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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-16
  • New version: 4.5
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Color Fill 3D


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Color Fill 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Good Job Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Good Job Games, with the latest current version being 4.5 which was officially released on 2021-07-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 263721 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Color Fill 3D App

How does it Work?

Once you start, you will never stop playing.

Just one objective: Fill the board.

Very easy gameplay mechanics with hundreds of unique levels.

Play by swiping your finger, avoid obstacles, cover all of the board to win.

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Top Reviews

  • By PassingSomeTime

    Edit: Love this game, but...

    Edited: The banner is off, so I’m editing to 5 stars! Thank you for listening! I love this game to relax and unwind. It doesn’t require a lot of effort or thought. The levels do not become increasingly and impossibly harder. This would be a 5 ⭐️ game for me, but now there’s a banner added to the top wanting support through data sharing. I do not want to share data. I have supported this game by upgrading to the ad free version. I even went and unlocked everything in settings just to see if the banner would go away. AND NOPE, it’s still there. Please take the banner off, I can’t see my levels or how many diamonds I have. It’s just annoying!

  • By A.k.a. awesome person

    This game is bad

    This game is worse than bad! And I have many reasons why I think so. First, when I watch an ad to give me another life when I die, I watch the ad but it makes me go back to the bugging of the level. Next, even though I say that I do not want to watch an ad to save myself it makes me watch an ad but it still makes me go back to the start. Last thing, maybe you could ad some background music. I don’t know about other people but I hate a silent game, and when the tiles, or whatever you call them, break like a glass shattering noise. Other than that I like playing the game, it is fun. And here is a tip that I have found makes it a little better about the ads, put your phone on airplane mode. I know this ad is long so thanks for reading it. The only reason I gave this app five stars is so that y’all would read it. Thank you for reading my opinion and have a good day, and make sure to put on a smile this morning!

  • By Mrs. Steve Harrington

    Entertaining, but repetitive

    This game is so fun. I got to level 120 on my first day of it being downloaded. It’s so addictive!!!!!! I stayed up until 1 playing it...... Ya, it’s super repetitive after a bit. I was on 188 and then 190 was the exact same level. Same situation with a couple other ones. I’ve seen a lot of reviews about it being annoying and how the levels don’t get harder, and I agree. But, I find this game calming. After a game gets harder, I get stressed, and then don’t wanna play the game anymore. So this is actually very convenient, and if you’re like me, then this game is for you. I enjoy watching tv and playing games, so this game is perfect for a situation like that. Even though it sorta gets annoying after a bit and you want harder, complex levels later on to kinda reward yourself for accomplishing 200 levels, you don’t get that. So, after all that, this game is time-passing, though it gets annoying, it’s very, very fun. I used to be upset with the ads, and I still am, but what I used to avoid them is to turn off my cellular data and WiFi, so I don’t get ads. Because it is an offline game. So there is a very easy way to avoid the ad problem. Hope you read this all the way through, and I hoped it helped.

  • By BeesBaby

    Great Game...BUT

    I got this game after seeing an AD pop up on a different app and it looked interesting... the idea is to color entire area without being hit by moving/solid boxes (or you running into yourself) ... after a couple of screens an AD will pop up, which you have to watch till you’re able to close it... after a week of the ADS popping up I decided to support the developers and purchased the game to remove the ADS and it really made the game much more enjoyable. Now here is why I rated it 4 stars and the BUT in the subject: I now have an annoying banner on top of the screen stating “Support us by allowing data sharing “ that is covering the level your at and how many diamonds you have collected and there is no way to remove that banner unless you allow data sharing, which I DON’T want to do...for I already supported them by purchasing the game! If the developers will get rid of that banner I’ll update my rating to 5 stars.

  • By burnace firehouse

    Nice game, some adjustments

    Hi creator, this game is amazing! I just bought it today and I can’t stop playing! Here are a few suggestions to improve the game and get more people to stop hating the game. Can you please cut the amount of ads? Like I’m in a good mood, and in the middle of a level, I’m asked to buy a game I already have. Please remove that. And, if you already haven’t, please put the game online, or with game center and then add a create a level for other people to try out themselves. People will love that. Last and most likely least, I heard many complaints on this game that the levels are repetitive and they are too easy, so could you please try to make the levels a bit more complicated as we go on to the next levels? Thank you so much, we appreciate you. Have a good day!

  • By naomi_roz

    Good 👍🏻 annoying😡

    This is a really great game to play anywhere! Their is just one thing I need to complain about. It’s the fact that I’m in level 419 and I am playing the same round as I was playing in level 5. The game doesn’t get harder I would say it just gets easier witch is the opposite of what I want. And then for the challenges you would think oh that may be different and more difficult but u r completely incorrect ! And then you might also think by challenges it says 0/15 and when u finish it and get 15/15 u’ll prob get a reward but u don’t!! One last thing there’re diamonds that you collect as u pass that corner but if you don’t 💯 finish that level u won’t get the diamonds that u already collected!!

  • By Arianator209

    Please not that many ads

    I really love color fill 3D, I love playing it in my free time. Although in my opinion, there are just way to many ads! Almost after every level an ad comes up and I can’t even count how many there were in my five minutes of playing! I do realize that ads are to make money because you’re advertising other games and I know you guys have to put ads on the game, but it is ridiculous that after every level I have to watch an ad to play the next level, this game is addicting and I think it would be even more addictive if there weren’t an ad after every level. Thank you for your time and consideration, this is just my opinion, maybe someone thinks differently.

  • By Kelsey_Mac

    Its okay, but here’s some ideas...

    I downloaded this game honestly only because the ad for it popped up SO. MANY. TIMES when I was playing my other apps. I like it... i mean, it’s okay I guess. I just wish it had sound. Maybe you could add a little clicking noise when the blocks (or whatever you call them🤪) break. Or a sound like glass shattering. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like a silent game. But even if some people don’t want sound, they can just mute their phone :3 Also you could add a little upbeat background music. Another thing is all the ads. I mostly put my phone on airplane mode or play it while i’m on the rode so that don’t have to tango (idk😂) with all the annoying pop up ads. I guess pretty much any free game has ads, so just use my little tip. Put your phone on airplane mode while playing. Other than that, it’s a fun game. I play it a lot when I’m just sitting around the house:) I know this review is long, but thanks for reading!


    Worst. Game. Ever.

    Hello! Let get started ROASTING THIS GAME! So, every time you die, the game gives you an option to continue for an ad. Sometimes I click on the ”No thanks” button and it still plays an ad! When I think I accidentally clicked on the ”Continue” button, at the end of the ad, I'm back to the first level!!!! So, you're better off just clicking the continue button. Another thing is that the levels don't get any harder to complete. I'm literally at level 500 or something. Last, and definitely not least annoying, The challenges button. The Challenges button will be at the top of the screen when you get to a certain level- or when you download the game or something, And when you click on it, Almost impossible levels come up. I've been stuck on one of the challenge levels for 2 MONTHS. Thanks for read and please fix this, App Creators!

  • By Tiger Mouse120


    I love the game! It is soooooo fun, but why are there so many ads. I get the game to have fun and distract myself from the outside world. Literally every level I pass, or die, there is an ad. I can’t stand it. I have actually stopped playing the game because I watch more ads than actually play the game. You have no idea what my personal life is. I could be a teenager trying to escape from the world, or I could be a mother trying to stop her baby from crying in church by letting them play a game. But they will get sick of the ads and it makes me sick to watch the same ads over and over just so I can do what I got the game for. I know that making people watch ads gives the company money, but I hope that they know that there will always be hundreds of unsatisfied customers who are stuck watching ads. I am not allowed to spend money on my phone, so I can’t spend $3 to get rid of ads.

  • By Oni Child

    I like the game, but the ads are unbearable

    I have had this game for a few weeks. I really adore the style of the game, and it is a great app if you just need to pass the time with minimal effort. The levels are all easy, albeit a bit repetitive. Like I said, if you are looking for something that won’t take much effort to clear your head, this game is great! However, it does come with a massive downside. The advertisements. While there does seem to be a way to buy your way out of the ads (something I can’t do because I can’t really afford to), the completely free version of this game is absolutely littered with them. I get an advertisement after every single level that I play. It becomes annoying very quickly to have to watch an advertisement and then click out of it as soon as I can. If it was an advertisement every 15 or 20 so levels, then I would likely be able to look past it with minimal complaint. However, after every level? It’s a bit ridiculous and makes me less inclined to keep playing. On a side note, I like how you collect diamonds as you play through the game. What I don’t like, is the fact that there is really no where to spend the diamonds beyond the few customizable aspects of the game (all of which are very cheap and accomplished quickly). It almost defeats the purpose of having the diamonds as an element to the game. All in all, the actual game is wonderful. The downsides of it and the incessant advertisements deplete it’s charm significantly.

  • By em2121212121

    The worst game ever

    I hate game so much I just don’t like it it’s really really bad and I biotics it looked fun and then there was just so many ads they just kept on coming and coming and coming and coming and then I just didn’t like the game anymore and I And I play it not That often because it’s just like the worst game in if you get this game then just don’t get it it’s because the reviews before he gets games I did that in unbelievable and I should’ve believed them because I didn’t and then I got this game and I I hated it so you should look at the reviews before you get games because the people are mostly right I didn’t think they were right so I got the game and I mean this game is like it’s not what you think it is on the ad it looks fine it looks like like everything but it’s kind of stupid they make you do like that little thing first and then you just keep to do the big one but it’s why don’t you just let them do the big one in us to the big one when you do the big one it gets funner because like but when you die there are so many ads so many ads it’s like you just can’t have that money and you can’t can’t do that all at all it’s so so boring to watch all these ads all of them and it’s boring really boring

  • By TeeTee QT

    Disappointed with stuck ad choice on 4+ game

    Why O why would a pop up marketing ad show such inappropriate ad for this game that is for 4+. I am beside myself with disappointment!!! My young daughter comes to me and says this ad is stuck on the screen momma of my favorite game; can you help me get back to the game? I look at the screen and the ad is for a game that has a man laying on a sofa cover up with a blanket with a girl standing next to the sofa; they both have a wink wink excited look on their faces. Under the blanket in the area of the man’s private parts there is something that is sticking up and the game is to erase the blanket to find out what is under the blanket and as the demo works and is erasing the blanket the man has bear legs!! Again the ad is on a game that is for 4+ and it is stuck on the screen so my daughter can see it demo over and over while she is desperately trying to get this nice game back! What can be done about this; I hope that this review is directed the the right people so this does not happen to anyone else’s children!!!!!!!

  • By Zeitheios

    Cool concept but this many adds?

    Another cool concept for a game, but it’s made by creators that only want to make money off of the ads. It’s like you don’t even put yourself into the players perspective. How would you feel about the amount of ads you had to sit through if you played your own game? You beat the first half of the level, ad, you beat the second half of the level, another ad. Like seriously, you’re that desperate about making money you make a crap game with a really cool concept, and then destroy it with ads ads and more ads. This is the reason I hate downloading apps off of the App Store. Apple legit lets anyone make a game and post it on here and fill it full of ads. I understand that creators of games need to make money from ads, but if you aren’t using that money to better your game, then you shouldn’t be making content. You shouldn’t make the user sit through ads 85% of the time they are playing a game. Put yourself in the players perspective and think about. This is straight theft of people’s time.

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