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  • New version: 1.2.5
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Epic Race 3D


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Epic Race 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Good Job Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Good Job Games, with the latest current version being 1.2.5 which was officially released on 2021-07-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 178843 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Epic Race 3D App

How does it Work?

From the folks; who brought you Run Race 3D and Fun Race 3D.

A new adventure is here.

True parkour experience !

Complete all the parkours with lots of different obstacles and experience breath taking challenge.

Take risks to be first. Collect coins and explore dozens of new characters.

Epic Race also has Epic Levels in which you need to change the way you play and get rewards.

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Top Reviews

  • By review writer 0178

    Great game but too many adds

    This is a very good game but I personally think that there are way too many adds I mean if you’re going to make a game at least make it harder after each level it was easer on level 103 than it was on level 1! It is still a good game but too many adds and it is way too easy but still I am not trying to be mean to the people who like this game or the creators but this is a review so I have to keep it real and say my thoughts. So this is a great game with too many adds and it’s too easy but super fun. I hope that the creators will read this and try to smooth out the bumps thank you.

  • By jlong426

    The game is very good but

    Hi there just got to get the kids ready and I’ll be back at the office and get back with my dad was a little late I just wanted you know that you were coming home I was thinking of going home to see if I could come back to my room or I could get my stuff to go to the store and get my car back to the house and I have to get my car back to my car and then I’m coming home to do a good thing and then I’ll get to my place to go pick you off I don’t have any good ideas and I’ll just take care and I love to get my hair back in my life I’ll talk about my new life

  • By Jessie_superfan

    Okay so-

    This is a pretty great game! I see people saying it’s easy, and it is pretty self-explanatory and like, not the hardest game, but it’s still really fun! Also, I see so many people saying “this game would be better if it didn’t have ads.” Well, NEWS FLASH!!! The developer/developers made this game free, right? But they still need a way to make money, aka, ADS!! So be grateful that this game doesn’t cost money to play and you can still play it, with or without ads. I recommend this game, it’s awesome!! -Jessiesuperfan-

  • By Autiej

    NO ADS!!! Totally worth the price of admission!

    Additional note to Parents: I strongly recommend the No Ads option if your kid is using. This game is clean, easy, has all kinds of hand-eye coordination and drives patience, plus no chat! But, the Ads, much like any other App, are, in my opinion, not appropriate for kids - shooting and a lot of sexualized content. Nice work, Team! Great challenges, no bugs found yet and no ads to bugger up the User Experience (Paid, but well worth it!). Keep up the great work!

  • By gf red dc h

    I love

    It is awesome like it’s like you can like do anything on it like my kids want to do it and like it’s fun for kids because they like when they grow up they gonna know how to do some obstacles or something because like they always wanted to be like like me maybe some kids I was like you to be like gymnastics like they have to I have to know what course they go like that they have to train to do it they have to watch other people do it so this is why this game for

  • By nine lover

    Super awesome fun game!!!!!

    I mean sure there are a few ads but super fun ones there’s a hard part you just take a break from it and then you get back on it and then you might win it is extremely fun there are new obstacles, you can choose cool avatars, I just can’t stop saying how fun it is what do you but the annoying thing is that you have to watch an ad to get a key if you want to pick something out of the chest room that’s why I chose five stars because it’s super fun

  • By Errrrrrrrrrryyyytyyttuuu it

    Run for fun!

    I just play this because I feel like the person in it and have another game that’s like this! I just run for fun! The only reason I found it was the ad...! Yes, the one and only ad!!! It was great and it intrudouced me to this lovel run for fun game! ( I just call it that for fun! ) So U recommend this to people who like parkour and obstacles ( Basically same thing. ) So yeah!!!! Go check out the other game

  • By Ardeezy

    Really fun, but to many adds

    This game is really really really fun, but sometimes adds just come up on my iPad. This game would be better if it didn’t have any adds. But I would still keep this game. 😊 First of all, I think this game is great and it’s not glitching at all! I know some people would say this game will glitch but for me it’s totally fine. It keeps me busy and this game is so worth it! I just love it! ❤️However, this game might be fun, but I really really hat the adds. When adds show up those are the only times it bothers me. I mean not all the time adds show up so I’m cool with it.😎 Lastly, this game is so useable and also it’s one of my best games on my IPad. So the people who never saw this game before should try out this amazing app! This game is so common to me! I feel so glad to have this game with me but remember the adds are the annoying parts of the game. But I would totally keep this game forever! Thank you whoever is reading this and I hope you like this app. Bye guys!! 👋

  • By Me!!!! 🌸


    I am not new to these types of games. I’ve had other games like these. This game is simple. Press on your screen and your off. But like all your other games, you get ads repeatedly and stuff popping up on your face to buy this skin. So when I first downloaded the game, every time I won I would get an ad and be offered a skin after the ad. To stop getting the ads I disconnected myself off the Wi-fi. But that doesn’t mean the skin things won’t stop showing. Every round, every round I did,I will get the same skin showing up. The ridiculous thing is, to get some coins you have to watch an ad. No I’m not going to watch a advertisement that lasts 30 seconds to get 100 coins! If you actually want me to watch that, offer me 300 coins and it’ll be even. Either way, the game is good. I enjoyed it and it’s simple to play.

  • By kawiipugpug

    Good game but needs.....

    When I first saw this game it looked really fun! At first. But when I noticed on my first race. When I was holding my finger on the screen like it said I just stoped!? And then I lost and I don’t really think that’s fair. The other thing that bugs me is when your on the epic race level and when I tap on the screen like it said AGAIN. When I touch the opstical I just fall and fail!😠😒😡that’s why I never pass the epic level!!!! And also one more thing that I don’t like is that when your player your against it your at the same running speed when you make it up the warped wall you just slow down and then the other player wins😤😠😩 NOT COOL and not FAIR put yet it’s self I kinda like the game.

  • By 1mabeliever

    Awesome little game!

    I NEVER do reviews but I had to do this one bc I love this game so much but I have this one major beef with it!! So yeah, I play your game at least four or five times a day! I just love it! I know that people always complain about ads so I am a little but I just want you to give us the opportunity to pay to get rid of them. I did that with another racing game you made and now I love playing so much more! That’s it! That’s my only request! Otherwise, no change requests from me. I even love the skill level because I’m a 51 year-old mom and I’m not that great at this kind of gaming so if it were any harder I would have deleted it by now! Lol! Thanks!

  • By Lps Kate

    Fun but...

    Okay, so, I really love this game, but, we’ll my only REAL complaint is that the bots let you win. It’s so annoying. Like, can we have a chance to actually PLAY THE GAME. Bots stop and wait for you to pass them even if they have chance to go. Please fix this. All I’m asking. Otherwise, it’s actually a really fun game. It’s fun and addictive. It would make me 😄 if you would make bots actually compete. I like it though, because it’s like doing American ninja warrior without the work✌️😎😏. I love it, and that is the only problem. (Also, if your having a bad day, i reccomend listening to Allesia Cara, she always lifts my spirits).

  • By ZBruh23824

    So many ads

    Meh. This game is fine. It’s just the ads. Every single game like this has so many ads. Now there is the option of getting rid of them sometimes. But if you’re playing and finish the level, an ad pops up. Then you have inappropriate ads. I haven’t experienced that yet. But there’s other games with so many of those. But still it’s very annoying. But forget that. It’s a very fun and entertaining game. It’s very challenging too. And here comes the part where you need to pay attention to DETAIL. I get it, I get it. Not all games are detailed. But it would be nice if you could just upgrade that a tiny bit. And then where some levels are a little too easy. This is supposed to be a challenging game. Not all levels are gonna be hard, but I mean....come on. Again, I really really enjoy this game. I would give it three stars but I don’t know. Thanks for your time reading this.

  • By Pug Avery

    Don't even try downloading it.

    Hello, I downloaded this game recently and thought I would enjoy it. Right? Wrong. I was at my house and we have wifi. It is good wifi and it is quick. I tryed downloading it, but it took 2 days. I was about to delete it, but then it was finished! So I went onto the game, on my Mom's phone, and it started glitching. I started playing the game but then Ads would show up in the middle of the game! So I clicked the x button, but then when I got back on the game, A screen came up that said: " you lost." I was so annoyed and frustrated. It is no fair! I wasn't even on obstical one before an ad showed up! And then more ads showed up when I clicked the replay button, so I clicked x again, but then it took my back to my main screen on the iPhone! (And don't download it on your IPad either:( So I completely lost it and deleted the app. It is a waste of time. But, at least the ads were appropriate. Please could I have the developer respond. Thanks you for reading this and I hoped it helped you decide whether to buy it or not. 👋 bye.

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