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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-16
  • New version: 5.0
  • File size: 281.64 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

House Life 3D


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House Life 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Good Job Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Good Job Games, with the latest current version being 5.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 76711 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the House Life 3D App

How does it Work?

Enjoy the parent experience with many mini games now!

Shave father's beard and help your children's homework.

Wash dishes and prepare your children's lunchboxes.

Play basketball in your backyard and jigsaw in your free time!

Use very simple mechanics like swipe, tap, drag and hold to play each mini game.

Get ready to enjoy an experience of house life!

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Top Reviews

  • By young wisdom147

    Must try this game

    In the coronavirus days, this game is perfect for kill time. My favorite part is that the game is free. My children, could not leave home in the corona days, they became addicted to this game, and finally I started playing. We play with family. We need much more levels. I'm waiting for new levels to come out. It would be great if there was a bouncing game, I hope you take this advice. If you are reading this comment, I recommend you to download and play immediately. Congrats for your efforts. 5 star for you! Thank you for your time and reading, you can find the Spanish version of the comment below. En los días del coronavirus, este juego es realmente genial. Mi parte favorita es que el juego es gratis. Mis hijos, no podían salir de casa en los días de la corona, se volvieron adictos a este juego, y finalmente empecé a jugar. Jugamos con la familia. Los niveles deberían incrementarse un poco, estoy esperando que salgan nuevos niveles. Sería genial si hubiera un juego de rebote, espero que sigas este consejo. Si estás leyendo este comentario, te recomiendo que lo descargues y juegues de inmediato. Felicitaciones por sus esfuerzos. 5 estrellas para ti! Gracias por tu tiempo.

  • By HouseLife_3dfan

    Great game but one glitch.. 💅🏽

    I love this game because this kinda mimics quarantine because we spend a lot of time in the house. You can braid hair play outside and more! But... I have a few suggestions you should add a couple more levels, be able to decorate your house, choose which family you want and kids, and lastly maybe add levels for your family like your kid graduates or your kid got there driver license! *I got my driver license last week just like we alwAys talked about*. Got a little distracted there ok so lastly, About the glitch when I repair stuff like tools or a phone it glitch a bit so can you please fix that 🥺. Thank you for spending your time reading this sincerely, Your Greatest FAN

  • By Un prof de français

    Way to many adds 😳😬

    There are way to many adds like when I play every two times or days there is another add like the game is good but just PLEASE lower the adds but of overall it is is super fun cool game but just please lower the adds but also the game is like kinda weird and this happens with a lot of games I play like the this and what I mean is when I’m like doin something with the hair or anything like that and I am not finished it finishes for me and I just hate it a lot so yeah but the game is SUPER Fun so please just lower the adds if you can and like let us finish doing the things we need to do so yeah😊🙂😁

  • By harper romine

    Please read if you have time

    Yes 👏 I really like this game 👏 yes 👏 I really do just people 👧you got be with me 🙉here I actually think 💭 this game has a little 😳to many 😬uhhhh adds like I will be doing something on there like cutting hair or doing homework 📄 and right after the thing is over all do an add if I get it wrong 😑 and I do not click try again IT STILL makes me do and add please fix this but other wise this is a very good 😌 game because it is pretty 😍 fun 🤩 but... I did read another review and it said don’t do the same thing to much they were on a high level and I’m only on level 156 cause no harm but I don’t play it a lot so I like this game I do but can you please read and reply I love this game bye 👋🏽⚾️🤣😽😄😽😁😁🏏😃😂😇🙈⚾️🏏😁🌩💭😬🦆🌩📞⚾️🪀🪀🥔🍠🍆🫒🍅🫒🍅

  • By jejsiwndowns

    Lots of Adds 🥺

    I think the owner should lower the adds a little because like every time you do one correct it just goes to a add. In the coronavirus days I hate being lazy and stuck in the house with lockdown so i am so so so so sooo bored so I am stuck on the iPad all day asking my dad to get lots of apps like 100 a day lol 😝 hate hate hate it if my dad see’s this I am so sorry how many apps I telling you to download and I just got this app to day every app I get I just need to send something is just me I wrote a lot kind of but I think like 4 or 3 year old girls and boys play so when they are older they know what what to do when they are older so yeah that’s all I am going to say byee love you if I know who you are lol Grace ♥️ ♥️

  • By elle🤍🤍

    Too many adds 😐

    Please lower the amount of adds!!! I bought this game for my younger cousins to play. I had seen the add pop up a thousand times and I knew that they would like it. My states in quarantine and this game is said to kill time. My cousins love actually playing the game but they come to me every five minutes asking why there are so many adds. Other then the add sitch I have no other complaints. I think if you, the creators lower the amount of adds. This would be a perfect game. It’s already great for young children btw. No hate❤️❤️! Wow I’ve been typing for a while! Byeeeee 😘

  • By OMG girl love all games😁😁

    Good game

    Ok so I like this game but there is one thing I don’t like about it there are to many ads after I finish one task an add pops up and it takes forever to move on from level to level also I have advise for other people who are having the same issue. Turn on airplane mode it helps a lot. So you don’t have to go through a lot of ads. I also have a suggestion for the app maybe you can add a level were you have to use a first aid kit on someone if they get hurt it would be good practice for a real life situation when someone actually gets hurt

  • By natalie 😻✨🤚

    Please read!! :)

    I don’t know why this app is being advertised on my Snapchat. Super confused ab that. It’s clearly geared towards a younger audience, and me being 14, I don’t see how anyone using Snapchat could fit the targeted demographic. The game was fun for the first 5 levels until it got repetitive and, for me, VERY easy. I’m trying my best not to be critical, but I really don’t understand the premise of this game. I feel like even for the children playing it, it could get boring. It’s very repetitive. On the bright side, I love the message to the children that many activities can be helpful and fun around the house and teach kids the importance of working AND managing your time at a young age. I also love that they’re encouraging staying indoors and bonding with people you love whilst helping and sharing interests with them. So, in conclusion, the gameplay isn’t the best, and I think the developers are a little confused on the targeted demographic of the app, but the message is a very important lesson to be taught to children. I love how they’re making serious matters fun, and not seeing lockdown as a chore.

  • By Lololololol🤪

    Not what I expected...

    Hi!! 👋 Don’t get me wrong. I ♥️ this’s just, there’s so many glitches in it. Like, I’m trying to load the dishwasher and sometimes it turns black and I can’t do anything!!! 🤬 Sometimes it won’t let me put the dishes away!! It makes me want to blow up! 🤯 The plus side of this game is that I like doing the hair stuff and undoing the cords. Some of these things are really fun... others are not so fun (dishwasher). I’m only 10, and I can get super mad at stuff, 😡 but this game sometimes makes me want to throw my iPad across the room. That’s all from me! I hope your happy with this game (or mad like I am sometimes with this game)!! Have fun I guess...

  • By Page brooklyn

    Utterly unexpected

    Dear Owners. I have been observing this game a lot now, why? Well it’s because there are to many adds well I kinda think that’s a good thing because than you can try out new games but boy there are lots of adds like people who don’t like adds don’t get this game. When COVID struck i was like ahhhhhhhh I can’t live like this and this game is kinda like that not to be rude but I feel like other people also agree. But it’s also fun to like see how people make this game but I think it would be good if people didn’t add so many adds to games like omg too many adds I hope you owners can understand. Love, Chloe

  • By Moriah Elizabeth fan 2020

    Fun but needs work

    I admit this is a fun game and I know that adds are a way to make a bit of money but seriously TO MUCH ADDS! I played this a lot near the starting of COVID 19 because it was time consuming and gave me something to do but now after the election the cases are getting a little better and this is just a waste of time when you could be doing something more productive and positive like art, play with toys, shop online, read, do school work but I don’t recommend playing this kind of good/bad game sorry to be so judging to the creators of this game but lower down on the adds and add some things to the game it NEEDS work thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good day, Stay safe

  • By Sophia Paoli good

    Boring Boring boring need something new

    I played this game for five minutes and I understood that it was completely a thumbs down do you wanna know why I’ll give you why Number one it is pouring when I leave there’s nothing fun to do you do the level if you can’t you try it and there’s no help no help how can you understand it if you don’t know how to it’s completely not fair that’s why I think first reason it is not good trust me and don’t buy this app it will give you nothing except a waste of time I found nothing good because it kept on repeating are you put the lunchboxes away and then the basketballs and then the trash cans it goes on and on trust me the reason I gave this a one star I have a Lotta back up people here see my point like I was at first please people don’t know anything about games I’ve been through a lot to know ones are good but then I understood they were completely right from 1 to 10 or 10 to 1 anyway they were correct for ring don’t waste your time trying to play this gameTrust me

  • By Duck star101


    Normally, I never write reviews because most of the games I download aren’t bad but, boy this app is horrible. All you experience is Add after add after add it’s so annoying once I got to the 41st day I was done I was so annoyed. In the game you only experience one thing until another add. I just don’t recommend this game at all. A few tips and hopefully you can add and or take away, can you make the days longer and allow us to do kind of what we want to do like a normal house wife or house dad? And can you remove those adds. Sure it’s okay to have adds in the game but there is way to many especially when it’s the same add over and over again and when you fail a day you have to watch a add again before re-trying. If you are reading this and want to get the game here is a warning there is a lot of adds and you may get VERY frustrated... this is just my and a few others opinions on this app.

  • By Ihaveregrets

    Terrible game with too many ads

    I saw this game on a snapchat ad. I believe I saw something that isn’t actually in the game, as I have reached day 205 and have not yet seen the game I saw in the ad. I thought it was a hair-related game, but it’s nonsense that takes about 10 seconds. Then there’s the fact that after EVERY “day”, there’s an ad! After every single level, which takes a very short about of time to complete, there’s an ad! It’s a waste of time. If you’re wanting to play, at least turn on airplane mode. There was also a glitch in the game where the screen went completely black asides from the phrase “Repair Tools”. It wouldn’t even let me skip the level using an ad. Eventually I got it to work, although I’m not entirely sure how. I do not recommend this game at all. Trash it, my dudes.

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