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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-19
  • New version: 3.5
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Rush Hour 3D


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Rush Hour 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Good Job Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Good Job Games, with the latest current version being 3.5 which was officially released on 2021-07-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 65840 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Rush Hour 3D App

How does it Work?

Enjoy the driving experience with most realistic way now!

Drive fast and overtake.

Try not to bump into other cars while driving.

Check out different car models to get various feelings.

Fasten your seat belt and get ready to drive!

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    Top Reviews

    • By InterviewGirl123

      Very fun in general

      I love this game. It fun, its intense, and it just lets everything out of your mind so that you can play this focused. The best bit is when the cop car starts chasing after you. Just in case you don't know by the way, which you should but if you don’t, never do this in real life. Not only the fact that you can get in serious trouble, but it can also be extremely dangerous, for both you and others. Im not saying this game is a bad influence, just not to do it in real life. For those who read my review, thank you for listening to my opinion. I am so sorry if i end up offending you guys. I apologize dearly if i did. Have a great day everyone. And remember, if you ever need help in life or is just angry or sad or whatever is the case, just talk to God. God bless all of you

    • By Big South Tech

      Best on the market

      I’ve played a bunch of overtake car games but this is hands down the best one of it’s play style on the market. I have beat 110 levels so far. The levels keep going, but I think I have literally ran out of missions to complete. These are things that would only make the game better. I think it is super fun More vehicles- you have a good bit but I think once you get the VIP Mercedes & the cop car, every other vehicle is pointless. More missions- I noticed after a short while, the missions just repeat. Which is fine but—- You could add time trials. You can add “x number of seconds in overtake lane.” How long you used the nitrous. Do x amount of races with certain vehicle or class of vehicle. MAYBBBEEEE a car customization part, not really needed but I’m sure people would like it. Different levels, I noticed you just added some but after 100 levels, it gets repetitive. I think the game is awesome and I don’t make apps so I don’t know what it takes. But this is easily the best little car overtake type game on the market. Good job!!!

    • By lime 109

      Thinfs that will make this game more atractive.

      Look,this game is amazing but it needs some updates. I have made online games like shell shocers and raid land with side quest. So here are some sugestions for the next update 1. Add more cars,i have over 100 thousand gems already, and i own every car in the game. Now can you add a ferrari a buggati divo a limo and a lamborgini centario. Look these cars up and put them in the game please. Make them available to not only VIP, also please don’t put them in competitions to win them. Just put them in the but cars. But make the cars be like 50 thousand. And put the Bugatti at 80 thousand please, and make the Duggar’s the fastest car in the game. Like make it really fast please! 2. Make more amazing maps. Make one that is like an air port. And other locations. Make a map for each player to go out and bye skins for there car! 3. Add new song sound tracks, not like these are not good I love them but add some more please! Thank you!

    • By blingmasterOfficial

      Best game ever

      I have nothing else to say that this is my favorite game I love this game I don’t know what’s with me just download it and try if you don’t like it but I’m sorry but this is my favorite game, this game really just I don’t know I just love the game and everything about it oh and add a really nothing there’s nothing for them to add everything’s nice detail into it everything is just goodIt’s the best, I don’t know what else to say then just try it please and if you don’t like it well you can find a new game but I’m telling you it’s gonna be worth a try. Best game ever.

    • By reviewer2837638219

      Tourney and Cyber are Impossible

      Overall this game is very fun. The only problems (and very frustrating ones at that) are the “Tourney” and “Cyber” game modes. Once you’ve reached the golden section of the tournament, it literally becomes impossible. The bots which you race are far better than 99% of players. The bots are insanely fast, and very very very rarely crash, making them impossible to beat as even the best players usually crush once during a match (unless they go super slow that is). Cyber mode has problems too. I was able to escalate through the levels quickly until I reached the last one. The only possible way to even hope to complete it is by going max speed the entire time (and if you do that, you will crash), making it impossible unless you get extremely lucky.

    • By herhhd hi jdhhdhhdjhdhhd

      Fun game when played in small bites

      The game is fun, but has no depth. In essence, you race along a straight track toward a finish. You earn points/money by passing multiple cars consecutively or by dodging oncoming traffic. There are special goals you can complete for additional points/money. After each race, you watch an advertisement. The ads range from 5 to 30 seconds, with most of them being in the 15 second range. If you crash in a race and want to continue or want to double your earnings, you must watch an ad. This ad is 30 seconds. The money you earn goes toward upgrading you vehicles or buying new ones. Each vehicle can race 10 times before it needs a rest. You’ll never run out of energy to race, except perhaps early on. There is a ridiculous subscription and store that wants you to drop enormous amounts of money. You don’t need any of this to enjoy the game. You can vs race, but I suspect these are AI racers and not real people. If you only play the game a few times a sitting, it’s fun. Because of the lack of depth and routine advertisements that break up gameplay, the game has limited entertainment value.

    • By Dabmaster the lll

      Fun but broken physics.

      Great game! I love that it’s actually hard but also super fun! However I came across a game breaking bug, it can ruin a run. If you max out the low rider I have found that using double tap nitro going for about 8 seconds then going over a dip in the ground and then stopping the nitro (going over to the right side) can cause you to get thrown all over the screen when you hit a car. It might seem very detailed but just by playing with the maxed out low rider will bring you upon the glitch. It is very funny but I have found the low fixer hard to use because I keep getting affected by the physics glitch. Please fix!

    • By P. Kwiva

      Starts to get pointless after a short while

      Overall, it's a fun game as long as you turn on Airplane Mode which disables ads. My biggest problem with this game is that after playing the game for two days, I already unlocked everything and completed all the challenges. I'm on level 457 and there's nothing left to do, and there's no incentive for me to continue. The levels don't get more challenging. In fact, this game is only as challenging as you want it to be. The mechanics are extremely basic. The car drives itself automatically with the flow of traffic, but tapping the screen causes the car to swerve left and drive full speed the wrong way into oncoming traffic. The more cars you can pass and dodge, the more you're rewarded. But if you let the car drive itself, you can complete an entire level by not even doing anything, because it's up to you how aggressive of a driver you want to be, and you're rewarded with diamonds for successfully driving aggressively. However, being rewarded with diamonds for driving aggressively becomes pointless when there's nothing left to spend the diamonds on. Therefore, this game seems kinda half-baked. It's great fun for the first two days, then becomes completely pointless and repetitive after easily unlocking everything. I no longer have any incentive to drive aggressively. I could let the car stay on autopilot and not do anything forever, and it wouldn't make any difference because there's no longer any objective.

    • By Anderson_May

      Fun game with oddly fun glitches

      I’ve been playing this game for a few days and I have found it to be really fun and equally as challenging. It’s all about timing and precision of course. I’m leaving 3 stars because the lack of diversity between levels. You could play level 5 and level 38 side by side and not tell a difference. There are some bugs and glitches here and there like getting stuck in the ground when you start a level and most notably the one where you slide all across the screen and get thrown all across the level. It might sound odd for me to say but I really find that bug stupidly amusing. The adds may be annoying but just turn on airplane mode and now you have an add free game but sometimes I forget to turn it off and miss important notifications so I just wish I could keep airplane mode off without an add popping up after every minute of playing. Overall, very fun game that’s addicting but with very minor issues.

    • By Carson B Dot


      This is a great game, buying new cars and upgrading them, running from the police, racing down a road filled with cars. This is all very awesome and will be a good time waster, but keep in mind why I put this at a three star. You NEED a VIP car to beat the final level on events to get the final car, but I don’t want to spend 5-7 dollars a week so I can have fun. This is 240 dollars a year for a mobile game for a few cars and levels and some money and tickets a day. With 240 a year you can buy Xbox Gamepass Ultimate and PS Plus for hundreds of free high quality games. This game is also rage inducing. TL;DR Need to spend money, better to get console subscriptions, Rage Inducing. For Dev: PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS, MAKE THE FINAL LEVEL ON EVENTS POSSIBLE FOR NON VIP PEOPLE. DONT GIVE ME ANY “It’s possible just really hard” because I’ve been playing this game way too long and have mastered it and have tried atleast 100 times and still haven’t done it.

    • By Habalaba

      Lost all my diamonds :(

      This game is fun but gosh dang it - i spent several hours earning diamonds only to lose all 25,000 of them by accidentally clicking a button to buy tickets in the shop... 100% a waste. You need tickets to earn diamonds to buy stuff. Why would i transfer diamonds back to tickets? I thought they were a reward for watching 8 videos your UI is confusing. It could have at least confirmed the transaction. This completely makes me feel like my time was wasted and I should just put the game down since I don’t want to have to re-earn everything. Also I almost deleted the game initially because i thought the game was pointless. Until I unlocked later stages I didn’t know it was possible to lose a level. If you do nothing you can pass.

    • By Garbæ

      Fun but glitches

      Overall I've played this game alot and it's really fun but after around a week of playing the game started glitching all the time which didn't let me play the game properly or even at all. For example with the super fast car when I'm speeding down the left side and i want to go to the right because there's another car i let go and the car starts to skid uncontrollably left and right and usually hits the car I'm trying to avoid, one other is when i tap to play as the police car or the military truck it spawns stuck right out the right side of the road and wont move even if i restart or go back to the menu and redo the level. There's more but it will take too much space so I'll just ask the developers to please fix this.

    • By read this comment no cap

      Needs more cars

      I downloaded this game a while ago and never really played it. But then today I had literally nothing to do so I clicked into this game and discovered how much I missed! I spent a completely unhealthy amount of time on my phone (6 hours) but after that I completed all the cyber levels and placed 1st in the tournament. Soo you can probably guess my criticism… theres not enough cars. After I unlocked the cyber truck and the monster-truck/Lamborghini there wasn’t really much left to do. The levels are repeating and nobody touches me in the races. The heist is pretty tough but you can only earn 5000 gems so its kinda pointless. Great game physics and development though. Nice work overall!

    • By VileBastard

      Fun but with issues

      Pretty fun,simple and addictive game. That being said, it has a cpl major flaws. If you’re trying to be competitive and rise through the ranks, forget it, when you reach 1st place in gold league the game conveniently loses ability to reload the stats screen and not award any prizes(supposedly a new car not available in the current line up). I suspect there is no new car, at least not the one they show you that you could win. This has happened not once but twice. Also, the ‘prime’ subscription did not unlock any new skins, still locked. It tells you to acquire them through the tournament, which is stuck on loading the stats screen. Fix these and I’ll update my review to 4-5 star.. if I don’t just say forget it and uninstall it.

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