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Get Rich! 3D


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Get Rich! 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, with the latest current version being 1.201 which was officially released on 2021-06-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 17089 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Get Rich! 3D App

How does it Work?

Buy and sell, it is that easy to make money. Trade on stock market and get rich to buy your dream car, a beautiful house, a boat and even a jet plane! Have your own watch and ring collection.

Buy from the lowest price you can and sell it when it goes high! Reach your daily profit target.

Play bonus levels to steal trade secrets and more...

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Top Reviews

  • By S_Kermit12

    The game needs new features

    I have been playing for a while(fours days) and the game isn’t really that entertaining, it’s easy to get rich that’s fun but all the things I buy I can’t do nothing with, and maybe the skins need more of a personality maybe some skins actually give you boosts or luck because their not usefull I would like to see my self use one of the cars I bought to be use full their just there to watch, maybe like you can buy a company and drive your self there. And the bonus levels aren’t that fun anymore I want more engagement on this game I do like this game I’m addicted to it right now I quess that’s good 😌(I even found a glitch to become richer🤑) I want more options for real estate and I want PETS TO BE ADDED To the game! Also Good work on the game You need to have more levels to the computer it’s boring not being able to bid everything I have, the game is plain with a good concept. Can the game have options where you can sell your own stuff for higher or lower like how you buy stocks, also you need more houses, and maybe their should be option where you get rich enough to make your own house, because the last house is dream house but I want to make my own house is that to hard to ask😅

  • By Kluxxxxxx

    Suggestions to make this game even better

    First of all, I want to say I love the concept of this game. I’ve been addicted for well over a few weeks. First of all, get rid of the dumb mini games. The ATM is the only that I would deem actually worthwhile. The rest are genuinely a waste of time. Second, there comes a point where you’ve got an abundance of money. I’d suggest implementing a donation feature in the game. Have a list of fictional charities with a quick description on what they do, then let us pick and choose charities to donate to. Make it kind of a competition by implementing a leaderboard of who has donated the most. You should also be able to keep track of how much you’ve donated through your stats page. In addition you could implement colleges and universities to make donations to. Maybe even political parties. I feel that this would make the game a lot more fun rather the mini games y’all have now. Also, continue to make computers that can trade at higher levels. There should be at least 15-20 more.

  • By Taiyo.Kenny


    This game is very addicting. I found a glitch to earn more money a week than using stocks. When the week ends click no thanks when it asks you to gain 30% more cash. Immediately after your press no thanks, spam the house icon on the right side of the screen then quickly press the back arrow on the top left. It should give you the money for the week and give you the option to say no thanks again l. Repeat the steps over and over. I got everything in one day. (I found the glitch on accident)

  • By NickB2006

    Needs improvement

    Overall great game! Ended up pretty much beating it in 2 days honestly there needs to be some more stuff and different stuff to buy and progressive money increases once you got a certain amount of money you basically say there doing the same thing. There needs to be more of a way to make more money. Overall i found the ads to be the worst part of the game i ended up buying the delete ads because literally every mini game you play you get a 30 second ad like i understand it’s to make money but maybe calm down a little i mean let people enjoy the game and i assume this game is targeted or young teens. Let them have fun. Lastly great game just needs some improvements!

  • By nickname38572782

    Good Game (major glitch)

    I had fun playing it. It was a simple grindy game that was addictive. There’s a glitch where if you make weekly income from investments and you click no thanks to the 30% offer and immediately click into the bitcoin menu then click back you will receive the income again which you can then loop and dupe that money repeatedly. I would recommend 1. fixing major glitches and polishing the game 2. more bitcoin content as it becomes useless after a couple million dollars have been earned 3. higher cap on investing amount on mini game 4. more items available for purchase and investment 5. more mini games

  • By Jordanlee783

    Decent game to pass the time

    I would like if they were to add more stuff you can get in the game I got everything and it’s boring now that I “beat it” I would like some other levels or each character has a different type of take on things like instead of stocks and Bitcoin like this person makes sound equipment and try’s to sell it or this person makes some other product and you manage the business like that or something. Long story short good game just wish it was longer

  • By LPDorr

    Too easy

    I was able to beat the game in under 3 days. Every single item. None of the mini games are worth it, honestly. The ads to spin the wheel are the only things worth it, and they’re very glitchy even then. If you land on the red cash prize, you actually get nothing. The green has only hit one time and it was when I still had under 50m. It landed on a car one time, which was the very first car. Once you get higher up, Bitcoin is highly irrelevant. The only point of it now is to reinvest it into itself. The houses and cars do absolutely nothing, purely cosmetic. Also, the cars are awkwardly parked all the way down the street and the people just walk around the yard with no direction (not a big deal). The wheel is also messed up because after you do 3 ads the first time, you can have an unlimited amount the next week. Mini games need to increase in payout with the amount of money that you have. I had 1.8 billion and got a mini game to receive under 50k. Very short term kinda game

  • By Dan773877

    Ads after purchase, why?

    I get that the “No Ads” only covers the in between ads time, but at $3? Why is that necessary? My guess is to lengthen the play time? Most game makers understand win/win, Not win/lose... Why not simply reduce the payouts per day/task? By having so many opt-in ads attached to basic elements to the game I feel It comes at the expense of the games overall playability. Don’t get me wrong the game has a lot potential to be great but it seems like the motive here is to only make money, not a quality game players can truly own and enjoy. Game makers are suppose to create a fun experience for the user/player/gamer. The experience you created here is one of eventual buyers remorse. You got my $3 but at what overall cost? Because we all “enjoy” watching ads on Tv, on Insta, on FB, on streaming on EVERYTHING. Why not ruin games with it too. Truly hope this changes.

  • By tallisheye

    I tested the game, Here’s an honest review.

    Alright, so I decided to play this game for one whole day. I wanted to test out it’s quality and entertainment. First off on its quality. I bought the “No ads” in-app purchase, but I still see ads on the main page, on top of that, I HAVE to see an ad to spin the wheel in the game. I do not like that. Also, there are MANY bugs. From the game glitching out a lot, to the very basic money dups, and also how somethings in-game freeze or glitch so that they stay on your screen. The only way to actually fix that is to restart the app, super annoying. Lastly on entertainment, I say from someone who enjoys investing, it’s pretty fun. Glitches and bugs aside, you can play this for a decent amount of time without beating the game too quickly or getting bored really fast, unless you have the ads. In conclusion, if you are thinking about getting this game, be aware that this is just a cheap game filled with glitches and bugs. The devs didn’t put a lot of work into this game, and just made it to make some money. I would not recommend due to the test I have done. Thank you!

  • By Gigabab3

    Kids game

    The game works but just barely. As a trader, I was hoping for a fun little way to trade without risking any money. But in this game I don’t think there’s any way to actually lose money, except to the developers. There are so many ads that I paid real money for the ad free version but the Game still asked you to watch videos on almost every screen in return for very little reward. Why does the game start out each trading day at or near zero? Each day should start at an arbitrary number that is somehow relevant to the day before. Just that one change would introduce a little bit of skill and make the trading experience much more interesting. You should be able to end of the day at a negative if you had a bad trading day. Also why not have different trading screens like for stocks, FOREX, maybe even futures? And then the mini games are so simple that they seem made for kids. As others said I completely beat the game in a couple of hours, so don’t download this game if you are expecting any type of real simulation.

  • By CalebJFeld

    A badly made money grabber.

    Where do I even start. I saw this game being advertised heavily on Instagram, meaning the creators paying the account owners to have ads up, well, after a day or so of trying the game, I can safely see where the money comes from. This game is very cheaply made. Seems like it was made on quite a small budget and a short amount of time. The advertisements are annoying as heck. You can’t play the game without them. The home menu features sometimes 3-4 adverts, and you get a popup advert for almost every button you click. Not to mention, you can watch ads to double currency. That’s the advert issue, now, my problem with the game is the very obvious rigging. You have this feature where you can spin a wheel that builds up (you watch an ad to spin, of course) which has very basic items and 2 rare items. After watching the wheel spin I’ve confirmed it’s programmed. The two rare prizes are unobtainable and just there to make you watch an ad and hope you win. The gameplay aspect is repetitive, and there’s no real effort. You can see the lazy areas where they just stretched logos and images onto basic gameplay and called it a day, putting tons of ads. While I admit the idea and aspect of the game is a great idea, this is just a cash grab by a lazy company. Would love to see another, more professional company create this. I have SCREENSHOTTED this entire review, If the developer decides to take down bad reviews.

  • By Dalton topps

    Way too many ads.

    This game is good in the design features, a few simple tasks to “get rich” fun little goofy mini games! This game is riddled with ads. You are asked to do a task each “day” each task progresses you into a new day. After every single interaction you encounter, after you’re done you can choose between “ no thanks “ or “GET 3X, 2X, etc.” and are asked to watch an ad. Once you’ve watched the ad or even if you have not chosen to watch the ad for more money, YOU HAVE TO WATCH ANOTHER AD. This game stinks of “simple design, get rich fast” for the developer. The front page of the game has atleast 3 ads on it, after you complete a task, you watch an ad. After you do anything you have to watch an ad. It’s honestly unplayable because of all the ads in this game. Don’t even download it. If the game had an ad after every 5-6 tasks you complete I would understand but it’s unacceptable to have this many ads in such a simple game. Not worth it, don’t give the mediocre developers so much in ad revenue. They don’t even deserve it. Sorry, 1*. This game is just a scam to get the developers rich, not for your entertainment. Honestly kind of sad in my opinion.

  • By aughhhhhh

    To many adds

    While this game has a lot of potential, the adds really bring it down. Every time you finish a graph, it gives you an add and it gives you no choice but to watch it. This game makes a lot of money from adds and I don’t know why people like it so much. It’s very laggy when you try to click on some of the stuff and it’s not that fun to play it because there’s not much to get except get better. These mobile games are never good and they only want to get money and views. The advertisement I think was the best part of the game itself. Also it’s a ripoff because you have to pay money to buy it. None of the charters do anything and after a while it gets boring because you have everything and there’s nothing else to do. This game is a ripoff and if your reading this, do not buy it. I still can’t believe how many adds there are. I think this in the entire App Store this is the game that has the most adds. Get rich is absolutely trash and this is what mobile games are coming today as.

  • By Samurai_Fire

    To many ads

    There are WAY to many ads on this game. It has a great concept, however having an ad after every “level” is really annoying as the levels last only 30 seconds. I don’t like the fact that it stops you from making more money than you could. Games should have in game purchases like extra money or gems and that’s how they make the money from the game, not having an ad every 40 seconds of play time. The game title is get rich, but the only person getting rich is the game creators from how many ads are run in this game. I know it’s not going to be changed because they are making money from this. People who are still playing the game even though there are 50 ads every 2 minutes should just stop, save yourself and don’t give them what they want. Maybe then they will actually make a good game. Losing all hope for mobile games.

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