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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-17
  • New version: 3.6
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Chat Master!


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Chat Master! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, with the latest current version being 3.6 which was officially released on 2021-07-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 171791 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Chat Master! App

How does it Work?

Game consists of several activities related to mobile phone, especially texting. Each chat scenario, where you choose what to write, is followed by one or two fun quick mini games.

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Top Reviews

  • By Ace6058

    Good game just one thing

    This is a really great game but i became chat master in like two days. I thought that was weird. The next time I played it said I got limited new chats so I was excited but I thought it would be cool if the people who made this game could add a prize for being chat master. It would be great edition to the game, and I think many players would have the same opinions. By the way I am only ten years old. And this game is entertaining and it’s offline so it’s very good for boredom and if your going on a road trip I recommend you download this game because it even has little mini games you can play between each chat! It honestly is a great 👍🏼 game I hope you continue your work on this game and take my opinions! Thank you so much for reading to the end.

  • By Alex 💖✌🏻

    Amazing game and a message for people that don’t like adds

    I just downloaded this game two days ago and I’ve already fished all the levels. It was slightly disappointing when it restarted but at least you get to keep your followers! Now this is a message for anyone who might need it. If your having a problem with the adds just turn on airplane mode you only get at least 2 adds in 30 minutes and the game works just as great as before. Don’t forget to turn off airplane mode when you finish! And a little side note their are some games that won’t work if you turn airplane mode on and for others there is no difference you still get adds but for this game you don't get many adds like a said before. Over all this is a really fun game



    I love this game a lot. This game is super fun especially if you have nothing to do. Another thing I love is you are sliding into the DM’s and talking to people and having a lot of fun!! Chat Master is amazing because you get extra items to do before the actual level like sorting apps, cutting phones, destroying mobile, and memorize the apps in the right order, and memorize the connect the dots. The only thing is that after you reach Chat Master you just get bonus levels and not more regular levels. Also after you get CHAT MASTER you basically just restart and that is a little frustrating to me and maybe some other people IDRK. That’s all I got to say about this game! It is amazing and if you haven’t downloaded it DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!

  • By k mart kelly

    Read this if you wanna get the game!

    I really do love this game honestly! It’s so fun and it’s an amazing game to play when you don’t have much to do since we’ve all been quarantined and we went on lockdown again a few days ago! Whenever I get home I always go up to my room and watch Netflix or play games on here and this is the one that I play the most. But the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because there’s ads after like every mini game or level. And it’s so easy to finish that it starts you over which is sad for me cause I love the game!! But if your doing the same levels over and over you’ll eventually get tired of it and have to delete the app sadly. But I’m gonna stick around for a while it’s really tempting. Also there’s some spelling in the messages that need fixed. There’s also some minor bugs that occur when you finish the level. It either says you win and doesn’t give you the option to continue or watch an ad to do a different one. But whenever you close out of the app and swipe your apps (if you have an iPhone) then you should be good. But I have something to tell you. PLEASE MAKE MORE LEVELS I feel like when I said you’ll get tired of restarting you need to have a chat master 2 or more levels cause it’s so addicting and you can’t stop!! Overall I love the app and I really hope to see a chat master 2 or more levels in the new year!! Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 and happy new year everybody!! 😁

  • By Iona Skye!

    Almost perfect

    I would recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t mind a 1 or 2 ads in between levels. There are also mini games that are pretty easy but a nice break from the game. I would over all say that this is a pretty great game! Basically what you do is you text someone and try to do different things like getting a refund to a restaurant. I think If you are looking for a game that is pretty fun and easy but are some difficult parts, you should download this game. It is free!!!!! This game is SUPER addictive so pace yourself. Too much time on a screen is really bad for your eyes. You can even get headaches and they last for a while. Don’t say I didn’t say I didn’t warn you!!?!? Be carful of your neck, too. If you keep it cranked down for too long, it can get tight and hurt. That happened to me once and it was still hurting for months!!! Ok, by now I am saying the same thing over and over and I sound like a doctor or adult or something. If you have a pet-like a dog or a cat-snuggle them while you play! SUPER relaxing. My dog is just laying in my lap right now. Now I am off-topic. Please download this app! It is free! Bye now!!!👋😎👋😁

  • By Nasim and Mimi Reviews

    Good game. Few glitches

    So this game is pretty good. But the levels are so easy. I already have 3000+ followers. I’ve been playing for a bit. I think there’s ads every 2-3 levels. A glitch that has occurred was when I complete whatever it says to do and I fully complete the level it doesn’t bring me to the next level. Example; Say it’s one of the text levels, I complete it but it doesn’t move me on. That’s simple tho. Another thing that goes with that is when I’m watching an ad it never ends. It just leaves me there, just like the level one. But anyway, this game is decent. Could be better if their were more challenging levels. The developers did pretty good, good simple game for when you are bored, yet I play it when I’m not bored 😂. I’d suggest adding more variations and new features to old levels, like for the texting ones make it more longer and add more detail to make it interesting. I’ve showed this game to friends and they also love it, I think it’s because my friends are very into these type of games, not gonna lie, I am too. Very good game tho, highly suggest it. -Written by RedFox22

  • By kkkkcatt


    This game is super fun when you’re stuck in the house and helps you with boredom but most importantly future text conversations wether it’s serious or not. In within the gameplay, there are short little break time mini games which makes the game more fun and interesting. However, I do wish there was more of them. It may be fun, but it gets boring when it’s the same mini game every time. Although put that aside, I do have some complaints. Glitches. There aren’t much glitches but there is two. While I’m playing the game and I win, It shows a black screen. I have to exit the game and open it again to play again. I think that bug is very annoying. Another glitch there are is the continue glitch. When I click continue nothing happens, I have to exit the game again. Ads. I understand people need to make money off of ads but there are too much of them. But aside all that, you should download this app!

  • By Angel💖💘

    Great game but a few problems

    This is a really great game! I saw an ad for it so many times so I decided to check it out and I’m not disappointed and I became Chat Master! But the reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because a few problems, the levels are the same and not different, it’s either texting, unlock the phone, memorize the app order, etc. And I’m really disappointed that when you reach chat master there is nothing special I was really hoping for bonus levels but I think that you should really add different things to the levels it would really make the game more enjoyable and better. Second there is to many adds, every time I complete an level a add pops up and I find it very annoying it it makes the game harder to even complete, but yeah I hope you look into this and fix that it would really give the game better ratings!

  • By Macie Stevans

    Great..until chat master....

    I really love ❤️ this game but it has a few flaws, when you become chat master it really is quite boring, when you reach chat master the levels aren’t even levels there just mini games and boring chats. This isn’t really even a problem but a simple suggestion, it would be cool 😎 if after you reach chat master you could go on to leveling up 🆙 to chat champion or something. This game is really amazing 🤩 until your chat master. When you become chat master if you want you could experiment 🧪 a little like if you want you could choose stupid answers and see what the ending is and then you can choose the right answers and move on, this experiment 🧪 is for CHAT MASTERS ONLY! Like I said at top 🔝 I love ❤️ this game! You should get this game and become chat master and then delete it if you want. Good luck 🍀 chatting 💬, and Happy Valentines Day ❤️❤️❤️. Bye now 👋

  • By allison sainato

    It’s ok I guess

    So I’ve had this app for two days now and I already finished all of the levels today, but than later found out that once you become the chat master you’re back to the first level again. And this happens every time. And all of the levels are the exact ones you completed before, so it’s pretty disappointing and it gets really annoying doing the same thing all over again. Anyways I think this game is extremely addicting, and it’s still fun, so if your looking for an easy looking game, with some challenging stuff than I’d recommend this to you, or literally anyone. So again I’d appreciate if you add more levels so that way the people and myself have more to look forward too. One more thing is that I see loads of reviews complaining about the adds when they’re aren’t as many which I appreciate, and you get to keep all of your followers which I’m very great full for, but this isn’t one of those clickbait games where there’s a stupid add every like 10 seconds but what I do and what you can do is just turn on airplane mode so that way you won’t even have to worry about the adds popping up. But overall this is a fun, decent made game❤️:)) <33

  • By kdkdkdjwnhf

    I love it but fix sumthin READ..

    OK so I do you love this game it’s super super fun I just download it because I saw it but I really like but something that really annoys me is the ads yeah it’s OK if you do it for you but you do it every time it’s just so annoying and it’s making me want to delete it again so please fix this in the mini games I really like but after the mini games it literally gives you an ad and it’s making me mad so please fix this or just reply because this has been happening for a lot of people I just gave it a lot of stars because I thought there was not that much ads but I change my mind I don’t really want it to be four stars but if the ads aren’t too much I will read it a five star so please fix this I repeat please fix this because it’s super annoying for that and when people talk about this it’s just super annoying and you guys do not reply you only reply it’s a little so please read all so I hope you read this all if you did thank you.

  • By Pretty good but…

    Pretty Good

    I enjoy This game. Though, it has a few problems. For one, there should still be followers, but there should also be coins to upgrade your phone and customers, and pictures that ALWAYS change but you can have a variety of pictures to choose from per level. Stuff like that. Another thing that I wish you’d ad is coins because: instead of there being one-three ads per level, why don’t you make it like this: Let’s say you just finished a level and you want more coins. Why don’t you make it where we have to watch an ad every time we purchase coins, which is optional for the players to choose (to buy the coins ONLY)? I also wish we could have levels where we could do a BONUS LEVEl, That way we could earn twice as much followers and also, if you do decide to do the coins thingy, please also make us get twice as much the coins. ;) Okay, well, I think that is all! Good day!

  • By Bug💜💜

    Pretty Good

    So I downloaded the game last night and was totally addicted, so addicted that I finished it this morning! But then I found out after you become chat master, you just start all the levels all over again, and they’re all the exact same as they were the first time through so that was disappointing. The only thing you don’t loose is your followers, and I’m grateful for that. So if you could please add another few different levels so we don’t have to go through the same ones over and over again to become chat master that would be nice. Also what the crap is with all the ads?? I know you can buy no ads, but since the game doesn’t have that much to it I’m not going to buy it. But waaaaaay to many ads. It would also be appreciated to change something about that! But other than that, pretty fun brainless game.

  • By awesome girl! 🦩

    So many issues!

    This game gets boring after you become the chat master, the chat conversations force you to lie and teach you to lie which can get you in trouble, it’s not really appropriate because it says the opposite of dang and the conversations are just unrealistic! I mean, WHY would the police text you and how do you just get cellphone service in some other country! Also, the minigames are annoying and there are WAAY too many ads to enjoy the game for those who don’t know how to turn on airplane mode to get rid of ads. You can’t text a lion and you cant have some cat text you! Kids are also gonna try to do bad stuff like hide drugs at their house for their friends just like the level where you had to hide a stolen bike at your house for your friend, and the police is after them! Parents, unless you want your children to grow up doing stupid and dumb stuff like THAT and lie to people like the feds, DONT EVER let your children get this terrible game.

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