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Bazooka Boy


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Bazooka Boy is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, with the latest current version being 1.6.6 which was officially released on 2021-07-27. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 38541 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Bazooka Boy App

How does it Work?

Blast through levels and destroy everything before you with a bunch of amazing weapons! Collect all and master their different and unique qualities! Send your enemies flying, explode their bases and crush their buildings! Satisfying destruction and unlimited possibilities to shoot your way to victory! Fun ragdoll enemies and crazy explosions with levels upon levels of awesome content and challenges, go and wipe out all the enemies to win!

Flashy exploding effects and awesome physics make each level a unique action puzzle. 

Can you solve them all without crushing yourself with a bad shot?

6 Contributions

  • On Feb 04}


    I am at level 2004 with billions of dollars. I own every gun and wonder if we can get some different levels? Seems like the game does give me some different variations every so often, but we always want more! Fun game though

  • On Jan 18}

    My money is going away

    I am at level 1744 and despite winning my money count is going down

  • On Jan 11}

    Fun, some glitches to much money

    I'm around level 300 and have every gun and a house worth of money but can only get more clothing watching adds since I skipped all in game staying off wifi and cellular service to avoid adds. Some times everything dies before you do anything sometimes I die after killing everything but the game still allows me to progress. Little things nothing game breaking. Pretty fun perhaps you should add super weapons beyond laser for millions of dollars or more accessories/levels that can be bought.

  • On Jan 07}


    I am level 719 with 16,993,615 in credits do you ever win

  • On Nov 27}

    Bazooka Boy - stop the violence

    Stop gaming companies from continuing to program more violence in our kids. This makes killing people a game. It’s games like these that perpetrate school shootings and more. It’s time to wake up, people!

  • On Aug 05}

    What is highest level?

    I am at lvl 914 with over 5mil in credits what is the high level and what can i use the credits for?

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    Top Reviews

    • By Native Graffiti

      Best fun I’ve had with a shooting app!

      I’m really enjoying this game, more than I thought I would! I’ve earned loads of dollar points - was wondering if I could spend those dollars on something? I bought all the weapons early on in the game. What else can I spend money on? Now I’m working through and have almost all of the different characters. I love that feature, by the way, where I can change out my assassin to be anything I want. I especially like Batman. Would love more characters like a vampire etc for Halloween, other holidays, maybe? This game is simple enough for anyone but depending on which gun you choose helps with the strategy aspect that I also find challenging but not impossible. Great for stress relief or just passing the time. Hope you add more features and challenges as you go. Thanks!

    • By Treebark Felloffall

      Where’s My Laser?

      This game is fun, I don’t know about addictive but definitely fun. There’s a few glitches but have been able to through them so no need to complain. My complaint however is, Where The F is My Laser? Why don’t we get to keep the Laser. It’s the only reason that I have not paid to get rid of adds. The best part of the game is trying to figure out how to pass the same level with each weapon. I remember the laser not being so easy either so it’s not like it was the ultimate smash all levels weapon. Lastly, not really a complaint but what’s the point of winning a gazillion dollars if there’s nothing to buy? It’s a wast of my battery and cell data as I wait to collect it and watch it add up. Yet it adds up to Nothing! Okay, Good Times.

    • By Amazing Spider-Fan

      Fun overall, but...

      I’ve enjoyed bazooka boy for the most part, and paid to get rid of the ads. My chief complaint is a bug in level 437. The single enemy starts the level dying instantly before any shots are fired. Because this happens the app doesn’t recognize the enemy is defeated even if shots are taken, which results in an unadvanceable game. I’ve deleted the app, and am going to attempt this again from the beginning. I’ll update this review once I either get past level 437, or get the same bug all over again. UPDATE: After the devs patched the app, I was able to get past level 437. Thank you!!

    • By Lopaka13

      Good game with some bugs

      I have gotten into the 400 levels. Really enjoy the game. I did pay to remove the ads. Also like to support the devs. A couple of the guns will cause terrain glitches that make it really difficult to see what is going on. My current issue is that I have played enough to unlock all the gifted costumes. Now when the gift box fills up to 100%, the game locks up and I have to force close the app and start again. I have yet to lose my progress doing this but still a bit annoying. Still worth playing, just hope for a couple fixes. Thanks

    • By VandwellerDave

      LOVE this game

      The price point is good and it’s fun. What more can be asked of a game? And if you aim just right on level 72, the game goes into a loop, or a soft lock. The angle at which the bomb exited the portal caused it to bounce on the edge of the pink mattress. I noticed it went higher each time so I let it run. After it started leaving the top of the app with every bounce, I started to do a screen record. I let it run for 24 hours, doing an occasional screen record to mark the progress. After a day the bomb would leave the screen for almost a full minute before reappearing. Super cool app programming.

    • By Dks66

      Good game, few bugs

      This is a good game, I have played many games as time wasters but this one is different, I have played around 70 levels and I have yet to see a level repeat itself which is unusual and shows that it’s creators put in more effort than most, there are a few bugs, sometimes blocks will move before you start a level and kill you from the start, and once the map flipped upside down on me after I had completed the level causing me to have to repeat said level. Other than that it’s a great free game and worth the download

    • By Duhhhh urrrrr

      A+ Level design

      Normally these little games have all great mechanics/physics but no thoughtful level design. Finally! I don't feel like that with this game! So often I'm my own worst enemy, and there are so many little things I'm not expecting, which is so much fun! My suggestions to the development team would be to force the player to complete certain levels with certain guns to add to the challenge and replay. Maybe a "Find the Glitch" level because, yes oddly, I love the glitches! And maybe a few "Save the Hostage" levels? All in all, I really like this game!

    • By Talkcampingnh

      I am Hooked Great Game

      Level 63 Bunker Bomb stuck into the wood platform and didn’t explode. Level 65 and many others it totals out too quickly says I got a double kill but it was actually total annihilation. Guy is wrong about lazer everything, some things blow up and kick back to kill you. It’s a decision to know what weapon to use for what scenario. Some work and some do not. It’s a fun game. Update LEVEL 173 I have all guns and just building up tons of coin. Game is awesome strategy to find the right weapon for the right mission. Great game. Some repeats now but it’s still fun.

    • By ajenfien

      Fun but needs more stuff

      Fun little time waster but I just broke the 2 million mark in points and nothing to spend it on. How about some new weapons and new levels with more challenges? Also it would be cool to be able to use more than one weapon per level. Like a sticky bomb to work around one obstacle and a laser to work around another. Also the dropped rifles used to shoot at you but now they don’t. Throw in a few more challenges to keep the interest up. I guess I’ll just delete it otherwise.

    • By MaurokNC

      Great fun

      It’s a great game and highly addicting. The frequency of the ads made me go ahead and spend the $3 to get rid of them though, and there are a few glitches, such as the ground disappearing after an explosion (like all the ground, not just what you blew up), or a projectile getting stuck into something forcing a reboot of the game, or it freezing and quitting to desktop but thankfully they aren’t that frequent and merely just an annoyance. I would like to do a feature request of being able to select a previous level to play as right now, it is a strictly linear game. I went to show it to my son, but since I’m on like level 50, I think the game was lost on him because there is so much going on by then. Another suggestion I’d like to make is to create a PRO version of this game where you can pay like $6 or so upfront and make use of the family sharing since in-app purchases aren’t shared with family sharing. Nice game though and I’d highly recommend.

    • By CarTek

      Really Addictive

      This is a really fun game. Worth the $3 to not have any ads. Some issues and glitches throughout the game. Some have been patched. Some have not. I am currently on level 2629. I have played this so much that I have gotten to a certain point when my money flow got turned around and depleted and went into the negative. And now slowly started to turn around. I am currently negative $826,390,715,320 in game credits. With the latest updates there have have been 3 new weapons that I cannot get cause it says I’m in the negative. When in theory I should be over twice that. So I can’t t experience the new things cause I can’t buy them. It would be nice to have that corrected. Help please!!!!!

    • By NatcheP

      Good, but could be so much more.

      This is a strangely addicting game. I've played it much longer than most - I usually get bored and move on to another title fairly quickly. It's the perfect game when you have just a few minutes and need a short distraction. However I find myself constantly thinking about these shortcomings: 1. Too many ads. I usually play the two levels you can before the first ad pops up and then quit the game. It takes more time to deal with the ads than it does to play the levels. 2. Too easy. I'm in the levels in the 600's. You'd think they'd get progressively harder. They don't. In fact I think they're cycling through some of the older levels again. 3. No replay. Since they don't get harder I would like to be able to repeat levels. Challenge myself to clear them with one shot instead of two. Not an option. 4. No new goodies. After working up to the 13 guns early on in the game there's nothing new. I'm up to $8,750,000 and nothing to spend it on. But the money keeps coming. There's new outfits but you have to watch ads to get them. 5. Between level animations. Like the ads, watching your totals for clearing a level add up can take longer than playing the level itself. Shorten them up! Despite these gripes, it is a game I reach for to fill in those 2-3 minute breaks instead of twiddling my thumbs. Just wish it was more.

    • By Thepaulinator

      Good but only so far

      I have enjoyed this game for quite awhile now and enjoyed most of it. I was annoyed when my laser went away. Spend all that cash and now it's gone? Then the repetition comes into play. New challenges would be better. What is all of the money once you get all the weapons? I just hit level 1606 and have so much cash I can't even read the numbers anymore. Finally level 1606 appears to be as far as I can go as the barrels blow up before you can even get started and they kill you. Then you hit try again and the game just locks up. Have to completely close it to get anything else and then you blow up again. I enjoyed it but I guess it's over now. Would be 5 stars if not for those issues.

    • By Jamn-J

      Awesome game until...

      I enjoy getting to know and playing with this game. However, I can not get passed level 130 because when I complete the mission the screen to collect the money and move on does not come up at all. Like, nothing. It stays on the screen with my dude dancing with no option to move forward. I tried to reset my phone, I deleted and reinstalled the game itself, but again; as soon as I got to level 130, it did the same exact thing. Reading the other reviews, I know there are tons more levels to try but the game won’t let me move pass 130. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I would give this game 4 stars, because it is a great game but considering the issue I’m having...

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