-by-step guides—all to help you create endless looks. Once you’re an ipster, you’re part of something big—a community that’s leaving the rules behind and making beauty a personal journey. And we’ll be with you all the way.

Top Reviews

  • Fantastic but with a few minor flaws

    By IBDaniG
    I adore pretty much everything about Ipsy. Their products, customer service and their app. It’s very easy to use, full of great content and such a convenient way to manage subscriptions and to shop for beauty products in general. My only major issue is that fairly frequently the back arrow to return to the previous screen disappears so you must then choose from the menu at the bottom and go from there to return to the desired page. This can mean clicking back through several screens and while not super time consuming it is pretty annoying. My only other issue is that in the Shopper section (where I spend far too much time and money) products are sometimes missing part or all of their descriptions. Usually this is only mildly inconvenient as I can just go to the product’s company website but occasionally there are some major blanks. For example, while shopping for Nails, Inc. products over half of the polishes had not only no description, they didn’t even have a name. A few were just labeled “Nail Polish” with a pic but NO other descriptive info (except about the company in general) and some (about half of the 66 polishes) were even called “Shopping Bag.” 😄 To be fair this is the first time I’ve seen this level of missing information but I felt it was worth mentioning. But again, overall it’s a great app I use at least daily and definitely more often than nearly all of my other apps, particularly for shopping and/or beauty products.
  • It’s like Christmas every month 😂

    By angecraw
    So far I absolutely love Ipsy and the app. Personally, I think $10 a month for 4 samples and 1 full sized product is a great deal. Not to mention the cute bags every month! It’s a great way to try new products I wouldn’t normally buy otherwise. I know what I like and tend not to branch out of my comfort zone. Subscribing to Ipsy is perfect for me, because I don’t have to risk buying a full size, expensive products just to try and realize I hate it. I know enough about makeup to casually wear everyday, but I’m no beauty wizard lol. They offer instructions and video tutorials explaining how to use each product. I’ve learned techniques I never thought existed. And if I end up liking something, they usually have it available to buy in full-size. Maybe Ipsy isn’t for everyone, but I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth. One suggestion...At first I was confused about the beauty quiz that asks about our beauty preferences to help personalize our bags. I assumed that meant those would definitely be the products I’d receive. Once I noticed I was getting other brands/items, I checked it the FAQ’s and read that what we get is based more on our reviews of each month’s products. It’s misleading when first signing up, and I only realized this after searching the site. Could you please make that more apparent for future new users?
  • I’ll try it....

    By Scion Friend
    A coworker talked me into it. Well, it’s not just makeup. It is skin care, serums, haircare, tools.... so, “I’ll try it.” I said. Two years later... DO NOT GET RID OF MY IPSY!! In fact, I get the $10 one every month without fail, and opted for the $25 box every other. I love the facial masks and have learned about the foot masks and other fun items because of Ipsy. Highlighters are my friend, who knew. And the price is fantastic. Now the word sample is funny. I have never ran out of an Ipsy nail polish sample, and the lotions include several uses, depending on the brand. Brands.... I found out I love Sol de Dejanaro from a sample and now purchase the full size. I would have NEVER spent that much money on a full size without knowing, I loved it. And how about the “bag”. Do I love them? No, not all of them. But did bring a nice one to a wedding as a clutch. So cute. Lastly, the infamous shiny envelope!!!!!! Ladies!!! It is Show & Tell time in the office!! My heart warms when I see it. Literally the best $10 spent every month. I will not stop!!! PS - Through that last two years I see Ipsy has been striving to make it is, what the customers want it to be. They ask for feedback, they listen and make changes. If there is bad feedback in the past, it may not be true still today.
  • I’m obsessed with IPSY Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus!!

    By Finally Vermont Has A Target!!
    Give this monthly beauty box (well it is actually A really adorable monthly makeup BAG holding all the goodies) a try!! You will not regret this inexpensive purchase of only $12 a month for the Glam Bag (5 travel size products mixed with a full sized item in a cute bag). You can also get the Glam Bag Plus for an extra $25 a month that includes 5 FULL SIZE products worth well over $100. Your bag is curated for you based on a beauty questionnaire you keep updated based on your makeup, skincare, and hair product loves, likes, indifferent, dislikes, along with your skin and hair type, color, texture, and your makeup colors and products you prefer. Your bags are even more personalized when you provide a review of each item and if you like the particular item, the brand/company, and if you want more of this type of item. I also look forward to the 2nd of every month because ADD-ONs are available for 24 hours and you can select up to 5 trial size ($3 each) and or full size products ($12 each) to be added to your bag. Give this a try and pamper yourself a little bit!! Did I say these are from high end and up and coming brands that are normally way more expensive per item than your monthly price for 5 items!
  • If I would have known about a “waitlist” I would have never subscribed.

    By AnonymousHate
    I saw Ipsy advertised on Facebook and thought it would be a really nice beauty box service, I downloaded the app and subscribed. Immediately after subscribing I was told that I was on a “waitlist” and that if I wanted off I would have to send emails to 3 of my contacts in my email. I don’t have contacts since I use my emails for social media and signing up for websites and things like Ipsy. There are only a few options for which email service you can use which are gmail, hotmail, outlook, and yahoo. I use aol so I was out of luck. If getting off of the “waitlist” was as easy as sending 3 emails, why is there a waitlist in the first place? I understand that your app says “we are in high demand, so you’re on our waitlist” but come on, It really isn’t fair for people who are unable to send the emails to easily bypass the “waitlist” Either advertise your waitlist situation or tell people before they subscribe, don’t wait to tell people that they are going to have to wait to “actually subscribe” until after they have already gone through the process of taking the beauty quiz and giving their payment information. I would like to say that customer service was very responsive and quick to cancel my “waitlist” spot and responded in less than 24 hours which is why my rating is 3 stars instead of one.
  • Looooveeee

    By PixieV3
    I absolutely love Ipsy. I’m not a big makeup shopper, I don’t know makeup or skincare products really much at all, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like them and want to know what’s worth the hype and what isn’t. So I’m just starting out on my makeup and skincare journey, which is where Ipsy is pretty amazing. I love that they send you products to try based on the responses you give them from their skin, hair and makeup questions that they ask you to fill out. I’ve tried a few different products now that have made a tremendous difference in my skin and I’ve tried some makeup that I enjoy SO MUCH MORE than what I’ve been buying. I’m so impressed, my skin has never looked better, and now I have a starting point to explore products I’d never have thought to use before. So now I have ideas where to go and what is the best for my skin, and I so needed that being an older woman. (I’m in my mid 30’s so keeping my skin youthful and healthy is my #1 right now). They also offer discounts every month on products you can read about and add onto your bag before delivery, for a very affordable price, which I’m super into. It’s just honestly the best thing I’ve ever committed to for myself. It’s affordable and honestly just feels so luxurious. Fantastic stuff
  • Great especially if you don’t know what to buy

    By Sanna12
    I really like ipsy because you get sample size of really great products and especially if you don’t do your make up all the time. If you don’t want to buy large expensive portions of things you get to try products and a lot of things go bad before I even get a chance to finish them. I also don’t always know what to buy and I forget that I need things so it’s already in the house so I don’t have to run out last minute and try to buy something. They send really high-quality top-of-the-line stuff too and I love that you can customize it to your preferences and your skin shading haircolor and all that good stuff. You could also cancel anytime if you decide that it’s not for you but honestly it’s the price of two Starbucks coffees a month and I get make up skin care and hair care samples that are actually pretty large considering. I highly recommend it to people who don’t use a lot of make up and don’t go out that often because that will be enough to last for you. I also recommend it to people who love to buy make up because you can try something and then by the full-size products at a discount if you do decide that you like it.. it’s in all around waiting for me.
  • It's awesome for new makeup lovers

    By The Intoxicating Siren
    I've recently just started to get in to makeup, though going in to stores like Ulta and Sephora have always been overwhelming and expensive if you don't know what you are doing. I like Ipsy because it's affordable, fun, and helpful; for just ten dollars a month, every moth they send a themed makeup bag that is different each time with five different items included in it. Typically it's all sample sizes but on occasion they will send full sized product, like this month I got both a full liquid eyeliner pencil and a large matte lipstick which are also really good quality. They carry huge name brands that you'd find in Sephora and Ulta so you're not paying for drugstore makeup, they also give you a detailed multiple choice quiz about the styles and products you like/want to try. When it came to color options I selected "adventurous" since I am the type of person who just wears the same look every time and I wanted to break out of my shell and do more wild cute looks, so far I haven't been disappointed with the colors they've sent me with them being outside my comfort zone. Tl;dr : I'm really happy my co-worker suggested this to me and it's very exciting to see what surprises they have in store each month.
  • is fun for a while but gets old fast.

    By maytwentysixth
    i loved this when i first started using this. got all sorts of products i wasn’t aware of, learned about how to all those different kinds of products, learned what really wasn’t for me and it was literally like Christmas every month getting new and exciting things. the novelty quickly wore off when i first started receiving duplicate products. a certain mascara one month and then the same mascara again the next month. this happened with several different kinds of products multiple times in my two years of subscribing with them. i tried changing my personalized settings every month in hopes it would help but then they changed their personalized settings from what you don’t want to how often you use each product. that’s when i started receiving all sorts of products i absolutely did not want because you could only rate each type of product at Often, Sometimes, or Rarely. i never use lipstick, not i use it rarely so i was constantly sent chapsticks and lipsticks. the amount of products i was sent every month that i didn’t want/or would not use is when i decided to cancel my account. i know it’s only $10 but it’s clear they started this idea not expecting it to be in such high demand and now they can’t keep up with a wide assortment of affordable products anymore.
  • I Used to LOVE ISPY......

    By Lala 💖🏳️‍🌈
    I have several issues with Ipsy lately. I feel like when I first started they gave me pretty high quality items and the promised “two full-sized items”. Now however not only have I gotten more and more off-brand and low quality items but it’s getting harder and harder to tell what items are supposed to be “full-sized” when they’re all starting to look like travel/sample sized items. I also feel like the beauty preference quiz is a joke because most of the items I get don’t seem to match my answers from the quiz. Another, albeit smaller but,I feel important issue is that appears all the newer bags are much more plain and uninspired in design. Okay, now these are just my concerns with the products themselves, I haven’t even begun to touch on the app. Ever since the new update it has become EXTREMELY hard to use. It glitches often and very much puts an emphasis on their shop instead of your subscription. Anytime the app glitches it directs you to the shop, or anytime you open it, or click on something, anything. It’s really sad to see this company become so money hungry that it doesn't seem to care about the basis on which they started on. The app is all about spending additional cash and if you really want the items you crave you’ll have to shell out the additional funds. Sorry for the long rant, I truly hope these issues are resolved over time.

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