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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-16
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Fit'em All


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Fit'em All is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Good Job Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Good Job Games, with the latest current version being 4.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 78038 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Fit'em All App

How does it Work?

A mind blowing puzzle game.

Very easy to play, not that easy to solve.

Rotate small blocks to create big shapes.

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Top Reviews

  • By jobb1236

    Lovely game, but it glitches

    I just started playing this game and I think it’s very fun, but there’s one issue so the pieces glitch inside of them. But I do love this game I like to play it when I’m watching tv (aka Netflix) so yeah it fun to play in the tho I’m on like lvl 24? Maybe I don’t rem. Anyways why is it glitching is it just for me or is this happening to all of us I’d like to know. Other then that I totally recommend this game it’s super fun challenging game. I hope to see more games by the creators but LOVE THE GAME.

  • By Themagician666

    Fun but can be repetitive

    I find the game fun and satisfying the only issues I have had were a couple of meshing glitches and pieces clicking in before others making it impossible to beat the level with out resetting it but those were simple to fix and continue playing, the only issue I find is the repeating of the different shapes, I get that there is only so many you can make but and realistically you would to reuse the same ones eventually but the spacing sometimes is a little annoying, there has been times when I did one puzzle and then like three puzzles later I get it again it doesn’t make them any less fun or anything it’s just got to the point where I’ve pretty much memorized all of them and do like ten levels a minute, though it’s still really satisfying just becomes a bit repetitive

  • By vinnyf1515


    Fit em all is a fun and relaxing game. But there are many glitches. One glitch is some times pieces glitch into each other, making you have to restart the level sometimes. Another glitch is sometimes the level will start off without a starting block already in place. So you have to shake every peace until it pops into its place. And the third glitch is on level 79. Just like some leves this level did not have a starting place. But when I tried to jiggle the pieces around no blocks every popped into place. I keep jiggling then and still nothing. I’m not sure if this was just a glitch for me but with that glitch I cannot play the game anymore. I still love this game but it is very glitchy.

  • By Chloe_Potter


    I’ve been playing this game for about 3 days and I’ve gotten as far as one can playing for 3 days. This game is pretty fun I must admit but some things are really annoying. The fact that the pieces glitch together and then I’m order to refresh the board I have to watch an ad, really? The worst thing is the fact that the game has a segment where you can open chests with a key found somehow and you can watch ads to get more keys. However no matter how long you wait you can’t get a 3rd key and the 1st 2 chests are always empty! So you mean to tell me that you put time and effort and money into adding a cheesy feature where I can’t get entering from opening the chests, REALLY?! That’s like saying here pay $3.99 to continue playing this game except I have to start over! I feel like there should at least be a way to get something from the chests instead of waiting 5 minutes to watch an ad that doesn’t exist! Other than that the Ganges isn’t awful but it bothers me that you’d spend time adding in a function that does nothing.

  • By MysteryGaming101

    It’s good but really...?

    It’s fun. I’ll give it that. However it feels like it’s just the same stuff over and over just slightly different. Just gets very repetitive very quickly. The ads actually aren’t that bad which is nice. The skin feature is cool. I don’t use it cause it’s really hard to actually to see the blocks and to figure out if they’re snapped in or not. And then the glitches. Oh man the glitches. It happens to me WAY too often. You’ll try to pull/move one piece and it’ll go inside of the other or off the screen or just derail completely and the entire level will flip out. It’s really annoying because it’s tends to happen a lot actually. And it’s especially annoying when you’re really far into a level and have to redo it because the blocks are flipping out. It is a decent game though. Needs bug fixes and more variety but it’s good.

  • By PlayerPro23

    From a game critic

    I download games and review them to give people my personal perspective when it comes to games. I love a whole lot of Good Job Games and I have to say, when I played this game, nope I was not impressed. You see here, this game had no effort put into it. I guarantee you that it took less than a week to create this. (Tone it down, yo!) Anyways I found lots of issues. Main issues! The first issue is the coordination. When I try to move one of those block things (or whatever you call them) it doesn’t work. It gets very frustrating trying to move those things to the correct spot. I bet they made this game to make people watching laugh. The next issue (oh there’s more) is the advertisements. There’s an ad after every level. Are y’all hungry for money? Seriously the amount of advertisements y’all put is incredibly ridiculous. Are you a greedy company? Or a poor one begging for more? Whatever it is, I ain’t paying a cent. I also lost my trust for Good Job Games. If you put the speaker near your ear and hear something it means you’re being spied on. In another Good Job Game, I heard the noises and I am definitely going to delete all of the Good Job Games. Thanks for bearing with me. Was a bit tough. Bye! Enjoy this creepy game.

  • By .:.:.:;.......

    Maybe a little bit more challenging?

    I’ve read many of the reviews complaining about the adds and glitches. Though I haven’t had the game very long a haven’t experienced any glitches, I don’t know if I need to make it further in the game or they were fixed. About the adds, yes there’s a lot of them but most mobile games have that many so it’s really nothing new. Besides, you usually only have mobile games for a week or two then delete them and maybe find another, but I think some of the reviews were a little bit over over exaggerated. This game is not challenging, so if your looking for a puzzle, this isn’t it. The game itself wasn’t that bad of an idea but I would like it to be a little bit more challenging.

  • By Sailbait

    Time filler

    The game initially drew me in as I hoped to find a time waster only to occupy my time as I waited for other games to finish any in game waiting or even to take a break from other games. The simplistic nature of the game is soothingly bland. A proper amount of ease mixed with relative challenge. My few issues with the game came from not updating the game as I was faced with a sad black mirror. Upon updating it I found the game ran, I realized user error was to blame. Even after the most recent update a major glitch I found was pieces meshing together and ultimately leading me to need to find another game worth occupying my time. Despite the flaws and errors the game is still mind numbingly simple and deserves three stars.

  • By The best driver112233

    Could be better

    When I first downloaded this game it was really fun and relaxing and something I could do to waste time, but once i got to the treasure chests every time I opened one it was always empty. At first I just thought it was bad luck then it kept happening sonI decided to watch an ad to get another key and the second chest was also empty, I figured I needed to watch a third ad but it would never load. Not only was this a problem but some of the levels would repeat each other. I remember playing this particular level and like 2 or 3 puzzles later I got that exact same puzzle again and after that another one I recently completed. This game could be sooo much better if you actually won prizes from the chest and the levels didn’t repeat or repeat as often because I know there are only so many things you can make.

  • By 😊💜💜

    A boring time-waster.

    I’m gonna just tell it to you straight. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the concept, but the actual game is extremely, undefinably boring. It’s everything I WOULDN’T want in an app. I like the premise of the game and concept, but the developers absolutely spat on it. The idea of fitting pieces into a certain shape to make a picture, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. I love puzzles, they’re so fun and intricate, but they ruined it for me. It’s SOOOOOOO boring!! I’d honestly rather watch paint dry. And don’t get me started on the ads! I have no problem with free apps having ads, but this is an abnormal amount of ads for a free game! Every. Single. Level. There HAS to be an ad, and considering how easy this game is, you practically fly through levels, so every time you complete a puzzle, there's an ad, that’s almost every 20 seconds!! (Yes, that’s how easy it is). The game is nothing but a huge time waster! Just by the graphics you can tell that either, the developers don’t care and just want money, or they had an extremely low budget, like, a broke guy on the streets has more money than the developers. Giving this 2 stars is being generous!! A little TOO generous. Do not waste your time on this game, it’s not worth it.

  • By Fiji Island Mermaid Press

    Read this before downloading, I beg you!

    The shape just doesn’t match and the game is really repetitive. :( glitchy game, just a time-waster. And the ads look really poorly made and they are so unsatisfying that the creators of this stupid app should be ashamed of themselves for tricking people into playing this garbage. And also, why is there unrelated content at the beginning of the ads? JUST TO TRICK PEOPLE INTO PLAYING IT?! Delete this app NOW. It is trash. The name “good job games” is a lie. Why don’t you change it to “trash games?!” Because it isn’t even funny how awful this game is. It’s obviously just a money-making app for the developers, set on tricking kids into playing a piece of trash that I wouldn’t even call a game. Maybe if it didn’t have ads and didn’t cheat people into watching 100 minutes of ads just to get some useless prizes that hardly even do anything, and stopped putting all these glitches and junk into the game, and the shape actually MATCHED the final result, unlike the two-dimensional lies that this game constantly provides, then I would give it a decent rating, even though it would still be a stupid game that is really pointless and not even that fun.

  • By Zoe hillosster

    To many ads

    So I was scrolling on tiktok and I saw your ad and honestly I hate it when people don’t play s game right in ads that’s why I don’t usually download games like that but honestly it did look kind of fun. So I click the ad and I wanted to see what the reviews were and see if it was an actual good app, and I’m kind of disappointed by the one stars I’ve been seeing, but the type of person I am I’m gonna download it anyway to see for myself and I was really having fun until level 5 or 6 I got an ad but I thought it wouldn’t show another add until another 2-3 levels but I was wrong!! Everytime I finish a level I always get an ad and I know ads can only be a few seconds long but it gets kind of annoying having go sit on your phone watching an ad just to get a prize or to go to another level. I haven’t gotten the chest thing yet but I have read the reviews and other people experienced it too so I’m guessing it HAS to be true. So I’m not really sure what else to say but I under stand you need to make money to pay bills and stuff cause of the situation but it feels like I’m just wasting my time.. Sorry good job games but this just ain’t it...

  • By Jovon A.

    Not really good

    So I play this game for one day and it’s okay. It’s just a time-waster... THAT’S ALL. I would barely classify as a game. There’s basically only one way for the pieces to move making this game nearly impossible to lose. This game made me basically watch ads just to get anything from the boxes to get more keys because every time there would be nothing in the box. I even tested it out. I pressed the same box repeatedly 5 times and it turned out empty. I did it on another box and same the result. This game wants you to watch ads so you can get some useless stuff. Also, the pieces glitch a lot; mainly the last two pieces just shoving into each other. Other pieces just won’t move if they are in a piece that’s already set in its correct spot (which makes it unable to move. It makes you restart the level whenever this stuff happens it doesn’t bother me because it takes about 45sec to 1mim for each level anyways). Make the game a little more challenging, give more of an actual chance at getting stuff from the boxes, fix the glitches, and add more levels. I will be willing to raise my score to five stars if even HALF of this stuff is fixed.

  • By RamenReviews🖕🏼

    It’s just eh

    I got the game in the hopes of something challenging but was disappointed when I got through 20 levels in 5 minutes. It’s full of ads which is annoying and I wasn’t going to pay to get rid of ads on a game that was boring and too easy. It was entertaining for the first 30 seconds and then soon got really boring. The prizes are stupid too as the first 2 chests you open are always empty and the third chest can’t be opened because there are no ads that will load. It was a fun time waster but it was also a cash grab with the amount of ads it plays. It will play one before, one after, one if you want to unlock a skin, and you have to watch ads to get more keys that are useless.

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