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2 THE MOON is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 1.10 which was officially released on 2021-07-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 9126 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

WOW best stonk and Dogecoin simulation game. Much fun. Such phone game. Very free. Play as Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and stocks.

Tap to zig-zag and blast through multipliers TO THE MOON! Money printer go brrrrrr.

D is for Dogecoin

D = D


Top Reviews

  • By Crazy dude10101

    Completely life changing

    Before downloading this app I was a loser. Women never talked to me. My own parents didn’t love me. But ever since I dedicated my life to this game everything changed. I no longer want to kill myself. Women want to date me. My parents love me. This game saved my life and changed who I am as a person. I am forever in debt to dogecoin yolo.

  • By jewlboss

    Game is so fun

    Bro this game is lowkey fun lmaoo😂 i just would want maybe like them to give up a little more time to collect more money but other than thats its sooo fun im loving the new skins and the cars are dope tbh but maybe the more cars you get the bigger the bonus amount of money you can get at the start.

  • By xXx_Bodacious_xXx

    Fun game, has potential

    I saw this game on TikTok and decided to get it because, why not? I got it for the memes and then realized that this is the kind of game you have for when you are bored and need to kill some time. I don’t know if it is because there is something wrong with my phone, but I am not getting any sound at all. That DOGECOIN song on tiktok would work especially well if tweaked to list as long as each play lasts. If you could customize more with the money you get, like the background, music, character, and other things like that, then it would be even more enjoyable. Otherwise I expected something to get ironically but was surprised for it to be a neat little game.

  • By not_a person

    Help for creators

    I have been playing this game for a while I have everything you can buy and $1.1B but there are some flaws in the game here they are. If you keep going up and down on the pad as much as you can you can go thru the buildings, And get $0 dollars as the score. Sometimes if you get to much money like $49M your game will lag and it kinda gets annoying. Also when you try to press the remove ads button nothing happens, But other than that it is a good game would recommend but just so you know if you don’t like ads don’t play.

  • By Dr pepper boiyo

    great game

    this game is amazing for killing time, but i’m only giving it a 4 star for one reason. there’s not much to do with the money you make. you can increase your starting money, you can increase your maximum money multiplier, you can buy a new car which passively gives you money, or you can buy a new character, which is cosmetic only. an addition that would make me give this game 5 stars is adding something that extends your stock board. like my typical runs on here last about 15 seconds because the board is kind of small, but it would be amazing if you could spend your money to extend the board bit by bit so you could make more money on each run. overall it’s a great game.

  • By M3RKM3SIC

    Typical Voodoo move

    I just want to start saying the game is enjoyable when your trying to kill time but it there is one MAJOR problem and that problem is sometimes when your on level there is decrease multiplier at the start and it’s just keeps doing for awhile and you can go bankrupt which puts in ads which we know voodoo loves is ads and it gets annoying.

  • By Ash1039482

    I freaking love this it rocks! But I noticed one 2 many things that should have a change

    I love this game! It is really fun at the fact of it and it is sincerely fun, but that when I checked the app description scrolling down it said that “Used to track me- location etc.” so of course this frightened me, so that would be one thing nice to change on taking of the tracking, or having an allow or don’t allow feature. And maybe add some noise it would make the experience a little better. -sincerely, a fellow player of dogecoin yolo

  • By z047

    Needs some work

    First of all it’s dead silent put in some music I found a song about dogecoin on TikTok called to the moon and second: a shop for different skins would be nice and third: some new obstacles need to be added instead of just random blocks and thing that make you go down and last but not least: I would love a multiplayer where your goal is to get higher than the other players heck just having this with normal bots would be exciting

  • By MrFluff131

    Such a downgrade

    I originally downloaded this app when it was just 62 people on it but in it latest update it had ads galore if. On the bottom? Ad. After you’re done play you have the game you have the option of getting your winnings multiplied by watching an ad, so you would expect the no option to be ad free. But no, I clicked on the no option and it still gave me a cringe ad. There is literally ads everywhere. I gave this a 2 stars because the gameplay is fun but repetitive

  • By LowkeyLard

    Previously was great, now it’s garbage

    DogeCoinYolo, a fun, zigzag game where the iconic doge character rode a coin and collected money through a level of obstacles and memes. This game is based off of the crypto-currency known as dogecoin. At first, this game was simple, you tap the screen to make the doge go a certain direction to benefit the amount of money you make. There were no ads, no payed content, it was a simple game, a very entertaining one at that. Fast forward a week or two, a company called Voodoo has bought it, rigging it of ads, buyable skins, cars, and more. It looks worse, and everytime you try to preform an action, you have to watch an ad. Overall, I do NOT recommend this game in anyway, do not install it if you don’t wanna watch senseless ads and have multiple random pop-ups.

  • By undertale fan100

    Stop voodoo

    U have to many ads. Can’t even play the game, delete ur business it’s dead. Playing voodoo games is worst than killing urself. I ain’t even joking. I had 5 of my family members throw up playing ur games. Delete ur company. Idc what u do just delete ur company. Stop killing ppl of pure cringe. You have just shown proof that evolution can go backwards. Your not entertaining anything that’s what Mobile games are meant to do. You got to many ads that u can’t even get more game time in, u make me sick so bad that I gotta go throw up. Ur not good at anything so just stop. U have to have bots make people think this game is good. Ur even worst than my yt channel. So just stop.

  • By Kkool_Tuthe

    Voodoo wth

    Why?! Voodoo ruined another game with the idiotic ads. Like don't they already have like 500+ stupid games? I was just going on vacation, leaving the game it was for now enjoying my day, knowing that I would play the game later ad-free. I was actually having fun. Then the next day, the creator selled this game to Voodoo. Out of every game developer, VOODOO. Now I will delete this game. It was fun while it lasted. You probably won't see this, but leave a bad review. I just want to take this down and let this game rest. This game WAS fun and stuff, but now it's not. Thank you Voodoo. Thanks for ruining yet another game. Bye!

  • By KriticaEffect

    Ads are terrible

    When the game was first released there were no ads on it, but after blew up on TikTok the developers decided to add a small ad banner at the bottom which it did not bother me because the developers actually deserved some money for what a decent game it was. Now they’re everywhere, especially main menu, and there’s one of those “watch an ad to get a prize” things at the end that takes a few seconds to skip. I wish I never updated it, because it is no different from every other app on the store.


    Somebody always has to ruin the fun

    This game was fun on release but of coarse Voodoo has to see something that looks like fun and put their names on it. After they bought the game it has been filled with ads for their other low quality cash grab mobile games. The game is hardly worth playing because there is an ad every time you press on your screen. It is disappointing how Voodoo can make games to be fun and use everything as a cash grab and an excuse to make more adds on their low quality games.

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