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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-20
  • New version: 1.4
  • File size: 307.53 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Perfect Wax 3D


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Perfect Wax 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Good Job Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Good Job Games, with the latest current version being 1.4 which was officially released on 2021-07-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 30036 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Perfect Wax 3D App

How does it Work?

Enjoy the beauty center simulation with many different operations.

Your service has to be neat and clean. Try to be as perfect as possible. It is not easy to satisfy all your customers.

You won't regret to try this game!

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Top Reviews

  • By MostCost

    Perfect Game🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    I love the relaxing games but usually I am boring due to long playing times. This game is superb! Lots of mini games and levels can be passed in a short time. I am playing “Perfect Wax 3D” when I get bored. Reached level 120 and want to new levels. A great choise for killing time. Thank you for reading my review. If you like it please touch here and press to helpful button. You can find my review in Spanish below. Me encantan los juegos relajantes, pero normalmente soy aburrido debido a los largos tiempos de juego. ¡Este juego es magnífico! Se pueden pasar muchos minijuegos y niveles en poco tiempo. Estoy jugando a "Perfect Wax 3D" cuando me aburro. Alcanzó el nivel 120 y quiere nuevos niveles. Una gran elección para matar el tiempo. Gracias por leer mi reseña. Si le gusta, toque aquí y presione el botón de ayuda. Puede encontrar mi reseña en español a continuación.

  • By Cuteluna080211

    Love it but how do I switch my tools

    I love it so much its very relaxing and sometimes I play a game with my aunt where we see who are we like we see our shirts and if it has that color it’s my aunt or me. I also wanted to see if you change the tool your using because I wanted to use wax but I couldn’t so can someone help me or can you guys put so you change your tool thank you so much🥺🥰

  • By cat77green

    Yeah sure

    Idk why people are saying it shows “to much skin” like how else am I going to shave it? This game is fine and does not body shame hair it shows people just want to get rid of it I know it’s perfectly fine to have body hair but some times it has to go so people get your head of your butts if you don’t like this game don’t download it thats all you have to do overall really good game and really satisfying.

  • By Kenslee_bear

    Amazing but...

    This game is amazing g but ki da inappropriate some show to kick skin or like that and my kids got it and are starting to stare at those parts in people so that's the only thing but on the other hand amazing I love this game it amazing and relaxing thank for making but just that one thing thank you for listening bye

  • By cc st


    Now remember that this is just a review. It was too much skin showing. And I personally think they should raise up to like 15+. Overall I think it was a good game but it started off so annoying. It took me forever to shave the hair. And I still think that this should not be for kids. This is too much skin showing and it might be personalized to the kids thinking they can do it to. Overall I think it was a good good game but I gave it three because skin was showing too much and there was overall so much ads. Now thank you for reading this I really hope people read this so they can get it and realize why it’s coming up. Upon kids they should not be reading or hearing or even thinking about oh hair is gross when really it’s just a part of your body that God made.

  • By 5253535/6/7/8/8/9/9

    Sorry, no.

    Hello. I am writing this review because I have seen SO many ones just like this and I totally agree. First, we will start off will the fact that this game is 4+. This game should not be 4+ because I have gotten ads that are so weird and inappropriate, the weirdest one being the game Episodes. This Episodes ad I saw had a women twerking and and man looking at her and asking “you down bad?” or “not impressive”. This weirded and grossed me out especially for it being 4+. Next, is the lack of body positivity! Just because a man or women is hairy or has hair in certain spots doesn’t mean they are ugly or different. They are all human. Some people have hairy legs, arms, armpits, chests, backs, faces, feet, etc. That is their body. They don’t need to shave it because of this. I have blonde hair on my legs and arms and I feel ok with it. Some people can’t or don’t choose to shave which is absolutely ok in my opinion. Another thing about this game is the repetitive levels. They are the same levels after once and a while. I only gave it 2 stars because of how time consuming this game is. If you are bored you can play this but I really don’t like the meaning behind this game. I really would like a response to this review to explain the nasty ads, lack of body positivity, repetitive levels, and the 4+. Thanks, Maddie

  • By

    It’s okay.

    I don’t really see why anyone is saying that the characters are showing a lot of skin. They aren’t. Pretty normal skin showing almost as much as you see in movie and television. It’s fun and passes the time well. Also I read other reviews I don’t know what you’re doing to shave them but my characters have never gotten cuts. My only issue is that there isn’t much to do. I only wish to be able to customize or choose what I want to do such as I don’t want to burn with the lighter I want to wax. I just think it’s boring if I’m not able to choose the tool! Thank you.

  • By cookiekenya


    I give this app a 1 star because of the skin showing. When I read the reviews I wanted to try out the app and see if they were just complaining and nothing was wrong with the app. As soon as I opened the app it seemed fine and I did not get an add yet. I tried the wax 1 time and it was fine, but then the second wax was a bit more disturbing. I did not feel comfortable looking at underwear as I were waxing the lady. In the reviews it says that people should feel comfortable with their hair and that they don’t have to wax it. Honestly have no complaint of the part about that because I’d do you choose to wax my hair and have no problem with people who wax to hair and people who don’t. If you do start to feel insecure about your hair I would not recommend installing the app and if you already have it uninstall it. So overall I do not recommend this game, if there were less skin showing then I would be more comfortable with this app but since there has not been a change (although there were so many bad reviews about the app) the app continues to stay how it is, therefore i will stick to my opinion about this app.

  • By dalerm111606


    I am only here writing this review because of the ads. They are disgusting. The one that brought me here was one of a woman with body hair and it said that she had been single for awhile. This was referring to her body hair. Now I find this especially revolting because it is rated 4+. Imagine a little kid playing this game and seeing this ad. They would read it as a sign that body hair is gross and is not normalized and it needs to go. The ad and game in general shames body hair when it is perfectly normal and ok to have it and choose not to shave. This could make kids that use this app and see the ads in the future insecure about their bodies and lower their self esteem causing depression and other mental health issues. Apparently the people that developed this app do not know this. It appears to me that this app was developed by toxic men that are afraid of body hair on women when they think it isn’t “desirable”. Body hair needs normalizing because it is a normal bodily function and this game among many others pushes us farther away from it. If I could, just based on the ad I would give this app 0 stars.

  • By Hello! ❣️

    Fix This Game.

    So I’m just writing this to actually complain about this game. This is honestly disgusting. And, it’s rated 4+. That’s just disturbing. This game isn’t the best, if you know what I mean. This shows most of the private parts of the body, like, back legs, chest area, and so much more. This game is just.. disgusting. I hate it before I even started playing it. I downloaded it because I saw the comments on this game and I wanted to see if it was true. And they were. This game should be ranked a higher age, first of all. Second, this is weird. Body hair isn’t gross and you shouldn’t get rid of it. It’s just part of life. A lot of people have body hair. In fact, everyone has body hair! I just don’t understand the point of this. I got bullied in school because this girl said that I looked like a gorilla. Of course, it hurt. But, I didn’t take it that seriously. I just feel like people should start embracing their features. Everyone is perfectly perfect just the way they are. Thank you.

  • By Aircav117

    BAD GAME:(

    so I’m seven and I played this game it made me feel bad about my own body and this is not 4+ it should be 12+ and you know what this should be a banned game it makes people feel insecure about there own body and it could cause depression anxiety insecure issues and if parents see there kids playing this game kids could get in trouble because of you that made it those are the reasons I gave it a 1 star BAD GAME kids if your reading please don’t download this game that’s why I got rid of it instintly and to much skin showing this is a very bad game for kids wait no this is a bad game for anyone please do not downloud and remember you are perfect the way you look or are i hate this game DO NOT DOWNLOUD unles you think you can handle the game if you downloud and you start feeling insecure if you have to delete it ok but I think it’s a horrible game in my suggestion have a nice day if your reading

  • By Cayyishgayyy

    n o 💅😌

    So I was looking at this games pictures that the creators took, and I saw this one pictures where, it was a woman’s thigh. And, a picture of a woman wearing a bikini. Now that I think about it, and think of the age thing, 4+ I think it should be 18+. Those two pictures show evidence that this game shouldn’t. Be allowed for 4+. I haven’t gotten the game yet and I’m leaving this note. So any newcomers, don’t get this app please. It could decrease self esteem, and could increase depression, self awareness, and anxiety. Plus, it’s supposed to be 4+. I really think that it should be 18+. Only because, my 6 year old brother started looking at me in a way that I don’t like. Because he had this. And, he’s 6. It’s not okay to have this app for 4+. It’s not okay.

  • By game girlj

    No 😍🦶🏾✨

    I hate this game and here’s why 🥸. It’s doesn’t promote body positivity and basically putting the idea that having body hair is bad and that if you have it then you are unwanted and no one will ever like you into the minds of possibly young children. These ads are disgusting. These ads could possibly make someone insecure sad depressed just for having hair THAT THEY CANT CONTROL. No one can control how much hair they grow so when they have it it shouldn’t be a problem. Overall I hate this game I hate this ads and I hate who ever came up with these ads and I ONLY downloaded it to write this. Don’t get this game if it’s gonna promote negative energy and shame people for having body hair.

  • By Laci Fisher

    Don’t download this game

    I am only giving this game one star, and here’s why. I downloaded this game just for fun and I was playing it and playing it until I came across doing a mans chest (I know so weird). I put the wax on and I couldn’t take it off. My phone was vibrating, but very intensely, like over vibrating. My phone started to glitch and I couldn’t turn off my phone. I pressed the home button at least 5 times until I decided to try and power it off fully. I had no luck and the game finally stopped glitching and my phone turned off. After I turned it back on my phone was back to normal. I deleted the game. My phone is way better without this game.

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