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  • Last Updated: 2019-02-15
  • New version: 1.4.1
  • File size: 32.93 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Rokie - Roku Remote

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Rokie - Roku Remote is an iPhone and Android Utilities App, made by KRAFTWERK 9 LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - KRAFTWERK 9 LLC, with the latest current version being 1.4.1 which was officially released on 2019-02-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 202,919 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.46526 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Rokie is the best free iPhone/iPod remote control unit for Roku Streaming Player and Roku TV. Magnificent design, intuitive interface, no pileup of buttons or complex settings. Thanks to this iOS application, access to movies, music and games will become simpler and easier, and you will love your Roku even more. All you need is connect your iOS device and Roku to the same Wi-Fi network. Main features: - Automatic detection of Roku in the Wi-Fi network; - A large touchpad for convenient menu and content navigation; - Launching of channels directly from the application; - Search for YouTube videos and streaming to Roku from iPhone/iPod. Compatibility: - Rokie is compatible with all Roku models including Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Streaming Stick, Express, Express+, Premiere, Premiere+, Ultra, Roku TV; - Some applications like YouTube and Hulu+ have their own screen keyboards and do not take input from the iOS keyboard; Disclaimer: Kraftwerk 9, Inc is not an affiliated entity of Roku, Inc, and Rokie application is not an official product of Roku, Inc.

Top Reviews

  • Device rename feature??

    By The Hot Sexy Taco
    I love this app, it’s so smooth (I actually can’t recall it ever skipping or glitching or anything like that) and convenient... I paid for no ads and I have 0 regrets since doing so. However, I think it would be fantastic to have the ability to rename the different Roku devices connected to the same WiFi network as my phone... For instance, there are 3 different Roku Expresses at my home and it’s a mildly inconvenient guessing game until I land on the Express I’m looking for - sort of just trial and error. I’ve tried searching this app for such a feature but haven’t been able to locate it anywhere, so if there’s one thing I could improve about Rokie, I’d implement an option to rename the different devices connected to the WiFi network that one is aiming to connect to from his/her phone
  • Area to Improve

    By Zayzay374827
    Downloaded this like most others after breaking my original remote. After first downloading for free I found it quickly necessary to purchase the app because using your remote to change the channel from an advertisement, just to get another advertisement on your remote was quite annoying. The $2.00 purchase was definitely worth it. The digital remote works even better due to the fact that I now have a keyboard to type into rather than selecting characters individually. I have no issues with the remote at all, but the app would get an INSTANT FIVE STAR RATING [IF] every time you clicked a button your phone would give you haptic feedback. It’s very difficult to know what you’re pressing without getting a little vibration. Please Rokie developers, a haptic feedback option for control inputs would be highly appreciated. Thank you!
  • Buy the app or deal with ads every time you watch Netflix

    By cooker52
    This app offers a paid version for an imitation of the actual Roku app. If you need to replace your remote, skip this app and download the official Roku app where they off you the same features for free. Rokie advertises itself as a free remote control for Roku TVs, when in reality they show you 2-3 ads for every 10 button clicks. I could not load a Netflix show without watching 6 ads. The app offers you an option to pay away the ads, however they practically force you to make the purchase in order to actually use the app. If the app stated that it would have blocking ads, it wouldn’t be as bad, but the app advertises itself as “free” when it blocks your phone screen with an ad as your are pressing the control buttons, effectively forcing you to visit the ad. All to prey on people looking for a remote control replacement when a free, more feature full, and more user friendly app is available and officially supported by Roku (the Roku app).

    By RTJII
    I purchased a high dollar tv at one of the big box retail stores, when I got it home it didn’t work and you had to be a rocket scientist to operate the remote. After several hours of confusion and not knowing what to do with it, I boxed it up and took it back to point of purchase. While there I bought the same size tv a TCL brand, which they tell me is a off brand. I had out the box and hung on the wall in minutes. It has the user friendliest remote I’ve ever encountered and with a 4K UHD set, every picture is crisp, clear and just a joy to watch. If I’m the market for a new tv I highly recommend the TCL brand. You will not be disappointed. RTJ.
  • Worked for a day and now it rarely recognizes my tv

    By meeshy13
    I lost my Roki remote so I was really hoping I could use this so I don’t have to replace the ridiculously expensive remote. When I open the app it shows my device and that it’s connecting and then it disappears and I just see a blank screen with a loading symbol at the top right of my screen. The tv and phone are connected to the same WiFi, so I can’t seem to tighten out the issue and when I tried looking up how to fix this on the Roku support page all the suggestions are involving the app which doesn't work. I’ve tried on multiple devices and have the same issue. It worked for a day or so no issues and now suddenly I’ll be in the middle of watching something and the app no longer works so I can’t pause or play the next episode on Netflix and the worst part is I can’t even select the input to go to my cable.
  • Barely better than a real remote

    By IhateRovio
    I got the app as a replacement for the remote because, hey I can type on my phone! This would make searching so much easier. At least that’s what I thought… The app doesn’t quite work like that. It does give a keyboard feature but when you try to use it it doesn’t actually interface with the TV... so you still have to type by pressing left right up down select left right up down if you want a basic search. It’s harder to lose the app then the remote which is about the only bonus. I hope they improve it, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend anybody invest real money in this.
  • Garbage

    By GCosgrave
    Everything about this device and this app is pure trash. First of all the device is inexcusable slow and laggy, crashing and freezing often. At first I tried to use the remote that came with the device but it wouldn’t stay connected for more than 30 seconds. So I shelved it for a while, thinking the remote was the issue. Then recently I learned about the remote app, and I was stoked! Maybe I’ll actually get to use this thing. But I quickly realized all of the issues I was having were hardwired into the DNA of this piece of trash. Still slow, laggy, unresponsive, and prone to crashing. And the kicker? THIS APP HAS ADS. The audacity you people have to put ads on a remote control, and then ASK ME TO PAY TO REMOVE THEM is unbelievable. In conclusion, everything about Roku is a dumpster fire and whoever’s in charge should be exiled to the forbidden land. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
  • grr

    By RubyyMarie
    The fact that you cannot press buttons more than a few times before an ad place is flat out ridiculous. And it almost always seems like when you need to use the remote right then and there and add please and then you missed your opportunity to be able to use the remote. sometimes an ad will play and you won’t be able to exit out of it until it has fully ran through, or you have to fully exit out of the app and turn it back on to be able to actually use it. The fact that the ads on here are so much make it to where you can hardly use a remote. I am glad that this is not the actual Roku remote if you keep looking you’ll be able to find the Roku companies version of the app and it is 10 times better I promise.
  • Not consistent

    By Paris51690
    It seems like if I stop using the remote for prolonged use, I can’t reconnect without having to turn the tv on to make it discoverable...which defeats the purpose of being able to turn it on and off with the app. I also paid the 1.99 to remove ads, but when I went to try the app on my ipad which syncs all apps (the app downloaded to my ipad when I downloaded it to my iphone); it asks for another 1.99 to remove ads and restoring my purchases didn’t work. Would appreciate these functions working because the remote is so tiny and often disappears when i’m laying in bed. When it does work, it’s great.
  • Terrible not gonna watch adds to press play on Netflix

    By Pandabubba12
    App is awsome butttttt Now here’s what’s up not only are you risking customer relations with other app services and tv brands by association due to advertising that you need to view to for instance press play on Netflix. but the app should be a means of benefit to the purchase a digital software enhancement for to the customers purchase I get that adds help payment for expenses that being said what is the content I’m consuming by using the app? I’d love to be a part of your or anyone’s development.

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