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  • Last Updated: 2020-08-14
  • New version: 4.2.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

My CenturyLink

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My CenturyLink is an iPhone and Android Productivity App, made by CenturyLink, Inc. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - CenturyLink, Inc, with the latest current version being 4.2.0 which was officially released on 2020-08-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 38,784 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.45204 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The My CenturyLink app lets you manage your CenturyLink account on the go! • Install your new CenturyLink modem • View and pay your bill with convenience and ease • Check your services, upgrade your Internet speed (if available in your area) • Manage all your settings • Visit Support to troubleshoot or optimize your service through self-help tools and videos • Get personalized alerts, so you can see the status of your order, or find out if there is an interruption to your Internet service • Plus, so much more DO YOU HAVE A SIMPLEPAY ACCOUNT? SimplePay is new and is now supported in this app. Sign In and manage your account today! JUST SO YOU KNOW By using CenturyLink’s App, you agree to CenturyLink’s use of third-party analytics and monitoring software to record system and user actions within our App. We use this data to detect and resolve issues and to ensure that the App is functioning as designed within the user experience. Aggregated, anonymous statistical information and data that is not identifiable to any person or entity could be used by the third party for auditing, research and analysis purposes to operate and improve the system subject to contractual limits. For more information please visit CenturyLink’s Privacy Policy at

Top Reviews

  • Crappy service!

    By 2Fynnie
    First I came home from a trip in October 23 no inter net access . Nothing the tech told me to do worked ! He claimed I was receiving WiFi signal . I WA NOT Isn’t it strange that none of our devices showed WiFi connection????I scheduled an appt for Nov 18 for a tech to come out . Kept getting emails saying it’s not a WiFi issue and if the tech comes out and doesn’t find a problem I would incur a charge because they are not network techs. Yesterday evening by some miracle ( I’m being sarcastic) WiFi reappeared on our portable devices but no connection on the pc. I tried to cancel appt it would not let me . I connected to a chat and that tech could not cancel appt. Really????? I reconnected to chat this morning and guess what; that tech had no problem canceling the appointment. What a waste of my time!!!! Not the first time I’ve had less than acceptable service. Done now. Will be shopping for another provider! Thanks for nothing Century Link as my PC still does not have internet connection and it was working fine before we left. Also I had forgotten my CL password and your app is also not functioning correctly. It does not pull up the “keyboard” therefore I can not even type in my email address and requested so how in The blue blazes am I supposed to reset the password? I am so angry and frustrated. Will be calling soon to discontinue service. As soon as I decide which provider to go with.
  • Cannot contact Centurylink

    By Leah&barkley
    I cannot contact Centurylink. The app ‘contact us’ feature simply redirects to the website, which does not have mobile chat support. Calling Centurylink also does not work. Hold times to get an agent are over 20 minutes and the agent either does not understand or cannot provide a resolution. The only thing they will do is tell you to reboot your modem (does nothing when the lines outside your house need repair) and when that doesn’t work will transfer the call to someone else to repeat the issue or kick it back out to the queue. It seems to be designed to trap you in an endless loop of outsourced call center failure and maybe you’ll just eventually give up out of frustration. I have now been without internet for 21 days. This should have been resolved. Why is there not a self service portal? Have a trouble shooting for common issues and pathways organized by department for when unplugging your modem doesn’t work. An app that would allow you to resolve basic problems like scheduling a technician or sending a message to a billing agent would be helpful.
  • Awful Company

    By MrPapagiorgio973
    First off the app has the wrong phone number to contact them for support. When you call it you get a voice message that says the number is not in service. Now when I try to log into it it tells me using both fingerprint ID or actually typing in my password that it failed to get account info. This used to be a good company but if you are living in the Vegas area I would look into COX instead. I called multiple numbers last week and after finally talking to someone they said my router was broken and I would have to buy a new one from them for $160. When I asked when a tech would be here to install it they told me that they wouldn’t send one for that, but they emailed me directions to do it myself. The next day my internet was back to normal so I sent the new router back when it arrived as I didn’t not need it, and they are still trying to charge me for it even though it is back at there building because I have a confirmed arrival date and time. Do not use this company, save yourself the hassle.
  • Not happy

    By ;( mom
    I signed up for this service 3 years ago and at first it wasn’t bad, but now the quality of our internet is horrible. It constantly lags just trying to watch Netflix and dare the wind blow very hard or rain cause then it goes out completely! We have better internet service on our phones than this. My kids have had to do their homework on their phones being out of school for covid 19 because of this. I’ve been loyal to CenturyLink even tho we’ve had other carriers to choose from locally and I didn’t switch because I like to stay loyal to a service. I just opened my bill to see I did not pay it for March 29 and now owe for that month and this one which is due in 12 days and I see a $15 late fee. I understand there is a $5 late fee when you don’t pay on time normally but CenturyLink is supposed to be waiving the late fees as most other company’s are at this time for 1. And second why 3 late fees for 1 month that is late!?? Guess it is time to start checking for better internet service.
  • Review

    By mydundee
    The first people that came could not have been nice. The last one was in such a hurry I thought he was on his way to an emergency. He was on his phone saying he would be done here in 20 minutes or so. I start I to move the chair that was in the way. I stopped to let Frank get by and out onto the porch where he could be out of the way. The technician pushed the chair into me pushing me into Frank and knocking him onto the sofa. Frank had just had major surgery on his back on April 24th and is still in a hard brass. He is not hurt but it it could have been much worse. He is to also have a hip replacement surgery in September. The technician could have easily done a lot of harm to him. What I do not understand is why the hurry he went out side after completing his job and spent the next 30 to 45 minute talking to another technician. Not a good thing to do. Where was the fire.
  • Horrible Service!!

    By Nikki0321
    The app for CenturyLink it convenient and user friendly, 4 stars. The customer service reps are maybe 3 stars. As for the service itself 1 star. I have had CenturyLink Internet for over 10 years. I have had this provider because it’s the only one covering where I live at the moment. Just over the past year I have added a landline. I added the landline because a customer service rep said that my internet speed would be fast and better quality and my monthly bill would go down. Well it was a lie. Over the years my service seems to get worse. I can only have, maybe, two devices connected to my WiFi at a time and I ALWAYS have to wait for the loading screen at least once during a tv show or movie. The sad part is that we even upgraded to a new model modem. We pay the full amount for half the quality of service.
  • The worst customer service possible

    By mav9739
    I have contacted Century Link over 5 emails, 6 chats and 4 phone calls over a six week period to cancel my service and provide me the information to return my modem. I cancelled my service in June 14, 2020 and was recently billed for July service. I’ve requested the mailing address to return my modem via 4 phone calls (all answering from India) and each time I was told I would receive a mailing slip within 7 days. That never happened. I requested the address for the return be sent to my email which also never happened. I’ve now contacted the State’s Attorney’s office and received a reply that they are looking into this case. Oh yea and by the way Century Link for obvious reasons is not a member of the Better Business Bureau. Look anywhere else for your internet or phone service. This company could care less about you. Brett Brown Naples, Florida
  • Worst service

    By Rbnurseypoo
    Worst service I’ve ever had but unfortunately the only choice we have after we moved last fall. Can’t wait for the day another service provider makes their way into our neighborhood. Service drops all the time, calling tech support or live chat is almost useless and they say they have to send someone out (and that may cost you $85 if they find it’s a problem on your end) and the times they’ve come out .. “yeah we need to bury that cable but we’ll have to wait until summer. We were supposed to do it last summer but not sure how it got missed..” so we keep paying for less than mediocre internet because they didn’t do their job last summer. We’re more than annoyed but need internet for work (even if it’s the worst connection ever). Stay away if you can.
  • Great service!

    By Speech too
    On Tuesday, my Internet went down after weeks of bad service. I called the technician, Carol, who worked for 30 minutes to fix it remotely. She scheduled a technician for the next day with a time frame of 8-5. I complained and said that as I was teaching college both online and on campus this was poor service , but I could make it work. She was sympathetic as she also worked from home. 30 minutes later the technician was at my door and fixed in another 30 minutes. So in 2 hours from the initial complaint I was all fixed and ready to go . Thank you Carol and century link.
  • Customer Service ok, Speed of Service Horrible

    By Crypto Credentials
    I have had issues with my service for about a month now and every solution ends in the same problem, no internet service. I have attempted to reach out to Centurylink but their text support will not let me send any message past the first one and their call center says a 10 minute wait. After an hour and 10 minutes of waiting on hold to speak with a customer service representative I hung up. I am very irritated after being a customer for 6 years that I cannot get a solution to my issue. I am always on time with payments and a loyal customer but it still does not make a difference as to the service I am receiving. Just a heads up.

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