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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-28
  • New version: 1.23
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Paper Fold


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Paper Fold is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Good Job Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Good Job Games, with the latest current version being 1.23 which was officially released on 2021-07-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 105053 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Paper Fold App

How does it Work?

Fold and Create Pictures

Very simple mechanics, only tap and fold.

Once you start, it will be hard to stop.

This will be the one of the most relaxing time of your life.

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Top Reviews

  • By Animalcrossing729

    5 star game but to many adds

    The game is so fun but after every one or two round things there’s an add. Honestly I love the game but I don’t think you should have to pay to not have any adds but that’s how you know if the game owners are greedy. Okay now for some positivity the game is super super fun and the levels take you like 6 seconds! I just got the game yesterday and I’m already on level 46! I think that you should play this game and say what you think of this game but I don’t think it will be a 1 star review! And this game is better then the adds make it seem!

  • By yobres

    5 Star Game 👏👏

    Someone shared this game on TikTok and I found it from there. I'm usually not a type of person that downloads games that sees on social media, but the concept of this game fashinated me truely. The best part is that it's extremely easy to play. I even recommended this game to my 72 years old grandma and she is at level 140 already. The images on the papers are also very funny, I took screenshots of some of them to send my friends. Long story short, it's definitely a 5 star game. I recommend it to everyone without any doubts.

  • By hyperdude125

    A decent game for casual players

    I got this game mainly because it looked fun and I hadn’t gotten an abundance of ads for it, and 24 hours later I had reached lvl 300. This game is fun for people with free time. The things I could complain about is the repetitive nature of it. There are only something like 75 different levels that are randomly ordered. Also I can’t get any themes because there are ‘no ads ready’ I think ads may be busted, which to be honest is fine, but I don’t get any and I don’t own an ad blocker. Like I said, worse things to have broken, but it would be nice to be able to get new themes. A suggestion I have to make the game more enjoyable is to add coins into the game and you get more coins per level depending on the less mistakes you make, then you can use the coins to buy themes. Just a thought.

  • By Name : ????

    Plz read before downloading its a great game but has issues

    Ok so when I download this game I looked at the reviews ofc and they said that it was a great game but to many adds but I ignored it and played but little did I know they were right now I'm going to talk about the best things and what are 🤮🤢😭😤😡 the fun things are its satisfying and enjoyable but the con's are its so EASY and there are way to many adds after like 1-2 levels every time you pass . stage a 30 second add comes up and yes it only takes 30 seconds but is as annoying as heck and I get the developers need to make money so they want you to buy the no adds but no im deleting this app but I do have suggestion's one slow the adds make them every once you pass at least 10 levels and after you reach level 30 really push the players to think also I love the sounds BTW but overall its a good game Just has things they should fix sorry this is long - ☆ Daisy ☆

  • By Needs some tips!

    Very fun, but the ads

    I like this game, but there’s way to much ads. And, if I would like to stop the ads, I would have to purchase it. There are so many kids playing this game, but probably rage quit because of the ads. This game is fun, but it needs to be worth all of the ads I have to watch. Which, it isn’t. I recommend not downloading this unless you have time. I download and delete this game all the time. Obviously the owner of this game was very greedy. In my opinion I feel like the owner of this game probably wanted more money then to have people enjoy the actual game. Instead of having to watch 1,000,001 ads. I give this game rating a three out of ten for a reason. Please get rid of the ads and I would love this game 100% more than I do now. By the way this is my opinion and you don’t have to agree with me. I don’t mean to spread the negativity.

  • By eva!!!😇😀🤪

    To many ads!

    When I first downloaded this game I loved it! I could not stop playing it! It is easy and hard at the same witch is the way I like it but there are some problems… first of all there are wayyyyy to many ads I understand that you have to make money but I can’t see the picture that you fold because of the ads second of all is that when you get a new background you have to watch another ad after you already watch an ad every time you beat a level. This is a very unexceptionable amount of ads I definitely recommend this game after the maker fixes it. And by the way I’m 9!

  • By coolgrl26

    too many ads and they false advertise

    fun gameplay, very simple and easy game, i’m currently on level 150 after not even playing for a day. i’m giving it two stars because i does have good concept, it’s not glitchy, it’s animated well, cute designs, overall the looks of the games and the performance of it is really good. but the actually gameplay becomes quite boring. it was very easy for me to get to 150 very fast. way too many ads, causes me to turn off my wifi and data so i don’t get any. and the main reason i downloaded this game was for the BTS mode, which doesn’t exist. they false advertise which truly makes me poorly rate a game. they also should get copyrighted for their ad if they used audio without permission! but anyways, smooth design and concept, not very entertaining gameplay that’s very fast, way too many ads, and false advertising. not a win for me but some people don’t mind ads and prefer quick paced easy games, if you like quick simple games that require little to no brain cells, this is for you!

  • By Shy_planet

    Bugs and ads with a fun game underneath

    I’d like to start by saying I play tested 250 levels, so I could write a proper review. There is an ad after every one or two level(s). And considering it takes about 3-8 seconds to complete a level, you spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. So to counter this you need to play about 3 levels so you can watch 2 ads, then turn airplane mode on and your wifi off. That will get rid of ads completely and allow you to play freely. At level 115 I started getting bugs in my levels. It started with a level that I wasn’t allowed to pass, even though I did it correctly. So you just spam different combinations until the correct incorrect combination allows you to pass that buggy level. At level 171 I noticed the levels repeating more frequently. It would be the same level back to back very frequently. And the bugged levels would come in higher abundance. At 200+ there are more bugged/repeated levels than there are unique levels. So it loses the fun almost entirely. I would not recommend anyone to play this game until they fix it. The game itself is calm and soothing, but the ads and bugs ruin it. I would recommend putting an ad after unlocking each theme, that would let people play and enjoy the game more. Also, please play test the game more and fix the bugs. The bugs aren’t a complicated problem.

  • By randomguy1127

    Kinda bad

    I don’t like this game. There are to many adds. And the adds FOR the game, made me download it because I was getting SICK AND TIRED OF THEM. In the adds the parts of the paper you fold showed shadows of the bits. In the actual game, it didn’t. I just downloaded this game and I wrote this review ASAP. And I had to reset the app due to an add where the X didn’t pop up. It was stupid that happens all the time and it bothers me SO MUCH. Whenever I get an add I have to reset the app!! This is so annoying and I feel like deleting it next Monday. Also, what’s the point of the themes?! The pictures on the paper have NOTHING to do with it. It’s just the background like, WHO EVEN NOTICES IT?! I barely even see it?!?!?! If the themes were about the paper, then people would notice it better! I don’t like this game and I might delete it Monday if this keeps up. Also I don’t know how to see my own review lol. Ps, PLEASE fix my complaints so that I won’t delete it because then you’ll lose someone.

  • By Co1921

    ⚠️Read before you download ⚠️

    So I downloaded this game because I saw the ad where they have songs they don’t have songs it’s really annoying because that’s just false advertising and I got my hopes up thinking that there would be music in the background and that it would be very fun and stuff which I’m not saying it isn’t fun if you like this sort of thing but it has no songs and there’s a whole bunch of apps every almost every time you finish the level you get a 32nd ad and that’s just really annoying because I really don’t have the time to watch ads and I don’t have the patience to watch that I downloaded this game thinking that there would be songs and that it would be fun but it’s not the worst game that I played so I have to write this a solid two stars.

  • By Sophie 483921

    Too many ads

    There are a lot of problems with this game. it is cute and fun and all the animations are great but there are a few problems with the game that are annoying and frustrating. Like the most annoying problem, all of the ads! After every single accomplished fold you have to watch an ad!!! But that’s not the only problem though. There is also kind of fake advertising. They make it seem like a hard game and when you actually get it it’s kind of easy. You can get to a really high-level in like not even close to an hour! I do recommend this but I also don’t recommend it if you don’t like ads. It is a fun game honestly. But just the ads!!!!!! 😕 I hope this is useful to you and I hope you have a good day! 😉

  • By dhsjzjd

    Forced ads are not fun

    I get using ads to get revenue but to force an ad down my throat every level is just really annoying and just makes me realize that you just try to force people to pay the 2.99 fee just so you trash can get some extra money. The 5 star reviews on here were put up by the creators like the typos basically prove that. Now for gameplay I find it very fun and enjoyable but to force ads after every single level is just disrespectful and a money grubbing feature. I would pay for the ad blocker if it wasn’t for the fact that you basically have no choice or you have to deal with an ad after every level. Stop forcing ads on your customers or watch how fast people uninstall instead of paying the extra fee. Trust me there are better games on here that are actually free and they don’t force ads down your throat.

  • By aky is here lol

    Too much ads.

    Now this hame might seem fun but the ads are unbearable they are so annoying every single time I beat a level I get an unskipable ad I just hate it there are way too many ads advertising this game they are legit everywhere and it’s starting to get annoying so I got really fed up with it and decided to download the game to see if it is actually fun.....and guess what? IT ISN’T! I hate it so much I don’t get how some people are not complaining about this but it is annoying and there are way too many ads that is my issue and it is really laggy I am not too sure why it is laggy there are a lot of bugs and it isn’t fun I did a few levels they were all boring I could not stand the lagging the ads and more so I am deleting this game it is a waste of storage and time. Goodbye..

  • By Alayna bean


    Prepare for a pretty long review. So I got this app a week or so ago thinking that every next level would be a little more challenging, but after like 40 levels or so ITS THE SAME ONES OVER AND OVER. Also none of the levels get harder unless you click the bonus level. That brings me to my next statement. You have to watch an add to get the bonus level. WAYYYYY to many adds after like 2 levels there’s an add. And the adds for this app lie like always. It’ll say lvl 222 with the angel turning into a devil and first of all there is never any such and such turning into another such and such and second of all the adds always show shadows which there is never. IM ON LVL 228 AND STILL LVL 40 THINGS. I don’t suggest downloading this app it will drive you crazy how fricking annoying it is.

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