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911 Emergency Dispatcher


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911 Emergency Dispatcher is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, with the latest current version being 1.074 which was officially released on 2021-07-30. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 88666 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the 911 Emergency Dispatcher App

How does it Work?


Simulation game about quickly dispatching the help needed for every emergency you receive. You are responsible to make the best decisions to help the people.

Progress throughout the new scenarios and situations!

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Top Reviews

  • By Jessie231

    Great game! A tip about ads...

    I saw an ad for this game on another game and, usually, I don’t download games that are advertised to me since I know they will be riddled with other ads. This game actually looked fun to play! IT WAS!! It was very entertaining and actually funny. It’s like a choose your own adventure game. Lots of cars to unlock and such. The game finishes once you unlock the zombie car around level 60. A tip about ads: put your phone on airplane mode and turn off wifi! No more ads and you can just play the game 😎😏🥳



    The overall game is really good. It Is really slow. I kinda feel like a teacher when writing a review bc it is like giving it a grade. It is kind of confusing at some points I would not recommend this for police answering calls ( if you are trying to practice the job ) because it is just a bit unrealistic. The graphics are kinda odd but not bad. This game is really fun except for when there is an ad every 5 seconds. I get that they have to make money with the ads but the owners of this game are probably a millionaire with all of those ads. Some things that I would change is maybe make it faster like I have to spam tap to actually get what I want to pick sometimes. Another thing I would change is that there would be less ads. One more thing that I would change is that you could type the answers , this would be hard to program and if you say something unique then idk what would happen but I really think that this game is good I only talked about the bad things not the good things so don’t get any ideas.

  • By Jentsse

    2 suggestions!

    ⚠️First of all I would like to state that this is a very addicting game and fun to play and I send no hate!⚠️ Okay, my first suggestion is ads. Every time I finish a mission a 25-30 second ad pops up! And it’s so annoying cause it feels like a year to me. Maybe every 1-3 missions you can put an ad, and maybe lower the time to 5-10 seconds too. And finally my last suggestion is the ending to a mission. For example, mostly at every mission the end shows like a small clip when they like break into a house or something this may be to much to ask for but could you please put more info on what happens when we send an ambulance or a firefighter. Like when we send ambulance there could be a clip of how they handle the situation and like put a cast if the caller broke a leg. Anyway I’d really appreciate if you answered my suggestions and agreed on at least one of them. And just to ad i really to love this game and I look forward to playing it right now when I’m finished💕😅

  • By Anonymous-🤫

    Really good! But has some issues

    I got the game thinking that i would end up deleting it anyway, but I find it very addicting to play! The only issue I really have with it are the ads which are in most games anyway. An idea that I have would be to let us make up our own responses and questions too make it more interesting, also so that we were able to see what happened after every call. I know it only happens with some of the calls but I think it would be more fun if it happened after every call or even every few. I do wish that their were more options than just the two or one. Overall I find it is a very fun game to play with some minor issues that could be fixed if given the time, although I know that would be a lot of work it would really be appreciated to let us make our own questions and responses!

  • By atbryan61

    Fun game but has its problems.

    Downloaded it a couple of days ago and I’ve really enjoyed it. I only have two major complaints. One is the ads, there are so many ads. Ads after every mission (each mission is 20 to 30 seconds long), ads to level up new vehicles. Ads on top of the game, ads underneath the game, ads on the side. It’s almost worth it to pay the $2.99 to remove ads. My other complaint is my phone starts to get hot whenever I play it. Even with all my background applications closed it still gets burning hot without a case on. Also I don’t like how to ranking system is all weird, going from private to captain isn’t too accurate. In the end if you can deal with ads or don’t mind spending a few bucks to remove the ads I recommend.

  • By A personnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    My opinion

    The game is really addicting and fun and I love the fact that there’s choice answers and there’s creative stories. It’s also funny that you can say sassy things as well and overall I love the game but It has a problem:TO MUCH ADDS!!!!!! For example when they give an offer and it says you have to watch a video for it and you click the “no thanks” button it still gives you and add and that just really annoys me and distracts me from playing the game. Now when you read this don’t say that there’s a lot more problems because I got this game two days ago and I haven’t done much but overall the game is a 8.9/10. I really recommend this hame to people who want to become police officers, fire fighters, animal controlres, ghost hunters and more! Great game!

  • By kittycorn izzie

    So addicting but... VERY INAPPROPRIATE ADS!

    Alright at first this game was very enjoyable and I only had it for a day and I’m already on level 76! Bot here is the problem... THERE IS A VERY INAPPROPRIATE AD!!! It’s about these two naked people in the hot tub kissing!? Bro that’s disgusting 🤮 do you really want a five year old to see that!? No I doubt it! The people who make these ads are very immature and very gross 🤢 that’s really gross and I don’t know why people let them make these ads. Usually they think it’s cool and it’s really not so please fix it because most adults do not want there children to see that! Anyways this game is really fun and addicting but please fix the very stupid ads please!!

  • By jojo wanna be

    I love this game!!!

    First of all, this game is awesome! Not to many adds, and no glitches so far! However the reason I give 4 stars is because, some of the adds for this game called Episode are highly inappropriate. Especially for young kids who can read. These adds are pretty much on every random fun game like this game or like the high heels one and many more. I would like it if apple App Store would ban this game for its bad content or at least remove all of its adds from children’s games. I do recommend downloading the 911 dispatcher game because it is awesome! Thank you so much to the devs and everyone else who put it together! So awesome!🎮

  • By rileyblitzen

    Read this before getting the game!!

    Ok, so at first when i got the game, it was great! you got real life cases like a robbery or a fire, but as you kept going, people started asking why they got tacos instead of pizza??! Also, after you pass day 100, the conversations start repeating! And the choices of how you respond are pretty dumb to. People who created the game, please add more levels so it doesn’t keep repeating the exact thing you did three days ago!! Also, some of the vehicles you unlock ARE STUPID!!!!!! Like, you get a zombie squad, and UFO patrol, or ghost car, you also get a super man!!! Like really, NO dispatcher is sending any of those! Please add some real stuff to this game!! Over all, this game is great, it’s really fun, you get addicted, but it gets boring after a while cause you get the same fake not even the slightest bit realistic days. Also, I was reading the other comment, and what the dude said about being able to drive the cars sounds REALLY fun, you should add that 😊

  • By Realaxing Game

    Not Enough Information

    You need to choice what to say and the caller will say something back but depending on some of choices you pick you don't get enough information to send out the correct dispatcher. This has really annoyed me because I have to start that level all over again when it isn't really my fault. Also as a Christian I don't appreciate how some of the best answer choices have cursing in them because to me I feel like in a way I am cursing so I pick the other answer choice. I really don't like that. Also after every level there is an add and some are SUPER INAPPROPRIATE. One of the adds is a girl and boy playing rock, paper, scissors and if you miss them a piece of clothing gets taken off and with the girl it gets to the point where her bra is taken off and I really don't like that since I'm a GIRL!! I mean other than those things I have mentioned it is a pretty good game.

  • By Jolie IMG.

    💯% recommend!

    Awesome game! If you’re bored, this is definitely a game to turn to. I play games like this on car trips, long rides, or maybe just randomly at home! There are some mistakes such as some sentences are repeated twice on your choices for a 911 answer, and of course not perfect spelling and grammar, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Another thing, I wish there wasn’t so many ads? There is literally an ad after every little choice you make. And I know you can just turn WiFi off, but it gets really annoying if you need your WiFi or Data on for something else in particular too at the same time. Otherwise, this game is definitely a fun activity to do at any time at all, and I do think anyone reading this should download it!

  • By matchums121

    It gets boring quickly

    I downloaded this game with low expectations knowing it probably wouldn’t be very good(I was bored) Immediately after download I started playing and noticed that there were quite a few ads in between levels. A lot of games do this so I usually just go one airplane mode so I don’t get ads and it worked with this too. I played for the first like 30 levels or something and it was SO BORING. You start out the game and it’s just replying to people and trying to send the correct dispatch. Occasionally when you send the correct dispatch there is a little mini game like if you send police you get to kick down a door or if you send paramedics you can perform a procedure. Those were super fun and I wished they happened every time but they didn’t and most of the time you just picked a car and moved to the next person. Also once you get to like level 10 I think, you rank up. And that happened a few time but it doesn’t change anything but your cloths. You don’t get special calls or anything. Anyway I just... idk it was okay but I deleted it after two days and would not tell anyone to download it. It’s not really worth the time or energy :) If you like it that is totally fine tho! This is just my personal opinion! :)

  • By .-. whatever

    Kinda good...

    ok well to start off it’s fun and stuff but to give CPR to someone is just no that’s giving bad information for kids playing this and maybe in the future they may take this information especially if that want that kind of job it’ll inspire them but the fact you said that is very bad to give that type of information and the fact that on one level you said to say your voice sounds...you know when you reach it than you’ll know so I hate that you put stuff and you said ignore it? And some other stuff it just bad you should be ashamed because of that imagine if a kid saw that that’s just omg bad I love everything else expect that BUT another complaint is there is way to many ads like I’m not gonna wait every time I fail I’ll see an ad or every time I complete it I see an ad please fix that very soon

  • By miaBrownkid


    Okay so when I was first playing this game I loved it. Now I hate it, when I first played the game and finished a level it’s did not pop up with an add that’s what I thought it would do... IT DID as soon as I completed the second level and finished it... THEIR GOES AN ADD !!!!! Bruh I hate games like this this is why I like to download games with less adds and let’s you play. Hate it so I don’t recommend this game but if you wanna risk having adds pop up on your phone it’s like every 2 minutes an add pops up sometimes I skip to now retry the level and an add pops up. Why can’t you developers just do less adds like among us, roblox, and more ???!!!! Come on I hate this game I don’t recommend this game at all. Just my opinion if you guys like adds then download but if you don’t like adds do NOT download this app !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😕👎🏽

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