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Touchdown Glory 2021


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Touchdown Glory 2021 is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Good Job Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Good Job Games, with the latest current version being 1.5 which was officially released on 2021-07-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 60879 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Touchdown Glory 2021 App

How does it Work?

Let's go and score a touchdown!

Eliminate your opponents, improve your players and become the champion!

How to play:

Drag&release to pass the ball

Swipe to go right&left

Avoid tackles

Score touchdowns

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Top Reviews

  • By tricilon

    The best ad game I have ever played

    Have you ever sat down and been like man I want to play a game for like 10 seconds then watch a 20 second ad, well if you have this is the game for you not only does it have a scrolling ad ad the bottom of the screen while playing it has ads, within ads after every play, I promise you will never not see the same ad 3 cycles in a row, I give this game 5 stars for the amount of balls it took to make a game that’s basically just an ad machine and isn’t actually a game at all 5/5 would not install again

  • By this_nickname isnt_taken?

    Needs a defense mode

    Defenses win championships. But eventually in the game no matter how upgraded the defense is they still score on you. So I was thinking if they are gonna score anyway why not let the player try to prevent it. I don’t typically write reviews so I think this game has potential. But it could be more. Most of the reviews are talking about the game looking rushed or that there are too many ads. But let’s be honest you could tell that there were gonna be poorly made qualities about it and lots of ads just from the type of game it is. People don’t play these types of games for quality or lack of ads they play them to pass time. And this game delivers.

  • By c.Reader

    Too easy, but great game. 3.3 stars

    I got all my players up to 100 overall, once that happened there was no point. I did that in an hour. Plus I found a glitch, if you constantly swipe your finger you get a touchdown every time. And how come there is no out of bounds. Also why can’t you have to try to recreate your team later on after like 3-4 tournaments. I have a million coins and I can’t even use them. I recommend this game but you’ll be done with it after a day. Also I suggest doing runs as well. That would be fun, make the RB more useful instead of him going out for a pass when you should’ve just used a TE then. Also why can’t I upgrade my OL but I can upgrade my DL that seams to do nothing. They get a TD every time. Also why do I get 2 TDs and it’s over. Make it harder. Make it a timed game. You don’t fade to have a kick off. Just restart on the 20 Yd line every time. Plus, why is it if I get tackled at the 1 yd line I have my second attempt at the 10? Makes no sense. Also is it possible to drop a pass? You throw it at them and it’s like they have glue on their hands. Never once have I seen the WR&RB drop a pass. Especially the RB, they don’t also have the best hands. Can we also pick our own play? I’m tired of them doing something random every time.

  • By Bowen_21

    Fun game but many things can be changed

    Overall the game is fun, but it’s like it was created by people who don’t know what football is and just halfway know the rules. First of all there is a defense and offense in football. Same thing with basketball. But the creators of this game didn’t call it offense they called it attack. But defense is still the same. And there are only 3 attempts to get a touchdown. In football you get 4 attempts to get a first down which is after 10 yards, if you don’t get there then the other person gets the ball. But no in this game you get 3 attempts to go 75 yards and if you don’t make it oh well. And why is there no out of bounds, if you try to run out it just stops you. I feel like there could be some fixes but overall I like the concept of a football based game

  • By anon4822

    Fun Game, But Broken With No Incentive

    I really enjoyed the game for the first couple days. It was a simplistic for of the game most of us love. It was a cool idea to buy better players or upgrade your own to be the best team possible. The first problem that arose were the ads. They came after, what felt like, every play. Unbelievably annoying. The next problem that came up, was a sort of wall of enjoyment. I upgraded all my players so my team was a good as it could be very early on. Also, the teams are just so easy to beat. I score every play almost, which brings me to my next point. The gameplay is broken. The WRs stop their routs for no reason, but it doesn’t matter because the CBs can’t guard them. Once the ball is caught, you can just avoid being tackled by running diagonally. They literally can’t tackle you so you score every play. I’m sitting here with all 100 overall players, scoring every play, with millions of coins. It didn’t take me long at all. Maybe it would add more of a challenge if there was a defense mode. Good idea with poor execution. You’ll keep this game for a week max.

  • By naguitar9.0


    Like most others say, it’s fun at first, but there’s inherent flaws. I don’t run into ads because I just turn on airplane mode and play so it doesn’t bother me. But there’s not much to do. You just keep restarting in a different league and there’s no sense of pride in winning. Upgrading your players don’t do anything at all. Nothing. It’s only there for you to kinda measure how far you’ve come. But even then as your progress through the leagues the game don’t get harder. The receivers don’t continue their run even though we as the QB can throw it the whole length of the pitch. On top of that there’s so many loopholes. Even if the opposing players catch up to you, they’ll miss their tackles. You can throw and do nothing and expect to get close to the end zone. That’s one loophole I found. The other is that you can keep straffing. Like you can strafe for forever even if you lose stamina and the opposing players won’t catch up. Give it a try. But apart from that it’s boring. There’s no sense of achievement. Everything is far too easy. And there’s not much to come back to after the initial download.

  • By ThatSportsGuyInTheCorner

    Decent but repetitive

    Like a lot of other people have said, this game has great potential! But there is a lot of flaws. Like maybe add an actual goal as the seasons just go on and on. Once you max out all your players and costumes it gets extremely boring. I got really excited when I beat the first seasons but it just kept going on. Also it would be a lot more fun to make the gameplay somewhat realistic. I mean it’s so easy to just run all the way to the end zone on 1st down. The defense is just utter crap. Also they should really add like a head 2 head sorta thing like some other games have like madden, 2k, mlb or fifa. Because right now it’s so easy and boring to play cause you just keep playing against bots. The original concept was nice but it just gets boring. I was originally gonna do 3 stars but I’m gonna go for 2. It could even be 1 or 1 1/2 to be honest. I just think this was such a swing and a miss and a real shame of an opportunity

  • By Brennan1023

    Fix the ads

    It’s a good game, fun and entertaining for Mobile football. However, if you win a game and there is an option for watching an Ad to double the money you received. You’re better off doing that because there will certainly be an ad. Within saying this, I had just received 22,000 reward for completing a tournament. I wanted to double the pay by watching an Ad and after the ad the game froze and never got the 22,000 even. It’s done this multiple times and glitches out. It was a good game until this happens where you cannot be rewarded for winning a game with no money. 2. There are too many Ads, I get you want to be paid and help support yourself. But An Ad after every play makes one game take forever. 3 ads per game is a lot, then including the Ad after the game, and for the double prize. 20+ ads per tournament.

  • By hghugiuhg8yot8yto

    Good game but

    This game I’s really fun! But one problem. After every play it’s a ADD! No one is gonna want to play your game if their is to many adds! It’s even bad for the game because the person playing will see a better game and delete this one and play that one. If you fix this problem... this game would be sick! It is fun to play but it’s not worth waiting 15-30 seconds after each play. You probably spend more time watching adds than actually playing the game! I’m only rating 2 stars because the adds. If you fix this I will rate this game 5 stars and a way better review. But until this I’m not playing your game and I’m deleting it because I don’t want a game that you can’t even really play. Also it takes up software. Please fix this and you will get a way better response/result.

  • By gshshdhejeh

    Focused on wrong thing

    Pretty meh game at the beginning impossible to score on first play but once you upgrade a lil but it becomes possible then you do it all the time. Once you get to a certain league the opponent scores every time and i thought “oh let me upgrade my defense” so my whole defense is maxed at 100 overall and still they score. So either buff the defense or allow us to upgrade past 100. Other than that it’s another game to pass time i understand why it doesn’t compare to Madden Mobile cause it shouldn’t it’s not why i got it but fix those things and a couple more like throw in some run plays maybe add coaches or something and once you do that it would be a pretty decent game. Ps of course a game like this is gonna have ads it’s honestly not that bad i’ve seen worse

  • By Rrddpatwtoaos


    The game blatantly cheats. Your player will have half stamina on the 30 and slow down to almost walking speed so the defender can catch up. Completely cheating. This also happens with a full stamina bar too. The bar is a joke. It’s useless and doesn’t help. You’re slow with it full and slow. It’s whenever the game wants to let you go fast. The juking works sometimes. But usually purposely doesn’t work when you’re around the red zone so you can’t score. The defense tackling is awful. They’ll jump beside me and miss and I’ll still fall. Not how that works. Also, you can lose a game 6-6. Even though you scored first and it’s a tie, you still lose. Doesn’t make sense. Again. Cheating against you. Fix these obvious issue to hell the AI win and the game would be better.

  • By Chloe Nicole Dorsett

    Crap game to be honest

    Look I saw the game and though it was gonna be fun. At first it was but immediately I noticed some problems. 1. Too many ads. I’ll be playing in the middle of a play and an ad will pop up. So I’ll have to watch the ad and when I get back to the game I immediately get tackled. 2. Plays aren’t right. Let me explain. I’m not a football person at all. I’m in the band so I know like a little. But when I would swipe left or right to avoid tackling the tackler will jump and they won’t even be near me yet I get tackled. So I never can do the first play good I always have to use the second or third play to score. 3. It’s fun for a little bit but when you keep slowing down and having no energy you can’t move away when they tackle you. So you’re screwed on the first play. There’s not much you can do to help yourself. Also the opponents that you play will never score on mine so it’s like you constantly will win. Which I understand is the point but to have a little more FAIR challenges to it would be nice. Like if you were able to pass the ball once you run out of energy so you don’t get tackled would be nice. But it doesn’t happen. So overall 1 star. Hope this helps. Maybe they’ll upgrade and make it better so I’m hopeful and gonna keep it. But might not play for a long time.


    Fun at first but way too easy

    At first the game was somewhat challenging because I’d never played it before. That being said, there are some major issues with it. First, it’s way too easy. I’ve played probably several hundred rounds by now and haven’t lost one of them yet. In fact, I’ve only dropped I think one pass and that was just to see if it was possible to do so. I know it’s just a game but it’s very unrealistic to have someone be able to run up from behind you at a distance of over 10 yards and still tackle you from behind. On top of that when you’re playing defense, the other team will sometimes say they’ve run the ball. How do you run the ball? Upgrading your players doesn’t really do anything as I believe you’re playing against the computer and besides the computer scoring a touchdown against you every time while you’re on defense, I haven’t noticed any difference while I’m on offense and playing against them. It would be nice to make it more difficult, to play against actual live people as opposed to a computer and if you played defense as well as offense. Because even if your defense is maxed out for upgrades, they still get scored on everytime when playing in the higher up leagues.

  • By Leisher

    Just a cash grab

    The people who made this game have never seen American Football. Each game is simply three drives. You only get three downs each drive to score. You will simply pass it once or twice to easily score, read text of a what your opponent did on their drive, then run 1-2 more plays for the win. That’s it. That’s the whole game. Oh wait! There’s also the ads after every play and game... upgrading your players means nothing and does nothing noticeable. All throws will be completed. To miss you really have to try and miss. Oh and the goal line is meaningless. I’ve been tackled in the end zone but didn’t score and caught the ball at the two only for play to stop and be awarded a touchdown. There’s potential for this to be a much deeper and fun game, but it’s a long, long way away from that. As it stands, this is just an app with tons of ads and the slightest hint of interactivity.

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